Health and Social Care Management Essay

Mary Parker Follett ( 1868-1933 ) . defined direction as “the art of acquiring things done through people” . This may look a really narrow angle for some. nevertheless. the philosophical construct of direction. relies on consequences being obtained through people. The nature and function of directors has been an emerging construct since the early nineteenth century. frequently linked to disposal and being the center land in administrations leting to filtrate aims to employees and frailty versa. filtrating employee’s demands to senior staff within the administration. In my position direction is a set of hierarchy working to accomplish a common aim.

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As a Patient Advise Liaison Service ( PALS ) and Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement Manger. my function is preponderantly to pull off the client service function for the Care Trust. Up until late the Care trust was specializer in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. The Trust is now at the phase of using to go a member of Foundation Trust Status. which involves enrolling members to assist determine the hereafter of the administration ( BDCT. 2013 )

My function can be viewed in favor of Mintzberg’s headers: Liaison. Monitor. propagator and interpreter. I am the Liaison between the administration and the squad. and besides the wider service users. I monitor the team’s public presentation. activities and circulate information from the administration to many 3rd sector administrations. such as BAMHAG and ACAS. both of which are protagonism services for Mental Health service users

As cited in Mullins ( 2010 ) by Crainer. direction is doing things happen. My function can besides suit in with Crainers theoretical account as I am to a great extent involved in doing certain that the squad can run into aims. The trouble with the statement of doing things happen is dependent upon each individual’s motive and their single fortunes. I feel that as an person I am in the babyhood phases of my calling and have motive with clear defined. SMART. ends ( Mullins. 2010 ) .

The manager’s function and activities have a different figure of theoretical accounts and theories which are used to explicate what a director does. or should make. Some of these are explained by the followers:

Fayol’s theoretical account looks at: Planning. organizing. bid. co-ordinate and control. My direction function does hold a certain component of Fayol’s theoretical account. but I found this position to be rather restricted. my function involves a batch of motive. or the fact that is how I manage.

Drucker’s theoretical account looks at scenes aims. organizing. motivation and communication. I feel that this is the best tantrum for my manner and function. The restriction of this theoretical account is that it has a less autocratic attack to it. and as I have discovered in my experiences can take to the squad that is being managed about mistreating a degree of candor.

Stewart describes the direction function as to state the activities and function dependent on demands. restraints. and picks. Again. this can besides suit in with my function and direction manner but is demanding on some of the authorization that is needed.

The direction manner as described by Blake and Moulton in their grid expressions at director effectivity versus efficiency. These are what I believe to be cardinal qualities. properties and accomplishments of a successful director. There is nevertheless room for a alteration in manner dependent on fortunes.

My function is to pull off the Patient Advice and Liaison Service for the Trust – to guarantee the service is seeable and accessible to patients. their households and carers through analysis of contact information and rating of experience. To develop processs to guarantee effectivity of nucleus concern of service. The execution of a telephone Rota and advertised concern hours has been an issue. Service users that are known to the squad through historical working patterns frequently end up holding adhoc meetings in the office. This is both riotous to other staff and can besides be deemed as unprofessional.

However. the peculiar service users have a high degree of dependence on the PALS officers. My initial reaction to this as a director was that we needed to hold a timetable for assignment. so that PALs officers are non break uping a nexus with the service users but for an component of authorising Os take topographic point. as explained by Bandura’s self -efficacy service. If an person is told they can non look after themselves. finally they believe that. However utilizing authorization can let for service users to place their ain strengths. As a director the challenge I face is that PALS officers have different degrees of motive and different triggers for motive.

Mullins 2010 defines motive as why people behave in a certain manner. why people do what they do. This is explained farther to state that the way and continuity of action. It is concerned when people choose a peculiar class of action in penchant to others. and why they continue with a chosen action. frequently over a long period of clip and in the face of troubles and jobs. This is true of both in a positive and negative visible radiation. An illustration signifier the squad that I manage is that PALS officers are frequently on the in-patient wards to advance the service of PALS and to inquire those people that would otherwise non be able to raise a concern.

My review of this state of affairs was that a service can merely be promoted to a certain degree. otherwise it can be over promoted and this is where we find the cusps that are handed out. merely thrown approximately. My position is that each interaction should do a difference to the PALS officers. They should be able to understand that unless they found a new manner of working. they are offering a guidance service. for which they are non qualified to make or paid to make. Again the treatment around authorization was rather utile in foregrounding to PALS officers that they are non at that place to ‘nanny’ service users.

I provide twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours direction for PALS staff including proviso of formal supervising ; there is besides need to supply ad hoc supervising. this may be in order to back up staff in covering with sensitive. upsetting. hard-pressed instances / clients. I besides receive and cover with complex instances or where instances require escalation from offices ; covering with sensitive. extremely affectional issues and covering with clients who may be highly disquieted and / or distressed.

My function is besides that of a Stakeholder battle and engagement director. which has a really corporate attack. I am responsible for hammering relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. As discussed. the functions of PALS director and stakeholder battle and involvement director does on occasion do struggle. they are non natural functions that would come together. My apprehension is that my predecessor had an involvement in this country and so the function became theirs. and as such has been handed over.

Another challenge to the above is that my function is job-shared. My co-colleague besides works to pull off PALS and stakeholder battle. The struggle in that state of affairs is that this person is besides a PALS officers. this means equilibrating three work roles out of which the

Since the Mid Staffordshire Enquiry ( 2012 ) a immense push has been taking topographic point to guarantee procedures and processs are in topographic point for service users/patients. carers and communities to hold their say. The Francis Report ( 2013 ) high spots 290 cardinal recommendations for administrations supplying attention. As portion of my function I had to place the cardinal countries for development which are most relevant to the PALS officers and stakeholder functions.

Prior to my connection of the squad. an internal audience was underway and when I joined the deadline for the audience period was looming. nevertheless. I was able to be a interpreter for the squad ( Mintzberg ) by maintaining up to day of the month with PALS policy and counsel and develop local processs for the Trust in relation to PALS. This had to be robust procedure which could press out some of the concerns

I besides work with the Head of Involvement and Equality to develop the PALS service to guarantee the service meets demands for the transmutation docket. At the minute I do this by holding monthly meetings and adhoc regular contact. Again adjustment in with Maslow’s hierarchy of demands I need this regular contact to keep and better my effectivity as a director. One of the challenges that I face is to keep an overview of the system used to enter PALS instances. This is to guarantee information related to quality of services including equality informations and patient experiences are recorded and efficaciously used across the administration. I besides develop local and Trust broad coverage mechanisms to make this. The challenge is the operational side of acquiring staff to really enter. I will necessitate to see the barriers to this during the one to one supervising Sessionss.

The engagement map of my function is rather broad but a batch of the work involved looks at developing systems utilizing IT based programmes to back up the equality and engagement dockets – including development of effectual stakeholder battle mechanisms to enter stakeholders and involvement activities. I besides keep up to day of the month with patient experience counsel and to work aboard the Patient Involvement and Experience Manager by guaranting that PALS contacts are recorded accurately and are reported in line with patient experience indexs and commissioning demands.

The NHS has undergone a immense alteration in the way of schemes and fiscal determinations that are made. ( DOH. 2013 ) The ‘failure’ of old pull offing administrations such as the Primary Care Trust. has meant that a batch of the work load from there PCT has now moved over to the Care Trust. The experience of patients is really of import in this procedure as it highlights that hapless direction can go forth patients to hold hapless experience. ( Patients Association. 2013 )


An effectual squad. as stated by Mullins and other literature environing direction. is a group of people that work together to accomplish outcomes. This is a multidisciplinary attack. utilizing a matrix manner of working. I am comfy with this description as I besides feel that a squad is a group of persons that work together to utilize accomplishments and expertness and squad working to finish undertakings assigned to the group.

The defined function of a squad looks at defined functions. accomplishments and expertness. An of import portion of the squad is to keep regular contact. coaction. co-ordination. These regular and frequent interactions give the squad a more defined intent. I besides feel that a squad needs accomplishments and cognition to transport out capableness.

The challenges that I face in my function are that the function is of an evolving nature with and increased demand and support should be given by other co-workers in a matrix manner of working. However. due to the deficiency of lucidity from senior direction and the fact that the occupation description is really new can take to an impact on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours direction of the PALS squad.

Another important challenge is to public presentation pull off the PALS squad. The squad has been working together for about 8 old ages. with some of the newer members fall ining about 4 old ages ago. This has led to a civilization of working to ‘our way’ . The concern with this attack to team working is that it may non needfully run into the aims of the administration. In the scenario of the PALS squad we invariably seem to cover land regulations and non be able to acquire past that. this can be seen as a degree of non- conformity. As a director my function is to maneuver the squad to run into the team’s aims. but this can be hard due to the complex kineticss and single personalities. To battle this I arranged single Sessionss with staff to bring forth treatment around what each member of staff feels that they have done good. what can they make better and what would assist them to acquire to that phase.

The challenge that I face with the squad during this period of audience is to keep a positive working environment and civilization which actively improves the public presentation of the section and squads within it in relation to involvement. patient experience and equality. This Idaho due to the motive degrees within the squad. As cited in Mullins 2010. ‘Team working is no more than a stylish term used by direction to give workers an overdone feeling of importance’ my position on this is that squad working has to be used in the right context. There are times as a director where you can be led by your squad nevertheless. overall the director has to put the scene and highlight the nucleus countries for squad working and independent work.

My function in footings of the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours direction of PALS Team including nonsubjective scene for persons and squad ; apportioning work to staff. finishing monthly illness returns. I guarantee PALS staff are up to day of the month in footings of all compulsory and needed preparation and development is up to day of the month at all times. It is imperative to my function to place and set up appropriate preparation and development for PALS staff. via the assessment and KSF path. to guarantee successful bringing of concern and to maintain staff motivated and engaged in their functions. This is besides every bit described by Druckers direction theoretical account. which asks the inquiries of what do directors make?

The manager’s function harmonizing to Drucker:

Sets aims. The director sets ends for the group. and decides what work needs to be done to run into those ends. I engage in this procedure by utilizing supervising and squad meetings. to put aims but besides to understand that the aims are clear and clarified

2 ) Organizes. The director divides the work into manageable activities. and selects people to carry through the undertakings that need to be done. I am in a occupation portion state of affairs. where my co-worker is besides a portion clip PALS officer. This has meant that I have had to revise the work load. so that both my accomplishments and direction undertakings required are delegated suitably between us and besides to staff within the squad that have the right accomplishments. The challenge that I face in this state of affairs is that I do non hold a PALS background ; nevertheless. it is of import for me to be nonsubjective and put simple programs in topographic point to hold the squad working efficaciously. I aim to pick up a batch of these conversations during the supervisings that I have with staff.

3 ) Motivates and communicates. The director creates a squad out of his people. through determinations on wage. arrangement. publicity. and through his communications with the squad. Drucker besides referred to this as the “integrating” map of the director. My chief manner of working and direction is to utilize motive as a conducive factor. by looking at the incentives and demotivates and leting staff to do their ain determinations. utilizing training and facilitation. Once aims and aims are agreed. this allows me to mensurate the advancement during meetings and one to 1s

4 ) Measures. The director establishes appropriate marks and yardsticks. and analyzes. appraises and interprets public presentation. This goes manus in manus with motive. my chief function is to mensurate the results and besides to mensurate underperformance. I aim to seek and make this in a facilitating mode and non punitory. My ain experiences of being managed in a punitory mode led me to wholly exchange off. I believe that the right accomplishments and grasp is at the bosom of seeking to acquire a squad or persons to work together. By utilizing brooding pattern I can besides mensurate the public presentation of the squad. I late asked for squad to convey figures of complaints/ concerns and issues to team meetings. so that we can be mensurable and auditable.

5 ) Develops people. With the rise of the cognition worker. this undertaking has taken on added importance. In a cognition economic system. people are the company’s most of import plus. and it is up to the director to develop that plus. During the one to one Sessionss. I have designed a templet to inquire staff what works good. how we can make it better. looking at ways of bettering stakeholder work. raise the empowerment degree of persons to take on duties one time involved. i. e. chair meetings etc.

Directors born or made. Mullins states a combination of both. my functions both professionally and personally have evolved through demands ( Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs ) . The demand to convey a significant income into our household place coupled with the finding of holding a professional station. I besides feel that as described above I am working utilizing Druckers theoretical account for my personal development. One of the chief facets being that I am invariably puting mensurable marks for myself and invariably reexamining advancement and working to timescales.

One of the changeless reminders that I have to maintain addressing in my function as a director is that motive is non linked to ability. As Mullins points that an person can be motivated but non hold the right accomplishment set or resources to transport out their ability. This is rather cardinal to bear in head as frequently motive and ability can be seen as the same. in my position they are co-dependant but need to be addressed separately.

Motivation means making the best of ability. understanding what you can get by with and bask. Motivation is perchance the best manner of making something. taking into history single features and drivers. What motivates one person may non actuate another ( Mullins 2010 )

The definition of motive is to maintain the impulse traveling. holding the thrust to accomplish aims. accomplishing and maintaining a cheque on self-motivation. Motivation is linked to wagess which are single to different people. Mullins ( 2010 ) provinces motive is why people behave in a certain manner. why people do what they do. the way and continuity of it is concerned.

Having a sense of accomplishment is of import to all ; Administrations are now purchasing into the fact that staff needs to be kept motivated and engaged. As a consequence of Staff studies. ( BDCT 2012 ) organizational purposes every bit good as single purposes are driven by certain motivative factors. These as discussed antecedently are dependent on single fortunes. In a squad of staff the motive will be at different degrees as people are at different points in life. A deficiency of motive has the consequence of holding a destabilised work environment and an impact on staff morale.

“Motivation is non public presentation. Performance = motive and ability levels” ( UoB 2013 ) this phrase sums up for me what motive means as a director

Within motive there are different theories. Buchanan and Huczynski’s theory on ends expressions at chief motivations for our behavior. wealth position and power trigger. Our behavior towards attainment is encapsulated as the Content theory. Mullins 2010 looks at content theories as the thrust and demand of motive. Decisions: why do we take to prosecute certain ends is termed procedure theory. the focal point is on how picks are made with regard to ends. Job enrichment theory looks at influence and how can we actuate you to work harder.

Harmonizing to Maslow’s Hierarchy of demands ( Buchanan and Huczysnki ) an person. squad or director has the undermentioned demands:

1. physiological demands

2. safety demands

3. societal demands

4. self-importance demands

5. self-actualisation

Maslow provinces that the lower demands have to be satisfied foremost. My function as PALS Manager came as a consequence of national alterations within the NHS. My old function was in commissioning and due to travel over to the Commissioning Board. nevertheless due to geographical challenges ; I applied for a local occupation so that it could suit in with my demand of being a carer to my household.

In my function as Stakeholder Manager. I collaborate and facilitate corporate events. raise service user and carer profile both inward facing across the administration and outward facing. The Care Trust has made a immense attempt to acknowledge and cite to the Francis Report. patient experience is at the bosom of patient attention. As stakeholder director I am invariably reexamining. what does this mean?

To take a proactive attack I take the remarks from the board to team meetings to raise consciousness of issues and concerns that have a possible to take topographic point. based on Mid Staffs Enquiry ( Francis Report. 2013 ) and frailty versa from stakeholder groups back to squad meetings. It is critical in my function is to maintain a balanced position between the organisation and the stakeholders. I am able to hold with the rhetoric premise of we have been here earlier in footings of doing service better for people. but I believe that the accelerator for alteration is ever germinating and by utilizing brooding pattern I am able to foreground the positive alterations that have taken topographic point.

An illustration of this is that carers are invited to Board meetings to portion their experiences so that the senior direction has some thought of the state of affairs at grassroots degree. Historically this was non taking topographic point. nevertheless due to the feedback received sing engagement activities from service users and carers. the Trust Board invite Service users and carers on a regularly footing. This allows service users to be an advocator for others but besides with regular contact to go about semi-professional and understand some of the concerns faced by big administrations.

The history of service user motion groups is good documented ( Everett 1994. Campbell 1996. Wallcraft J. Bryant M 2003 ) and consciousness of this literature enables an apprehension to develop of the mammoth stairss that have been made in the country of user engagement. The past one-fourth of a century has witnessed a dramatic alteration in the manner that those utilizing mental wellness services are perceived. represented and valued. non least as subscribers towards their ain attention as opposed to strictly receiving systems of it.

The function of service users in the 2007 mental wellness service is far removed from the function they played merely decennaries antecedently ( Campbell 2005 ) and the progressively used term “experts by experience” high spots the value placed on service user part in all facets of their attention planning. This patient expertness is besides cardinal to serve user engagement. which non merely takes many signifiers. but occurs on many varying degrees. Engagement ranges from the macro degree of service planning and rating through to involvement at the micro degree of service user engagement and determination doing sing their ain attention ( Braye 2000 ) . Recognised by the DoH ( Department of Health. 2001b ) in their Adept Patient papers.

In my function of squad direction I am faced with conflicting demands upon my clip and within the members of staff. Conflict declaration has become an of import portion of the manager’s function. the inquiries can be asked as to why there can be conflict. One of the grounds that I have uncovered during my research is that persons can do organizational aims. go personal aims. this may non be suiting to everyone. due to single fortunes.

Job intent and occupation crafting is linked to my personal beliefs and motive theory.

There are two factors that motivate people in their occupations. These two factors are:

Hygiene – factors impacting occupation dissatisfaction are qualities of supervising. wage. company. policies. physical on the job conditions. dealingss with others. and occupation security.

Motivator – factors affects motive are promotional chances. chances for personal growing. acknowledgment. duty. and accomplishment.

Herzberg argued that Hygiene factors do non lend towards higher public presentation alternatively they are for bar of dissatisfaction in occupations. True incentives are impacting motive and hence organizational public presentation.

In my position hygiene factors are non subscribers to motive is non wholly true. Based on single factors like duty. economic state of affairs. chances available. these factors may move as incentives to work.

In measuring the effectivity of my function as a director. I am non able to constructively mensurate my public presentation in this function as it excessively early to step. nevertheless. in other countries of my life and on bespeaking regular feedback from my equals and old co-workers. I would state that I am an effectual director in footings of motive. nonsubjective scene and squad working. I am able to synthesize and analyze my ain development to better inform myself and the squad that I manage. This function in peculiar is a short term contract and because of this I feel that my bringing of consequences is overriding to my repute as an effectual director.

Some of the challenges that I have faced include the self-generated nature of the squad. The embedded kineticss means that it was hard for staff in get the better ofing the initial authorization and assertiveness of my function. Staff were working to their ain demands ; they were working difficult and seeking to give all they can in their functions but non working every bit efficaciously as they perchance could. I detected certain degrees of non-compliance and deficiency of regard towards me as a director from co-worker and staff.

This may be due to the fact that they consider themselves to be local experts in their several functions. This became an evident failing ; due to ill-defined nature of my function and deficiency of direction support this had a knock on consequence in my direction function. Staff felt that because I was ill-defined they could besides hold become complacent in their functions and defying much required alteration. I gained support from my director to ease those treatments with my job-share and focussed on the demand to work more efficaciously and expeditiously.

Following on from the Francis Report. the Trust have decided to carry on an external audience of the section. this will hold an impact on the PALS squad. both positively and negatively. Positively the acknowledgment and the importance of service user engagement in mental wellness attention are perchance at a higher degree now than it of all time has been. The Care Trust was up until a twosome of old ages ago a mental wellness and acquisition disablements. specializer trust. Due to the many alterations taking topographic point in the NHS this has now changed and the Care Trust has taken on other duties. the challenge that I am confronting in my function is that the service users and carers are largely from the mental wellness background. therefore the diverseness of engagement from a broad scope is restricted. nevertheless. this is critical to my function and to the wider function of the administration.

Personal development program

An analysis of my personal development program will let me to confront some challenges constructively. One of the chief concerns is that I have no clear definition of function and hence unable to put aims for my squad. I aim to seek elucidation from my director and besides from the administration in footings of what the PALS squad should be making. particularly in visible radiation of the Francis Report.

I will be set uping staff supervising Sessionss and besides placing cardinal countries for development of staff. Regular feedback and assessments will assist in puting the squads aims.

The work load will be reviewed and I will be reexamining clip on activities so that a Rota can be in topographic point for manning the office and the telephones.

I will be able to pull off struggle sing the work load. one time the treatments around caseload direction have taken topographic point. This will let instances to be suitably handled and in a timely mode.


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