Green Tea Essay

Green tea is an indispensable portion of people’s mundane life around the universe ; it is tasty and healthy but is that all there is to it? Most people in Europe and Asia prefer green tea over other drinks as it is light and stimulating. China. where tea came from. is the centre of green civilization ; Chinese people have much higher life anticipation due to populating healthy and imbibing green tea.

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As many people know “the history of green tea began in China” ( Learn all about the History of Green Tea ) . Some beginnings claim that there are mentions to green tea every bit far as 5000 twelvemonth ago. It can be true because many ancient Chinese creative persons portrayed affluent people imbibing tea ( Painting ) . Besides tea in ancient China was a dainty for the wealthy so it could’ve taken some clip to develop. There are two fables about where tea came from go arounding the universe. First one says “an old adult male accidently stepped on a fallen tea foliage and tasted its juices. he thought it tasted great and had some particular properties” ( Learn all about the History of Green Tea ) . Second one tells that an “Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when a flower fell in his cup” ( Learn all about the History of Green Tea ) .

With clip tea became more than merely a drink but a portion of the Chinese civilization. Drinking tea wasn’t merely about the tea. a whole new “tea art” was developed. “Tea and tea wares should fit environing elements such as zephyr. pines. bamboo. plums and snow. All there show harmoniousness of human and nature” ( Tea Culture ) . It is easy to understand why tea is so of import once you come across a tea ceremonial or read one if the many books about it. In the picture you can see that affluent people were imbibing tea and the provincials were doing it. The ground why merely people of high category could afford tea is because the ceremonial was a really complex pattern which required pricy equipment and skilled labourers. A proper tea ceremonial requires extended preparation and religious subject.

Over clip many people realized that pure green tea is a great far oxidant. even excessively great. imbibing pure green tea perilously burned fat off. Chinese had to happen a solution. “They switched to oolong tea which contained less fat oxidising agents” ( Learn all about the History of Green Tea ) . Oolong tea was the sensible solution and now it is the most popular tea in China.

All around the universe tea is tea but that same tea carries different significance in each portion of the universe. For illustration “in Japan. the strict tea ceremonial reflects the nation’s character ; in the West tea is made with milk and sugar to make romantic ambiance and in every different portion of China different people all have appeal to their ain sort of tea which makes them unique” ( Tea Culture ) . Now we can govern out that people love tea but why?

Tea is a world-wide drink whether it’s viridity or black. hot or cold. it’s healthy and thirst slaking imbibe that people around the universe consume in legion sums to refuel their Becky ) . Many people replace java with tea to avoid clangs and java dependence. Antioxidants and flavonoids found merely in green tea has shown that tea is really effectual in bettering mental watchfulness. cut downing cholesterin degrees and forestalling low blood force per unit area. To acquire the full benefit from green tea you have to do your ain tea at place. bottled tea isn’t natural and does non come with all the foods.

As you can see green tea is really good for your organic structure but as with every drink there are some minor side effects. Green tea contains caffeine. which in surplus can do restlessness. crossness and kiping jobs ( Green Tea Side Effects Warnings ) . It is safe to imbibe no more than 5 cups of tea a twenty-four hours ; moreover. one should non imbibe it during mealtime because green tea can cut down soaking up of Fe and folic acid.

With that said. green tea is a healthy drink that came from ancient China. It does hold some bad things to it but the benefits shadows them. History of green tea continues on even now. being figure two most popular drink after crystal clear H2O. even more popular than Coca Cola and beer.

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