Greek Cultural Traits And Western Modern Counterpart English Literature Essay

The Grecian civilization is one country that many Americans have been exposed to many times throughout their lives. Americans read about the Greeks all throughout their old ages in school, ticker films about them, and believe mostly the same manner about life. There are three chief traits that link American civilization to that of the Greek ‘s civilization. The first is the thought of anthropocentricism or the belief that adult male is the centre of everything. This belief is shown many times throughout American civilization. The 2nd is the belief of a higher power and supernatural devices that watch over and steer them through their lives. The Greeks and Americans both have some really superstition beliefs and imposts. The 3rd major trait is one that is found in most civilizations besides merely the Grecian and Western civilization. Both of these civilizations enjoy warfare and contending conflicts. This characteristic domination these civilizations through their narratives, create their heroes, and used to convey glorification to themselves. These three traits are all found throughout the Grecian and American civilizations.

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The first major trait of the Grecian civilization is their belief that adult male is the centre of everything. This is the definition of the word anthropocentric. American civilization besides has really strong illustrations of this belief every bit good. This belief is shown throughout the narrative of Oedipus the King. In the narrative, Oedipus is the ground for the pestilence that was stultifying the full metropolis province Thebes. In the beginning of the narrative, Oedipus discovers why there is a pestilence and declares that he will stop the pestilence himself. He besides claims that he will be the one to detect the slaying of Laius. Oedipus believes he can make it all. In the terminal, Oedipus was the cause for all the jobs and pestilences. The thought that one adult male could be the cause of such a atrocious clip in Thebes because of his actions is an anthropocentric thought. The pestilence is non being caused by the conditions or another unmanageable force. It is all centered on Oedipus and his actions. The thought of the American Dream is besides really anthropocentric construct. American ‘s believe that they can make and be whatever they want merely by sheer finding through themselves. Teachers do n’t state pupils that they can be president if their parents rich and have good connected dealingss. Alternatively, instructors tell their pupils that can be whatever they want if they work hard and ne’er give up on their dreams. Lysistrata is another Grecian narrative that has this belief in the nucleus message of the narrative. Lysistrata puts an terminal to the Peloponnesian War between the Greek metropolis provinces. The lone manner Lysistrata could acquire the work forces to discontinue combat was to take away one of their nucleus wants and needs. The adult females could non utilize ground or any other scheme to command the work forces. The work forces control themselves and entirely have the ability to do determinations. This narrative is focus on the demands of the work forces, non the wants of the adult females. In the terminal, the adult females do accomplish their ends. However, their ends could merely be achieve through the work forces. These illustrations from the Grecian narratives and the belief of the American dream are focus around the thought of anthropocentricism.

The 2nd chief belief shared between the Greek and American civilizations is their belief in supernatural devices that can reply the jobs that they are confronting. In the narrative of Oedipus, this belief of obtaining replies to their jobs through the usage of supernatural elements is really prevailing. There is a pestilence ramping through Thebes and Oedipus asked his

brother-in-law to inquire the prophet to happen out why the pestilence is accruing. After he receives message from the prophet, Oedipus calls on a prophesier named Tiresias to reply his inquiries. Oedipus besides used and believed in the prophets when he was immature. The prophets were the ground he left Corinth. He was told of a prognostication that he would kill his male parent and slumber with his female parent. At the terminal of the narrative, the prognostication comes true. Oedipus believes that the God Apollo ordained his fate and that is why his life happened the manner it did. The civilization in American is surrounded by supernatural beliefs and traditions. American Television webs are full of plans of shade huntsmans, physicist, and prognostication Tellers. Hundreds of films in American are based on supernatural existences and thoughts. Religion is really profoundly embedded in American civilization. When Americans hit stone underside, many of them go to churches and priest to happen the replies they need. Americans besides praise God when their lives are traveling good and some signifier of luck has been delivered to them. Grecian and American civilizations have supernatural thoughts embedded into their nucleus beliefs.

The 3rd major trait shared by the Grecian and American civilizations is the love of warfare and conflicts. Both civilizations enjoy personal triumphs and triumphs as a state. Some of the first Hagiographas found of the Grecian civilization were heroic narratives of war and heroes. These are the narratives of the Iliad and the Odyssey. The heroes in these narratives are glorified because of their triumphs in conflicts and wars. In the narrative of Lysistrata, the war between the metropolis provinces of Greece was ended by the adult females declining to kip with their hubbies. Sexual activity ended the war. The grounds for holding a war could non hold been that of import if something every bit simple as sex ended it. The work forces fought because they liked to contend and conflict the other metropoliss. American civilization besides loves warfare and combat. One of the most popular athleticss today is UFC which is a really barbarous and violent athletics. American fought Spain in the Spanish-American War. The astonishing fact is Spain surrendered before the war began and America went to war with them anyhow. American amusement is obsessed with war. There are 1000s of films, picture games, and telecasting plans wholly focused on war and combat. The love of warfare is a shared trait between the Greek and American civilizations.

The Grecian civilization had several traits that shaped its Hagiographas and narratives. Some of these traits were the belief of anthropocentricism, supernatural beliefs, and the love matter of war. American civilization besides shows really strong ties with the Grecian civilization because they portion these features really strongly. American and Grecian civilizations are be separated by 100s of old ages and geographic locations. Many of the Grecian cultural traits have spread and been entrenched in American Culture.


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