Greece and Rome: Comparison Essay

In comparing Greece and Rome. I will get down by indicating out that both Greece and Rome started out as city states. Rome looked to Greece as a theoretical account while geting its foundation as a city state. This fact makes it both simple. and difficult to give a comparing essay of the two city states. It is simple because they are much alike in political construction. household. and faith. However. difficult because Rome outgrew its respects to its Greece political positions of household. province. citizenship. and political engagement.

Discrepancies came approximately in many elements of the societal construction. Women and citizenship were two of the chief disagreements. In Greece. adult females were viewed as belongings and had really few civil rights ; frequently if. a kid was born a female. she would be left to decease. They were besides non allowed to populate public lives. A Grecian adult female could non be found rolling the streets of Greece without a peculiar ground. Womans were viewed really otherwise in Rome. In Rome adult females had the pick to populate a public life and do there ain determinations. Marrying in Roman civilization was considered “compassionate. ” Rome was non viewed as a male-only universe. Rome. unlike Greece. would widen citizenship to spread out their imperium. Greece was content with there place as a city state and did non believe in ask foring aliens into their civilisation.

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In Rome and Greece. spiritual pattern was considered different every bit good. Though Greece and Rome both believed in the supreme Gods. Rome was more concerned with the society it created. As to where Greece was concerned with both its pattern and the effects of the society. In Rome every bit good as in Greece. adult females participated in the pattern of spiritual standardizations. These jubilations were a big portion of their public life.

There were many differences between Greek and Roman civilisation. even though the Roman civilization was immensely influenced by the Greeks. Because the Romans had practiced different qualities. Rome developed an imperium. Though the Roman Empire did non last. the cardinal elements of its society can still be seen in the ever-enduring Greece civilisation.


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