Greatest Influence

The greatest influence in my life has been my aunt. Although, her misfortune is what influenced me so greatly, she has influenced me none the less. My Aunt has been a nurse for over twenty-five years; she is the only person in my family besides myself to ever attend college. So naturally I wanted to follow in her footsteps. She was a very dignified person and always encouraging. These things about her are what led me to Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

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I enrolled in their nursing program although I could not deal with the site and smell of blood, I pursued it anyway. Unknown to me my aunt hid a very embarrassing secret. For years my aunt hid the fact that she was addicted to prescription medication. This was revealed only after she lost her nursing job of twenty years. This revelation sent my whole world tumbling down at full speed. I dropped out of college and began working at Burger King and became contempt with my life the way it was.

Then I began to wonder what it was about the drugs that attracted her to them, what was it that kept her taking them. Once I asked her she could not tell me, I became even more interested. These interests led me to enroll in Albany technical college and pursue a degree in pharmacy technology, and as I learned about the different types of medication and how they work. I gained an even deeper interest in them. This has led me to Albany state university pursuing a Pre-pharmacy degree.

Although it took someone close to me to lose everything they had including their self-respect to influence my life. My aunt influenced me greatly, and continues to do so. Even though she struggling to reclaim her life, she continues to motivate me in so many ways, to watch her go through so much and continue to try to rebuild her life, motivates me to keep moving forward. She is pushing herself to overcome and addiction that has consumed her for so many years and at the same time pushing me to have a life.


I'm Heather

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