Great Success M Commerce And E Commerce Marketing Essay

When we talk about a industry that has achieved great success in m-commerce and e-commerce we have to believe about travel industry. This industry has changed the position of M and E commercialism for of all time in less than a decennary and half. In this M and E commercialism universe stage, ‘Orbitz ‘ is taking travel industry. It connects flat ticket-booking from more than 400 air hoses and has information about 80,000 hotels room booking worldwide. On an norm, Orbitz consumers make at least 2 million on-line hunts for air hose tickets and about 1 million for hotel room-booking in a individual twenty-four hours.

Orbitz Worldwide, Inc ( NASDAQ: OWW ) besides provides auto leases, sails and entire holiday bundles, existent clip travel planning services.

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In the twelvemonth 2001 Orbitz was launched by 5 major Airlines- United, Delta, Continental, Southwest and American and merely after 3 old ages of the launch 2004, Orbitz was purchased by Cendant in the travel division known as Travelprot. And, shortly after this company was once more purchased by The BlackStone Group which did non except Orbitz.

In the twelvemonth 2003 it entered in IPO in NYSE and besides recruited more than 100 independent hotels in add-on to its listing, which included the large hotels as Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt.

By 2006, It was the first cyberspace travel company to establish nomadic web site for its users and it surpassed its rivals thenceforth. This clip their users were able to look into flight positions for 27 air hoses. They besides enabled a personal page 100 % concentrated to give information for Orbitz booked trips for clients.

The twelvemonth 2008, they came up with an extra application for Iphone and Ipod users with the same installations for flight position, WiFi handiness, wait clip checking, itinerary and besides ability to traffic status and conditions position options.

By 2010, they invested more money on m-commerce and launched different nomadic app for iPhone, Android and Windowss based smart phones. They continued developing their web site in the undermentioned old ages every bit good in 2011 and 2012.

Company Portfolio:

Orbitz Worldwide, Inc enhances the ability to ease travel programs all within one web site. In order to go # 1 travel web site and give best client experience to its clients, Orbitz has acquired several on-line companies:






the Away Network

Corporate travel trade name Orbitz for Business

Business analysis:

Five force analysis

The Porter ‘s Five Forces analysis is a simple but powerful tool for understanding concern state of affairs. It is utile, because it helps to understand both the strength of your current competitory place, and the strength of a place you ‘re sing traveling into. With a clear apprehension of concern state of affairs, you can take just advantage, better a state of affairs of failing, and avoid taking incorrect stairss.

Supplier Power: Here we assess how easy it is for providers to drive up monetary values. As Orbitz is ?° leader in on-line engagement industry and the figure of providers here is truly immense. All hotels, auto leases and air companies are providers and their power do drive up monetary values is truly low. Orbitz merely connote ?° revenue enhancement on ?° hotel ‘s or air ticket normal monetary value so any alteration in monetary value would impact supplier more than Orbitz Company. Partnership with Orbitz would increase the figure of clients every bit good as maximize net income for ?° provider. All in all provider power in the industry is low.

Buyer Power: This means how easy it is for purchasers to drive monetary values down. It is driven by the figure of purchasers, the importance of each single purchaser to peculiar concern. Peoples who order hotels and air tickets are normally affluent but monetary value is ?° chief status in taking air hose or hotel. Peoples would non waver to purchase air tickets through other website if ?° monetary value is lower. Thus purchaser power is high

Menace of Substitution: A This is affected by the ability of clients to happen a different manner of making what Orbitz do. There are ?° batch of tour houses who organize trips and order hotel straight every bit good as auto rental topographic points and air tickets, but today people tend to form trips by themselves. As this tendency continues to turn the menace of permutation will diminish over clip. Overall menace of permutation in this industry is low.

Menace of New Entry: A Power is besides affected by the ability of people to come in your market. If it costs little in clip or money to come in the market and vie efficaciously, so new rivals can rapidly come in your market and weaken your place. Orbitz is an established trade name and in such industry repute affairs ?° batch. Peoples would instead utilize known web sites which provides guarantees other than order ?° cheaper air ticket of unknown company. Therefore new entrants have to confront ?° batch of troubles. Orbitz besides has contract with such immense participants as Hyatt and Mariott so they can easy lower ?° monetary value if ?° new web site appears. The dainty of New Entry in on-line engagement industry is low.

Competitive Competition: A What is of import here is the figure and capableness of rivals. If company have many rivals, and they offer every bit attractive merchandises and services, so company have small power in the state of affairs. In other words ?° client can easy exchange service. Despite the fact that Orbitz is ?° largest participant, there are ?° batch of companies that can offer ?° similar service, so the degree of competency is really high.

SWOT Analysis:


Innovative engineering to assist clients remain one measure in front.

Customization of travel bundles

Flex hunt enables the travelers to look for alternate travel day of the months, bundles etc.

Orbitz negotiates with hotels, air tickets to give its client the best possible rates.


In November 2010 American Airlines left Orbitz which contributed 5 % of its entire gross in 2010. This sort of expiration of contract from a large air hose like this could do them job in future as good.

Slow response to corporate inquires


Attract and cooperate with other spouses

A more accessible nomadic web site

Improve upon website acknowledgment


Strong competitions

Government ordinance

Market volatility


1. Finding Fiscal Resources

2. Maintenance & A ; Improvement Technologies

3. Attraction of New Customers to M-Commerce

4. Offering Useful Servicess


Finding Financial Resources

Initial public offering

Spouses Relationship


2. Maintenance & A ; Improvement Technologies

Merger & A ; Acquisition

R & A ; D Department


3. Attraction of New Customers to M-Commerce

Promotions Targeted Specific Customers ‘ Niche

4. Offering Useful Servicess

Marketing Research

Tracing Quantity of Clicks

Case Study “ Orbitz ”


When compared to traditional desktop clients, why are nomadic phone users much more likely to book a room or air hose reserve for the same day of the month?

Nowadays Internet engineering greatly simplifies the process of choosing or purchasing tickets and booking a hotel room. This line of service is good non merely to clients, but besides to companies that significantly cut down their costs.

The figure of people who book the hotel with nomadic devices is turning every twenty-four hours. Mobile booking – is a booking through particular applications or nomadic versions of the sites. Today that sort of reserve is particularly in great demand among concern traveller. Travelers really appreciate the mobility and the ability to work out jobs “ here and now ” . With nomadic applications and nomadic version of the site, they can easy book a room, lease a auto or purchase an aeroplane ticket, irrespective of location, and therefore rapidly accommodate to altering fortunes or be able to alter their agenda. Besides in many respects it saves them clip and provides maximal comfort and convenience when choosing finishs.

Sometimes tourers travel light and take with them merely such nomadic devices as smartphones or tablets. In add-on there are more and more “ free travelers ” , rolling from state to state. For them the possibility to book a hotel with a nomadic device is critical.

Mobile phones are designed to do life easier for the advanced active people. Such people frequently take all determinations immediately. Furthermore their programs can dramatically change. That is why they use the cell to do a reserve for the same twenty-four hours as such device is now familiar to everyone. Obviously, the regular e-commerce version of web sites is more convenient for use and requires more comfy environment with comparing to mobile version, and hence, it disposes to believe up programs for the long term. Respectively booking tickets with the aid of desktop computing machines will be made in progress.

One of the grounds why nomadic reserves do non make for the following month because frequently m-commerce web sites do non supply a refund if person cancels his/her reserve. If a individual makes a engagement at the same twenty-four hours, he/she can be certain what he/she precisely will come and payment will non travel to waste.

In the nomadic design undertaking of 2011, why did Orbitz direction decide to build a nomadic web site for corporate users instead than a native app?

In 2011, Orbitz implemented its scheme of building an end-to-end Mobile web site or called “ M-Commerce Site ” . Through transporting on this scheme, Orbitz had become the most powerful online travel services company all over the universe. However, most people still questioned that Orbitz is taking the hazard of losing much more clients due to giving up building the native web site and apps. as a affair of fact, by making so, Orbitz was to seek more chances and more benefits in the long tally. And these benefits are chiefly manifested in several below points which most people did non come up with or ne’er predict.

Orbitz is confident about their nomadic web site can supply antic hunt and engagement abilities for the corporate clients. And using the normative corporate travel policies to each client ‘s reserve. Furthermore, the nomadic web site is non merely a internet hunt engine, it besides can offer corporate users the maps of doing a travel program and purchase air, hotel, auto which the concern travellers need radically in their trip. This web site had technologically surpassed many native web sites and apps from other on-line travel service company. Orbitz is really researching more loyal professional user groups, non merely single clients on which merely native apps dressed ore.

Orbitz decided that the optimum solution was to build a nomadic web site that could be accessed from any Web-enabled device. The ends were to supply a unvarying and native app-like experience for each type of device, and present full travel policy conformity for business communities. For illustration, the Orbitz for Business Mobile Web site delivers saved policy controls to new reserves, and delivers both planetary and company-specific messages to assist concern travellers in adhering to company guidelines. Another thing was that Orbitz released the newest version of Hypertext Markup Language, HTML5. It enables m-commerce sites to integrate capablenesss indistinguishable to mobile apps merely by tapping into the nomadic devices. The nomadic dealing velocity was through the execution of planetary online travel bureau platform. The platform was used to rushing up nomadic web pages lading from the standard e-commerce Web page. Not merely can better the velocity of browse, but besides can cut down labour hours for company. Overall, it is good for both company and clients that urge Orbiz direction decide to build nomadic web site for corporate users instead than a native app.

What is “ concern logic ” and why was it of import for corporate travelers to hold on-line reserve systems that included concern logic?

Business logic consists of regulations or algorithms that handle the exchange of information between a database and user interface. In the instance of Orbitz concern logic consists of concern regulations, which are policies that govern monetary value hotel penchant and service handiness in item flow of information or information. Sometimes concern logic called sphere logic. The algorithms involved in concern logic are unseeable to the user but are really of import to run expeditiously for today ‘s economic system.

For better understanding what concern logic we should look at the illustration of it. A recognition card issuer ‘s concern logic may stipulate that out-of-state recognition card minutess above a certain bound, may be flagged as leery and the issuer contacted every bit shortly as possible to corroborate the genuineness of the dealing. Every twenty-four hours 1000000s of minutess are made all over the universe and concern logic enables such minutess processed in an efficient and timely mode.

Corporate travelers must adhere to company specific concern logic regulations, which can include such characteristics as preferable sellers, cost changings, compulsory services and others. Thus the platform must be able to hive away and run with these regulations. As large per centum of Orbitz m-commerce clients are concern people it is really of import to hold ?° online reserve system that include concern logic. Due to ?° fact that every company has its ain concern logic regulations mobile commercialism platform should be customized for every house specifically. To work out this issue Orbitz decided to build ?° nomadic Web site that could be accessed from any web-enabled device. In this state of affairs all concern clients could come in their house ‘s watchword and all the concern logic regulations would use automatically.

New client acquisition can be triggered, at least for those clients who search same-day reserve. Mobile web site can automatically offer last minute publicities and trades, by utilizing concern logic that sends message for clients who are now looking for available room or air ticket.

Why Orbitz launched different apps for iphone, humanoid and windos?

From the beginning 2001 to 2012 Orbitz ever kept a close expression on their technological development of their web site. In the twelvemonth 2010 they foremost launched humanoid and windos based apps. Iphone version of the app was launched few old ages before this in 2008. In 2010 they launched another upgraded version of their IOS app.

They chiefly started these different applications to do their client experience better with them as these apps are more user friendly, easy and faster.

Different apps based on different Mobile runing system creates an singularity in the app and easier to run.

Though they had to incur some excess disbursals to construct and establish these apps but with the upgrading engineering they had to update their services.


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