Gordons Health Functional Pattern Essay Sample

1. Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns

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The patient’s status greatly affects his wellness perceptual experience and direction. He can non comprehend if it were already deteriorating and complicated. Because of his illness’ he can non remember or give importance to his wellness position. Management of his wellness relies entirely to his health professional and household.


Mr. S. V. ’s typical nutrient consumption includes soft nutrients because he can non hold dental plates and has trouble of masticating his repast but eats his repasts 3 times a twenty-four hours. He doesn’t complete his repasts harmonizing to his health professional but does eat mammon when he is hungry and besides can imbibe merely up to 4 to 5 spectacless a twenty-four hours

Furthermore. he was in low Na diet as prescribed by his doctor.


Mr. S. V. ’s intestine riddance form were normally 1x in every 3 yearss with a brown in colour and would sometimes be constipated. With respects to his urinary riddance form. he voids 3x a twenty-four hours with a light xanthous piss colour. Besides. health professional notices jobs with patient’s vesica control.


Mr. S. V’s health professional stated that because of the clients unwellness and its age the client experiences deficient energy and weariness in executing his day-to-day activities but ever attends the forenoon exercising and do simple exercising on the upper and lower appendages by agencies of agitating and stretching. The health professional assumes duty even with the patient’s simplest activities of day-to-day life such as altering his apparels and
preparing. The patient is dependent to a health professional in his undertakings.


Harmonizing to his health professional. the patient has been a widow for some clip already. The exact twelvemonth unrecalled/unknown. His kids takes attention with his disbursals and are the 1 who supports his medical demands. With his disease. Mr. SV is unable to execute his function as a male parent to his kids and many other functions he holds duty to before his enfeebling status in the community and societal circle.


Mr. SV’s status renders us unable to cognize how he looks at things. Wandering is a common activity patients with Alzheimer’s disease bash. .


Mr. S. V. said that he doesn’t have any history of sexually transmitted disease or any disease that affected his genitalias. Besides the patient doesn’t have an active sex life due to his status and he was widowed for old ages.

Mr. S. V is a Roman Catholic though non go toing the mass on a regular basis. His values and beliefs were shadowed by his status. But caregiver provinces that harmonizing to the patient’s kids. before his status now. he was normally a church departer and has been integral with his belief to the church and to God.

Sleeping Form

Patient normally sleeps for at least 5 hours per dark and sometimes takes sleeps in the afternoon. He normally go to kip at 8pm and wakes up in between the hours of dark. Many older grownups have jobs kiping. but people who have Alzheimer’s frequently have an even harder clip. Alzheimer’s may change by reversal a person’s sleep-wake rhythm. doing daytime sleepiness and nighttime restlessness. These sleep perturbations frequently increase as Alzheimer’s progresses.


Mr. SV’s disease which is Alzheimer’s diseases disease chiefly affects the patients cognitive position. Harmonizing to the health professional. the patient’s early manifestations were non retrieving recent events followed by confusion ad progressed to the patient’s current position which is burying everything at one time. He could besides be observed being withdrawn to his household and the society.


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