Glove Industry Is An Important Industry To Malaysia Marketing Essay


The gum elastic baseball mitt industry is an of import industry to Malaysia as Malaysia successfully being the 3rd biggest maker of natural gum elastic ( NR ) in the universe. Besides, the well-established and superior quality of the gum elastic baseball mitts that produced in Malaysia is widely used and accepted as a point of mention in the international market. There is a wide scope of merchandises green goodss by the Malayan gum elastic baseball mitt makers, i.e. from natural gum elastic every bit good as gum elastic wood merchandises. The high quality and wide scope of gum elastic merchandises have boosted Malaysia to the universe ‘s top manufacturer and exporter of natural rubber medical baseball mitts, catheters and latex yarn.

In the last decennary, the universe of natural gum elastic industry has undergone really rapid and indispensable alterations with the visual aspect of many new participants, in peculiar the growing of some traditional providers and the outgrowth of new 1s. Most of the alterations and consequent challenges, both internally and externally, have impacted on Malaysia ‘s comparative and competitory advantage in natural gum elastic cultivation. Despite this, the Malayan gum elastic industry has evolved through the old ages and transformed itself into a more incorporate industry where the rapid developments of the mid- and downstream industries have made the industry a multi-billion ringgit one.

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Another positive factor that can non be overlooked is Malaysia ‘s competitory advantage as the first authorization on research and development ( R & A ; D ) in all facets of natural gum elastic. This proficient advantage has enabled Malayan gum elastic merchandise manufacturers to speed up productiveness through the application of new planting, development, processing and fabrication engineerings.

Therefore, in order to intensify our understanding about the gum elastic industry in Malaysia, our lecturer- Mr. Mohd. Yusoff has assigned Adventa Bhd which chiefly manufactures baseball mitts as our undertaking theoretical account.

What is the hereafter of the Rubber Industry in Malaysia?

The usage of gum elastic is widening. Therefore, the hereafter of Malayan gum elastic industry is reasonably bright. The authorities has a policy promoting the gum elastic industry. Measures are been taken to guarantee stabilisation of gum elastic industry so that Malaysia remains an of import participant in the planetary gum elastic industry

Vision and Mission Statement

Organizations sometimes summarize ends and aims into a mission statement or a vision statement. Others begin with a vision and mission and utilize them to explicate ends and aims. A statement creates value for those who get exposed to the statement, and those chances are employees, directors and sometimes even clients. Statements create a sense of chance and way.

As we could non get Adventa ‘s Mission and Vision statement, we used its Company Principles and some information from Adventa company debut alternatively. This is because missions are really aims with a timeline. Strategic aims are used to personalise the mission statement, that is, they help to supply counsel on how the organisation can carry through or travel toward the higher ends in the end hierarchy which are the mission and vision. They are more specific and cover a more chiseled clip frame.

From the company overview, we know that the subordinates of Adventa are committed to strong, sustained growing within their subjects and the agencies to this are merchandise excellence and employee committedness to clients. Besides, the group is continuously sourcing for endowments that can add strength and contribute thoughts to the organisation. Adventa intends to make value and returns through the execution and commercialisation of its thoughts and inventions. Satisfying and giving full committedness to clients is really of import for Adventa besides introducing better new merchandises.

Company Principles

Adventa operates in many parts around the universe, in changing political and societal environments, with people of different races and civilizations. The Group adheres to the following 6 organisational rules in its traffics with its clients, providers, stockholders, and spouses:


Corporate Duty

Quality and Value


Non-political Engagement

Environmental Care


ADVENTA maintains unity in all traffics and trade, working to accomplish excellence through honestness and duty, and without compromising on its responsibility of attention. Undue and illicit patterns are non tolerated. This shows that the company takes really rigorous actions on those who do non move ethically.

Corporate Duty

ADVENTA operates with a clear unfastened policy when covering with its stockholders and the governments, doing proper and timely revelations of any and all material factors it faces. ADVENTA is to uphold and maintain the trust of its clients and stockholders. Therefore this shows that Adventa wants to prolong good resonance with their clients and stockholders by being transparent.

Quality and Valuess

ADVENTA strives for quality in all it does, giving clients the value they expect and deserve. ADVENTA enterprises to run into client demands and exceed outlooks with the merchandises it manufactures and sells. Quality is something that Adventa pushes to accomplish in everything they do in order to run into clients ‘ demands, outlooks provided with guaranteed satisfaction.


The Group maintains a clear and defined focal point on its aims and marks. ADVENTA is set to be a multi layered and multi-product group bring forthing and administering merchandises used in the health care industry. Focus is really of import to guarantee the company is traveling towards a peculiar mark instead than being stuck in the center with no peculiar aims and hence Adventa maintains a clear and defined focal point all the clip.

Non-political Engagements

ADVENTA operates for commercial endeavor and to make value and returns for its stockholders. The Group is determined to run within the legitimate Torahs and ordinances set down by the democratically elected authoritiess and do non affect themselves in any political, philosophical activity or motion of any peculiar group, state, or part. The company believes that the company maps for commercial endeavor within rightful Torahs and non by other agencies such as political activities.

Environmental & A ; Social Cares

ADVENTA operates within accepted societal and environmental demands. Its duty to society and societal well-being is a precedence in all its commercial determinations. ADVENTA works to accomplish a cleaner and healthier environment for all employees and the societies it operates in, and uses its cognition and ability to lend back to its environment. The lives, callings and the rights of its employees are respected and enhanced in acknowledgment of their trueness and dedication in the organisation. This shows that Adventa believes in lending back to the environment and besides the well-being and acknowledgment for parts made by their employees to the organisation.

Proposed ( but adapted from existent ) Vision and Mission for Adventa Bhd.

Vision Statement:

“ Towards a hereafter of consumer and eco-friendly merchandises and to offer the greatest part to better society ‘s quality of life ”

Mission Statement

In my sentiment, Adventa should travel green merely like Adobe Systems as it is non merely good citizenship but is besides profitable. The society out at that place besides favors companies that are eco-friendly and promotes attention for the environment. Besides, Adventa should utilize cause selling efficaciously as it can both reenforce consumer relationships every bit good as strengthen employee morale. Hence the proposed mission statement is as follow:

“ Adventa promotes unity and concentrate in everything they do to supply the highest quality and value by supplying solutions to clients demands by developing and presenting utile and advanced merchandises packaged with singular services besides carry throughing our duty to the society and the environment by traveling green ”

BCG Matrix

The BCG Growth-Share Matrix is a portfolio planning theoretical account developed by Bruce Henderson of the Boston Consulting Group in the early 1970 ‘s based on the observation that a company ‘s concern units can be classified into four classs which are Dogs, Question Marks, Stars and Cash Dog based on combinations of market growing and market portion comparative to the largest rival, therefore the name “ growth-share ” . This model assumes that an addition in comparative market portion will ensue in an addition in the coevals of hard currency. This premise frequently is true because of the experience curve, increased comparative market portion implies that the house is traveling frontward on the experience curve relation to its rivals, therefore developing a cost advantage. A 2nd premise is that a turning market requires investing in assets to increase capacity and therefore consequences in the ingestion of hard currency. Thus the place of a concern on the growth-share matrix provides an indicant of its hard currency coevals and its hard currency ingestion.

Industry Growth Rate ( hard currency use )







Relative Market Share ( hard currency coevals )

Adventa Berhad group ‘s chief activities are fabricating, administering and trading health care merchandises. Other activities include bring forthing and providing energy and electricity utilizing biomass engineering and supplying direction services. Merchandises include latex surgical baseball mitts, man-made baseball mitts, orthopaedic baseball mitts, microsurgery baseball mitts, powdered scrutiny baseball mitts, nitrile scrutiny baseball mitts, surgical masks, surgical tapes, places screens, caput frock and others. It besides operates as an investing keeping company. Operationss are carried out in Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong and Uruguay.

The health care concern unit of Adventa generates the highest sum of hard currency and uses the highest sum of hard currency and therefore it is in the Stars class. Stars generate big sums of hard currency because of their strong comparative market portion, but besides consume big sums of hard currency because of their high growing rate ; therefore the hard currency in each way about nets out. If a star can keep its big market portion, it will go a hard currency cow when the market growing rate diminutions. The portfolio of a diversified company ever should hold stars that will go the following hard currency cattles and guarantee future hard currency coevals.

The energy concern unit of Adventa generates an mean sum of hard currency and uses mean sum of hard currency compared to the health care concern unit. It is between Question Marks and Stars class. Question Markss are turning quickly and therefore devour big sums of hard currency, but because they have low market portions they do non bring forth much hard currency. The consequence is a big net hard currency ingestion. A inquiry grade ( besides known as a “ job kid ” ) has the possible to derive market portion and go a star, and finally a hard currency cow when the market growing slows. If the inquiry grade does non win in going the market leader, so after possibly old ages of hard currency ingestion it will devolve into a Canis familiaris when the market growing diminutions. Question Markss must be analyzed carefully in order to find whether they are worth the investing required to turn market portion.

The others concern unit of Adventa which consists of being an investing company generates lower sum of hard currency and uses lower sum of hard currency and is categorised into the Canis familiaris class. Dogs have low market portion and a low growing rate and therefore neither generate nor devour a big sum of hard currency. However, Canis familiariss are hard currency traps because of the money tied up in a concern that has small possible. Such concerns are campaigners for divestiture.

Under the growth-share matrix theoretical account, as an industry matures and its growing rate diminutions, a concern unit will go either a hard currency cow or a Canis familiaris, determined entirely by whether it had become the market leader during the period of high growing. While originally developed as a theoretical account for resource allotment among the assorted concern units in a corporation, the growth-share matrix besides can be used for resource allotment among merchandises within a individual concern unit.


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