Gloria Jeans Service Encounter Report Marketing Essay

Gloria denims in Australia is one of the most celebrated java trade name names and is consumed by the people in about their mundane lives. Ideally one should ever acquire a positive experience nevertheless it may go on one time that even a regular client might meet a negative experience which could impact its purchase behaviour in future. In this study, a speedy high spot is given on importance of client satisfaction and trueness in today ‘s extremely competitory service industry along with presenting the service organisation i.e. Gloria denims java shop and its accomplishments. Next the current service offering of the trade name is discussed in which assorted ways in which the service can be availed and what different classs of merchandises are available.

Subsequently of import characteristics of the shop are discussed which helps in holding a perfect service bringing system in topographic point that helps in increasing satisfaction and increased gross overtime. Further, a elaborate contemplation is done on 1 of the negative service experience by me in a Gloria denim ‘s java store in my old university campus which explains the countries of negative satisfaction along with a sound illustration of service recovery procedure has besides been illustrated which helps in understanding how organisation can win back disgruntled clients.

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The importance of communicating in service environment is besides viewed in short which reflects the impression that it is a critical component and has great power in act uponing a consumers head. Last, the study concludes with critical recommendations which could be of great value for the direction.

Table of Contentss


Developing or keeping client trueness in today ‘s universe is considered as a one of the critical selling schemes for set uping competitory difference in of all time demanding and quickly turning concern universe ( Raab, 2011 ) . For edifice or retaining client trueness, one needs to concentrate upon heightening the client relationship by guaranting quality service environment which would be in line with the demands and outlook of consumers. Many service organisations deliver quality services in order to keep good client relationship yet they still fail to understand ways to keep client trueness ( Noone, 2009 ) . However a critical analysis of services marketing journal reveal that quality of service brush reflects the true image of degree of client trueness for a service supplier ( Hennig, 2004 ) .

Customer satisfaction is a critical tool for success particularly in a service oriented house ( Keller, 2008 ) . Critically analysing a service bringing system by using bluish print technique has many benefits as it facilitates in reflecting weaker countries of service bringing of the house ( Hooley, 2008 ) . After clearly placing the weaker countries, promotions can be done for guaranting that these patterns are non repeated which would take to higher net incomes and increased client trueness ( Fletcher, 2010 ) .

Background of Organization

Gloria Jean ‘s is a java shop that started in 1979 in North Chicago, USA by Gloria Jean Kyetko who started its ain little concern by leasing a little store. After the tremendous success in USA and other parts of universe it enrooted its footfalls in Australia in 1996 by puting up its first shop in Sydney which has extended to a sum of 470 shops today. Presently, the trade name has sum of 910 shops located globally which serves to the java demands of 100 million clients each twelvemonth in Australia ( Gloria Jeans, 2012 ) .

The organisations vision is to be the most loved and well-thought-of java trade name name in universe and in order to accomplish this the house has setup a certain set of values that are developed to stand out in concern and develop better partnerships through unity and trust.

Current Service Offer

The trade name has assortment of merchandise offerings which requires a setup constituent for presenting the merchandises. Assortment of merchandise offerings have been listed down utilizing a chart which reflects the types of espresso, Tea, hot and cold cocoa shingles and drinks, fruit hair-raisers, bars, bites, salads etc ( Appendix1 ) . The client has two options to choose for ingestion of merchandise offering i.e. either to dine in and loosen up in the sofas or java tabular arraies with friend or co-worker or for the busy on the go people can take takeaway. Service bringing is fundamentally all about the trade name interacting with its clients at assorted terminals and therefore it is of import to hold the best service bringing when the purchaser interacts with the service house representative who reflects the trade name name or individuality ( Woo, 2008 ) . Thus service brushs have a critical function to play in keeping client satisfaction particularly if it ‘s in a regular form such as the 1 in our instance of regular java purchasers.

Outstanding Features of the Service Delivery System ( SDS )

Gloria Jeans as a trade name name has assortment of attractive characteristics that reflects in its service bringing system such as:

Unique trade name name which has good gustatory sensation, premium quality and corsage of merchandise offering.

A standard staff uniform with a standardised salutation accomplishments as ‘Hi, what can I acquire for you? ‘

The shop insides which include design, furniture, wall colourss, counters, backend all of which are kept unvarying at all shops.

Not merely the shop insides but besides the shows in shops such as bar pieces and mugs are displayed in a standardised manner all over.

Payment while telling and non presenting and name petition for appropriate bringing of java in right custodies.

A really small customization as it consumes a batch of clip therefore standardised packaging of merchandises particularly in instance of takeout points.

Good environment to hang out with friends, nice atmosphere, could carry on a meeting for personal or concern grounds easy and comfortably.

Service brush is fundamentally a purchasers or client existent experience with a service supplier for certain continuance or clip period ideally which would be more than 30 proceedingss ( Young, 2010 ) . This study will edify a negative service encounter personally experienced by me with Gloria Jean ‘s java shop in the university campus of QUT ( Queensland university of engineering ) . The QUT java shop fundamentally serves about all the assortments of espresso javas, scope of tea options, cold java, pastries and even assorted branded retail merchandises such as mugs and cups. In add-on, the whole experiences will be analyzed and evaluated based on certain standards such as service quality, high engagement and people treating characteristic as stated by Shamma, Dyer & A ; Liebrenz-Himez ( 2011 ) . Furthermore based on this negative service brush with the java shop, three cardinal countries of dissatisfaction would be pointed out along with recommendation and ways to better them for future brushs.

Negative Service Encounter

Gloria denim ‘s has been one of my favourite musca volitanss for java at least one time or twice hebdomad either before or after a talk. On 10 of August, 2012 I experienced a negative service brush at my university campus which to a great extent has affected my java ingestion since so. It was so raging for me because of the long queuing clip and clip taken for presenting my order. It was during those of import talks of my rules of selling talk where I had already got tardily by 10min but I thought Lashkar-e-Taibas take a java to reload myself. When first I entered the shop, I found that there is long waiting line and people waiting but I thought they would be fast and would take excessively long. Repent that about 10 proceedingss passed and I was still holding 1 client in front of me at counter puting her order. Therefore, my outlooks from the staff were excessively high which was shortly diminished as the teller was excessively slow in treating orders. I was about about to lose my forbearance but realized the fact by sing the environment that their merchandises are made from abrasion made me experience to wait for some more clip. Finally it was my bend and I placed my order for Hot Classic Chai latte as its one of my favourite due to the astonishing cardamon odor it has in it. After waiting for about 6min my order was ready. By the expression it seemed to me the right latte nevertheless when I tasted it when I reached the category I found that what was given to me was a cappuccino which was nowhere near chai latte. I was extremely disgruntled due to this bad service brush that I experienced since I had waited about for 15min to acquire at the terminal a complete incorrect drink. I merely had 1 sip and I wholly trashed the cappuccino as I do non like it anytime.

Further during my following visit when I complained to the staff about the bringing of incorrect order and my complete negative brush the staff was gracious plenty to seek apology and assured me that it would ne’er go on once more. Besides in order to rectify the old error and the staff used service keeping technique by giving me a choc bit gem as a complimentary point along with my java order. This keeping technique used by him wholly delighted me and calmed by dissatisfaction and choler towards the old negative experience. The service recovery procedure was phenomenal and the technique used wholly overwhelmed me as I started to see Gloria Jeans often as I used to before. In malice of the high negative dissatisfaction and defeat I had from that experience yet today I am confident and have belief that my future visits would n’t be bad one and my demands would be wholly taken attention off. Sing the instance it connects me to Finney ( 2010 ) who stated that there will ever be service failures even if it ‘s an first-class acting concern as these are inevitable. However in instances of negative service bringing the most effectual and faster recovery attack is best solution for winning back client trueness or keeping ( Hill, 2007 ) .

Sing my instance on graduated table of 1 to 5 for satisfaction mark, I would give the experience every bit 3 as Initially I was extremely disgruntled due to two grounds, one being the longer queue clip and secondly due to bringing of incorrect order nevertheless a complimentary gem on my following visit delighted me and changed the mark from 1 to 3. Therefore, eventually it can be said that I would certainly urge this shop to my other category couples and group analyzing in the university due to the high quality of merchandises and service environment they offer. Therefore, I would go on sing the java shop in future as such negative brushs do non happen rather frequently nevertheless it can go on as it is ineluctable and portion of the industry.

Communication as a critical component of service environment

The promotion/communication component of the services selling mix plays a critical function in pass oning the placement of services to clients along with supplying information about the service and its quality ( Belch, 2009 ) . The selling and communicating ends of the service organisation i.e. Gloria Jean ‘s during pre-purchase would be to trip test among the prospective mark audience ( Clow, 2007 ) , many a times we see new ads from Gloria Jeans for case “ The all new green tea chiller- merely sip and review yourself ” such ads are new merchandises which are meant to bring on test among the mark audience nevertheless when the purchaser visits the nearest shop and experiences a negative service brush so the complete principle behind the communicating is lost. Lapp is in the instance when the purchaser is really devouring the merchandise or is about to purchase ( Keller, 2008 ) . For case one would believe of holding cold java when its rather hot outside froma specific branded java store, but the minute he enters the shop and sees the ad on base stating “ new nudie fruzie ” creates a idea in head to seek something new and experience it since it is available right at that place. Thus, point of purchase advertisement would work best in service offering nevertheless the service bringing procedure should travel smooth in order to acquire the best out of that communicating ( Aitken, 2008 ) . Overall it can be said that publicity can be used to get the better of the intangibleness of the services and help the clients to do a more informed appraisal of the service offer ( Kitchen, 2008 ) .

Decision and Recommendation

In today ‘s market most of the selling directors tend to believe that it is really hard to accomplish service trade name trueness nevertheless still they try their best by using a consistent operating system for their client ‘s convenience so that they develop trueness in their head ( Hooley, 2008 ) . Lapp is seen in instance of Gloria denim ‘s where it has changeless operation technique which helps in familiarising the client along with repetition gross revenues nevertheless some of the elements that needs to be focused upon would be psychic cost such as deficiency of instore communicating during service bringing or even centripetal cost such as hygiene and cleanliness during and after service bringing.

Since in a service bringing procedure the client and the staff both are actively involved in the procedure of bringing, it is critical that the client is cognizant off by reading the signage in shop instructing where to get down and complete off the service purchasing procedure. Since no proper instructions are placed such as “ order here ” or pick up here- communicating spread arises. Another of import recommendation is to avoid excessively much personalization such as in instance of the order it would allow to take merely the first name along with delegating a specific order figure on the reception alternatively of inquiring the full name and composing it on the java cup. Research suggests that personalization helps in increasing client trueness frailty versa research besides suggests that a batch of information about client creates uncomfortableness. Last, one of the most of import recommendation would be to hold a appropriate physical grounds in signifier of offstage country so that many unwanted trash and stuffs can be dumped off which would make an hinderance in bringing of service and besides at the same time cut down client satisfaction.


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