Globalising An Australian Wine Company Marketing Essay

The vino industry is really competitory industry. It has till now non seen a company with a true planetary image trade name. BRL Hardy is soon a little planetary volume distributer & A ; provider. It has a strong presence in Australia, its state of beginning. In order to go a true planetary vino company, many of import alterations are required which is possible. If BRL Hardy is able to do the necessary alterations required through effectual but simple selling schemes, it can decidedly go an international vino company which is non merely popular but besides respected through out the universe. In the instance analysis is done through selling factors. Environment factors has macro environment & A ; micro environment. Macro environment covers client & A ; market whereas Macro environment has been explained through the Pestel theoretical account. Brand repositioning has besides been explained in brief.

Introduction TO CASE

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In 1998, BRL Hardy was the top merchandising Australian vino trade name in Great Britain, 2nd to Gallo among all vinos sold in Great Britain. There was a 10 fold addition in volume since 1991. Christopher Nielson was the Managing Director of BRL Hardy Europe at the clip, and he was delighted by their market place in Great Britain. He is confronting determinations that would hold a positive impact on BRL Hardy ‘s overall international scheme and therefore do a bright hereafter for the company. Carson is be aftering to globalize his scheme. After a dissatisfactory joint venture with Chilean spouse, he has decided to establish a new line of Italian vinos called “ D’istinto ” . The U.K based direction had developed a trade name, “ Kelly ‘s Revenge ” specifically for the U.K market. But “ Banrock Station ” , a merchandise launched in Australia by the parent company was a success which was now planned to be rolled out as a planetary trade name and therefore was being promoted. Steve Miller, Managing Director of the south Australia based parent company, wanted European unit ‘s actions be in sync with the company ‘s new scheme in order to do BRL Hardy one of the best planetary vino companies. Besides he dint want to upset the BRL Hardy ‘s place in the U.K market as it was an of import market representing two-thirds of it ‘s export gross revenues.


In 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip foremost introduced vinos in Australia. The one-year per capita vino ingestion in 1969 was 8.2 litres for Australia. In the following 25 old ages at that place was immense transmutation. There was a diminution in the demand for bastioned vinos, consumers had become sophisticated, bottled varietals such as Shiraz, sauvignon were introduced. Domestic ingestion had reached 18.5 litres per capita by 1990s. BRL Hardy Ltd. was the figure 2 company by 1996. In 1995, 27 % of the production was exported, which was less than 2 % of the universe production. The industry saw possible in exports & A ; a growing to A $ 4.5 billion in Australian vino gross revenues by 2025. The industry saw U.K, U.S.A, Germany & A ; Japan as 4 chief export markets. U.K accounted for 40 % of wine exports in 1996.


In 1853, Thomas Hardy acquired land near Adelaide & A ; planted vinos. By 1857, he had exported 2 hogsheads to England & A ; won his first international award in 1882. In 1912, his company had become the largest vintner in Australia.

In 1916, 130 Italian grape agriculturists formed 1st concerted wine maker of Australia named Renmano Wine Cooperative. In 1982, Renmano merged with Berri Cooperative to organize Berri Renmano Limited ( BRL ) .

Both BRL and Thomas & A ; boies used different schemes. BRL civilization was “ aggressive & A ; commercial ” compared to Hardy ‘s “ polite & A ; traditional ” .


In order to increase gross revenues in U.K, Hardy ‘s felt it needed to halt trusting on importers, distributors. It acquired U.K based vino importer-distributer “ Whiclar & A ; Gordon ” in 1989. Hardy ‘s acquired wine makers in France & A ; Italy due to the of all time present hazard of hapless vintage in one part. But the acquisitions brought losingss to the parent company. BRL was besides fighting & A ; wanted to spread out the concern. Hardy was forced to happen a fiscal spouse & A ; BRL decided to unify with Hardy ‘s in 1992. Together they accounted for 22 % of the vino market. After the amalgamation, bulk of top occupations were of ex BRL executives. Steve Miller was the new CEO of the merged company. The scheme was to protect the company ‘s portion of majority cask concern & A ; concentrate on the gross revenues of branded bottles. Initial focal point would be on the domestic market & A ; so implementing the new scheme. Miller favoured decentralized direction attack, with directors holding a spell at every challenge & A ; taking duty. David forests, national gross revenues director was able to acquire good net incomes with increasing market portion in the 1st two old ages of BRLH in conformity to the new scheme. Miller appointed Stephen Davies as group selling & A ; export director. Davies found weak international presence. He wanted to take operating jobs, & A ; besides gave “ Quality vinos of the universe ” as selling motto. He planned to construct export scheme. He made Nottage Hill & A ; Stamps as the “ active trade names ” & amp ; aiming Eileen Hardy trade name at the top terminal.

BRL Hardy in European Market:

In Feb 1991, Christopher Carson was appointed U.K pull offing manager of Hardy ‘s & A ; started cost film editing program, cut downing the merchandise line from 870 to 230 & A ; head count from 31 to 18. By the clip of the amalgamation European operations were profitable once more. Subsequently, there were differences related to branding & A ; labelling issues between Carson & A ; Davies. Carson wanted to relabel, repositing & A ; relaunch entry degree trade names in U.K. Miller & A ; Davies were of the sentiment that changes in vino devising, planetary markets for vino etc would assist company to go international wine company with planetary stigmatization capableness. For this Davies wanted Reynella central offices to be the “ Global Brand Owners ” . He did n’t desire the local offices to hold excessively much control saying that BRL Hardy would lose control over their trade names which was opposed by Carson.


Carson was appointed as main executive of BRLH Europe in 1995. He realised that sourcing grape crop was a better option as regional crop were prone to endure forms & A ; diseases. Carson partnered with Jose Canopa y CIA Limitada, a Chilean grape agriculturist in 1997. He besides started partnership with an Italian wine maker, & A ; planned to do a new trade name “ D’istinto ” . HQ direction did non like this thought as they thought it would harm bing BRL Hardy vinos in Europe. Miller was dubious of Carson ” s administration ‘s capablenesss of establishing a new trade name.

The Australian Opportunity:

As BRL Hardy ‘s low terminal vinos European monetary value increased, Carson saw an chance to new low terminal vinos in Europe. Carson being busy, Paul Browne was asked to run this enterprise. Browne introduced a new trade name called “ Kelly ‘s Revenge ” . Harmonizing to him the trade name would appeal to first clip vino drinkers. It was packaged in an attractive mode. “ Banrock station ” was established in Australian HQ as an environmentally responsible merchandise. It had earthly experiencing label. It was a great success in New Zealand & A ; Australia doing Davies & A ; Miller seeing it as a planetary trade name, therefore was introduced in U.S. Carson & A ; Browne were against its entry in Europe as the felt it will impact “ Kelly ‘s Revenge ” trade name. The European market could merely choose a individual trade name. Millar favoured decentralized attack but besides favoured the “ Banrock Station ” . Though in the terminal he selected the “ Kelly ‘s Revenge ” .

Analysis of Case Study through Marketing Factors


Micro Environment:

Market: – Company found market in other states. Almost 1/4th of the entire vino production was being exported. It was still merely 2 % of the universe vino production. The Australian industry was shortly seen as a “ Hot Trend ” . By 2025, the Australian vino industry exports were expected to make $ 2.5 Billion. U.S.A, U.K, Germany & A ; Japan were the four markets shortlisted for wine exports. United Kingdom was seen as one of the chief markets. In 1989, it acquired a reputed U.K based vino importer & A ; distributer “ Whiclar & A ; Gordon ” . This was done with a position to come in other new markets. The scheme was simple, which was to maintain or protect it ‘s portion of the majority cask. Besides they wanted to concentrate on branded bottled gross revenues. Christopher Carson had a good repute & A ; besides knew the market reasonably good. But there were differences on selling schemes particularly on branding & A ; labelling issues. In the disconnected European industry, many had made an effort but really few had received planetary acknowledgment. These companies were Lafifte, d’Yquem, Veuve Clicquot to call a few.

Customer: – Harmonizing to the instance, gustatory sensation & A ; penchants besides has an impact which leads to alter in labelling. In U.K supermarket trade names were preffered. 60 % of the wine purchasers were adult females. Consequently the vinos should be labelled to pull more adult females & A ; besides the young person.

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Technological Environment:

Companies which use same engineering are more likely to accomplish confederation & A ; economic systems in their R & A ; D because of their amalgamation. Every new engineering frequently leads to devastation of old creativeness. In this instance, launch of “ Banrock Station ” was seen as a menace to the trade name “ Kelly ‘s Revenge ” . BRLH reduced similarity in engineering, eliminated merchandise criterions, therefore cut downing the danger of imitation.

Demographic Environment:

There are many demographic factors but Population plays an of import function for selling. The sellers keep a cheque on the population & A ; it ‘s growing rate. Australia was bring forthing high quality vino along with other states in 80 ‘s & A ; 90 ‘s. They was addition in the demand from non traditional markets, as a consequence new techniques of viniculture were being used. Disposal of income besides played an of import function. In Australia branded merchandises were given penchant where as in U.K retail merchant ‘s merchandises enjoyed the bulk gross revenues. Hence, along with trade name label even the pacakaging was to be more attractive. Population mix besides relates to the instance. Paul Browne Browne introduced a new trade name called Kelly ‘s Revenge. Harmonizing to him the trade name would appeal to first clip vino drinkers. It was packaged in an attractive mode. He was linking the trade name with the young person.

Natural Environment:

There was an increased public involvement in the public assistance of natural environment. Therefore, the selling scheme should be in relation to this facet by holding a market program back uping the environment. BRL Hardy purchased Banrock station, 1800-hectare cowss croping belongings for the intent of viniculture. Subsequently, they besides restored the Banrock wetlands, giving the staying land back to the native province. All the gross besides went back to wetland attention. They besides positioned Banrock Station as green vino with its motto being “ Good Earth, Fine Wine ” .

Social-Cultural Environment:

Taste & A ; Preferences of the clients are affected by society ‘s beliefs, attitudes. Regional biasness besides has an impact on the gustatory sensation penchants of the people. Peoples tend to prefer merchandises of their ain part. Harmonizing to Jonathan Knowles, people would or in this instance vino lovers would ever seek for something that they do non cognize of or have n’t heard of.

Economic Environment:

Important attending should be given to the buying power of the consumers or the mark market. Current income, monetary values & A ; income distribution were besides to be considered. Carson was cognizant that monetary value point below 4.49 lbs constituted of more than 80 % of the consumer market, doing him establish a low terminal Australian trade name. He launched it when the Brands Stamps & A ; Hottage Hill monetary values increased. Carson was of the sentiment that it was necessary to make full the spread.

CHANNEL STRATEGIES: Two schemes are as follows

Communication Channel: – Communication channels play an of import function in the development of the administration. It leads to the growing of the company. However the communicating channels at BRL Hardy were non the best. Communication channels is related to labelling, branding & A ; packaging. Kelly ‘s Revenge was branded as a merriment trade name that was to appeal to the young person & A ; every bit good to the first clip wine drinkers.The pacakaging was done in an attractive mode. It was colorful & A ; brassy. D’Istinto was besides labelled as a ‘Green ‘ vino. It was an environmentally responsible drink. Paul Browne, proved to be a major communicating barrier due to his attitude towards the trade name “ Banrock Station ” . The ground was that he wanted to advance his trade name “ Kelly ‘s Revenge ” & amp ; non “ Banrock Station ” . As the European market could non afford both the trade names but merely one, this lead to major communicating barrier in the company.

Distribution Channel: – Distribution channel besides plays an of import function in the growing & A ; success of the company. Distribution channels power was increasing in the custodies of jobbers & A ; retail merchants in the 80s & A ; 90s. In 1989, “ Whiclar & A ; Gordon ” , a reputed U.K vino distributer & A ; importer was acquired. Following this, they acquired a century old wine maker in France, Domain de la Baume. After six months they acquired Brolio de Ricasoli, Italy ‘s oldest wine maker. By 1990s, BRL Hardy was perceived as an international vino company with entree to planetary merchandise through good distribution channels. Christopher Carson ‘s initial focal point was to increase the gross revenues volume & A ; distribution operations of the company. Carson, subsequently partnered with Jose Canopa y CIA Limitada, a Chilean grape agriculturist in 1997. He besides planned to get down a new trade name D’istinto

Brand Repositioning:

Brand repositioning is positioning the trade name in a new mode. The trade names “ Stamps ” & amp ; ‘Nottage Hill ” , which were low terminal trade names between the monetary value scope of 3.45 & A ; 3.99 Pounds. Their monetary values increased as a consequence of currency fluctuation & A ; were to be replaced by any of the four options available to them. The 4 options were Kelly ‘s Revenge, Banrock Station, Mapacho & A ; D’istinto.

Mapacho trade name did non turn out to be harmonizing to the outlooks & A ; hence was face jobs. Banrock Station was projected as an environmentally friendly trade name with a motto of “ Good Earth, Fine Green ” . It was a value for money vino. Certain net income portion of Banrock Station was allocated to environmental preservation cause. The trade name wanted to project itself as environmentally responsible trade name. The vino started with a monetary value of $ 4.95 which was later increased to $ 7.95. It became enormously successful in Australia & A ; New Zealand. It ‘s monetary value was same as that of Kelly ‘s Revenge in U.K.

Kelly ‘s Revenge was priced at $ 3.49. It was named after an Australian vino industry. It was projecting itself as a merriment trade name. It was to pull & amp ; connect with young person & A ; 1st clip vino drinkers. To replace Stamps, D’istinto was to be introduced. It gave a nice Mediterranean feel. Its market placement was between $ 3.49 to $ 5.99 in the European markets. Investing to present or do the vino was relatively low.


The amalgamation & A ; acquisition ever plays an of import function in the growing & A ; success of the administration. Similarly, unifying of two large vino companies i.e. Berri Renmano Limited & A ; Thomas Hardy & A ; Sons was a great state of affairs for both the companies. Hardy ‘s three European acquisitions & A ; the recession period at the same clip led to a batch of losingss. BRL besides desiring to upgrade & amp ; reinvent itself, merged with Thomas Hardy & A ; Sons. BRL ‘S fiscal power & A ; the experience of Thomas Hardy & A ; Sons was a win state of affairs for the companies. Besides, after the amalgamation, the administration should non hold instantly jumped into the planetary scene. They should hold foremost tried to better their clasp over the domestic part. They should hold introduced new merchandises which would convey in hard currency flow, & A ; so put that hard currency to spread out farther. The enlargement should be done in a slow & A ; strategic mode after analyzing different selling factors. After all this merely, they should hold tried to come in the international market.


The trade names “ D’istinto ” & amp ; “ Banrock Station ” should hold been launched globally alternatively of “ Kelly ‘s Revenge ” .

The company should concentrate on a individual trade name at first to accomplish bid over monetary value in the market.

A new trade name name can be proposed which could pull and link with immature & A ; new vino clients. The name should be merriment & A ; catchy at the same clip.

Corporate central office should maintain a cheque on figure of trade names that are to be launched & A ; to vie in a market at the same clip

European trade name should run independently, selling high volume low priced vinos & A ; relocating the hard currency flow to the reinvention of BRL Hardy globally

Environmental undertakings should be financed by giving any per centum of the net incomes towards the environmental cause

Directors should work in a democratic mode taking the advice of his employees. Communication should be from both sides, therefore cut downing struggles.

At the clip of exigency, cardinal determinations should be taken by senior executives of the company

Common apprehension should be achieved by sharing cognition between Headquarters Inter subordinate degree & A ; the subordinate degree. This would take to place hazards which may originate in the hereafter


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