Globalisation As A Descriptive Evaluation Cultural Studies Essay

This essay is a descriptive rating of globalization and how it affects an administration, doing mention to the ethnographic survey conducted. The study will pull assorted theoretical models from different writers in other to understand the significance and constructs of the phenomenon “ globalization ” and the associating it to Liverpool football nine and how it impacts its public presentation. This essay will be an indebt analysis of globalization utilizing the functionalist attack to derive a wider apprehension of the range of globalization. Conclusion would be drawn by invariably citing the ethnographic survey conducted.

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On the 6th of December, 2010, I had the privilege of traveling to Anfield, place of arguably one of the most successful football nines in England to watch a football lucifer between Liverpool and Aston VIlla. I decided to utilize the chance to carry on an ethnographic survey and measure the impact of globalization on a traditional English event. Geting at that place was feverish, the conditions was cold and traffic was truly heavy. This hardly had an consequence as the turnout was unbelievable. At the receptionist desk, I was welcomed and ushered to my place which was an executive box of 10 people with assorted nationalities ; four Africans, three British-Pakistani subjects, two Europeans and one Indian. In the anteroom there were pictures of Liverpool fables from different coevalss. The attenders were have oning white shirts over black pants with ruddy ties and crested Liverpool talisman on. The box was good equipped with modern installations ; a level screen to watch the lucifer, a counter manner dinner scene and a terrace of 2 Bankss with Italian leather seats. In the terrace, straight to my left was the celebrated Liverpool kop and to my right was Liverpool helper captain Jamie Carragher ‘s household box and the lucifer clock.

In the box, we were giving refreshments for starting motors. This was followed by a 3-course repast at half clip. On the bill of fare, there was an array of Continental dishes from Europe and Asia. This intrigued me and on asking from the server who was from Ukraine, he informed us of the deliberate effort to suit gustatory sensations and penchants of a broad scope of nationalities. This was because of the planetary entreaty for the Liverpool football nine trade name and witnesss coming from all nooks and crevices of the Earth to be portion of the Liverpool experience.

The crowd was divided into two, the place side and the away side. It was non equally distributed, with the place side holding the obvious advantage. The crowd was immense with about 44000 1000s fans present at the bowl ; with different racial backgrounds, civilizations and personalities unified for the love of football. The crowd was preponderantly full of male and a few females, largely friends and households in groups. It is true what is said about football being “ like a faith ” . The ambiance was great and alive with the sense of it all external respiration. The crowd was attractively coloured in ruddy except for the away side which was merely a population of slightly 3000 going fans that were easy absorbed by the place fans. There were flags, circulars, silencers and streamers winging and a happy noisy heartening crowd singing the popular Liverpool anthem “ You ‘ll Never Walk Alone ” . You could hear this euphoric war-like chant throughout the game.

The two squads were made up of participants from different states all over the universe. 10 different states were represented in the line-ups of both squads and I could n’t assist but inquire what the linguistic communication of communicating on the field of drama was. An interesting point to observe was that in a football lucifer played in the United Kingdom between two English squads ; both owned by Americans, the three ends scored were by a Gallic participant, an Argentine and a participant from Holland.

The outgrowth of globalization can be traced back to the fiftiess ; a procedure that was characterized by turning international trade, economic integrating, capital flows and migration. Globalization can be argued that it is driven by absence of trade barriers, addition in engineering and outgrowth of low pay developing states. IMF ( 2007 ) , defined globalisation as the procedure through which an progressively free flow of thoughts, people, goods, services and capital leads to the integrating of economic systems and societies. Globalisation is non merely the mutuality of economic systems but besides the cultural homogenization and integrating procedure of national provinces through trade, foreign direct investing and turning multi-national companies. Globalization can hence be referred to as the compaction of the universe and the intensification of consciousness of the universe as a whole ( Robertson, 1992, p. 8 ) . This can be farther stated as the coming together of national provinces through political relations, economic sciences and civilization to organize a delimited construction economic system. Redding ( 1999, p.19 ) views globalization as the progressively integrating between the markets for goods and services and capital and at the same clip interrupt down of lodgers. That is harmonization of autonomous states through political, cultural, economical and technological factors. The advocates of globalization argue that globalization brings about enlargement of market across parts with the benefits of betterment of criterion of life, economic efficiency, single freedom and democracy and unprecedented technological advancement.

Globalisation enhances economic prosperity and leads to more efficient allotment of resources, which, in bend will ensue in higher end product, more employment, lower monetary values and higher criterion of life ( Yeh and Vaughn no day of the month )

Therefore, globalization can be defined in the words of Held et al. , ( 1999 p. 16 ) as a procedure or set of procedures which embodies a transmutation in the spacial administration of societal dealingss and minutess, expressed in transcontinental or interregional flows and webs of activity, interaction and power. Thus globalization is non merely reorganizing power at universe degree but besides at national and sub-national degrees ( Alden, 1999 ) .

The subject globalization has over the old ages raised several theoretical contentions. Reviews of globalization have raised serious inquiries about globalization and its purpose. Questions like has globalization liberated the poorest economic systems of the universe? Have frequently been asked Trainer ( 2000 ) linked globalization to capitalist economy and besides argues that globalization is the discovery that capitalist needed to roll up wealth. Some would reason that globalization is the procedure by which capitalist is been exported and spread all over the universe. However, Held et al. , ( 1999, p. 2 ) attempt to build a model for the reading of globalization ; that is hyper-globalizers who tend to stress the diminution of the state province under the force per unit area of economic procedure and development of transverse national lodger trade and multinationals, the skeptics argue that the procedure of globalization has been exaggerated, state provinces remain important histrions and multi-national companies depend on the place province and the transformationalist argue that there are profound alterations happening but the way of these procedure is unsure, uneven and contradictory.

Globalization can be argued as the passage of universe civilization. Buckley ( 2002 ) , states that globalisation is the procedure of harmonising different civilization and beliefs. Castells ( 1997 ) besides went in front to province that globalisation is the procedure of wipe outing differences in civilization and bring forthing a seamless planetary system of civilization and economic values.

Culture is a complex phenomenon ; Culture is a manner of life adopted by certain people and defines the parametric quantity of their thought procedure. Culture varies from one group of persons to another and it is non likened to any single but instead is based upon beliefs, religion, patterns, imposts and it takes different signifiers. Harmonizing to Ball and McCulloch ( 1996 ) , civilization has its ain sense of beauty that has been developed through history, and is composed of attitudes, values and related behaviors. Spradley et Al ( 2009 p. 518 ) defines civilization as the acquired cognition people use to construe experience and bring forth behavior. Culture and states mostly function through basic constructions such as the household, local groups, limited traditions as a consequence ; organizational constructions and working are impacted by typical cultural traditions ( Michael, 2002. ) . Therefore, planetary individualities are created upon confrontation of civilizations ( Huntington, 1996 ) . The morning of the 20th century has brought about the crystallisation of universe civilizations dwelling of universally applicable theoretical accounts that form provinces, administrations and single individualities ( Meyer et al. , 1997 ) . Thus it can be said that globalization has brought about the melting off of civilization.

Football has over the old ages become a planetary civilization ; it is one of the universe ‘s popular athleticss, with over 200 states affiliated to it. In 2006, the popularity of football grew quickly during the universe cup that took topographic point in Germany ; FIFA the universe football regulating organic structure reported an estimation of a sum of 1 billion people watched the universe cup finals. It will so be argued that football is now a planetary trade name, particularly the manner it changes ownership and how the regulations are continually altering.

Liverpool football nine is an English football nine found in Liverpool. It is one of the most successful football nines in the history of the English football. Its beginnings can be traced back to the eighteenth century. Liverpool football nine was a consequence of a difference between neighboring challengers Everton Football nine of both the Merseyside. In Europe, Liverpool football nine is ranked 3rd and ranked sixth in the universe.

Liverpool FC is a multi-national administration, it is owned by an American and the squad is made up of participants from different parts, nationalities and civilizations of the universe harmonizing to Knights et al. , ( 2007 ) it is a turning globalization of athleticss and as a manner of life for its many fans. With the inflow of international participants into the Liverpool FC squad, non merely has it increased the degree of internalisation but besides an addition in international fan base and gross. In 2007, Liverpool FC bought Fernando Torres from Atlectico Madrid ; Fernando Torres is a extremely recognized drama in Spain, his add-on to the Liverpool FC squad agencies and increase in international fan base and at the same clip addition in gross through gross revenues of merchandize, Television rights to the new market.

Globalization treats the universe as a individual entity that harmonising different civilizations into one entity. The Liverpool FC squad is made up of different nationalities and civilizations but football is the consolidative force. Schwartz and Davies ( 1981: p. 33 ) farther states that civilization is a form of beliefs and outlooks shared by the administration ‘s members ; this beliefs and outlooks produce norms that strongly shape the behavior of persons and groups in the organisation.

The celebrated Liverpool FC kop was named after the conflict of Spion kop ” the 2nd Boer war. Liverpool fans refer to themselves as the kopites which has a cultural heritage in the British history. The nine is besides referred to as the “ reds ” this is besides a symbolic and cultural coloring material of the metropolis of Liverpool. That is to state civilization is a manner of life adopted by certain people and defines the parametric quantity of their thought procedure. It can be deduced that Liverpool FC is culturally linked to the metropolis of Liverpool.

The internalisation of Liverpool FC goes beyond the football squad, the director is from Scotland and the proprietor is an American, it ‘s obvious the staff are from different nationalities as the server that i spoke to was from Ukraine and his English was non truly fluid ; and the fans is a mixture of different nationalities as it was the instance with the box I was allocated to ; four Africans from different states, three British-Pakistani subjects, two Europeans and one Indian a sum of seven different nationalities in one box and the array of Continental dishes from Europe and Asia on the bill of fare shows that Liverpool football nine has undergone the procedure of globalization. As Redding ( 1999, p.19 ) would set it globalization is the progressively integrating between the markets for goods and services and capital and at the same clip interrupt down of lodgers.

It can be argued that football is a civilization, in the context of socio-political and economical facets. The distinction between the place and off fans can frequently look like political and societal conflicts instead than the game of football. Competition in football can be traced back to when football originated, it can be territorial as the instance of Liverpool F.C and Everton F.C both nines are located in the metropolis of Liverpool or historical when one nine continuously suffer licking. In this instance, Liverpool F.C won the lucifer with a 3 end border that means the competition continues and Aston Villa would be looking at retaliation in the following fixture. The conflict of domination and power between football nines can be viewed as the discovery of capitalist economy that Trainer ( 2000 ) was speaking about, the accretion of wealth through globalization.

The crowd was immense with an estimation of approximately 44,000 fans that was dominated by largely the male gender and a few female, chapeaus, flags, streamers, silencers and New Jerseies are a football civilization. The anthem you ‘ll ne’er walk entirely is sung all over the universe particularly places where Liverpool F.C has great influence on the people or community.

In decision, globalization promotes regional integrating, be it through civilization, engineering, capital flows or economically. Globalisation is a procedure that keeps on germinating and has been around for over a period of clip. It is no uncertainty that globalization has aided the growing of Liverpool football nine to one of the most successful English football nines. The promotion of information engineering has bridge the spread of communicating and made it possible for Liverpool F.C to increase promotion through cyberspace and other media houses. The ingraining of different civilizations into the Liverpool football nine motion through different nationalities is besides a mark of increasing globalization. The absence of trade barriers and free motion of labour across national boundaries has brought about addition in criterion of life of national provinces. It is frequently argued that globalization fades off civilization, civilization is a manner of life of people and it comes in different signifiers Elderidge and Crombie ( 1974: 89 ) defined organisational civilization as the alone constellation of norms, values, beliefs and ways of acting that characterize the mode in which groups and persons combine to acquire things done. This could be said of Liverpool football nine as it is an administration and the purpose of the nine is to go on to boom in football and bring forth more gross and turn through internalisation.

Globalization is transforming the face of the planetary economic system and it affects all facets of life and has the possible to profit developing economic systems supplying the mechanism through which poorness can be reduced ( Kohler, 2002 ) and Mittelman ( 2001 ) states that globalization has explain the elaborateness and variableness of the ways in which the universe is reconstituting.

Liverpool Football nine exhibits all the procedure of globalization it been a multi-national company, to the harmonizations of different civilizations into one individual civilization “ football ” and internalisation to bring forth gross. It reflects how it has benefitted from the procedure of globalization.


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