Global Mergers And Acquisition Marketing Essay

P & A ; G ltd is a taking transnational based in Cincinatti, USA. With gross revenues of around 78.9 billion dollars or 3,779 billion rupees approx in 2009 and a presence in about 180 states P & A ; G has touched 4.2 billion people across the universe, and aims to touch 5 billion by 2015. It has a presence in the beauty and training, Health and good being and the Household attention section.

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In the Skin attention section, some of the major trade names are Olay, Gillette and Braun. In the hair attention section, its major trade names include Pantene, Wella, Rejoice, Head and Shoulders etc. It is besides present in the hair coloring material section with merchandises like Nice ‘n ‘ Easy and Natural Instincts.

P & A ; G has looked at the inorganic manner of growing besides particularly in its personal attention concern. Some of the major acquisitions that it has made in this section are mentioned below in a brief.

In 2001, P & A ; G acquired Clairol for an all hard currency trade of 4.95 billion dollars or 232.65 billion rupees approx. This was chiefly done to hold the strong hair concern of Clairol in their basket. P & A ; G had no presence in the hair coloring material section and the Herbal Essences line of Clairol was the market leader.

The acquisition was a strategic determination, as it saw more sense to get the 2nd biggest participant after L’Oreal. The immediate impact of this acquisition was the 2.5 % addition in gross, after a suffering 2000, as gross revenues for the company had stagnated. In footings of distribution and selling, P & A ; G was able to add value and achieve economic systems of graduated table as it distributed and marketed the Clairol with its bing trade name of merchandises.

With the coming of the new millenary, it was imperative to spread out into newer geographicss, and for P & A ; G it meant Europe and Latin America. With this aim in head, in 2003 it acquired Wella, a taking seller of beauty salon merchandises for 5 billion dollars or Rs 230 billion approx. Wella had a dominant market portion in the hair attention section in these geographicss and along with P & A ; G ‘s range in the US, it aimed at holding a dominant place in the Women ‘s hair attention section. As portion of the of the integrating scheme after the acquisition, P & A ; G sought to complement the gross revenues of professional attention merchandises of Wella and personal hair attention merchandises like Pantene, Head and Shoulders, and Herbal Essences. This was a major push, that P & A ; G was looking for, as the Wella ‘s inclusion lead dual digit growing in grosss in 2004.

The biggest bargain in this infinite came in the twelvemonth 2005, when P & A ; G acquired Gillette for 57 billion dollars, about Rs 2500 billion. This was besides done with a position of catering to the full family. The male training section was deserving 5.5 billion dollars and P & A ; G was non present in this section. The good known merchandises of Gillette were Mach 3 razor, Duracell, Oral -B, Right guard and Braun. Therefore, it gave P & A ; G entree to non merely the work forces ‘s preparing section but besides the appliance market with Braun.

Gillette was already an established trade name with 31 workss in 14 states and important presence particularly in the BRIC states. This strong presence across geographicss was expected to take to strong synergisms and important cost decreases.

These were the major acquisitions by P & A ; G in the most profitable and fast turning section of personal attention and beauty. P & A ; G was besides seeking to diversify its concern hazard by spread outing into different geographicss and different market sections where it had no presence before. By geting Clairol, Wella and Gillette, P & A ; G had complimentary trade names and merchandises which helped it accomplish synergisms in graduated table in selling, distribution and publicity.


Unilever has 400 trade names across 14 classs of place, personal attention and nutrient merchandises. They have large planetary trade names with a wide based portfolio like Dove, Axe, Clear, Lux, Ponds, Suave, Lipton to call a few. They are universe no.1 in Savoury, dressing, tea, ice pick, spreads, deodourants, mass tegument. World no.2 in Laundry, daily hair attention, and they have local strength in unwritten attention and family cleansing.

Unilever has made several strategic acquisitions in the past few old ages. Their acquisitions in the personal and hair attention concern include the undermentioned.

On 2nd April 2009 they purchased the hair merchandise concern of TIGI. Major trade name in TIGI ‘s portfolio includes Bed caput, S-Factor and Catwalk. The acquisition was valued at 411.5 million dollars ( Rs. 19.90 billion ) .

On 25 Sep 2009 they acquired the Sara Lee ‘s personal attention concern for 1.275 billion Euros ( Rs 89.78 billion ) . The trade names included Radox, Sanex, Duschads.

Colgate Palmolive Ltd

Colgate Palmolive is one of the taking companies across the universe in the family and personal attention industry, present in more than 200 states. It has a broad scope of merchandises under assorted classs including unwritten attention, personal attention, favored nutrition, place attention and professional unwritten attention. Few trade names under personal and unwritten attention are Palmolive Spa, Palmolive Aroma shower gel, Palmolive Natural Liquid Hand Wash Family Health, colgate dental pick, colgate soap fresh, colgate sum 12, colgate sensitive tooth brush and colgate zag zig.

It has recorded worldwide gross revenues of $ 15,327 million in 2009 which is degree with the gross revenues in 2008 being $ 15,330 million. The organic gross revenues excepting amalgamations and acquisitions, foreign exchange and divestment grew by 6.5 % .

Colgate Palmolive has strengthened its planetary place by geting trade names in the unwritten attention and place attention classs. Following is a description of the same in brief

Colgate started in the eighteenth century as a soap maker and merged with Palmolive-Peet company in 1928. Colgate initiated its international operations being a innovator by making a Canadian subordinate in 1913 and France in 1920. Finally, it expanded its operations in Australia, Philippines, Germany, United Kingdom and Mexico. In 1953 it officially became Colgate-Palmolive company.

Since the company was concentrating on international operations and was seeking growing in the personal attention concern, in 1985 Colgate-Palmolive merged with Hong Kong-based Hawley & A ; Hazel which being a taking unwritten attention company added to its strength to spread out its presence in Asiatic markets. In 1987, Colgate acquired a line of liquid soap based merchandises through Softsoap from Minnetonka which was an indispensable measure towards Colgate being the innovator in the liquid soap class. Colgate had achieved nice gross borders in the beginning of 1990 ‘s, hence it decided to put in research and development.It announced restructuring of the substructure by cut downing the figure of employees and mills, thereby following a growing scheme to come in different avenues as it was confronting tough competition from Procter and Gamble.

In 1992, Colgate acquired Mennen Company for 670 million dollars. This widened its personal attention concern line by add-on of the best U.S. deodorant trade name, Mennen Speed Stick, and the figure two baby-care trade name, Baby Magic. During the same class of clip, Colgate achieved success in skin-care and hair merchandises. The strengths of Colgate, like distribution and selling range gave a major push to the Menen trade names in footings of geographic coverage. Further, in 1993 the purchase of S.C. Johnson & A ; Son, Inc. ‘s liquid manus and organic structure soap trade names in Europe and the South Pacific it quickly progressed in the liquid soap market and became the market leader due to this acquisition.

In 1995 Colgate purchased Kolynos Oral Care from American Home Products deserving $ 1.04 billion. Kolynos being a widely accepted trade name in Brazil and a leader in several other Latin American states widened the its unwritten attention portfolio. This purchase pushed Colgate ‘s portion of the Latin American oral-care market from 54 per centum to 79 per centum. Colgate besides increased its market portion at a planetary degree by implementing merchandise development and immense sum of investings in selling schemes and advertisement disbursal. It introduced antimicrobic agent based toothpastes which increased its acceptableness overseas.

Following, Colgate acquired European unwritten attention house GABA Holding AG worth $ 866 million. GABA, was runing in 15 states with one-year gross revenues of close to $ 300 million. Its strength in the pharmaceutics channel supported Colgate ‘s prima place in the European retail market. This increased Colgate ‘s portion of the European toothpaste market to 33 per centum.

In 2006 Colgate stepped into the aggressive Naturals section by geting Tom ‘s of Maine which was a prima maker of natural toothpaste for US $ 100 million.

At present, Colgate Palmolive has a batch of subordinates across 200 states. But, it is publically listed merely in US and India.


France based L’oreal has a century of expertness in cosmetics, with 17.5 billion euro ‘s in amalgamate gross revenues in 2009.

It has 23 trade names and is present in 130 states. Few of the trade names they have in their stable include Garnier, Maybelline New York, and Body Shop etc, which besides have a presence in India.

Although L’Oreal had created a niche in the sections that it was present in, it still looked at chances to turn inorganically across the universe. One such chance came by in the twelvemonth 2007, when it announced that it was geting 100 % of the Turkish hair attention merchandise company Canan.

Canan, founded in 1981, achieved high gross revenues Numberss of 26 million euros in 2006, chiefly through its trade name Ipek, which was 4th in the mass market hair attention section. The Turkish cosmetics market was spread outing strongly, and the acquisition of Canan was of import as it besides had a fabrication in Istanbul. It besides had an extended presence in the retailing ironss across the state and that is something L’Oreal was interested in, as it would assist it force the other trade names of the company, when they would eventually be introduced in Turkey

Concentrating on hair attention and the cosmetics concern, in speedy sequence, they besides acquired 2 professional salon distributers in the US.

The 1st of them was in 2006 when it acquired Beauty confederation, which through its concern theoretical account was selling to 1,25,000 salons through 870 distributer gross revenues advisers and 400 professional advisers. It had achieved gross revenues of 372 million dollars in 2006. Close on the heels of this purchase, it acquired Maly ‘s west which had a important presence in the western provinces selling to 30,000 salons through 340 distribution gross revenues advisers and than 100 professional mercantile establishments.

These acquisitions allowed the creative activity of a peculiarly high public presentation beauty salon distribution theoretical account uniting the American distribution system and L’Oreal ‘s expertness in hairdressing salon partnerships.

Besides, remaining with the US, where major of its acquisitions have taken topographic point, they acquired PureOlogy, in May 2007. PureOlogy is a luxury American trade name sold through hair chest of drawerss in the professional hair attention market.

It was so one of the fastest turning hair attention trade names in the US, with 2006 gross revenues touching 57 million dollars and it was a important add-on into L’Oreal ‘s crease.

The boom Indian decennary

The Indian FMCG industry is a cardinal sector in the Indian context, since it is one of the few sectors that have been able to work on the last mile distribution, by holding a robust and dynamic rural drama excessively. From a $ 9 billion industry in 2000, the Indian FMCG industry has catapulted to go a $ 25 billion industry in 10 old ages. A large portion of this growing narrative has been written by Indian FMCGs, which have recorded CAGRs of 15-16 % over the past decennary, compared to the industry norm of 14.5 % and Hindustan Unilever ‘s 5.5 % ( beginning: IDFC Securities study ) .

The aggressiveness with which the Indian FMCGs are spread outing appears to hold its roots in their overpowering success against MNCs on their place sod. In 2000, Hindustan Unilever commanded more than 60 % of the market in most cardinal FMCG classs such as soaps, detergents and shampoos. A decennary subsequently, harmonizing to the study, the tabular arraies have turned and Indian FMCGs are clearly on top. HUL ‘s gross revenues in most classs are less than half of the remainder of the listed Indian FMCG participants.

The markets have applauded their labors. The market capitalization of Godrej Consumer Products, for case, has multiplied 27 times from Rs 304.8 crore in 2000 to Rs 8,315.7 crore in 2010. Similarly, Marico has grown from Rs 362.5 crore to Rs 6,431 crore in 2010, while Dabur has grown from Rs 2,336.5 crore to Rs 13,861.2 crore in 2010 over the same period. Compare this with HUL: in 2000, its market cap was at Rs 53,694.6 crore, more than twice the value of all the Indian FMCG companies combined. But in 2010, its market cap has crumbled to Rs 49,689.5 crore. The gross revenues and net income figures show similar tendencies: from Rs 1,046 crore in 2000, Dabur India became a Rs 3,389 crore company in 2010, while Marico grew from Rs 650.39 crore to Rs 2,660.76 crore over the same period. HUL ‘s growing chart shows no such exponential growing: from Rs 10,978 crore in 2000, it earned Rs 17,979 crore a decennary subsequently.

That is the rose-colored portion ; these companies have been able to sit the moving ridge in the Indian growing narrative. The Indian market although non saturated, has been tapped to a big extent. These companies shortly realised that they had to travel planetary to diversify their hazards and besides supply them another avenue for growing. That ‘s evidently easier said than done, when these companies go planetary, they will confront unsure geographicss, ordinances and different consumer behavior. They besides have presence of local participants in those markets and big MNC ‘s nowadays there who will hold a head start in those markets. What will be even more ambitious is to be able to convey in synergisms in between these acquisitions to their existing concerns.

The enticement to travel planetary is ever strong as the return on investings on international concerns is more alert than in domestic concern. The sort of monetary value trade names are able to command in this class of decorative attention is higher in abroad markets in India. But it is besides imperative to gain that the planetary drama can non be at the disbursal of the Indian market, which still offers a batch of range and potency for growing. Without holding a strong base in the state of beginning, it does non do sense to do any venture abroad.

In this study, we have looked at a few planetary and Indian companies who have made important acquisitions worldwide, with a focal point on Marico Industries Limited.

Indian companies doing it large globally

Godrej Consumer Products Limited

Outlook Business 24 July 2010

The Godrej group was established in 1857. It is one of India ‘s most sure trade names. It has seven major companies under it ; they are into FMCG, contraptions, industrial technology, existent estate, agri-care, security etc. Godrej consumer merchandises ltd ( GCPL ) is its consumer merchandises division. 20 per centum of their concern is done overseas. They are present in more than 60 states.

The estimated value of their acquisitions in the personal attention section is $ 600 million.

They have a planetary 3 by 3 scheme. They are present in 3 continents- Asia, Africa and Latin America through 3 nucleus classs hair attention, personal wash and place attention. Over the past few old ages, they have been following a focused attack to placing acquisitions that fit good with their concern strategically.

They entered the UK market in Jan 2005 by geting the company Keyline trade names. The trade names in their portfolio include Cuticura, Erasmic, Adorn, Nulon, Apri.

Godrej entered South Africa in Sep 2006, while Marico entered in OCT 2007, about a twelvemonth after. They acquired the company Radipol. They have trade names like Inecto ( cultural hair coloring materials trade name ) Soflene ( hair and clamber coloring material trade name ) . They besides acquired Kinky in April 2008.

They entered Nigeria in March 2010. They acquired the company Tura which is a personal attention trade name.

They entered Indonesia in April 2010, they acquired the company Megasari which is in the place attention, personal attention and hair attention section.

It acquired Argentina-based based hair attention house Argencos SA.

Godrej is still on the sentinel for more acquisitions. It has been on an aggressive acquisition fling, in hair coloring material, insect powders and soaps. The company ‘s board in Dec 2009 had given blessing to raise up to 30 billion rupees in debt and equity to fund amalgamations and acquisitions.

WIPRO Consumer Care and Lighting

Wipro Consumer attention and lighting is portion of the Wipro group of companies involved majorly in the IT services. It is based in Bengaluru and made grosss of 208 crores in gross for yearend 2009. From being a strictly vanaspati company, it has grown to have a huge overplus of trade names crossing across classs. Some of the major trade names that it has include Santoor, Chandrika, Yardley etc. It has ne’er been a major force to think with in the dynamic FMCG concern in the state. In the last twosome of old ages, it has acquired a few trade names internationally, maintaining in head the tendency that has been witnessed in FMCG companies, specifically in the personal attention section. The 2 acquisitions have been mentioned further.

It acquired Singapore based Unza retentions limited in July 2007 for Rs 1,010 crores. Unza has a broad scope of merchandises like organic structure lotions, deodourants, shampoos and shower gels under the trade name name Enchanteur. One of the major strengths of Unza was its ability to cover with the modern retail ironss, as half of its grosss came from selling to such ironss. The Indian retail sector is under changeless alteration, and this acquisition was seasonably as the gross for Wipro Consumer attention rose by over 87 % in the immediate twelvemonth after the acquisition of Unza.

Unza ‘s major markets included Vietnam, Hongkong, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. As mentioned earlier, major personal attention concerns were be aftering to travel international and specifically the south east Asia, in-between E and African parts. The acquisition of Unza gave Wipro two fillip mature markets in China and Hongkong. The thought was to convey in cost efficiencies to its merchandises, by increasing the borders that these merchandises earn. The lone impudent side to this was the fact that Wipro had to do heavy spends on advertisement and publicities as most Indians were non cognizant of this trade name. But, the graduated table this acquisition brought Wipro was of import to give it a push in the FMCG infinite.

In November 2009, Wipro announce that it has acquired the Yardley concern in Asia, Middle East, Australasia and certain African market for 45.5 million dollars, about Rs 2,118 million from UK based Lornamead Group. This has given the Wipro group a heritage trade name in its pool as Yardley was established in 1770 and it has a really strong equity globally in markets including Asia, Middle E and Australasia. Wipro ‘s strong R & A ; D was expected to give a strong push to one of the most powerful trade names in the personal attention market.

Dabur India Limited

It is one of the taking consumer goods company in India with a turnover of Rs 2834.11 crore ( FY2009 ) . It is one of the few consumer goods company to hold a important fabrication presence across the universe, with 17 workss. Their maestro trade names include Dabur, the ayurvedic health care trade name, Vatika – premium hair attention, Hajmola – tasty digestives, Real – fruit juices and drinks and Fem – Skin attention merchandises.

It has been able to make a niche in the heads of the consumer, with the USP of ayurvedic merchandises. Although, they have garnered a important portion in the Indian market, this USP meant that it left them with small or no options to turn in organically. Acquisitions abroad were non easy to come as the Ayurveda and nature based merchandises is an USP no other company offered.

The international concern division, a SBU within Dabur India limited, catered to the health care and personal attention demands of clients across different international markets like Gulf part, Egypt, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Nepal and the US.

Although, it made a few acquisitions in the state like Balsara who was present in the hygiene and place merchandises concern and besides fem attention Pharma, a taking participant in the state ‘s adult females attention section. These acquisition offered Dabur to come in newer merchandise classs and markets.

In the international market it made its first move every bit, in July 2010, it acquired Hobi Kozmetik group, a taking personal attention merchandises company in Turkey. 3 subordinates of Hobi were bought for a entire consideration of 69 million dollars, about Rs 3,231 million. This is in line, with their thought of farther consolidating and spread outing their already significant presence in the Middle E and the North Africa part.

Hobi Kozmetik, has a broad scope of hair attention and tegument attention merchandises under the ‘Hobby ‘ and New Era brands. It besides commands a 35 % market portion in the hair gel class. What is notable is that its merchandises are sold across 35 states. Dabur has a host of international trade names that enjoy pole place across their several classs. So, Hobi ‘s trade names have to acquire into synergism with Dabur ‘s offering shortly, so that capitalisation on the strengths of Dabur ‘s concerns across the international operations is important.

Colgate Palmolive India Ltd

Colgate Palmolive India Ltd started in the twelvemonth 1937. It offers assorted merchandises in India and internationally in the personal attention, unwritten attention, family attention and favored nutrition. It has a market capitalisation of 2.4 one million millions.

In 2007, it acquired 75 % interest in Professional Oral Care Products Pvt Ltd based in Goa which manufactures and supplies toothpaste to Colgate Palmolive India Ltd. Further, it besides acquired 75 % interest in Advanced Oral Care Pvt Ltd an 100 % interest in SS Oral Hygiene Products Pvt Ltd in 2008.

The gross revenues dropped in the toothpaste and toothbrush market in 2009 as compared to 2008. This did non halter the gross revenues of Colgate Palmolive to a really great extent. In fact, even though the personal and place attention industry was confronting negative inflationary effects due to which companies increased the monetary values, Colgate Palmolive adopted a volume based scheme. Since, it faces competition from HUL and P and G, Colgate Palmolive decided to further beef up its place as a market leader by geting a 100 % interest in CC Heath Care which is a Hyderabad based tooth pulverization maker in March 2010.

Soon, Procter and Gamble is be aftering to come up with its Crest toothpaste trade name. The thought is to take away market portion. This may take to a monetary value war which is a major concern for investors.


Its gross gross was over Rs 1000 chromium. in FY 2010 with a CAGR of 27 % over last 5 old ages while its cyberspace gross revenues grew by 35.7 % in FY 2010. Their domestic distribution web includes over 2800 distributers, 4,00,000 retail mercantile establishments and trade name ranges 26,00,000mn mercantile establishments through other trade channels. Emami Limited has over 30 trade names under its portfolio, 4 of which are Rs. 100 chromium. trade names. It has developed strong trade names like ‘Navratna ‘ , ‘BoroPlus ‘ , ‘Fair and Handsome ‘ , Sona Chandi, Fast Relief, Mentho Plus and has late acquired Zandu. Emami ‘s merchandises in different classs like cool oil, antiseptic pick and fairness pick for work forces are market leaders in their several sections.

Emami ‘s merchandises are available in 60 different states. Their international concern contributes about 14 % of the entire gross. Most of their international concern growing comes from Middle East, CIS and SAARC. The international concern is turning at a CAGR of 38 % over the last 5 old ages. One of their concern aims is to plunder into new classs and international concern in order to drive gross growing. In fact they are concentrating on puting up fabricating installations in Egypt and Bangaldesh.

Emami Ltd. bought Zandu Pharmaceuticals for Rs 750 crore-plus in 2008. The trade name Zandu, one the strongest Ayurvedic Brand, has a market portion of approximately 43 % of the balm market in India. This acquisition was aimed at constructing a strong Ayurvedic Ethical / Generics portfolio, promoted through physicians and strong consumer selling driven OTC Business. The production commenced at the Pantnagar unit, located in the revenue enhancement free zone of Uttaranchal. Post acquisition integrating procedure was undertaken by streamlining gross revenues channels in the North, E and west zone. This helped Emami beef up the web farther, in Western India. Their gross revenues realisations increased by over 10 % owing to the improved distribution coverage and incursion. It helped the company focal point on incremental gross revenues from alternate channels like province authoritiess, PSUs and establishments.

More acquisitions in the personal and health care sector in the domestic market is on the company ‘s radio detection and ranging. It has approximately 1,000 chromiums. put aside for its acquisitions, and Paras Pharma has been suggested by their fiscal advisers seems to suit the measure. Encouraged by their public presentation station Zandu acquisition Emami Limited is besides on sentinel for acquisitions abroad for inorganic growing in FMCG sector.

Marico Limited

Marico Ltd. is one of India ‘s prima FMCG participants in the beauty and wellness infinite. Its trade names and trade name extensions have important market portion in assorted classs like hair oils, coconut oil, refined and premium comestible oils.

Its flagship trade name is Parachute coconut oil, which is the largest branded coconut oil commanding a immense market portion of the Indian, organized coconut oils section. Its other flagship trade name includes Saffola, which is the leader in the comestible oils section and now has entered into the nutrients class Saffola diabetes direction, Saffola cholesterin direction atta mixes, Saffola Arise which is a lower GI rice which contains good saccharides and Saffola Salt which is the healthier pick in salt, with less Na and higher K and Ca.

Over the last 17 old ages, Marico has been continually constructing new trade names, making new classs and has been a leader in assorted markets.

Marico houses good known hair attention, wellness attention and tegument attention trade names.

Under hair attention it has trade names like Parachute, Nihar, Shanti, Mediker, Shanti Badam Amla, Silk and Shine, Hair codification, Black Chic, Hair and attention etc.

Under wellness attention it has premium comestible oils, and functional nutrients

Under Skin attention they have trade names like Mediker, Manjal, Kaya skin attention merchandises.

Competitive advantages:

Marico has a strong distribution web, which ensures a pan-India presence. Marico has a well-built web in Middle East, African states, and SAARC.

Marico besides enjoys strong trade name equity ; it besides enjoys the leading or the 2nd place wherever it has its presence. Therefore it has a pricing power over the other participants in the market.

Marico is besides present in the mostly under penetrated Indian beauty service section through its Kaya scope of merchandises and clinics, which acts as a growing driver and provides it with sufficient room for augmenting future grosss.

International consumer merchandises concern

In the planetary infinite the major markets for Marico are the Middle East, Bangladesh, Egypt, and South Africa.

The International Business group of Marico reaches out to more than 20 states. This group was formed in the early 1990 ‘s. The IBG customizes its merchandise offerings to accommodate the demand of diverse civilizations.

Graphic expounding of Marico ‘s Entire gross revenues from fiscal year2004 to 2009 and IBG ‘s Contribution

Beginning: Company Website

Marico is present in Bangladesh through its entirely owned subordinate Marico Bangladesh ltd which produces and sells branded coconut oil under the trade name name Parachute. It is besides present in the soaps section through the acquisition of Camelia and Aromatic in the twelvemonth 2005.

In South Africa it acquired Enalini Pharmaceuticals consumer division pty. Ltd in Nov 2007. It has 3 trade names in its portfolio which face competition from the local trade names such as Amka and MNC trade names of Unilever and L’oreal.

In Egypt they acquired trade names like Hair Code and Fiancee in 2007. Where Fiancee is the market leader and Hair Code has the 2nd place in the class of picks and gels.

The company uses Egypt as its fabrication hub to serve North African markets such as Morocco, Sudan, Libiya and the Middle East part.

Datas for FI-2010

KAYA- Marico ‘s presence in Indian beauty attention section

Kaya Ltd, which was earlier Kaya Skin attention limited was Marico ‘s large spring from consumer merchandises to supplying holistic solutions and traveling into the service infinite. With the rise in the disposable income amongst the young person and leaning to pass, kaya limited wanted to concentrate on run intoing the emerging demands of the modern twenty-four hours consumers by supplying utile and effectual services in the beauty and wellness infinite. In a short span of 8 old ages, Kaya has grown at an unprecedented gait, with over 100 clinics in India, Middle East and Bangladesh.

Out of a sum of 101 clinics, they have 13 Centres in the Middle East, 1 in Dhaka and 87 spread across the state. This was the strength of their clinics by 2009. In 2010, they acquired Derma Rx, a Singapore based Wellness Company to give a bonus to the health concern. Kaya Ltd, has besides been a steady subscriber to the grosss of IBG and is portion of the uninterrupted focal point on the services facet of the beauty attention concern that Marico ltd wants to be a large portion of.

Marico ‘s planetary raid

Marico ‘s Strategy in South Africa

Marico entered the South African market on 31st Oct 2007. The house acquired the consumer division of Enalini Pharmaceuticals, Enalini Pharmaceuticals Consumer Division PTY LTD ( EPCD ) through a competitory command procedure.

Enalini Pharmaceuticals is a Durban based hair attention company for around Rs. 52 crore. At that clip the company ‘s one-year turnover was Rs. 53 crore and was present across sections such as hair relaxers, after attention hair attention and hair conditioners.

For Marico this was an chance to partake in the fast turning market in South Africa. EPCD had 3 taking trade names Caivil in premium section, Black modishness in value for money wellness attention and Hercules in OTC wellness attention.

Harsh Mariwala said “ It helps us widen the Marico footmark to a new geographics with possible, therefore taking us a measure further towards going a planetary participant in beauty and health ”

On 13th August 2010 Marico Ltd acquired nonprescription wellness attention trade name ‘IngweA? from Guideline Trading CC, South Africa, for an unrevealed amount.

‘Ingwe ‘ has a turnover of Rs15 crore. This is Marico ‘s 2nd acquisition in South Africa and the 7th globally.

“ It ( Ingwe ) complements the Hercules scope. I am confident this acquisition will beef up our distribution range… and step up our growing impulse, ” John Mason, pull offing manager, Marico, South Africa, said in a statement.

Marico ‘s South African concern recorded a 34 % growing in the fiscal twelvemonth 2010, now the overall size of the concern is Rs63.80 Crore.

The Indian consumer goods companies, are confronting lifting competition at place, and are looking at the African market as an chance, where there is lifting demand which will hike growing.

United arab republic

Marico ‘s Egypt journey began in 2006, by geting the Brand Fiancee which operates in the 3 sections gels, pick and cream-gels. Cream-gels contributed to about 70 % of its concern, and it was considered as a innovator in this market. The major merchandises which came under Marico ‘s crease through this acquisition were Fiancee Hairfood pick, Fiancee 2*1cream gels and a few more.

In speedy sequence by January 2007, Marico acquired a taking hair attention trade name Hair Code along with its fabrication installation. It has a extremely successful hair gel trade name under its wing, which has more than 50 % market portion.

This acquisition truly propelled Hair Code ‘s concern in the part, with its integrating with Marico ‘s strength and expertness in this section. Immediate analysis shows that market portion went from 23 % to 32 % in a twelvemonth of it coming under the Marico crease.

These benefits of these acquisitions have to be looked through assorted angles. For starting motors, they gave Marico entree to 2 fabrication workss in Africa. With its scheme to concentrate on the North Africa market, these workss gave them an chance to utilize it as a fabrication and export hub to the nearby parts of Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Jordan etc.

Recently it has besides invested in another mill in Sadaat metropolis in the twelvemonth 2008. Therefore, it operates 3 workss in the Egypt market.

In footings of the market, this determination was of strategic importance as Egypt is a immature and flourishing economic system, and there is a high incursion of hair attention merchandises. Marico was already an established participant in the personal attention and health industry, which aided its entry into Egypt. It besides helped them set up a strong presence in the fast turning Egypt hair attention market as both these merchandises enjoyed a dominating 62 % of the market portion.

Gulf Cooperation states

Its international raid started with exporting Parachute coconut oil to Dubai in the mid 1990 ‘s. It was already doing its manner to the Gulf market through the Grey market, so in a manner it was merely a manner to make the market where the consumer was, through the proper channels. The motive to make this was the presence of a immense exile population in the part which served as a ready market to these merchandises. Looking at the success of Parachute, it shortly realised that large Numberss would come merely if the local consumers besides warmed up to the Indian offering.

This is when, they started carry oning extended market research and realised that Arabs have certain different picks when it comes to personal attention and hair attention section. Due to the high Cl content in the H2O at that place, they prefer lighter hair picks than gluey hair oil. This information proved helpful for the company to be able to provide to all the demands of the consumers at that place. Another illustration of Marico, establishing specific merchandises for the Arab market is when in 2001 it launched Parachute Advansed hair pick in Dubai. It entered the retail infinite in India merely 4 old ages after that launch. It besides launched specific merchandises merely for the in-between east – Hamam Zait, being one of them. This is a garlic hair pick, which the Arabs believe is a failsafe solution for thinning or falling hair.

In footings of organic growing, the growing in this part best exemplifies Marico ‘s scheme of “ think planetary, act local ” . It has besides a important presence in Sudan, Yemen and the levant part.


Marico Ltd acquired the aesthetics concern of Derma Rx Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company, in May 2010. Derma Rx has three Centres in Singapore and one in Kuala Lumpur with a combined consumer base of around 37,000. Its turnover was about Rs 50 crore in 2009-10.

The understanding states that the laminitiss of Derma will be involved in the concern for three more old ages. Deriving entree to advanced scope of skin care merchandises, assorted providers and an rush in the sale of merchandises are some of the benefits for Kaya. The company is besides looking the bing distribution web of Kaya clinics in India and West Asia as the selling channel for the Derma Rx merchandises. This is expected to increase the profitableness of Kaya Ltd. Marico acquired this company through Kaya Ltd. with the vision of presenting Derma Rx merchandises along with the remainder of its merchandise scope. About 45 % of Marico ‘s tegument attention solutions gross is expected to come from abroad. This move will heighten Marico ‘s range in South East Asia.


Marico entered the South East Asiatic part in 2010 by stepping into the Malayan hair titling market through the acquisition of the trade name Code 10 and related Intellectual Property Rights from Colgate-Palmolive Company through Marico Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a entirely owned subordinate of Marico Middle East Free Zone Establishment. Code 10 is at 3rd place in the state with a 10 % market portion and grosss of close to Rs12 crore being following to are Brylcreem and Gatsby who are the taking participants. Normally, a company pays 1.5-2 times the grosss of a trade name for acquisition, which will do this an acquisition in the scope of Rs20-25 crore.

Scheme in Malaya

Typically, Code 10 merchandise scope includes hair gels and hair picks. Marico estimated Malaysian hair titling market to be near to RM150 million in size due to which it can construct on consumer equity.

Marico did non be after to set up a to the full incorporate system of and therefore they have a passage service understanding with Colgate Palmolive harmonizing to which Code 10 merchandises will be distributed for a limited period of clip. Besides, they planned to outsource fabrication from 3rd parties and follow a similar tendency like Colgate. They plan to spread out their franchise web and besides work on marketing enterprises by following a push scheme with the bing Code 10 trade name. Their premier focal point is on organic growing in South East Asia in order to construct on volumes. Once it achieves consumer assurance and better gross borders it may alter its scheme.


Marico Bangladesh Limited ( MBL ) is a entirely owned subordinate of Marico Ltd India. It was incorporated in the twelvemonth 1999 and is converted into a public company since September 2008. It is listed company on the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the Chittagong Stock Exchange. MBL recorded a turnover of 2137 million Rs. Marico has achieved growing of 39 % in turnover ( CAGR ) and 24 % in net incomes, over the past 5 old ages. They have an extended distribution web through which they reach out to more than 450,000 mercantile establishments in Bangladesh with their merchandises in Pure Coconut oil, Hair attention and Skin Care sections. MBL operates with trade names like Parachute, Aromatic, Camelia, Hair Code, Beliphool, Saffola and Kaya.

Initially, MBL had leased a mill at Gazipur where it bottled coconut oil imported from India. MBL started its backward operations in 2008 and started bring forthing oil in Bangladesh itself. India, Srilanka, Indonesia and Malaysia are few of major importers of copra- the primary natural stuff.

MBL has focused on organic growing every bit good as in-organic growing. In 2005, Marico acquired two local beauty attention brands- Camelia and Aromatic, and purchased certain equipment and IPR from Aromatic cosmetics Ltd. This contract included a reciprocally good non-competing understanding between MBL and ACL. ‘Aromatic ‘ had an aggregative turnover of about taka 300 million ( Rs 20 crore ) in Bangladesh. Aromatic ‘s trade name equity owes its strength to the quality of the soap and its placement based on the “ halal ” construct, with which the clients have a strong affinity. These two acquisitions provided MBL with a confined consumer base, increasing MBL ‘s market portion by 4.2 % .

Marico has been able to develop the market by transforming consumers from non-branded to branded coconut oil. Parachute is MBL ‘s flagship trade name and the unchallenged market leader in the branded hair oil class with a portion of 74 % ( footing 12 months ended May 2010 ) . Parachute had been ranked the 6th best trade name out of 849 trade names countrywide among local & A ; MNC trade names by the Bangladesh Brand Forum ( an affiliate of the Global Brand Forum, Singapore ) . The trade name Parachute has formed a house foundation for their growing. Hair Code hair dye has besides established itself as the 2nd largest hair dye trade name in the state. In 2010 the first Kaya Skin Clinic was launched in Dhaka. Over the past 11 old ages the company has emerged as the 3rd largest FMCG transnational, from being a little participant.


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