Global financial crisis aˆ“ contributing factors and its impact


Fiscal Crisis that emanated from US, the female parent of all markets has given its portion to all states across the Earth. This Financial Crisis has many faces.That may include US lodging bubble, Pseudo banking system, Automotive industry crisis, Regulatory failures, Commodity bubble.All these crisis resulted in Global recession, Banking crisis, Lower globalconsumption, Unemployment, deflation, Stock market failures, Food rising prices and many company failures across the globe.Central Bankss of assorted states started working out bailout programs, FiscalStimulus, Monetary policy, Public Private Partnership.Many developed states GDP growing has been projected to be in negative or in decimals.Can it be compared to Great Depression.Let us discuss in item one by one.

Sub-prime Crisis – A Critical Analysis

There were many factors which brought down the worst planetary fiscal crisis but the foremost is the sub-prime loan.A sub-prime mortgage loans are really hazardous but since the net incomes are really high many establishments entered into this business.Such loans are offered to persons who have low recognition worthiness ie. , in normal conditions they do n’t run into the banking criterions to avail loans.In such state of affairss big fiscal establishments ( pseudo Bankss ) who have a good recognition evaluations with Bankss avail the loans and started imparting it to less creditworth persons in little portions.But these loans are offered at high involvement rate than the normal lodging loans.This higher involvement rate is referred as the sub-prime rate and this place loans market is called as the sub-prime place loan market. These Pseudo Bankss started securitizing these means change overing these place loans in to fiscal securities which promises to pay a certain rate of involvement. These fiscal securities were sold to large fiscal investors.These investors are paid by the EMI given by the sub-prime borrowers.The money received by selling securities were paid back to the banks.But it does non halt here.These sub-prime loans are given at drifting involvement rate.When US Federal Reserve increased the involvement rate these place loan involvements increased and these loans remunerators were non able to pay.The defaulters started increasing.It came to limelight that these borrowers income were inflated by the companies inorder to give more loans.These higher loans were securitized to sell for profits.This is a barbarous cycle.As more and more sub-prime borrowers defaulted borrowed establishments were non able to serve the banks.The mortgage backed securities about became worthless as existent estate monetary values crashed.So they started looking at their fiscal houses for aid but they were non willing to support.Now immense debt and no money to backup these fiscal establishments started falling taking to current meltdown.However the remainder of the universe were besides involved in this crisis because as portion of their investing scheme big establishments invest portion of their money across the world.Once their investing in US turned bad they started neutralizing their investing in other states to run into out their bad debts.Once the merchandising is higher than purchasing in equity markets the equity markets started falling in tonss across the globe.The fiscal crisis started gripping the universe.

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Regulatory Failures

Let us look at the Regulatory Framework which enabled such fiscal failures.People say that the ordinances could non travel manus in manus with the fiscal inventions ( market-backed securities, collateralized debt duties ) , increasing importance of Pseudo Bankss ( Lehman brothers ) , away balance sheet financing.Laws were changed and enforcement were weakened in the name of deregulating and modern approach.To province a few are – 1982 marked the twelvemonth of banking deregulating. By subscribing the jurisprudence of Garn-St. German

Depository Institutions Act by the so President Ronald Reagan, the jurisprudence paved the manner for nest eggs and loan crisis in US.- Gramm-Leach Bliley Act signed in twelvemonth 1999 by so President Bill Clinton separated the Commercial Banks ( more traditional ie. , rigorous norms ) from Invest Banks ( more hazard pickings ie.norms are relaxed ) – Securities Exchange Commission relaxed the Net Capital Rule for Investment Bankss in 2004 which enabled the addition of debt degree through mortgage-backed securities back uping sub-prime mortgages.The ego ordinance of investing Bankss contributed to this crisis.

– Imposter Bankss were non following the same depositary norms leting for extra debts non relative to their capital base.

– Depository Bankss were allowed by regulators to travel important sum of assets andliabilities off-balance sheet into complex legal entities called the structured investmentvehicles dissembling the failing of the capital base of the house or grade of purchase or hazard taken.

– Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, allowed Self Regulation of the over-the -counter derived functions market.Derivatives such as recognition default barters ( CDS ) can be used to fudge or theorize against peculiar recognition risks.Total Over-the-counter derivativenotional value rose to $ 683 trillion by June 2008.Investment guru “ Warren Buffet ” famously referred to derivates as “ Financial arms of Mass Destruction ” .

Pseudo Banking System

This consists of Non-banking fiscal establishments ( Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers ) that are involved in imparting money for concerns neccessary to operate.These establishments are typically mediators between investors and borrowers by imparting the financess from investors to the corporation, gaining either from fees or from difference in involvement rates between what it pays the investors and what it receives from the borrowers.Since these establishments does non have sedimentations straight from the depositors they are non regulated by the similar banking regulations.Apart from such establishments the system includes hedge financess, Structured Investment Vehicles, Money financess, Investment Bankss and other non-bank fiscal institutions.Such establishments came in to existence in US & A ; European markets between 2000 -2008 and involved in supplying recognition across planetary fiscal system.These establishments have high fiscal purchase with high ratio of debt relation to pay immediate claims, high purchase magnifies net incomes during roar and losingss during downturns.Also these establishments borrow like investing Bankss from short term liquid markets ( money maket, commercial paper ) significance that they would hold to often refund and borrow once more from these investors.However these financess were used to impart to corporations in long term or less liquid ( difficult to sell ) assets.In many instances the long termassets purchased were the mortgage-backed securities.When lodging market collapsed these establishments were unable to raise money through market-backed securities for shorterm fund.Investors refused or unable to supply financess via short term were the primary cause for these establishments to collapse.Structured Investment Vehicles are created by traveling important assets and liabilities off-balance sheet from companies accounts.This enabled them to short-circuit bing ordinances sing minimal capital ratios thereby increasing purchase and net incomes during the roar but increases losingss during the crisis.The Pseudo banking system besides conducts an tremendous sum of trading activity in the OTC derived functions market.Since recognition default barters were non regulated as existent insurance contracts companies selling them were non entitled to keep sufficient capital militias to pay off on possible claims.AIG, the largest insurance company collapsed because of recognition default barters offered by off-balance sheet method.It was found that imparting through Pseudo banking system exceeded the traditional banking system.Nobel laureate Paul Krugman said “ anything that does what a bank does, anything that has to be rescued in crisis the manner Bankss are should be regulated like a bank ” .

Energy Crisis

The rough oil monetary value started mounting easy from $ 20- $ 30 per barrel in 2003 to $ 147 per barrel in 2008.When lodging bubble bursted the money from lodging and other investings started fluxing into trade goods to guess or increasing feeling that natural stuff scarceness in a fast turning universe economic system would increase well and therefore places taken on such markets such as Chinese increasing presence in Africa.As the oil monetary values increases consumer disbursement on gasolene which creates a downward force per unit area on economic growing in oil importation states as wealth flows to oil-producing states.

Macroeconomic Factors

Important factors that contributed to US lodging bubble were attributed to low involvement rate and immense trade deficit.Interest rates of assorted mortgages and federal financess were reduced form 6.5 % to 1 % between 2001-03 inorder soften the dot-com bubble, 2001 twin tower terrorist onslaught and to avoid percieved deflation.Federal Reserve easy increased the involvement rates significantly between 2004-2006.This resulted in addition of adjustable-rate mortgage rates, doing ARM involvement resets more expensive for homeowners.This contributed to deflating lodging bubble as plus monetary values by and large move reciprocally to involvement rates and it became riskier to theorize in housing.US Current history or Trade shortage resulted in instability between imports and exports ie.imports transcending exports. Inorder to fund the imports big foreign financess flowed into US that created demand for assorted types of fiscal assets raising their monetary values and diminishing the involvement rates.Households of US used the borrowed financess from aliens to finance ingestion or to offer up the monetary values of lodging and fiscal assets.Financial establishments invested foreign financess in mortgage-backed securities.When lodging bubble bursted lodging and fiscal assets declined dramatically.

Executive Compensations

It was found during the roar period tremendous money was paid at assorted degrees from mortgage agent who sells the loan, Bankss that funded the agents to the large investing Bankss that were behind them.Irrespective of the public presentation of the loans the conceivers were paid immense fees.This fiscal inventions passed on the recognition hazard or default from mortgage conceivers to investors.This is called as “ originate to administer ” theoretical account as against to the traditional theoretical account of recognition hazard retaining with the loaning bank.Wall street executives were paid immense fillips disregarding long-run obligations.They were non looking at how the investings were performing.From mortgage agents to hazard directors were looking at short term benefits instead than long term duties.


Global Inflation was at historic high degrees by 2008.Inflation has been caused by extra money supply, involvement rate easing by Federal Reserve, Asiatic growing by easing pecuniary policy, trade good guess, agricultural failure, lifting costs of imports from China, turning demand for trade goods and nutrient points in emerging economic systems.

Monetary Inflation

The monetary value of the oil is tied with US dollar since oil is traded in dollars.It is felt that the principal earned from the sale of oil may lose value in long tally due to dollar devaluation.This is because of loose pecuniary policy from assorted cardinal Bankss across the Earth including Federal Reserve.It is of import to cipher effectual exchange rates of currencies to divide the existent and nominal values of those currencies to divide the existent and nominal values of those currencies ie. , the dollar could purchase comparison to other currencies.While US dollar has lost nominal value to other major currencies from 2001 to 2007, its alteration in existent value has non differed significantly from other currencies.

Chinese Trade Policy

China maintained a weak currency against Dollars.This was done purposefully through its exchange rate policy.Its currency was non allowed to appreciate against dollars.This enabled its merchandise to be really inexpensive and hence exports were immense and many states preferred Chinese products.Also this resulted in a immense dollar accretion in China which was invested back in US.This money was invested in US authorities securities.This provided the excess money for loaning which besides resulted in lodging bubble.

Systemic Crisis Of Capitalism

The Changeless Decrease of GDP growing rates in western states created a immense excess and there was no sufficient avenues for Profitable Investments.They were puting the money in fiscal markets based on deregulations.This has led to concurrent fiscal bubbles such as Internet bubbles and the current fiscal crisis.The gate keepers of US did n’t look into these directors who were responsible for running these great companies and germinating this fiscal instruments that were the root cause for the fiscal crisis.

Conflict Of Interest

There are assortment of involvement that were lending to this crisis.They are – the people who were regulators in Securities Exchange Commission who were subsequently acquiring an function in these large Bankss as managers therefore inorder to be on the good books of these fiscal establishments these gatekeepers were winkers.

– once more there is a close link between the exchequer deparment and fiscal institutions.The CEO ‘s of these fiscal establishments are busying the authorities places in US and vice-versa.ex.Henry Paulson, Treasury Secretary of George Bush was former CEO of Golman Sachs.

– Recognition evaluation bureaus are compensated for evaluation the debt securities by those publishing the securities heavily.Hence recognition rate bureaus were extremely biased.ex.AIG retained the highest recognition evaluations until good into crisis.

Global Effectss

It was felt that if the liquidness crisis continues there could be extended recession or worse.The fiscal crisis has yielded the biggest banking shakeout since the savings-and-loan thaw down.Economists announced that the “ beginning of the terminal ” of the crisis has begun with the universe taking action to place and move on the crisis.Central Bankss across the Earth started shooting money into the system by cutting down involvement rates.Recession would go on for two quarters in Europe, three quarters in USA, four quarters for UK.Iceland experienced the worst economic crisis in the history of all time of any state because three major Bankss collapsed.Between 2000-2007 US ingestion was accounting to more than a 3rd of the growing in planetary consumption.US was passing in immense sum and borrowed excessively much.Rest of the universe depended on US consumption.Once the recession started in US and the nest eggs rate increased the growing in remainder of the universe showed dramatic collapse.Arab universe lost $ 4 trillion on the since the start of planetary crisis.This is attributed to the lower foreign investing due to worsening demand for oil across the Earth.

Crisis Of Automobile Industry

Automotive Industry lag was due to fiscal crisis.The Big Three Auto Majors of US, General Motors, Chrysler, Ford were staggering and needful authorities support to come out of the collapse.This was attributed to the irresponsible fabrication of these companies.As the fuel crisis was intensifying these companies have been concentrating on the Sport Utility Vehicles and pickup trucks for their high margins.Since these vehicles were non fuel efficient the people were attracted towards Nipponese and other European autos which were more quality and fuel efficiency driven.This resulted in bead in gross revenues and these companies were non able to get by with their high cost.


What we have learnt from this fiscal meltdown is that

– Fiscal Inventions should non be at the cost of rudimentss

– Short term growing should non be at the cost Long Term Growth

– Revolving door between the Financial Institutions, Regulatory Bodies and Government representatives should non be for all places in future

– Investing in US sing what of all time it does is right has taught lesson to the universe

– The Turning power of the 3rd universe has come into the spotlight

– The Mother Of All Markets ( USA ) is decelerating fring its radiance to the the 3rd universe as Economic Super Power.


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