Glass Menagerie Relates to the Metallica Song Frantic Essay

The vocal Frantic by Metallica applies to The Glass Menagerie in that. two of the chief characters in the drama are traveling through in a sense what the vocal is depicting.

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Tom. I believe is the most outstanding illustration. in that he is the most rebellious. He tries to run away from his jobs by acquiring involved in self destructive flights such as the late darks out imbibing. the dance nine. and sex. He can see that these activities are non good for him and surely non was his female parent wants. yet he continues to travel down the same way ; much like in the vocal when it poses the inquiry. if you knew what lay in front would you. “stop to warm at karmas combustion or expression in front. but maintain on turning? ” Tom besides gives up his dreams or sells his life for $ 65 a month at his occupation. He’s “worn out [ of ] ever being afraid. An eternal watercourse of fright that I’ve made. ” Isn’t Tom afraid of losing all of his dreams? Always worried that his life will be stuck where it is. and that he’ll ne’er flight.

Laura has certain qualities that besides apply to the vocal. She is a diffident invalid that ne’er rather realizes the existent universe. She is ever. “Treading H2O full of concern. ” Afraid of let downing her female parent. She drops out of her college classs and has a low self-pride. This ego abhoring to an extent can even be more destructive than physical amendss. She will non hold the strength or assurance in herself to populate a existent life. All she can make is. “keep searching” for the reply. yet the “search goes on” if she can ne’er recognize her possible. She is so delicate. blowing off her yearss taking attention of her glass menagerie.

Towards the terminal of the drama. we have ground to believe that she does get the better of some of her shyness though. What with her utilizing monikers with Jim and her deficiency of being upset when a favourite glass decoration interruptions. She may be able to reply positively to the get downing inquiry of the vocal. “If I could hold my wasted yearss back. would I utilize them to acquire back on path? ” We now might can see how she may take to alter certain negative facets about her life.

“You live it or lie it. ” Each of the characters has come to a point in there lives where they must take a different way in their life. The wordss of ego devastation. wasted yearss and different life styles in Frantic all aid to back up the tests Tom and Laura face.


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