Generic Software Process

Question 4.1

Giving grounds for your reply based on the type of system being developed, suggest the most appropriate generic package procedure theoretical account that might be used as a footing for pull offing the development of the undermentioned systems:

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A system to command a auto ‘s anti-lock braking system

You could utilize Incremental or Spiral procedure theoretical accounts as safety is critical so you need a method that a batch of cheques and balances at each phase.

Incremental development is broken down into increases with each increase presenting portion of the needed functionality, where the user demands are prioritized and the highest precedence demands are included in early increases nevertheless one time the development is started, the demands are frozen but can be used in ulterior increases.

Coiling procedure is represented as a spiral instead than as a sequence of activities with turn backing where each cringle in the coiling represents a stage in the procedure. There are no fixed stages such as specification or design but loops in the spiral are chosen depending on what is required.

Both Incremental and Spiral would accomplish the end of pull offing development for the auto ‘s anti-lock braking system nevertheless incremental development would be the most suitable since it takes the allows for cheques and balances throughout the life of the development.

A practical world system to back up package care

An evolutionary theoretical account seems to be an ideal solution for a practical world system, as the development squad has two methods foremost is the exploratory development which works good with clients and to germinate a concluding system from an initial lineation specification. Second is the throw-away prototyping with this method the aim is to understand the system demands if the demands are non to the full laid out.

A university accounting system that replaces an bing system

Waterfall has formal construction to pull off the procedure nevertheless the drawback is that it is hard to suit alterations after get downing. But in the waterfall theoretical account you would travel through a series of measure to pull off the big demands, design and execution demands.

  1. Requirements analysis and definition
  2. System and package design
  3. Execution and unit testing
  4. Integration and system proving
  5. Operation and care

An synergistic system, running in booths in train Stationss, for railroad riders that find train times

In this scenario the best attack would be evolutionary theoretical account utilizing a throw off prototyping to happen the demands so exchanging to a waterfall theoretical account for a structured design and execution.


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