Free Trade Opportunities For A Growing Business Economics Essay

As a direction adviser, how would you rede a company, stand foring an industry of your pick, to to the full work these chances when looking to spread out into foreign markets for the first clip?

1: Introduction

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1:1 What is free trade?

Free trade is a system in which goods, capital, and labour flow freely between states, without barriers which could impede the trade procedure.

It is opening up of economic systems ( markets ) by conveying down trade barriers which in bend allows goods and services from everyplace around the Earth to vie with domestic merchandises and services.

Under free trade there is no creative activity of unreal monetary values or a false demand and supply of merchandises as it gives true image of the existent demand and supply.

And harmonizing to the jurisprudence of comparative advantage the policy permits merchandising spouses common additions from trade of goods and services. This means a state can specialise in bring forthing goods or services where they have comparative advantage that is to bring forth at a lower chance costs and this specialisation can convey about additions from the trade to the state such as

Lower monetary values for consumers

Greater pick of Goods

Bigger export markets for domestic makers

Economies of graduated table through being able to specialize in certain goods

Greater competition

1:2 Features of free trade.

Free trade indicates the below characteristics

Free motion of Labor and Capital between and within states

Free entree to markets and market information

Trade of goods or services without revenue enhancements ( including duties ) or other trade barriers such as quotas on imports or subsidies for manufacturers.

Absence of “ trade-distorting ” policies such as revenue enhancements, subsidies, ordinances or Torahs that give some houses, families or factors of production an advantage over others.

Inability of houses to distort markets through authorities imposed monopoly or oligopoly power.

1:3 Institutions which promote Free Trade

There are three establishments that support states and their trade

World Bank – AIDSs developing states in their economic development by Supplying fiscal support for developing states and Helps smaller houses by puting in substructure

International Monetary Fund – promotes economic stableness through pecuniary mean by bracing currency exchanges through the release of particular pulling rights ( SDRs ) and even though it does non straight favour smaller houses, but helps cut down economic instability which would wound little houses first

WTO – promotes free trade and regulates on trade differences by supplying progressive free trade through dialogue binding and transparent understandings which leads to fair competition, settling differences every bit good as supplying impermanent protection of infant industries to specifically assist little houses.

1:4 Free Trade Areas

Group of states which have agreed to extinguish duties, quotas on most goods and services traded to them organize a brotherhood called Free trade country. This allows the holding states to concentrate on their competitory advantage to freely merchandise on the goods /services they lack the experience at, therefore increase efficiency and profitableness of each state.

Below is the list of some free trade understandings

North American Free Trade understanding ( NAFTA )

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa ( COMESA )

ASEAN Free Trade Area ( AFTA )

Southern African Development Community ( SADC )

Cardinal European Free Trade Agreement ( CEFTA )

Greater Arab Free Trade Area ( GAFTA )

1:5 Foreign Market Entry Modes.

The Decision of how a company from one state can come in a market of another state can hold a important impact on the consequences. This is because the entry modes into a foreign market differ in grade of hazard at manus, the control and committedness of resources they involve and the return on investing they assure

There are two major types of entry manners, equity and non-equity manners.

Non -equity manners

Exporting-which is a procedure of selling goods or services produced in one state to other state.

Licensing-which is an international licensing understanding that allows foreign houses, either entirely or non-exclusively to fabricate a owner ‘s merchandise for a fixed term in a specific market.

Franchising-which is a system in which semi-independent concern proprietors ( franchisees ) pay fees and royalties to a parent company ( franchiser ) in return for the right to go identified with its hallmark, to sell its merchandises or services, and frequently to utilize its concern format and system.

Equity manners

Strategic Alliances-which is a a assortment of concerted understandings between different houses, such as shared research, formal articulation ventures, or minority equity engagement

Wholly owned subordinates ( WOS ) -which includes Greenfield investings ( constitutions of a new entirely owned subordinate ) and acquisitions.

Direct Investment ( FDI ) – which refers to net influxs of investing to get a permanent direction involvement ( 10 per centum or more of voting stock ) in an endeavor operating in an economic system other than that of the investor

2: Globalization AND FREE Trade

Globalization is similar to what free trade bases for which is the integrating of universe economic systems through the decrease of barriers to the motion of trade, capital, engineering and people

This has been fueled by two chief factors, the first one being the technological progresss which lowered the costs of transit, calculation and enhanced communicating which would assist a turning company to turn up different stages of production in different states and the other factor being the liberalisation of trade and capital markets.

Most authoritiess have reduced limitations on international motions of merchandises and services, for chiefly the grounds below

Their citizens want a greater assortment of goods and services at lower monetary values

Competition drives domestic manufacturers to go more efficient.

They hope to bring on other states to take down their barriers in bend.

And that ‘s where establishments such as the WTO emerged to play of import functions in order to assist the states involved to advance free trade in topographic point of protectionism.

This has made to turn out some economic growing in vitamin E developed states and some development states because non all underdeveloped states are every bit involved in globalisation because most developing states have been slightly slow to incorporate with the universe economic system.

2:1 Free trade in Developed states

The biggest volume of trade occurs between the developed states because they are capital- rich and hence industrial leaders. By and large, as a state matures economically, its engagement in foreign trade grows more quickly than its GDP.

Developed states every bit good because of globalisation have managed to profit from free trade by increasing inward investing, many houses manage to relocate to developing states where they can happen inexpensive labour / natural stuffs for illustration many houses relocated their call Centres to India because of inexpensive labour which is available at that place and therefore increase in their market portion and forces out local retail merchants, taking to less pick for consumers and less cultural diverseness.

2:2 Free trade in Developing states

Most underdeveloped states were forced to fall in in free trade understandings due to globalisation and the states which embraced trade liberalisation have seen several impacts which aggregate growing faster and improved manner of life to its people.

Since many developing states have abandoned protectionism in favour of freer trade in order to profit in a manner that enables them to develop competitory advantages in fabrication of certain merchandises. This is due to increased competition between different houses and states which puts force per unit area on houses to increase efficiency and offer better merchandises.

Free trade has besides created employments in developing states because rich companies invested in the states due to handiness of inexpensive labour for illustration many houses from developed states have relocated their call Centres to India because of that.

Equally good as handiness of natural stuffs, for illustration Tanzania is the lone state in which you can happen Tanzanite gemstones by liberating the trade this gemstone is available for clients in other states as good.


One of the benefits of free trade is stated in the jurisprudence of comparative advantage which says that a state should specialise in goods / services that it does best and trades it with other states for its demands. This represents a true demand and supply of the market. This is true because when states specialize in certain goods that are good at bring forthing, they can take advantage of economic system of graduated table and bring forth their goods at a lower production costs.

Free trade besides leads to increase in both exports and imports which will do more merchandises to be available in the states involved and this will convey approximately healthier competition among turning concerns and in bend will forestall monopolies within them.

Free trade besides increases economic growing and reduces cost of life since it does off with authorities intercessions such as duties and revenue enhancements which allows the merchandises and services to be available to consumers at lower costs every bit good as conveying approximately good relationship between states involved which leads to healthier domestic administration and peaceable international ties.


4:1 Opportunities offered by free trade Agreements

Since Free trade is a tool for advancing just competition and promote foreign authorities to accommodate unfastened transparent regulation doing processs every bit good as non discriminatory Torahs and ordinances, it strengthen the concern clime by extinguishing committednesss on issues of concerns along with decrease and riddance of duties which in bend give rise to chances for companies to make concern.

These chances available by liberating the trade are mentioned

Absence of authorities control

Open new market and lower trade barriers

Protection of rational belongings rights

Entree to authorities procurance contracts

Free motion of people such as workers and capital

Enhancing regulations on foreign investings

Fair trade competition

Access to cheaper, more sophisticated and new types of intermediate inputs ( natural stuffs, labor )

4:2 How chances created can be exploited by a turning concern.

Turning concerns rely to a great extent on negotiated Free trade Agreements to guarantee lower duties and crystalline ordinances as the chances to make new market are at that place.

4:2:1 Absence of authorities control

By absence of authorities control it means that the state economic system is market economic system where by the monetary values of goods and services are determined in a free monetary value system, which is good for concern as the authorities will non be able to put the monetary value but in world there is no any state which is runing in purely market economic system, most states pattern assorted economic system in which there is some grade of authorities ownership and control.

4:2:2 Open new market and lower trade barriers

Free trade understandings help unfastened markets and expand chances for turning concern as it can assist them come in and vie more easy in the planetary market. Many little concerns face assortment of trade barriers that limit their ability to vie, by take downing duties and no-tariffs barriers the trade of goods and services would increase and these little concerns would be able to spread out and vie because the duties and non duties are major competitory obstructions for little concern since many of them do non hold the capital or resources to go through complex barriers and compete.

4:2:3 Protections of rational belongings rights

Intellectual belongings refers to creativeness and advanced expertness of a new merchandise, service or thought and is protected in the signifier of patents, right of first publications and hallmarks. These thoughts are the lifeblood of many concerns and the key that differentiate their merchandises or services from rivals.

By protecting it gives right to command and deduce the benefits from composing ( right of first publications ) , innovations ( patents ) procedures ( trade secrets ) and identifiers ( hallmarks ) to the registered proprietor.

A registered proprietor can make up one’s mind who may utilize it for another intent ( eg industry of a merchandise ) . This will assist turning concerns gain competitory advantage.

This means protecting rational belongings is critical to state ‘s economic system, occupations, and consumers.A A misdemeanor of rational belongings Torahs straight affects a company ‘s trade name, market portion, bottom line, ability to export, and creates a figure of safety concerns for consumers.A

4:2:4 Access to authorities procurance contracts

Free trade gives turning concerns entree to authorities procurance contracts, this is when the authorities does the procurance of goods and services on behalf of a public authorization, such as a authorities bureau. And it is based on the rules of openness, transparence and non-discrimination, which apply to Parties ‘ procurance covered by the Agreement, to the benefit of Parties and their providers, goods and services. Turning concerns can profit on this and even when concerns could non afford to run extra operations outside their states they can trust on established providers within their states.

4:2:5 Free motions of people such as workers and capital

Free motion of people and capital is guaranteed by the Internal Market which is intended to be contributing to increased competition, increased specialisation, larger economic systems of graduated table, allows goods and factors of production to travel to the country where they are most valued, therefore bettering the efficiency of the allotment of resources.

This means workers have the right to travel to a different Member state, to look for work and be employed under the same conditions as subjects of that state

One ground frequently given for the demand for broad ordinances on the international motion of labor, particularly into developed economic systems, is that the locals do n’t desire to make the occupations which others are merely excessively happy to make. Examples low paid work ( e.g. housekeepers ) . Many citizens of the states are by and large unwilling to take such work. Therefore by liberating motion of people turning concerns would be guaranteed to acquire work force needed.

International free motion of capital is besides another agencies by which turning concerns can profit from, they can purchase and sell portions in companies in states where they are non runing and can get companies in other states, or sell their company to a individual or group from another state. It is intended to allow motion of investings such as belongings purchases and purchasing of portions between states.

For illustration China is still ruled by a party which espouses communism, has embraced non merely capitalist economy, but besides the thought of foreign ownership of at least some of its State Owned Enterprises, and of direct foreign investing, is an indicant of how widely accepted the construct is, as a agency of furthering economic growing.

4:2:6 Enhancing regulations on foreign investings

Free trade besides enhanced regulations on foreign investings since before the FTAs investors ( such as turning concerns ) were faced with ordinances and limitations on FDI. Free trade understandings liberalize FDI policies in FTA spouse states. The commissariats on FDI in FTAs are meant to give investors of the undertaking parties more grants in making concerns in the catching states of the FTAs. These include easier market entree and the right of constitution, the rendition of national intervention and the ordinance of public presentation demands such as local content and employment. However, FTAs still contain several safeguard steps that besides include limitations on foreign direct investings based on Torahs at the national degree.

4:2:7 Fair trade competitions

Free trade every bit good promotes just competition between concerns of the states involved, FTAs lead to a system of regulations dedicated to open, just and undistorted competition. These regulations on non-discrimination and national intervention are designed to procure just conditions of trade every bit good as those on dumping ( exporting at below cost to derive market portion ) and subsidies. The issues are complex, and the regulations try to set up what is just or unjust, and how authoritiess can react, in peculiar by bear downing extra import responsibilities calculated to counterbalance for harm caused by unjust trade. This assures turning concerns that the unjust drama between concerns in the states involved particularly from larger concerns will non be possible.

4:2:8 Access to cheaper, more man of the world and new types of intermediate inputs

And Lastly Free trade ensures turning concern with entree to cheaper natural stuffs. Therefore free trade is an advantage to fabrication concerns as it can vouch entree to a greater supply of natural stuffs at lower monetary values which will enable makers to cut down costs and go more competitory in markets around the universe. This will convey high competition which will coerce turning concerns to be advanced and efficient, both of which are keys to profitableness and drawn-out being.

Equally good as concerns can relocate certain procedure of their operations to a certain location within the FTAs states in expression for cheaper labor. For illustration many houses relocated their call Centres to India because of inexpensive labor which is available at that place.

5: Decision

We have seen that turning concerns are the most of import elements to the economic growing of the state, and that the chances to spread out into foreign markets are at that place of which a turning concern can take advantage of and larn from other concerns particularly larger 1s.

There are chances such as advantage of economic system of scale, increased imports and Exports every bit good as to take advantage on authorities procurance systems which would assist a turning concern to spread out farther since growing of a concern is of import for prolonging its viability, dynamism and value heightening capacity.

6: Recommendation

Since the chances are at that place and favourable for the turning concern to come in a foreign market, I recommend that a turning concern such as fabrication concern should research these chances and learn from larger makers particularly technologically.

This will assist to increase efficiency, profitableness and fabrication better goods to its clients and win in the industry competition every bit good as deriving a competitory advantage which will assist the turning concern going a larger concern universe broad.

7: Abbreviation

WTO- World Trade Organization

FTA- Free Trade Agreement


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