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Is Victor Frankenstein the Real Monster in the Frankenstein
The name of the novel by Mary Shelley and the central characters both present some logical sense. The very combination of two characters under one name is literary catch. The creature has no real name but has been named the real Frankenstein over time. Victor on the other hand is referred to as the creator of the monster. As the novel unfolds both the creature and the creator try to take the position of the central character. One can viably state that there is an overlapping of traits between the two. But somehow they are starkly different. If the reader analyzes the text there are many facts which might reveal who is the real monster.
Victor Frankenstein belonged to fortunate circle of privileged people, because of his love for science is obsessed with creating something, and finally creates his masterpiece. Although Victor is successful at generating a living creature he is unable to generate the desired HUMAN. “I began the creation of a human being” – Victor Frankenstein (Shelley 54).
Instead he created” a hideous and gigantic creature,” unhealthy withered skin tone on his 8 feet tall existence with “pearly white teeth” in his “straight black lips” (Shelley 43) staring eyes altogether “hideous phantasm of a man” and amassed in “workshop of filthy creation” (Shelley 53)
With his looks of a monster is the creation really a monsterBy rejecting his own creation the creator becomes the real monster. Victor realized the probable danger he is putting the humanity in and shy’s away from being held responsible for it. The creature got hurt by this very hurtful reaction of his rejection and begins a series of sadistic crimes. To the creature Victor gets depicted as a spineless, diminutive being who rejects his own creation instead of owning it. The creature somehow comprehended the fact that he is not liked by the creator and says “Yet…

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