Foreign Exchange Trading Activities Report Finance Essay

Oil Monetary values Travel Up in Flames/9/17/2012/ With all of the tumult and pandemonium in the in-between E at the minute, U.S. may look to other topographic points to happen oil. One of these topographic points could be Australia. Although non mentioned specifically in the article, Australia exports a batch of oil, so this may be a new chance for the Aussie dollar to increase.

State of Europe ‘s Banks: Safe and Stressed/ 9/25/2012/ Exposure to Spain could agitate German banking, but experts say it is improbable to trip a 2008-style clang. I decided to put in the Euro this hebdomad based on an article saying that although, the Euro is under force per unit area at the minute as a consequence of the Greece bond out, the currency still looks to be comparatively stable.

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Asia Gets Tactical With Its Stimulus/10/2/2012/ China has sped up substructure undertaking blessings in an effort to leap get down the economic system. This hebdomad I invested in the Hong Kong currency after reading an article saying that it is seeking to better the economic system with infrastructure undertakings. Based on this I was trusting that this would force the currency upwards.

Hermes remains Upbeat on China/10/9/2012/ France ‘s Hermes International is lodging by an cheerful mentality. It plans to put 10s of 1000000s of euros over the following 5 old ages to develop its dress shop Chinese label.

Once a Darling Australian Dollar Loses Favor/10/16/2012/ Investors are losing favour with the Aussie as a consequence from the slow growing of China. Since China ‘s lag, the Reserve Bank of Australia has lowered rates for the 3rd clip this twelvemonth. Investors no longer see the Aussie as a safe pick with high involvement rates, robust Chinese Growth, and a solid American economic system.

USD/CAD: implicit in bull tendency remains constructive – TD Securities/10/24/12/TD continues to acknowledge upside potency in this brace: “ The underlying tendency higher on the longer-term charts remains constructive and we think it is excessively early to name clip on the broader move up. ”

EUR/USD lower in scopes as expected – UBS/11/2/2012/

A strong US labour market study and a European PMI that confirmed the black image of earlier releases led EURUSD lower within trading scopes, says the UBS squad. “ 1.2840 and 1.2780 should construct, nevertheless, a solid support ” .A ” We would be surprised if this were to be broken in front of US elections as place pickings and possible moves are likely to be really limited until the intelligence is out on Wednesday ” , UBS remarks. “ Greece remains a large challenge for EURUSD, but here besides the parliament decides on Wednesday on asceticism steps ” .

Stating No to Growth in China/11/7/2012/ Although China, may hold merely completed a trade for a huge Cu smelting undertaking, 1000s crowded the streets to protest this trade, which would make a $ 1.6 billion dollar mill that would present a pollution undertaking. What was one time a good scheme for the Chinese may now be backlashing, due to the consequence of more people caring for the environment than of all time earlier. This scheme was a physique at all costs scheme and the Chinese now may hold to believe of something else.

European Stocks Climb on Spain Bailout Speculation/November 13, 2012/ European ( SXXP ) stocks climbed, holding a four-day diminution for the benchmark Stoxx Europe 600 Index, as outputs on benchmark Spanish bonds slipped amid guess that the state ‘s authorities will shortly inquire for a bailout.

GBP/USD extends rally to 1.6050/11/23/12/ The lb accelerated additions versus the dollar after interrupting above to the 1.6 and reached a fresh two hebdomad high propelled by hazard appetency amid think liquidness into the terminal of the hebdomad

EU Clears Spanish Bank Rescue/11/29/20120/ European Union Regulators ok ‘d $ 47.9 billion in euro support for Spain ‘s banking sector puting in gesture a long-run killing. In exchange, four nationalized Bankss agreed to do crisp cuts in their balance sheets and paysheets. These financess and cuts are aimed at assisting the banking sector absorb losingss from the prostration of the existent estate roar.

Nicholas Calabrase

Professor Huiping Li

Fundamentalss of International Business


Reaction Paper

After selling off all places on December 12, 2012, I had found that I had $ 1,001,074.38 in US currency, which is an addition of $ 1074.38. While I found this undertaking to be a good manner to be introduced to the forex market, I feel that there are some things that could be improved upon. First off, I feel that we should hold gone over how the market works in class/how to utilize the package. Although you sent us the web site to present us to the foreign exchange market, the foreign exchange plan that the teacher was utilizing was wholly different than the 1 we had to utilize, which I found to merely confound me more. Besides, I feel that we should hold discussed why certain currencies went up/down and explicate what we should be looking for. Another issue I feel that should be addressed is the figure of currencies that we are allowed to utilize. This figure should be increased because there were excessively many times that I found an article in the newspaper, foretelling an upwards trending currency, merely to recognize subsequently that we can non merchandise with it due to the limited figure of options. Some of the currencies that I feel we should be allowed to merchandise with that would besides give us a better apprehension of the foreign exchange market is:

Danish krone ( DKK )

Mexican peso ( MXN )

New Zealand dollar ( NZD )

Norse krone ( NOK )

Polish zloty ( PLN )

Singapore dollar ( SGD )

South African rand ( ZAR )

Swedish krona ( SEK )

While making this undertaking, I believe that there are some errors that I made that I can now look back on and reflect upon and hopefully alter following clip I do this competition. For illustration one error I made was alternatively of really purchasing the currency of a different state, I merely borrowed from the recognition line. I ne’er really purchased that currency which is why I believe was the ground for my sum at the terminal of the competition for being so near to $ 1,000,000. I did this in the first two hebdomads because I was unfamiliar with the procedure of purchasing a foreign currency with this package, which I believe is something that can be improved upon for following clip.

Another error I believe I made was seting excessively much money into one currency and nothing in others. Throughout the semester, the bulk of money I had invested had gone into the Euro. This was interrupting the central regulation of finance which is ne’er put all of you eggs in one basket, significance do n’t set all of your money into one stock because if it fails, you will be out a batch of money. One of the currencies that I did non usage was the Swiss Franc as I could non happen really many articles in the newspaper stating me to put in it. As I mentioned above though I feel it would be really utile to increase the figure of currencies pupils can take from as, I believe it would do the undertaking more interesting and exciting, every bit good as broaden the pupils ‘ cognition of different states sing their current economic position. Business pupils likely already cognize a batch about the major currencies and the states that they belong excessively as a consequence of the intelligence and media. Including smaller and more minor states will let pupils to broaden their cognition about what is traveling on around the universe everyplace, non merely the major states, which will decidedly assist them in the concern universe.

Although I did hold many issues while making this competition, I believe that there are a figure of subjects that I learned that will assist me hopefully non merely in future categories, but besides subsequently on in life. The first thing I learned was how exchange rates are ever quoted in braces like the EUR/USD. This is a criterion used across the industry. I learned that the first currency listed is the basal currency, while the 2nd is called the quotation mark currency. The currency brace shows how much of the quote currency is needed to buy one unit of the base currency. In most instances, U.S. dollar is considered the base currency nevertheless the lone exclusions to this are the Australian dollar, the Euro, and the Pound.

While making research about how the foreign exchange market worked, I learned that there is a difference between international stock trading and foreign ordinary portion trading. The first difference I learned was with the symbols. For the foreign exchange market, symbols include the root symbol, followed by a colon and so the two-letter currency that I want to merchandise in. This is different from foreign ordinary portion trading in the manner that symbols are five letters long stoping with the missive “ F ” .

A 2nd difference I learned was that with foreign exchange, orders can put to death on primary exchange, or they may be executed on automatic trading systems within the market which is determined by a local agent in each state. This is different from foreign ordinary portion trading in the manner that orders are executed by U.S. market shapers, except with Canadian stocks.

A 3rd difference that I researched did non hold an impact on this undertaking, but will likely be utile in the existent universe. This subject was about committees. With foreign exchange, committees are charged in the local currency. Committees are charged on the trade that covers any glade and colony costs and local agent fees. Another fact is that extra fees such as cast responsibility, dealing levy, and trading fees, that are specific to some foreign exchanges, will be identified as Other Fees at the clip of the trade. There will besides be a foreign currency exchange fee charged if U.S. dollar is chosen as the colony currency. This is different from the foreign ordinary portion market in the manner that committees charged are based on the U.S. domestic stock committee agenda. Besides, foreign stocks that are non DTC eligible are capable to an extra $ 50 fee and foreign exchange fees are embedded in the executing monetary value of the stock ( “ Stock FAQ: international, ” ) . Some types of securities that are DTC eligible are:




Corporate debt and notes

Municipal bonds,

Government securities

Asset-backed securities,

Collateralized mortgage duties,

Equity and debt derived functions, variable-rate demand duties,

Money market instruments

American/global depository grosss,

Shares of closed terminal financess,

Retail certifications of sedimentation,

Unit investing trust certifications

Shares of exchange traded financess

Insured tutelary grosss ( Information for Securities to be made “ DTC-Eligible ” ) .

A 3rd thing I learned was about the benefits and trade-offs of foreign exchange trading. The foreign exchange market trade in over the counter market. This means that there is no cardinal topographic point where trades are made, unlike the New York Stock Exchange. Alternatively the market is made up of all the members in the market trading among themselves. This is an attractive benefit to bargainers as this means that because there is no cardinal topographic point, there is besides small ordinance, which allows for heavy competition between different suppliers to pull the most bargainers and volume to their house. Transaction costs are besides usually lower in over the counter markets when compared to similar merchandises that trade on an exchange.

While I mentioned that the fact that there is no centralised centre as an advantage, it can besides be seen as a disadvantage. The low barriers to entry and deficiency of heavy inadvertence make it easier for houses offering trading to run in a dishonest or deceitful manner. As there is no centralised exchange, the house that you trade is the counterparty to your trade, so if something happens to that house you are in danger of losing non merely the trades you have with that house but besides your history balance ( Waring, 2008 ) .

Overall though, I decidedly believe this undertaking besides helped heighten the class stuff as it provided a hands-on manner to larn the stock market. I learned about how to look for tendencies and about what happens if you do n’t make your research decently. I learned about the differences between exchange traded and over the counter markets. I besides gained valuable penetration on how the market works and how quotation marks are listed in braces, every bit good as the difference between the foreign exchange market and foreign ordinary portion trading. I learned about how to look for tendencies in the market and to non ever believe every analyst ‘s sentiment and hopefully I will be able to use this cognition in the hereafter. This undertaking besides helped me in the manner that I was able to larn the stuff in a manner that best worked for me. I believe that this undertaking was peculiarly great because it gave me a hands-on experience for larning which is the manner I learn the best. “ If you tell me something I will bury but if you show me I will understand ” has truly been the lone manner I have been able to larn over the past 15-18 old ages, which is why I felt it was a great undertaking. Hopefully my suggestions will be taken into consideration and you agree with them so that the following pupil who has this undertaking will be able to hold a greater acquisition experience than I did.


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