FIRST screw press equipment during maintenance please be sure to note the following points

Any machine in use for some maintenance should be carried out, then the FIRST screw press is no exception, doing maintenance please be sure to note the following, in order to make the life of our screw press used more in length.
1. When no suction pump overhaul, if the case of dirt clogging oil network, should washable grease filter. If it is the oil used for a long time, because the precipitate adhering to the inlet valves and causes the shutter does not close together, should be replaced with a new release of oil or old oil filter and clean the inlet valve. If it is the lack of fuel in the tank, the tank can add a little oil, if unpaired vacuum pump can pull out the small piston, and then injected into the oil pressure.
2, screw press to be regularly lubricated with butter or oil each site. General copper sleeve and after adjustment screw sets to work four to six hours plus one oil, bearing in use three months to four months later, cleaned and re-filled with butter.4. Press work three months to four months later, once overhaul.
5 screw press, and maintenance projects are: extra virgin concentric adjustment screw shaft and pressed the case bore; wear inspection pressing screw, pressing bars and a cake ring and other wearing parts. Pressing screw wear occurred in the last three buckle threaded affect productivity when worn, they should be replaced with new. After pressing the wear strip into a circular shape, make virgin bore pressure is reduced. The wear surface amounted to 2 mm interchangeable use, will have to be replaced with a new post on both sides wear.
Cylinder and piston oil spill? Overhaul, if the case of loading up the wrong sized cup due shall be the right way to reinstall cups. If it is the cup rupture damaged, should be replaced with new cups.
6. Valve failure? Overhaul, if there is dirt in the case of oil resulting in the ball valve is not sealed, the safety valve should be cleaned to remove dirt, so that the ball valve is closed. If it is…

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