Firms View On The Merger Economics Essay

Both companies believe that the dealing will make a first automotive corporation ranked in the universe ‘s top three in footings of grosss, market capitalisation and net incomes. The new company was named DaimlerChrysler.

Firm ‘s View on the Amalgamation

Initially before the amalgamation, Chrysler lacked the substructure and direction capacity to travel towards a planetary car company. On the other manus, Daimler-Benz concluded that the addition intense competition in the luxury-car market made it necessary for their house to diversify its merchandise line and distribution channels.

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Indicating out these several demands, the two companies were a complementary tantrum for two grounds:

The former dominant market place was in the United States while Dailmer ‘s was in two regions- Europe and South America where Chrysler lacked a presence in that country.

The company ‘s merchandise lines were complementary. Most of Chrysler net income was earned from sport public-service corporation vehicles and multipurpose tins, whereas Daimler ‘s net income were largely from luxury vehicles

European Commission ‘s View on the Amalgamation

“ The European Commission represents the involvements of the EU as a whole. It proposes new statute law to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, and it ensures that EU jurisprudence is right applied by member states. ” ( European Commission, 2012 )

In 1998, the Commission received a proposal by Daimler-Benz AG ( “ Daimler-Benz ” ) and Chrysler Corporation ( “ Chrysler ” ) to unify. The Commission deemed that the connexion between the merchandise ranges of the two houses is limited. The amalgamation will merely hold a limited consequence on the industry ‘s degree of concentration therefore the place of other rivals remains unaffected. In peculiar, there are no indicants that the amalgamation will raise entry to barriers in the market. Therefore, the Commission has concluded that the proposed concentration is non likely to make or beef up a dominant place as a consequence of which effectual competition would be significantly impeded in the common market or the EEA, or a significant portion thereof.

For the above grounds, the Commission has decided non to oppose the notified operation and to declare it compatible with the common market and with the operation of the EEA Agreement.

Horizontal Amalgamation

The amalgamation between Daimler-Benz and Chrysler is an illustration of a horizontal amalgamation, where one between parties that are rivals at the same degree of production and/or distribution of a good or service, i.e. , in the same relevant market, amalgamations. ( Investigation and Analysis Subgroup, April 2006 )

Increasing Market Power

The chief advantage of horizontal amalgamation is that it reduces the figure of houses in the market that leads to the addition of the “ power ” of current companies that are in the market. These companies are so able to take advantage of the state of affairs and earn monopoly net income. This can be illustrated in the diagram below:


P- Price points, monetary value where consumers are willing to pay.

Q- Matching Quality, the measure sold that lucifers P.

MC- Marginal cost, the addition or lessening in costs as a consequence of one more or one less unit of end product.

D- Demand, attitude and reaction of a consumer towards the product/service he wants to purchase.

Diagram Monetary values falls as the figure of houses fall

Assuming that at point A, Daimler-Benz is runing as a monopoly Company, it is able to put a higher merchandising monetary value and consequence in a duplicate high demand. However, in instances where there is another rival in the market, for illustration Chrysler, there will be lesser demand in the market as there will be more end product, this will do the merchandising monetary value to diminish and therefore, bring forthing a lower net income for the former.

Therefore, the amalgamation of Daimler-Benz and Chrysler will take to a lessening in the figure of houses in the market doing them to gain a higher net income together as one.

Economies of graduated table

The amalgamation provides cost salvaging advantage to DaimlerChrysler through the enlargement of their end product. When they produce their merchandise in larger measures, the mean cost per unit lessenings, hence increasing the profitableness of their company. This can be illustrated with the diagram as shown:


LARC- Long-run norm cost

MES- Minimum efficient graduated table ; point where the smallest sum of end product that a company can bring forth so that the LARC is minimised.

The amalgamation besides provides DaimlerChrysler a broader entree to different unapproachable markets ; this will take to an addition in demand of their merchandise. Therefore by accomplishing economic systems of graduated table through horizontal amalgamation can assist them to accomplish monopoly net income and extinguish competition from the market and cost economy chances.

Economies of range

Third, horizontal amalgamation is able to efficaciously assist DaimlerChrysler to accomplish economic systems of range. Both DaimlerChrysler can portion resources ( e.g. downsizing- as non to hold two individual to execute the same occupation ) to avoid duplicate of fixed cost, therefore taking redundancy. Unifying with Chrysler can besides increase the figure of merchandises promoted at the same advertisement cost, which would merely be paid one time after the amalgamation. Both houses view that it will be more efficient to convey everything into one house, alternatively of doing multiple determinations.

After sing these advantages, it drove both companies to make up one’s mind to unify. This determination was successful and it can be proven in their one-year study as shown:

The twelvemonth before both companies merge, its one-year gross was listed to be $ 166,057. After 1998, the twelvemonth they merge onwards, the company has been invariably doing net income.

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