Financial Statements Analysis In Making Investment Decisions Finance Essay

During the fiscal crisis in 2008, the universe witnessed the bankruptcies of taking houses such as Lehman Brothers or Washington Mutual. These prostrations caused the losingss of many stockholders and stock investors and raised the importance of fiscal analysis in investing. This undertaking looks at the necessity of fiscal statement analysis in investing determination doing with an accent on how to utilize it to uncover possible hazards.

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One of the most of import long-run determinations for any concern is investing with the purpose of doing additions in the hereafter. Investing determinations are concerned with the usage of financess including purchasing, keeping or merchandising and each determination could be critical to a house. A careless determination may ensue in a long-run loss or even worse, bankruptcy. Therefore, an in-depth apprehension and analysis is necessary for a high quality investing determination procedure. This is besides even more critical to investors who invest in stock of company or stockholders. Financial statement analysis is critical in doing effectual stock investing determinations. By analyzing the balance sheet, income statement, hard currency flow statement and statement of proprietors ‘ equity individually and combined, an analyst might hold a good sense of a company ‘s overall fiscal image ; hence, the investing determinations are likely to be sensible and profitable.

I. Understanding of fiscal statements analysis

In order to understand the analysis of fiscal statements, it is necessary to specify fiscal statements.

Harmonizing to Fabozzi ( 2003 ) , fiscal statements are sum-ups of the operating, funding and investing activities of a concern. These studies provide information to both investors and creditors in doing recognition, investing, and other concern determinations. In other words, fiscal statements might be used as a tool to foretell a company ‘s future net incomes.

There are four basic fiscal statements including: the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement of hard currency flows and the statement of stockholder ‘s equity.

First, the balance sheet is a sum-up of the assets, liabilities and equity of a concern at a peculiar clip. Assetss include the resources of an endeavor that are used to bring forth net incomes. Therefore, if a company owns assets, the company can anticipate them to bring forth hard currency influxs in the hereafter. Take for illustration, autos of a cab company will be used in order to function clients and gain income to the company. Liabilitiess are duties of the concern, or in other words, the committednesss to creditors in the signifier of future hard currency escapes. Another factor is Equity, which reflects ownership. This means equity represents the portion of a house ‘s value that is non owed to creditors and therefore is left over for the proprietors. Therefore, equity is the difference between assets and liabilities.

Another portion of fiscal statements is income statement, which is a sum-up of the grosss and disbursals of a concern over a period of clip. Therefore, it shows both the consequences of the house ‘s operating and funding determinations during that clip, and people can besides name this as the net income and loss statement.

Third, statement of hard currency flows is a drumhead over a period of clip of a house ‘s hard currency flows. This statement lists individually its operating hard currency flows, puting hard currency flows, and funding hard currency flows.

The last chief portion of fiscal statements is the statement of stockholders ‘ equity. This provides extra information about equity including the sums and alterations in equity histories ; therefore, it is considered as a nexus between the balance sheet and the income statement.

Apart from the four chief parts, the fiscal statements include notes in order to give extra information to readers. The first notes summaries the company ‘s accounting policies such as methods of stock list accounting, methods of depreciation and foreign currency interlingual rendition. Depending on each company, so there may be extra notes supplying, for illustration, information on amalgamations or acquisitions.

Fiscal statement analysis is a procedure that examines by and current fiscal day of the month for the intent of measuring public presentation and estimating hereafter hazards and potency.

II. What influences the devising of Investment determination?

In order to understand how fiscal study analysis affects investing determinations, it is of import to understand the chief contributing factors of doing an investing determination.

Harmonizing to Cahill ( 2003 ) , the investing determination doing bases on measuring the sector ‘s chances, measuring the company ‘s chances and measuring the value of company. A sector ‘s chances, which are dependent upon the supply/ demand, pricing and cost tendencies within the industry, supply information to analyse a company ‘s chances in more inside informations. Meanwhile, the analysis of the chances for the company is based on four drivers including direction and scheme, public presentation and returns, fiscal places and mentality for net incomes. The combination of these factors determines the value put on a company ‘s portion. After analysing the Numberss and the four factors, it is of import to measure those Numberss with some attacks such as price/earning.

As it can be seen clearly, fiscal statements are indispensable beginning of information in analysing company ‘s chances and in measuring company ‘s value. Therefore, it is safe to presume that fiscal statements analysis is of import in the devising of investing determination.

III. The influences of fiscal statements analysis on investing determination

1. Financial ratio analysis and its consequence

Financial ratio is one of the most of import tools of fiscal analysis. In fiscal ratio analysis, the relevant information that will be processed is chiefly from the fiscal statement informations. A ratio is a mathematical relation between two measures, in this instance is from fiscal statements. By and large, by utilizing fiscal ratios, investors can measure five facets of operating public presentation and fiscal conditions including return on investing, liquidness, profitableness, activity and fiscal purchase.

With return on investing ratios, analysts compare steps of benefits, such as net income or gaining before involvement and revenue enhancements, with steps of investing in order to measure how good the house uses its beginnings in its operations. Therefore, analysts could see increasing their investing into the house if its ratio of net income to entire assets is larger than other houses in the same sector. Furthermore, non merely compare current figures, investors might compare a house ‘s current ratio with its ratio in the yesteryear so that they could hold a position of how good the house operate in the recent period of clip. On the other manus, investors can measure the company ‘s liquidness, which is the ability to run into the short-run duties utilizing current assets, by several ways including current ratio, speedy ratio or net working capital to gross revenues ratio. Take for illustration, a ratio of current assets to current liabilities will supply information about the comparing between assets that can be readily turn in to hard currency and duties that are due in the close hereafter. In other words, by ciphering this ratio, people might cognize the ability of a company to fulfill duty due in the close hereafter ; hence, they could hold an valuable information about the safety of puting in that company. As it can be seen clearly, the higher a house ‘s liquidness is, the more secure the investing is.

Furthermore, professional investors even extend their analysis accomplishment by adding profitableness ratios, which help them estimate how good a house is pull offing its disbursals. With elaborate information in fiscal statements, investor can choose and utilize different profitableness ratio in each instance. For illustration, say an analyst wants to measure how well production installations are managed, it is sensible to concentrate on the comparing between gross net income, which is a step of income that is direct consequence of production direction, and gross revenues. This ratio shows the part of each dollar of gross revenues that remains after subtracting production disbursals ; hence, the analyst might measure the house ‘s ability to pull off disbursals. In general, it would be unwise to put in a company that can non command its outgos suitably ( Akintoye, 2009 ) .

Apart from above ratios, activity ratios can be used to measure the benefits produced by specific assets ; therefore, they would be utile in specific fortunes. For case, a ratio of cost of goods sold to take stock provide information about how rapidly a house has used stock list to bring forth the goods and services that are sold. Another sort of ratios is fiscal purchase ratio, which is used to measure how much fiscal hazard the house has taken on. These ratios are indispensable to measure the safety of investing determination to that company.

Although fiscal ratio analysis aid analysts in measuring a house ‘s operations, hazard and possible returns so that they can make up one’s mind to put in the house ‘s securities or non, this analysis can non state the whole narrative and must be used with attention due to some restrictions such as reading of the ratios or accounting informations.

2. Earning analysis

In order to give out a right investing determination, investors have to calculate the market value of house ‘s securities, or in other words, forecast a company ‘s hard currency flows in the hereafter. However, this is hard and as an option, investors examine the historical and current relation between stock monetary value and some cardinal factors. In many instances, the factor is used to gauge the value of securities is net incomes.

Net incomes are changing in different fortunes ; hence, it is common to utilize different attacks depend on existent instance. For illustration, if an investor is measuring the public presentation of a company ‘s operations, the focal point is likely on the operating net incomes of the company – the net incomes before involvement and revenue enhancements.

By and large, gaining analysis is normally referred to the sum of gaining per portion of stock. In this instance, the EPS ( net incomes per portion ) , which shows how much on each portion is earned by the house in a given accounting period, is widely used. A house with high EPS seems to be a profitable house and is deserving to put in ; therefore, EPS can play a important function in investing determination devising.

However, net incomes can be adjusted by the house itself and in fact, there are force per unit areas that force the house to set its net incomes such as run intoing analyst prognosis or run intoing stockholders ‘ outlook. In peculiar, net incomes can be manipulated utilizing a figure of devices including the choice of stock list method and the choice of depreciation method. The force per unit area to describe invariably increasing net incomes may besides ensue in incorrect gaining study. For illustration, Leslie Fay showed increasing net incomes in 1990 and 1991, even though its concern was non that excellent ( Fabozzi, 2003 ) . Therefore, similar to utilizing fiscal ratios analysis, gaining analysis should be done with most careful attitudes.

3. Cash Flow analysis

Harmonizing to Fabozzi ( 2003 ) , hard currency flow play an of import function in rating and assist analyst cipher the current value of a company base on the present value of its expected future hard currency flow. Furthermore, understanding hard currency flow allows an investor to measure the ability of a house to keep current dividends and its current capital outgo policy without trusting on external funding.

Presently, a house reports its hard currency flows on the statement of hard currency flows utilizing either the direct method, which is describing all hard currency influxs and escapes, or the indirect method, which is adjustment the net income with depreciation and other noncash disbursals. By looking at the dealingss among hard currency flow from operations, hard currency flow from puting activities and hard currency flow from funding activities, an analyst could hold a overview of the house ‘s activities. For illustration, a immature fast turning company is likely to hold a negative hard currency flows from operation and a positive hard currency flows from funding activities because the company rely on external funding. Examination of the beginnings of hard currency flows, particularly over clip, gives analysts a general thought of the company ‘s operations. For case, P & A ; G, which is a mature house, has a consistent hard currency flow. Furthermore, hard currency flow information may assist the analyst identify companies that may meet fiscal troubles. A clear illustration of this instance is W.T. Grant company during 1966-1974 with no definite hints of bankruptcy that were showed on profitableness ratio, turnover ratio and liquidness ratios. However, a survey of hard currency flows from operations clearly revealed that company operations were doing an increasing drain on hard currency ( Fabozzi, 2003 ) .

For above grounds, hard currency flow analysis is an indispensable portion of doing investing determination.


Fiscal analysis is the footing for investing and funding determinations and the basic information for this analysis is the fiscal statement informations. This information can be used to analyse the relationships between different elements of a house in order to supply an overview every bit good as an in-depth position of company ‘s operation and fiscal status. Furthermore, by looking at the deliberate fiscal ratios, in the connexion with economic informations, investor can do judgements about past and future fiscal public presentation and conditions. Besides, net incomes analysis and hard currency flow analysis may supply even more elaborate information about the house, and besides assist investor to see possible hazard. Therefore, it is safe to presume that fiscal statement analysis play an unreplaceable function in doing investing determinations.


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