Financial Analysis Of Goldman Sachs Finance Essay

Considered Wall Street ‘s leading investing bank, Goldman Sachs has an alone history of durable success, rooted in a distinguishable concern civilization in which the good of the house supersedes single accomplishments.

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Company Profile

Considered Wall Street ‘s leading investing bank, Goldman Sachs has an alone history of durable success, rooted in a distinguishable concern civilization in which the good of the house supersedes single accomplishments.

Goldman Sachs was founded in the US in 1869. Headquartered in New York, Goldman Sachs employs over 31,000 people worldwide and has a planetary footmark, with extra major offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Hong Kong. In Europe, Goldman has legion subdivisions in metropoliss including Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Dublin, Moscow and Stockholm. Goldman ‘s first international office opened in London in 1970. Since so, the location has grown to suit over 4,000 professionals in a broad scope of divisions. The U.K. office is now the hub of Goldman Sachs ‘ European activities and a force in U.K. investing banking and securities. The office provides a scope of services, including investing banking, trading and plus direction. In the U.K. , Goldman Sachs has been at the bosom of many of the most important amalgamations and acquisitions,

The venerable Goldman Sachs has a batch of “ number ones ” to its recognition. Goldman played a major function in set uping the IPO markets in the early 1900s ; five decennaries subsequently, it was the first house to concentrate on the institutional gross revenues market. It was besides the first investing bank to make a dedicated amalgamations and acquisitions group, negotiate a trade on the New York Stock Exchange and utilize emerging computing machine engineering to administer its research studies electronically. In 1986, it became the first American bank to rank in the top-10 in M & A ; A volume in the UK. Goldman entered a new epoch when it went public in 1999. A 2nd major alteration came in 2006 when Lloyd C. Blankfein replaced Henry Paulson at the house ‘s top station ( who left the bank to go Secretary of the US Treasury ) . Another large displacement occurred in autumn 2008. After witnessing the sudden bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch ‘s acquisition by Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley-the last two big independent investing Bankss still standing-decided to take affairs into their ain custodies. In the thick of US Congress endeavouring to go through a US $ 700 billion deliverance bundle for large Wall Street participants, Goldman and Morgan both requested to go bank keeping companies. The petitions were granted by the Federal Reserve on 21 September 2008, and since, the houses could run with the backup of bank sedimentations alternatively of holding to trust on bad signifiers of funding. CHANGE / EDIT as this comes from vault 2010

Goldman ‘s concern is divided in three nucleus sectors: 1 ) investing banking, 2 ) trading and chief investings, and 3 ) plus direction and securities services.

The investing banking sector is farther sub-divided in two sectors: fiscal advisory and underwriting.

The investing banking division serves clients in the industrial, consumer, natural resources, wellness attention, fiscal establishments, existent estate, particular merchandises, engineering, media and telecommunications industries. The Investing banking sector is farther divided into two divisions and includes Financial Advisory ( amalgamations and acquisitions ( M & A ; A ) , investitures, corporate defence activities, restructuring and by-products ) and Underwriting ( public offerings and private arrangements of equity, equity-related and debt instruments ) . Goldman Sachs is one of the taking M & A ; A consultative houses, frequently exceeding the conference tabular arraies in footings of dealing size. Goldman offers fiscal advisory services for amalgamations, acquisitions, divestitures and debt and equity capital. The house gained a repute as a white knight in the amalgamations and acquisitions sector by reding clients on how to avoid hostile coup d’etats, moves by and large viewed as unfriendly to stockholders of targeted companies. Goldman Sachs, for a long clip during the 1980s, was the lone major investing bank with a rigorous policy against assisting to originate a hostile coup d’etat, which increased the house ‘s repute vastly among sitting direction squads at the clip. The investing banking section histories for around 17 per centum of Goldman Sachs ‘ grosss.

The trading and chief investings concern is sub-divided into three classs: fixed income, currency and trade goods, and equities and chief investings. It is the largest of the three sections, and is the company ‘s net income centre. The section is divided into three divisions and includes Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities ( trading in involvement rate and recognition merchandises, mortgage-backed securities and loans, currencies and trade goods, structured and derivative merchandises ) , Equities ( trading in equities, equity-related merchandises, equity derived functions, structured merchandises and put to deathing client trades in equities, options, and Futures contracts on universe markets ) , and Principal Investments ( merchandiser banking investings and financess ) . This section consists of the grosss and net income gained from the Bank ‘s trading activities, both on behalf of its clients ( known as flow trading ) and for its ain history ( known as proprietary trading ) .

The plus direction and securities services subdivision is besides divided into three classs: plus direction, securities services and committees. As the name suggests, the house ‘s Asset Management and Securities Services section is divided into two constituents: Asset Management and Securities Services. The Asset Management division provides investing advisory and fiscal planning services and offers investing merchandises ( chiefly through individually managed histories and commingled vehicles ) across all major plus categories to a diverse group of establishments and persons worldwide. [ 40 ] The unit chiefly generates grosss in the signifier of direction and inducement fees. The Securities Services division provides glade, funding, detention, securities loaning, and describing services to institutional clients, including hedge financess, common financess, and pension financess. The division generates grosss chiefly in the signifier of involvement rate spreads or fees.


An alone history of durable success, rooted in a well established, distinguishable concern civilization has enabled Goldman to continuously attract and retain top endowment.

Goldman Sachs has long been regarded by alumnuss as the figure one finish for anyone with aspirations of a calling in banking.

It comes as no surprise that Goldman runs one of the most strict and competitory choice procedure. Goldman recruits for campaigners throughout the universe at all the top universities, including the “ most celebrated London and European ” schools. Merely use if you have top classs both at A-level and uni and brace yourself for a ambitious interview agenda that incorporates multiple interviews and tests to finish.

Campaigners will travel through at least two unit of ammunitions: One firm-wide unit of ammunition followed by another more specific departmental unit of ammunition, will let you to run into with a wide figure and a good cross subdivision of people within the house.

One manner to set down a lasting occupation with Goldman is to first secure a summer internship, which typically lasts 10 hebdomads. Beginnings tell us it ‘s much easier set downing a occupation with GS after the internship which is used as a primary stepping rock for enrolling

alumnuss. Interviews for summer places are n’t that much different from those for full-time slots ( several interviews with people from different degrees in the house, with inquiries runing from general to proficient and concern related ” ) . Summer internships kick off with an orientation to the full house, an debut to its

civilization and a expression at the fringe benefits of working for Goldman Sachs. This is followed by division

specific preparation. Throughout the programme, you ‘ll hold a wise man and a “ brother ” to

lend you aid and counsel. All in all, make certain you bring an appetency to larn.

If you want to leap right in as a full-time analyst, you can be reassured that your pick of degree subject is non of import – Goldman Sachs will see economic experts and historiographers every bit, provided you can turn out you have an involvement in fiscal markets. The house ‘s enlisting ethos says it is “ built upon our belief that

a campaigner ‘s apprehension of the Goldman Sachs civilization is every bit of import as the accomplishments and endowment she or he can convey to the house. ” The interview procedure will give you an chance to run into many of the professionals with whom you may stop up working. At the first unit of ammunition, you will typically speak about your past experience and accomplishments, while the 2nd unit of ammunition will be more proficient and assess how good a tantrum you are for the section you applied for. If you ‘re taken on as an analyst, you ‘ll be treated to ongoing developmental

assignments throughout your old ages in the place, every bit good as exposure to multiple subjects. All in, the house offers really good chances for mobility in a overplus of different waies from the beginning.


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