Junot Diaz was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He and his family immigrate to New Jersey while he was seven years old. He is a big fan of reading, often walking four miles in order to borrow books from the public library. He graduated from Rutgers University as majoring in English. He has creative and simple writing skills, even though English is my second language, I can still understand his writing easily. He started writing books after he graduated college. Fiesta is one of his best American short story.

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Diaz starts the story by saying “Mami’s youngest sister – my Tia Yrma……” in this sentence we can see that this story is in first person point of view and he is a brother of Tia Yrma. After he and his family move into the United States, he said “everybody decided that we should have a party. Actually, my dad decided, but everybody – meaning Mami, Tia Yrma, Tio Miguel, and their neighbors,” he is telling the reader that his dad can decide what the family will do and who is joining. After this, “thought it a dope idea” it means everyone does not like his father this way.

When he says “On the Friday of the party Papi got back from work around six. Right on time. We were all dressed by then, which was a smart move on our part. ” It means they are all scare of his dad. Diaz does not introduce himself until mid story, one of his friend call his name Yunior. He keeps himself as a mystery, so the readers want to keep reading until they find out who he is. He sets up his father as a bad character at the beginning of the story by telling the reader that his father cheats on his mom.

He also writes an essay in school called “My father the Torturer. ” We can see that he does not like his father. He sets up himself as a weak person, every time he eats before he goes on car trips, he will feel sick and vomit. This illness expresses his repulsion and disgust towards his father, he finds out that his mother is suffering his illness. When they go to the party, his father won’t let him eat because his father does not want him to throw up while he is driving back home. His mom and brother cannot inability to protect him.


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