Fayols Four Functions Of Management Management Essay

The first of Fayol ‘s maps is be aftering. The definition of planning is “ specifying ends, set uping schemes for accomplishing ends and developing programs to organize activities. ” ( Robbins, et al. , 2008 ) . Planing is to measure the hereafter and do proviso for it. ( Fayol, 1949 ) . It is taking the enterprise for the program of action that directors carry out the managerial map. Mr.Seet ‘s occupation involves be aftering map. Intelligibly, he is the top degree director, so he has to acquire involved in all the fabricating procedure like planing, procedure planning and stuff planning. The intents of planning is to supply waies, so that employees can organize activities and corporate with each other when they know where the administration is traveling and what they have to lend to make the ends. Hence, Mr. Seet ‘s program is operational programs that specify inside informations of how the overall ends are to be achieved. Apparently, it is a short term programs that covering of one twelvemonth or less, but it is a specific program which all the programs are clearly defined. He set ends of the administration and so interrupt down into sub ends of each degree of the administration. In add-on, be aftering reduces unsteadily by coercing directors to look in front, anticipate and see the impact of alteration. Directors plan to expect alterations and develop the most effectual response to them. Other than that, planning besides minimise waste and redundancy, when work activities are coordinated around established programs, wasted clip and resources can be minimize. Inefficiency become obvious and can be corrected or eliminated. Thus, SMART ( Specific, Measurable and quantifiable, Attainable, Realistic, Time frame ) ends are to be enforce by the directors. Consequently, Fayol ( 1949 ) describes the general characteristics of a merchandise program and the advantages and defects of prognosiss, observing that the best programs, make allowances for eventualities. Fayol ( 1949 ) asserts that it would be utile for those whose concern is direction to cognize how experient directors go about pulling up their programs and returns to place the planning procedure. ( Lamond, 2003 ) .

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The following Fayol ‘s maps would be organizing. Harmonizing to Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & A ; Coulter ( 2008 ) , organizing is defined as “ finding what undertakings are to be done, who is to make them, how the undertakings are to be grouped, who reports to whom and where determinations are to be made. ” Organizing is set uping and structuring work to carry through the administration ‘s end. Mr.Seet ‘s occupation besides involves organizing map. He needs to pull off and split all the undertakings every bit to his workers in order to salvage clip and increase efficiency. Mr. Seet divides all the work activities into separate occupations task to different section like functional section, merchandise section, procedure section and client section. He besides holds meeting for every hebdomad to discourse current jobs, actuate employees and name a squad at commissions. On top of that, if directors change the administration ‘s scheme, the construction should alter to back up the new scheme. Structure is adapted based on increasing degree of complexness and edification. The more everyday the engineering, the more mechanistic the construction can be. Hence, Fayol ( 1949 ) argues that to make an administration it is non plenty to group people and distribute responsibilities, there must be cognition of how to accommodate the organic whole to requirement and how to happen indispensable forces. Therefore, Fayol ( 1949 ) states that “ organizing is to supply the project with everything utile to its operation. ”

The other Fayol ‘s maps is taking. Based on Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & A ; Coulter ( 2008 ) , taking is defined as “ actuating subsidiaries, act uponing persons or squads as they work, choosing the most effectual communicating channels, or covering in any manner with employee behaviors issues. ” The mission of taking is to put the administration traveling. ( Fayol, 1949 ) . The aim of taking is to acquire the optimal return from all employees, while the art of taking remainders on certain personal qualities and cognition of general rules of direction. ( Fayol, 1949 ) . Mr.Seet ‘s occupation includes prima map. He ensures all his workers are in a friendly and comfy work environment. He besides gives preparation and counsel to employees by reding whenever necessary. This can associate to the Katz ‘s human accomplishments and Mintzberg ‘s interpersonal accomplishments. ( Lamond, 2003 ) . Mr.Seet has motivates his employees by offering gross revenues committee and fillip. Harmonizing to Katz ‘s human accomplishments, all degree of direction demand human accomplishments in order to interact and pass on with other people successfully. ( Peterson & A ; Van Fleet, 2004 ) . Therefore, Mr.Seet reflects the demand of taking maps and human accomplishments needed as a top director.

The last Fayol ‘s maps is commanding. Controlling is defined as “ supervising existent public presentation, comparing existent to standard, and taking action if necessary. ” ( Robbins, et al. , 2008 ) . Controling is verifying whether everything occurs in conformance with the program adopted, the instructions issued and rules established. ( Fayol, 1949 ) . Mr.Seet ‘s occupation besides includes commanding map. He has to do certain that the transit or bringing of goods is safe and fast. Orders must besides be taken right and accurately. Besides that, he besides has to do certain that the monthly targeted gross revenues are achieved and the company continues to do net income. In add-on, he has to guarantee the whole procedure is effectual and efficient and besides perfect merchandise quality to fulfill clients. Therefore, the aim of commanding is to indicate out failings and mistakes in order to decide them and forestall return. Besides, the other aim is to lend the smooth working of each section in peculiar and of the concern in general. ( Fayol, 1949 ) . Mr.Seet is involved in occupation like problem hiting for rejected goods and work force deficit. He needs to believe of a manner to work out rejected goods by happening out the jobs, minimise the loss and keep client ‘s trust towards the administration. When there is work force deficit, he needs to do determination whether to engage more employee or working over clip. This besides can be relates to Mintzberg ‘s decisional accomplishments where he must hold thoughts to do the right determinations. ( Mintzberg, 1975 ) .

Management is about sentiments and position points that may change among different persons. This interview has shown that Fayol ‘s four maps were needed by a top director. There are some freedoms on his theory depending on what type of administration is the director pull offing. As a affair of fact, Katz ‘s theory stated that human accomplishment is needed at all degree of direction. His theory is farther explained by Mintzberg ‘s 10 functions of direction under the interpersonal function class. Hence, one theory can non work without the other. Indeed, Fayol ‘s word picture of direction still represents the most utile manner of gestating the director ‘s occupation. ( Carroll and Gillen, 1987 ) .

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