Family Health Assesment Essay

The Family discussed in this paper has two kids and both parents have been married for 17 old ages. The paternal and maternal grandmas are alive. while both paternal and maternal grampss have died of bosom disease. The maternal grandma lives with the household. The household assessed was interviewed two times and both times. the interview took topographic point in family’s place and lasted for 30 proceedingss.

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The writer of this paper has used Calgary Family Assessment theoretical account in measuring the household. which is an incorporate. multidimensional model based on the foundation of systems. cybernetics. communicating and alteration theory and influenced by post-modernization and biological science of knowledge ( Wright & A ; Leahey. ) . For complete appraisal to take topographic point as described by this theoretical account. a sense of importance and unfastened communicating was established between nurse and household. The household was encouraged to go to interview together. Name callings of household members have been changed to protect their privateness & A ; confidentiality.

Structural Assessment It is meant to place the composing which consists of internal and external construction of household and its connectivity. Internal Family Composition Immediate household consist of male parent [ Tim ] and mother [ Maria ] who are a married twosome and together they have two boies ; older boy ( Jim ) aged 14. younger boy [ Jacob ] aged 10. grandma [ Gia ] and favored Canis familiaris [ Sheenu ] aged 2 old ages. Gender Both genders seem equal in this household. Differences in genders were non apparent. Tim and Maria both consider themselves as breadwinners of household.

Tim goes on concern trip for hebdomads and Maria work long hours to do household financially secure. This was apparent when Maria stated. “I want to do certain that we have everything for nice life and best instruction for Jim and Jacob” ( Maria. October 16. 2010 ) . Gia stays at place and does all the cookery and expression after Jacob and Sheenu. Love. regard and grasp for one another’s part to the household unit were apparent in this household. Sexual Orientation The sexual orientation among the twosome is heterosexual. Both Jim and Jacob stated their involvements for misss. and are heterosexual.

Any other sexual orientation will non be accepted by the household due to family’s civilization. Rank Order Gia is 60 five old ages old. Tim is 40 seven old ages old and Maria is 40 five old ages old. Jim is 14 old ages and Jacob is ten old ages old. There is a spread of 4 old ages between Jim and Jacob’s birth. The household takes pride in adverting that everybody was born in October. Jim and Jacob. both are tall and fine-looking. Physically they have similar characteristics but Jacob is healthier than Jim. During household interview Jim opened up easy and talked while Jacob was rather and answered merely when specifically asked.

Jacob was holding more non verbal communicating than anybody else in the household. Based on observation of interviewee there was sense of equality between Tim and Maria but Jim seems to hold some sort of control over Jacob. Before stating anything Jacob would look towards Jim. The twosome province that Tim complete out-of-door household undertakings while Maria trades with household issues. Tim referred Maria as “Finance Minister of family” ( Tim. personal communicating October 16. 2010 ) Subsystems Dyad subsystems were apparent in the household. Gia is playing function of female parent. grandma and keeping the whole household together.

Tim and Maria seem really near but Jim and Jacob were non so near. Jacob was seeking to avoid Jim all the clip. He was comfy sitting closer to Gia and changed to another couch when Jim sat beside him. There was strong bond between female parent and boies every bit good as grandma and grandchildren. The bond between boies and male parent was non so strong. Father’s tone of speaking to sons’ was important. The female parent was chucking her sons’ back and was rather cheerful while speaking about her boies ; male parent would merely smile and admitted that his married woman knows more about childs because he pass more clip off from place.

The whole household agreed that if there is any job or issue within the household. everybody would sit and discourse to screen out the job. The household could be described as close knit. Boundaries The household has set some clear boundaries. Jim is non allowed to hang out with friends without his parents’ permission. The seniors in the household and outside household are to be treated with regard and love. Both Jim and Jacob have been taught to strike hard at door before come ining and seek permission to utilize or borrow anything whichever does non belong to them ; to give a sort of regard to each other.

Both the male childs have to finish their instruction. Jim and Jacob have been given pick to analyze whatever they want and their instruction will be paid by parents. Maria stated “all the basic necessities like nutrient. vesture lodging will be met by us every bit long as the male childs are analyzing ; if they keep altering their head every twelvemonth about their hereafter surveies ; so this is wastage of clip and money. Equally long as they have definite programs for a calling we are all right with that ; if the male childs don’t want to analyze they have to travel out and happen their ain living” ( Maria. personal communicating. October 16. 2010 ) .

External Extended Family Maternal grandma lives with the household. Maria has three sisters. All are married and unrecorded in Michigan. Tim’s female parent. brother and sisters live in New York. All of them stay in touch with each other via phone. Tim has a cab and dawdler concern in New York and visits his household twice a month and corsets with them for twosome of hebdomads. Maria’s household lives in the same metropolis and visits each other rather frequently. Maria’s sisters’ come to assist her when needed. if Tim is off on concern trip.

The sisters’ kids and Maria’s boys sleepover at each others’ topographic points and acquire along good. Gia admitted that the sisters stand by each other in thick and thin. Be it a household illness or children’s school job or any other assignment they are ever at that place to assist each other. Larger Subsystems Family visits their temple one time in a hebdomad to state their supplications and socializes in their community. Other than this the household does non hold any connexions with any other spiritual organisation or community bureau. Context Ethnicity/Race /Religion/Spirituality

This household is South Asiatic. originally from India. and immigrated to United States in 1992. Both Tim and Maria are Hindus ; they have regard for all faiths. They have non forced their faith on kids and are free to follow any faith. Environment This household lives in safe. high in-between category vicinity in a two narrative four sleeping room house with finished cellar and a large forepart and back pace. They live closer to shopping promenades. food market shops. schools and library. Home is 10 stat mis off from Maria’s topographic point of work but she don’t mind driving as place is in safe and secured country.

Developmental This household is upper-middle category household and harmonizing to Calgary wellness appraisal theoretical account the household is in phase four of household life rhythm. In this phase households frequently increase flexibleness of boundaries to include children’s independency ( Wright and Leahy. p. 91 ) . While detecting household interactions. there was typical parent-child relationship. The parents would maintain rather when adolescent wanted to speak. Functional Assessment Instrumental Activities of day-to-day populating Tim works less ; since he has concern in New York ; about two hebdomads in a month he spend over at that place.

Whenever he is in Michigan he merely stays place. Maria works full clip. During her twenty-four hours off she takes attention of house and kids. Jim and Jacob go to school and they are minor to work outdoors. Jim does non assist household with family jobs like cutting grass and taking snow. Expressive Emotional and Verbal communicating Family was respectful to each other’s sentiment and gave everyone opportunity to talk a. Gestural communicating was besides present. They were nodding in blessing or disapproval. There was clip when Jim was disrupting parents to implement his statement instead than listening.

Roles/Influences and Power When asked about functions and power sharing between household members. all of them smiled at each other. Maria stated male childs do assist but its Jacob who helps more in making jobs than Jim. Jim normally put refuse outside for choice up. Jacob assist his ma by hoovering the house and seting dishes in the dish washer and taking Sheenu out for walk. Maria does all the food market shopping and Gia cooks nutrient for the household. Maria has function of married woman. female parent and girl which she is transporting with duty. Tim has function of male parent and hubby. Gia has function of female parent and grandma.

Jim and Jacob have functions of boies. grandsons and brothers. Family Strengths and Challenges The family’s strength lies in attachment to their cultural norms. beliefs and values and desire to organize strong relationships with other civilizations. The household uses the resources available for their wellness attention needs ; visits doctors for one-year physicals and dental test. The household wants to go through the positive things about their civilization to following coevals like regard. trust and trueness. Being educated and believing in healthier relationship is besides strength of household.

The challenge for this household is the behavioural jobs of adolescent boy within the household and outside the household ; which is a beginning of emphasis for household. During the 2nd interview Tim was non present due to concern trip and kids were off to school. Gia admitted that Jim is holding some behavioural jobs. to which Maria besides agreed. Maria stated “Since he is a adolescent it is truly difficult to maintain him under control like other childs but he do hold some problems” ( Maria. personal communicating. October 20. 2010 ) . The job started with Jim reasoning with instructors at school.

He would express joy in category for no ground ; doing other pupils to express joy and upseting category. He used to reason a batch with instructors ever emphasizing that he is right which was disrespectful. At place he gives difficult clip to Jacob and Sheenu. Gia stated that he comes home earlier than Jacob and every bit shortly as Jacob comes place ; Jim would non allow Jacob in or would state him that he is a also-ran or stating that cipher loves him. When Jim says something like that. Jacob would get down shouting. Gia stated that she does non wish to step in as Jim is in wont of forcing others and she is scared that if he pushes her ; she will fall and can acquire a break.

Jim besides yells at Sheenu. When Jim is home Sheenu would wish to remain with an grownup to hold a sense of protection. Jim’s behaviour at school and place had brought a batch of emphasis for the household. Maria admitted that she was made to sit in his category to watch Jim’s behaviour while he was non cognizant of Maria’s presence and was moving as a buffoon in the category. Asked about Tim’s reaction to his son’s behaviour. Maria stated that Tim see it normal for growing and development. Maria seems to be rather concerned about his son’s behaviour.

Maria agreed that his behaviour jobs started in in-between school. He would come place and state narratives about male childs selling “candies” in the school and he had put up those confects in his cabinet. The confect narrative made Maria worry about his son’s company and acquiring drugs. Without farther oppugning Jim ; following twenty-four hours Maria had a meeting with school principal and Jim’s cabinet was searched in presence of Jim. Maria. chief and two other instructors. Nothing was found and Jim could non give any description of the individual selling “candies” and what they look like.

He admitted that he was merely playing a gag on his ma. After this he stopped stating prevarications and shifted his focal point on being a buffoon in the category. When he comes place after school ; he normally takes a sleep and so stays up whole dark to watch telecasting or play games. The following twenty-four hours he would kip in the category. Jim does hold some behavioural jobs but he is a homely cat. After coming place from school. he likes to remain place and pass some clip with Maria stating about school activities. Jim’s behaves good in Maria’s presence. The family’s chief concern is to alter Jim’s behaviour.

Summary of Assessment The household operates within near knit system ; holding internal and external harmoniousness among friends and extended household. In footings of finishing the household rhythm. the female parent is seting excess attempts for seting to the fact that she is female parent of a adolescent while the male parent has laid back attitude towards his son’s behaviour. The male parent needs to take duty to happen grounds for his son’s behavioural jobs. Give the fact that the teenager spend most of his clip in school and at place. intercessions should be directed at equal influences.

Harmonizing to Erickson’s phases of development the adolescent is traveling through constitution of individuality versus function confusion ( Kozier et al. . p. 325 ) . The demand for independence and household support creates conflict between adolescent and household. The family’s ability to get by with emphasis affects the wellness of single household members. and the wellness of this single household member influences the family’s ability to get by ( Kaakinen et al. . p. 65 ) . Guidance demand to be presented in a manner that the adolescent feel loved.

The above sum-up will be footing of wellness publicity for this household. Health Promotion Plan The ends of wellness publicity program will be to integrate all persons of the household within intercessions. The wellness concern of the household should non be for single member but for household as unit. The wellness program will be aimed at bettering dimensions of household life. advancing wellness of this household. Family is considered a most of import portion in a child’s growing and development. Open communicating. child-parent interaction can hold a positive consequence on child’s development.

To halt an inappropriate kid behaviour. first we need to cognize the triping event to that behaviour. It’s of import to merely concentrate on piquing behaviour instead than knocking the kid. The adolescent in this household has attending seeking behaviour in school. He should be encouraged to take part in school games ; to deviate his head and energy from unacceptable behaviours. More clip demand to be spent with him. Since both his parents are busy in their occupations and other duties ; they are passing less clip with the kids.

The adolescent is at hazard of developing other wellness jobs like smoke. imbibing and dropping out of school. For bar of those risk behaviours among adolescents ; clip devoted to shared activities is of import for the child’s healthy development. Parent’s instruction. their motive in favour of healthy life style. positive thought. counsel every bit good as encouragement to acceptable behaviours can cut down the manifestations of hazard behaviour among the striplings. Monitoring what adolescent is watching on telecasting and cyberspace will assist in cut downing jobs.

Both the parents are educated ; they should do the adolescent aware of their outlooks from him. A sense of trust should be developed between adolescent and parents to assist his passage into maturity and to go independent. responsible. communicative immature grownup. The kid should be encouraged to be a function theoretical account for his younger brother and should be rewarded for taking duty. Making him cognizant of inappropriate behaviour will assist him in make up one’s minding right and incorrect. Inappropriate behaviour should be ignored and appropriate behaviour. must be reinforced.

Positive support used instantly after appropriate behaviour like offering congratulations instantly after the behaviour will assist. Puting bounds for watching telecasting and entree to internet and doing regulations for traveling to bed at specific clip will assist in covering with jobs at school. The parents have already recognized the demand for seeking reding for their boy. The female parent has taken the duty to travel with him or he can speak in private to counselor about his job. After traveling for 2-3 Sessionss the household has observed positive alterations in teen’s behaviour.

Decision Of all the intercessions discussed supra. the most applicable in implementing wellness publicity program for the household assessed in this paper will be the parent-child interaction. Interaction between them will assist in forestalling other wellness jobs in stripling like imbibing. smoke. The parents should show their ain behaviour in a positive manner. so that kids can larn from them. It is clip that household should pay close attending to teenager’s behavior jobs to protect and forestall him from developing other wellness jobs.


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