Family Assessment using Calgary Family Assessment Model Essay

The household involved has two kids and both parents who have been married for near to 15 old ages. The grandparents to the kids are alive with the exclusion of the paternal grandma who died of a bosom status. The household visits infirmary to seek medical attendings for their adolescent boy who presents conditions near to what is seen in asthma instances. The kid is accompanied by both parents and a closer expression shows his fancy for both parents. The interview starts with the nurse asking when the symptoms were foremost experienced by the ill kid.

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The female parent seems ready with the replies though as the interview progresses. the male parent french friess in a statement or two. of class the ill kid excessively has his ain spot of the narrative which he does non shy from uncovering. After a continuance of half an hr. the nurse wraps up the interviews while detecting that the household has particular concern for their seek kid and the job is shared by both parents. Though they have taken long to dissociate the symptoms with any other status for illustration a chronic cough. they readily agree that their household has antecedently suffered instances of asthma.

Interestingly the instances are common in both drawn-out households. The nurse besides recognises the willingness of the household as represented in the twosome to back up their kid in the procedure of medicine and healing. The household is besides willing to put clip and other resources to guarantee that similar wellness jobs do non confront the household in future. Family Assessment During subsequent visits. the nurse engages the household in a more vigorous appraisal advised and based on the Calgary Family appraisal theoretical account.

For the appraisal to take castle as espoused by this theoretical account the nurse created a sense of importance to the household go toing the session. He built communicating nexus and opened resonance between him and the clients. He encouraged the client to see themselves as a individual unit instead than persons in the system of household. This was done in instruction and information Sessionss which the clients were encouraged to go to either unambiguously or a group of clients. The nurse took the earliest minute to explicate to the said household about the appraisal theoretical account he intended to utilize.

When information is given to the client prior to their enquiry on the same. assurance about the system is built and rapid and free information exchange follows. The nurse therefore saw this as opportune. Highlight of the theoretical account were given capable to the looks in Wright. and Leahey. ( 2002 ) as classs of household life owing from its structural. developmental and functionality dimensions. Each of these dimensions in regard to this household is discussed below: The structural appraisal is meant to place the composing and connectivity of the household within and without.

In other words it explains the internal construction of the household. the external construction and the context which the household finds itself. The household was composed of two married grownups in their late mid-thirtiess and two kids all from this matrimony. One aged 14 old ages and the other 8 old ages. the latter is male and the former female. The male parent was observed as the caput and the staff of life victor while the female parent played a major function of taking attention of the kids. She besides did portion clip work amounting to twenty hours a hebdomad. which means that she was available for the childs most of the clip.

The sexual orientation among the twosome is heterosexual. Any other orientation would be frowned at since the household is Catholic. When the male parent is non at work. he spends his clip with the kids though the male child has complained to the female parent that the pa seems fond of the sister. Except for this. the household can be described as close knit. Externally. the household is related to the grandparents mentioned supra. A thanks giving dinner is served at the paternal grandparents place which must be attended by all their kids and grandchildren. This place has three siblings.

One of them has since moved to Asia for a occupation with a development bureau. He seldom comes to the US and after enduring divorce with his married woman. he seems to hold cut communications with the household. The old folks are really fond of their expansive kids. The expansive Dendranthema grandifloruom even made a point of sing the ill male child. The household besides has household friends most of whom comprise of adult females who attend the same church. The male parent does non speak much about friends. He says his nature of work does non let him much socialization though he is glad plenty to welcome those who appear courtesy of the married woman.

The kids are fond of their schoolmates. The male child confided to the female parent the other dark that she was eyeing some miss at school. One of the family’s friends has a girl with a similar status which was diagnosed two old ages ago. The female parent has been really helpful in promoting and sharing her experiences with this household. The context of this household can be summarised as follows: their race is Caucasic. their great expansive parents are said to hold migrated from England in the early 16th century. The male parent is employed in white collar employment working as an comptroller in a securities house.

This leaves his household basking a in-between category income degree. The household lives in a comparatively safe vicinity free from instances of drug maltreatment. packs and other types of anarchy and kids attend public school. As mentioned earlier the household is Catholic. At least the female parent accompanied by her kids go to church every Sunday. Both parents have expressed deep feelings in supplication and hope that God will mend their ill kid. During her trim clip the female parent is occupied in be givening a flower garden in the backyard.

An enquiry on whether any of the flowers and shrubs would be precipitating her kid status leaves her distraught. She does non believe that she would make anything to ache her kids. In so far the developmental dimension is concerned. this household has gone through the typical phases. Sally remembers lovingly the first meeting with her in-laws and the sort words she received from Joe’s male parent. Their nuptials was a little church nuptials at Sally’s place good attended by their households and friends. During the 2nd twelvemonth of their matrimony. Ralph was born to them. The 2nd kid so them wait longer.

The gynecologist they were seeing talked of secondary sterility attributed to Sally but after probes. Joe sperm count was found low. After intervention and support from Sally. the 2nd kid was eventually conceived and born through cesarean subdivision. The household is comfy with these two kids. Their purpose is to give them the best attention and instruction. There is something else worrying Sally about Ralph other than his complaint. He seems so robust and athletic. In fact he is involved in most athletic competitions in his category and even dramas football for the school squad.

Sally believes that these activities will merely decline his status. Joe has tried to convert Sally otherwise without success. During our last meeting. which Joe did non go to because of work committednesss. Sally explained her quandary. On my portion. I showed her the positive portion of her son’s behaviour and the fact that exercises would assist the healing procedure. I besides explained to her that as an stripling female parent. she ought to supply more infinite to her kids so that they may seek their ain individuality. Marie is acute to larn music and is taking concert dance categories. The kids do non come home early any more from school as they used to.

May be its clip Sally considered a more occupying occupation as portion of her mid life calling accommodation. On the other manus. Joe has merely been promoted to the place of the main finance officer. The lone clip that he seems to hold clip for the household is merely on Sunday. In footings of functional appraisal. the household has been rated as extremely functional in accomplishing the everyday responsibilities. Children go to school. repasts are shared. economic sciences demands are good taken attention of. parents study to work on clip and they turn up for modus operandi or arranged meeting with friends and medical forces.

Emotional communicating is reasonably good. The twosome look up to each other for emotional support. Joe gave up his imbibing so that he could come place early and be with the married woman. Sally confided to me that their sex life is reasonably active. The kids look up to their parents for comfort and support. Sometimes the same comfort can besides be sought from expansive parent. Verbal communicating is rather good. The twosome nevertheless said it is something they had to work on. They remember during early in their matrimony Joe was fond of kicking that Sally was making all the speaking.

Frequent phone calls are made to each other during the twenty-four hours. Their kids are rather articulate in showing themselves. a quality they may hold taken up from their parents. though unambiguously. Marie has been noted to throw fits really frequently until it was discovered that she was holding jobs with her 4th class mathematics instructor. Sally is the primary house keeper and it follows that jobs of the place appear to her first manus. She has learnt to work out them and confer with Joe latter. Sometimes there are differences on how each supposes the jobs would be solved.

Joe has sometimes complained though lingua in the cheek that Sally may be assuming his powers. Sally is non worried by these comments. She believes that if every thing else is to run swimmingly. so she must seek and be in charge which she has reasonably succeeded in making. During one of the visit. Sally remarked that her hubbies smoking behaviour might hold spurred their sons’ unwellness. I was surprised because their was nil I had seen in Joe to indicate to the wont to which she clarified that he had quit smoke after an uncle of his was diagnosed with lung malignant neoplastic disease secondary to smoking coffin nail.

This was when Ralph was three old ages old. Apparently. no respiratory conditions presented to the male child at that point in clip. I besides mentioned that Joe should go to a regular cheque up merely to guarantee that his wellness is good. Summary of appraisal The appraisal discussed above may be summarised as follows: The household operates as near knit system which finds harmoniousness internally and externally even among its extended relations and friends. This sort of set up is really ideal for advancing its wellness concerns. The household has equal resources required to be invested in wellness direction.

The lone constrained resource might be clip since it is spent in geting the other resources. In footings of finishing its household rhythm. patterned advance is seen though the female parent of the household need to set more attempt to seting to the sense that she now is a female parent of adolescents and non yearlings. Given that the ill member is a adolescent. who spends much clip in school. intercessions may be directed to the school scene and equals. Expressive operation is reasonably good though there are noteworthy power battle among the twosome and open attending seeking by the miss.

The cardinal failings is that this household has enjoyed reasonably good wellness enchantment and may non react as adequately to the required intercession out of taking things for granted. There is besides some component of switching incrimination for the cause of the diseases afflicting them. hence. instead than credence and job resolution. quality clip may be spent in denial and bargaining which do non in anyhow ease the disease status. Facts are besides ignored in portion in favor of believes and biass. Exercises in most instances will help the healing procedure instead than discourage it.

It may look like common sense until you come face to confront with biass. Finally. belief in God may assist in appositional head set. All the same the consequence of this would hold been much better in instances where the grownup is enduring because there is greater resoluteness as opposed to a kid or adolescent. This drumhead will organize the footing of wellness publicity schemes adopted in covering with these instance as suggested by Thomlison ( 2007 ) and Wright. and Leahey. ( 2002 ) . Health Promotion Plan The wellness publicity program will hold the undermentioned ends: To integrate every member of the household within the intercession.

To consolidate the wellness attempt into one unit. To run into the wellness concerns for the household as a unit and non for single members. and to guarantee that the family’s long-run wellness demands are addressed. Harmonizing to Thomlison ( 2007 ) . the wellness program should be aimed at advancing. prolonging and bettering the dimensions of household life identified above. These ends will be actualised through the undermentioned schemes: Organizational committedness This requires that the wellness establishment that fosters the wellness publicity program for households provide equal attendant resources to assistance and ease the procedure.

Documentation should be provided. scheduled meeting. locations. and general support from direction required. Support should be seen to be given to nurses every bit good as clients go toing the plans. Policies Time should be taken so that sound clear cut policies can be prepared. The publicity program involves assessment which in itself is go throughing on information which is extremely confidential. Policies should steer the users of this information and protect the giver from abuse and confidentiality breaches. Advocacy

Advocacy means traveling a measure farther to guarantee that the demands of the client and his household are met under the program. Sometimes clients may necessitate more than medical attention. therefore nutrient. shelter and so on. Its therefore up to the nurse using this scheme to guarantee that he lobbies for these demands for his several client. The nurse should besides try to tackle resource available in the household set up where they are presently unavailable in application. Educational resources Information and deficiency of it about diseases and accommodation to the fact of the disease is one of the greatest hindrance.

Information should hence be sourced and disseminated to the households take parting in the program in timely interval. This information will steer determination devising and action doing the wellness program to win. These four schemes are adopted from Nursing Now ( 1997 ) . Decision Of the four schemes highlighted supra. the most applicable in edifice and implementing a wellness publicity program for the household discussed supra is educational resources since the household needs factual information to reenforce its believes and to spur action.

Information will besides guarantee them on how to forestall other wellness conditions from repeating. Advocacy will besides play a portion in guaranting that the resources available within the household scene are made available to the wellness attention program. May be its clip Joe committed more resources in doing his married woman more fruitful calling wise other wise the household may stop up coping with more serious and vague wellness jobs originating from depression.

It is expected that the system and constitution will back up the program in footings of policy and substructure.

Mention Nursing Now ( 1997 ) . “Issues and Trend in Canadian Nursing: The Family Connection” . No. 003 September 1997. Canadian Nurses Association. Thomlison. Barbara ( 2007 ) . Family assessment enchiridion: An introductory usher to household appraisal and intercession ( 2nd ed. ) . Thomson: Belmont. CA. Wright. L. M. . Leahey. M. ( 2002 ) Nurses and households: A usher to household appraisal and intercession ( 4th edition ) . Philadelphia: F. A. Davis.


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