Factors influencing brand purchase decisions

Aim of research: In position of the increased degree of merchandise development, selling and selling activities for private label branded household paper merchandises by NTUC Fair Price supermarket retail merchant in the past three old ages, the chief purpose of this research is to happen out the socio and economic profiles of NTUC clients who purchase house trade name family paper merchandises and assorted factors which influences their trade name pick determinations for this merchandise class

1 ) Key Aims

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The cardinal aims of this research are to:

Understand the socio-economic and demographic profiles of NTUC Fairprice clients who buy house trade name family paper merchandises in NTUC supermarkets in Singapore

Surveying and analyzing the responses from pre-determined different client sections will help in finding the profiles of clients who buys these merchandises.

Identify and understand the factors act uponing their trade name purchase determinations on purchasing house trade name family paper merchandises versus national makers ‘ trade names

The factors to be researched will include the undermentioned:

the sections of clients who purchase this class

the type of sub-categories and merchandises purchased

grounds for buying the sub-categories and merchandises

any discrepancy in purchasing behavior for different usage occasions

By mapping the respondents ‘ sensitivenesss to assorted elements in the retail and selling mixes, it will assist find the factors which will act upon their buying determinations on this house trade name class. Knowing the cardinal factors will supply valuable information to NTUC Fair monetary value class and selling squads on how to tap into the ‘black box ‘ of the clients ‘ heads and be able to market suitably to act upon them to get down purchasing or increase dealing and frequence of purchases

Understand the impact of NTUC Fair monetary value family paper merchandises house trade names development, selling and selling plans act uponing the trade name pick determinations of their shoppers. By appraising respondents ‘ receptivity and actions towards assorted selling and selling activities, it will assist find the function these activities play in impacting respondents ‘ purchasing determinations

2 ) Value of the research

The chief purposes of this research is to supply NTUC Fair monetary value supermarket concatenation a study out on the social-economic and demographic profiles of clients sections who buy their house trade name family paper merchandises, the factors act uponing their trade name pick determinations and how their selling and selling plans may hold impacted these determinations. The study will besides include recommendations for the class for the direction of NTUC to see implementing to farther physique on the class. Secondary purpose is to measure any alterations in attitudes and purchasing behavior towards this class over the past three old ages

The chief value of this research lies in supplying NTUC Fair monetary value an apprehension of the client sections and cardinal drive factors which influence their purchasing determinations on house trade name family paper merchandises. Armed with these pieces of information, retail merchants will be able to better on their selling, class development and selling plans to efficaciously make these client sections. It will besides supply a sense cheque on whether shoppers are now more receptive to purchase these trade names over the last three old ages. This cognition will assist set up the growing potency for these trade names and will supply as another valuable beginning of information for NTUC Fairprice in explicating their scheme for house trade names household paper merchandises

The other country of value will be around utilizing the acquisition and findings on how selling and selling activities may hold influenced clients ‘ purchasing determinations. Knowing the impact of their selling and selling activities on act uponing client picks will assist better concern planning. It will besides cast

some visible radiation on whether holding grocery private label trade names help engender clients to retail merchants ‘ shop trade names and construct brand/store trueness.

3 ) Prior research in this country

A large organic structure of research and diary documents have been written on shop trade names in European and American food market retailing. For local context, apart from food market research conducted by AC Neilsen, KPMG and Interbrand, really small research has been done on local shop trade names. Prior research in this country included Professors Kusum L Ailawadi & A ; Kevin Lane Keller published paper in Journal of Retailing 80 ( 2004 ) on understanding retail stigmatization and how that influences client perceptual experiences and thrust shop pick and trueness. Professor Ailawadi besides jointly published documents on analysis and relationship between shop trade names constructing shop trueness and whether it is profiting retail merchants. Professor Steve Burt in 2000 published a paper in European Journal of Marketing on ‘The strategic function of retail trade names in food market retailing ” . His appraisal of the development of retail trade names within British food market retailing over last 25 old ages will assist us pull parallel lessons on understanding their function and impact upon the company ‘s scheme and how to develop NTUC Fairprice paper house trade names into trade names consumers will comprehend as equal in properties to makers ‘ trade names. Professor Kevin Lane Keller focussed his published work on researching how consumers evaluate trade name extensions and methods to analyze them in the visible radiation of trade name direction. The published plants by Livesey, F. and Lennon, P. ( 1978 ) , Myers, JG ( 1967 ) , Rao, T. ( 1969 ) , Rosen, D.L. ( 1984 ) and Cummingham, ICM, Hardy, AP & A ; Imperia, G ( 1982 ) besides focused extensively on assorted facets of consumer perceptual experiences and attitudes towards store trade names. Consumer behavior and selling scheme books are besides available as resource to pull penetrations for this research work.

4 ) Methodology to Research

a ) Approach of the research

The purpose is to utilize the non chance attack to interview shoppers to understand their use of supermarkets for their non-food food market shopping, the selling mix elements which influence their purchase determinations, their consciousness of and experiences with house trade name family paper merchandises and NTUC Fair monetary value class activities impacting their perceptual experience of this class. Sampling techniques used will be a combination of convenience and judgemental sampling.

The findings from the primary research will cast some visible radiation on the factors act uponing their perceptual experience and receptivity towards these store trade names and accordingly, may impact their purchase picks

B ) Quantitative and Qualitative Research

It is proposed that quantitative informations be collected via a shopper questionnaire conducted through electronic mail & A ; personal interviews. Questions will be structured to set up who buys and what actuate them to purchase these private label merchandises. There will besides be inquiries examining into societal economic and demographics profiles of these client sections, their class purchases, spend per visit. The grade of influence retail merchants ‘ class activities impacting purchasing picks and edifice trade name trueness will besides be investigated. These findings will help in station analysis of assorted variables within the research. The sample of shoppers required for farther qualitative informations aggregation will be ‘post-pay ‘ shoppers interviewed at NTUC shops

Effort will be made to guarantee minimum mistakes at point of informations aggregation but consideration should be given to shoppers who did non take part or subject uncomplete questionnaires. Questionnaires will be screened for truth and completeness and sampling mistakes accounted for in analysis and feedback


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