Factors Impact On Hiv Aids Health And Social Care Essay

HIV is a virus that can go through from human to human by unprotected sex, during gestation, kid birth and breastfeeding, from the usage of acerate leafs contaminated with septic blood, occupational exposure, organ contribution and blood transfusion. This peculiar virus can merely infect people, it reproduces itself by taking over a cell in the organic structure of its host, and it weakens your immune system by destructing of import cells that fight diseases and infections. HIV is transmitted in a really specific manner during sexual contact, when holding anal, unwritten or vaginal sex, through blood stream, during gestation or when giving birth. ( AIDS.org 2010 ) AIDS is a disease caused by the HIV virus, which attacks the cells responsible for defense mechanism of the organic structure immune system, go forthing individual vulnerable to timeserving diseases. ( Whelan, 2003 )

There is no remedy to HIV/AIDS and intervention start when CD4 cells falls to a critic degree, whether in presence or absence of any symptoms. The intervention consists in taking several drugs such as Ritonavir, Atazanavir, Sustiva, Retrovir and Combivir, these antiretroviral drugs combined with immunization moving in different topographic points and phases of the virus rhythm will guarantee it prevents the virus from retroflexing and will assist the immune system to mend.

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HIV/AIDS is found throughout the universe, impacting all parts but most prevailing in hapless states. There are around 40 million people globally infected with HIV, including 2.7 million who became infected last twelvemonth entirely, bulk high degree occurs in developing states such as Sub Saharan Africa, which holds a lurid 67 % of the HIV septic population worldwide and South East Asia with 11 % . North America and Central Europe has seen the biggest increased of infections with 30 % rise since 2001, to which reached an estimated 2.30 million people in 2009, with heterosexual transmittal stand foring 50 % of the new infections. North Africa and Middle East has a lower degree of HIV grounds, although there is still concern approximately high hazard factors, as stigma and favoritism is peculiarly felt, which means the epidemic could stay concealed. HIV is among the taking causes of decease worldwide, and figure one cause of decease in states such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Nigeria and Uganda with an estimation 5 thousand deceases a twenty-four hours. ( UNAIDS 2009 )

Our programme in UK focal points on instruction and bar, harmonizing to the Health Protection Agency ( Health Protection bureau repost 2010 ) there was 6.136 studies of new diagnosing of HIV in the UK. In 2009, an estimated 86.500 people were populating with HIV in UK, about a one-fourth of who were undiagnosed. Harmonizing to new studies ( UNAIDS2012 ) the rate of HIV infection is increasing quickly among adult female in coloring material, peculiarly African American adult female and Latinas, recent statistics indicate that among people with AIDS in the United States the proportion of adult female of coloring material has increased dramatically and that adult female may represent up to one half of the Aids instances in the hereafter.

Its undeniable that HIV and AIDS is more than of all time lay waste toing onslaught on adult female, most notably on African adult female. Harmonizing to UNAIDS, HIV rates are higher among adult female than work forces. Besides Gender in HIV is n’t equal and this may be due to stigma, associated with HIV/AIDS particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV positive males are non willing to unwrap their position to their married womans doing hold in seeking attention. There seems to be a clear difference in the timing of HIV/AIDS diagnosing between male and females. These ties into Feminist theory which would reason that in patriarchal society adult females are more likely to contract and to out much subsequently after being infected than work forces. Feminists would province that this is because society expects adult female to be conservative and faithful to their spouses, nevertheless this does non protect adult female from HIV if their spouses maintain multiple spouses and do n’t utilize protection during intercourse. Even when adult female happen out their Hiv position, they have to unwrap to their spouse instantly if they want to procure fiscal assistance for intervention. On the contrary, society tolerates work forces with multiple spouses. Woman who feel powerless in their relationship are less likely to protect themselves against HIV exposure. These perceptual experiences of impotence are the consequence of a secondary position like exposure to force, restricted economic chances and experience of racism and subjugation.

The Marxist attack in contrast, would province that the capitalist nature of these 3rd universe states leads to a state of affairs of poorness ; where there are fewer chances with regard to instruction, work, nutrition and lodging. Besides people who are in the lower socio-economic category tally greater hazard of infection and have limited attention options at their disposal once they have been diagnosed with HIV. They are besides more likely to contract the disease by usage of acerate leafs and drug pickings. In this instance wickedness by societal place is exacerbated by gender unfairness. Cultural patterns contribute greatly for the spread of HIV in most of the African state, Circumcision, witchery and other rites are still practiced today, where the same instruments are used for over 20 people at the clip with no sterilization in between, so the virus can be transmitted in this manner.

The Internationalist attack on labeling theory can do person with HIV/AIDS create a major individuality issue where by the person labeled can get down to believe that their HIV/AIDS label becomes WHO they are and non a disease they have. Sort of like a ego fulfilling prognostication where they truly believe it, it becomes their maestro so alternatively of placing themselves as a female parent, sister, friend, adult female, etc they see themselves as HIV positive female parent, friend etc. This can impact everyone and anyone but would look to impact the people from poorer locations therefore the more deprived/working category more than the in-between category because the on the job category are already labeled ; benefit sloven, hapless, etc.Also this might impact the individual with HIV/AIDS households excessively, through other people labeling the full household.

HIV is n’t merely a biomedical factor, as its chief concealed bias dramas in the psychological side affecting many attacks of this chronic unwellness, the psychological side of HIV/AIDS plays a great function non merely to the sick person but to his household, health professionals and friends. Populating with a chronic unwellness can take to psychological emphasis that can construct over a long clip. Peoples populating with HIV/AIDS are more likely to be diagnosed with major depressive upset. Children populating with this virus may hold decreased societal operation in comparing with their equals.

The psychological attacks that are to be discussed are the cognitive attack and the behavioural. The cognitive attack does look into the instruction of the kid ‘s household about HIV/AIDS. They must understand intervention options and the importance of attachment to the prescribed medicine regimen. The household should besides be educated sing the symptoms of the disease patterned advance and possible side effects of the medicine, this manner household will cognize what to look for when the patient becomes badly. The cognitive attack besides includes instruction specifically for the patient, the development and appropriate apprehension of why they see the physician and why they take medicine.

The behavioral attack consists of the affect of the chronic unwellness in the day-to-day life of the HIV positive individual, and household, the patient medicine and clinic visits demands to be a portion of day-to-day life, although they frequently require major accommodations and topographic point strain on household, friendly relationships, relationships and modus operandis. These are merely some of the psychological factors that may impact those enduring with HIV, other include the likeliness of depression and anxiousness about the hereafter.

This concludes that HIV can be prevented and treated although we still live in a universe where 1000000s are being infected every twenty-four hours and intervention is out of range for most that needs it. Everyone affected by HIV needs pressing attention and support, and for many this is wholly out of range, more demands to be done so life salvaging drugs is entree by everyone and support available to those in demand. Merely this manner HIV positive people will be treated and affected groups are supported. ( William 2006 ) Worldwide runs are demanding for cosmopolitan entree in bar, intervention and attention. This would decelerate down the spread of HIV and would stop the hurting and agony of 1000000s of work forces, adult female and kids. ( Adler2012 ) Although without more financess and concentrate on bar, infections will go on to lift, intervention ends will ne’er be met and 1000000s more will decease. Universal entree is necessary, and accomplishable from all of us. ( Colm 2008 ) Africa relies in two of import stairss in order to contend this pandemic, instruction and poorness. Education as merely this manner immature kids, adult female, and work forces cognize how to protect themselves and are cognizant of the danger of HIV/AIDS, and poorness because if people have something to eat, they do n’t necessitate to sell their organic structures in order to feed their household. Behavioral alteration is the lone thing that can do states like Africa a better state, information and airing is the key. Practical and equal rights are needed between work forces and adult female. A fact that is ignored by those who can do a difference.

HIV/AIDS is non merely a medical status but besides has political, societal, psychological, economic and demographic branchings that need to be dealt with. However, research turn toing HIV/AIDS countries outside the biomedical side of research is limited. While non yet curable, HIV is preventable and treatable. But under capitalist economy, bar instruction and intervention do n’t make the hapless, because there is no immediate net income to be gained. AIDS spreads most quickly where instruction and health care are missing and where superstitious notion and fundamentalism dominate, forestalling people from accessing the information they need to do healthy sexual picks.


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