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Welcome to the Psychological Research Design and Analysis 2 faculty. This faculty usher has been written to reply inquiries to which you will likely desire the reply to at the beginning of the faculty. In this faculty you will analyze more advanced research designs and their analysis, edifice on the old faculty Psychological Research Design and Analysis 1. The faculty is taught through hebdomadal talks and practical categories. Appraisal is in the signifier of a written scrutiny, a research proposal and brooding commentary on the research procedure.

This is a nucleus level-2 faculty for all pupils. It is a year-long faculty and is deserving 20 credits. As it is a level-2 faculty, it will lend towards your concluding class. We hope that you find the faculty utile in assisting toward the successful completion of your degree programme. Research design and analysis 2 is disputing you to go a better research worker ; your success is critically dependent upon your attending. You will larn a great trade, and this will be important for your advancement through your BSc ( Hons ) Psychology programme, including your junior thesis undertaking and undertakings related to other faculties.

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Faculty Purposes

The faculty aims to ease the development of cognition of and accomplishments in utilizing advanced research designs, including the usage of quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques. It besides aims to ease the development of the accomplishments required to compose and reflect upon the development of a research proposal.

Module Content

Module content includes conceptual issues in advanced research designs including experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental quantitative research designs and quantitative informations analysis in relation to ANOVA, multiple comparings, power analysis and multiple arrested development. A assortment of qualitative methods and analyses will besides be considered including questioning accomplishments, thematic analysis, discourse analysis, life grids and phenomenology. The faculty to boot includes Sessionss covering literature searching, developing a research proposal and reflecting on the research procedure.

Teaching & A ; Learning

The faculty is delivered hebdomadal via a one-hour talk and a two-hour seminar.

Lectures are indispensable and used as a get downing point to enable you to get cognition of qualitative and quantitative research methods and analysis. Active acquisition takes topographic point in seminar categories ; they are besides indispensable and build upon talk stuffs to develop your research design and analysis accomplishments. Seminar Sessionss besides enable you to develop or better your accomplishments in utilizing specific computing machine package that is used for informations analysis. Blackboard ( hypertext transfer protocol: //blackboard.tees.ac.uk/ ) is used to supply learning resources for the faculty and proclamations that are specific to the faculty.

The one-hour talk and a two-hour seminar category are critical for you to go to in order to come on on this faculty.

In seminar Sessionss you will carry on exercisings, giving hands-on experience with the faculty ‘s subjects and, crucially, rehearse the usage of statistical processs with and without the usage of SPSS and carry on psychological experiments, including informations aggregation. Experiments will be undertaken during the faculty which will be portion of the faculty test and therefore it is important that you attend.

Main acquisition results

On successful completion of this faculty you should be able to

Evaluate critically and choose from alternate research methods in more complex state of affairss.

Apply numerical and statistical accomplishments and qualitative research analysis skills to the analysis of advanced research designs.

Formulate a research inquiry and design an empirical survey to ease its probe.

Show the ability to separately develop a research proposal and critically reflect upon the procedure of developing a psychological research proposal.

Use written communicating accomplishments to show a research proposal.

Use specializer package appropriate to the analysis of advanced research designs.


Students are expected to go to all talks, seminars, workshops and any other scheduled instruction activity e.g. thesis supervising. It is through interpersonal exchanges with coachs and equals that experiential acquisition and the testing of thoughts takes topographic point and the University has strong grounds that good attending is related to success in appraisals. Attendance will be monitored and if there is grounds that you are non prosecuting with University surveies so you may be withdrawn from the programme.

The talks are indispensable as a starting point for developing cognition of advanced research designs. Similarly, the practicals are indispensable as a starting point for developing accomplishments in the usage of constructs and processs related to these designs, in peculiar the usage of analysis techniques. Lecture notes will be ‘published ‘ through Blackboard, but they can ne’er capture all that is taught in a talk. Likewise, theoretical account replies to practical exercisings will be published, but they can ne’er capture all that is taught in a practical. It is hence indispensable that you attend every session and registries will be taken. Experience from old old ages has shown that independent survey, including exercisings to rehearse, is necessary to successfully go through the appraisals. If for some ground you can non go to a peculiar talk or practical please reach the faculty leader ( Helen Brookes ( hebdomads 1-11 ) , Katherine Swainston ( hebdomad 12 onward ) ) .


You must utilize your place infinite on your library pupil history when utilizing Personal computers during faculty practicals and other Personal computers in the university. It is your duty to take attention of doing back-ups. It is recommended that you make back-ups utilizing a memory stick ( ‘flash memory ‘ ) . Failure or loss of electronic storage devices and files will non be accepted as a ground for late entry of class work. Data sets and other larning stuffs will be provided. All electronic acquisition stuffs and other indispensable information will be available through Blackboard.

SPSS version 16 for place usage is available free to all current pupils via a secure login.

The pupil nexus is: hypertext transfer protocol: //nethelp.tees.ac.uk/NetHelp/Home/ A

This nexus is besides signposted from the IT helpdesk site.

Seminar administration

After allotment to seminar groups, you will non be able to alter unless there are exceeding fortunes that have been accepted by the faculty leader.

Contact inside informations

Module leader ( hebdomad 12 onwards ) & A ; coach: Katherine Swainston, K.Swainston @ tees.ac.uk, ext. 8013

Module leader ( hebdomads 1- 11 ) & A ; coach: Helen Brookes H.Brookes @ tees.ac.uk, ext. 2331

Module coach: Susan Becker, S.Becker @ tees.ac.uk, ext. 2349

Module coach: J.Mason @ tees.ac.uk, ( village country )

Module coach: Jill Richmond, J.Richmond @ tees.ac.uk, ext. 2341

Module coach Dave Woodhouse, D.Woodhouse @ tees.ac.uk, ext. 2336

Contact inside informations of all staff learning on the faculty will besides be given through Blackboard.

Module programme

Lecture: Mondays, 11.00am – 12.00pm

Seminars: Weekly two-hour categories

Allotments to seminar categories will be made during hebdomad 1.

Seminar times





1.00pm – 3.00pm



3.00pm – 5.00pm



11.00am – 1.00pm



4.00pm – 6.00pm



9.00am – 11.00am



10.00am – 12pm



11.00am – 1.00pm



2.00pm – 4.00pm



Formative Assessment ( does non number towards your concluding faculty grade )

Workbook: You will be finishing week-by-week a workbook that is specific to this faculty. You tutor will measure your advancement at finishing the workbook during the seminars and will supply feedback to you on your public presentation.

Research proposal: Using equal reappraisal, you will measure another pupil ‘s research proposal before they manus in their concluding proposal and another pupil will measure your research proposal before you manus in your concluding proposal. The formative appraisal allows you to measure your ain public presentation, receive feedback and place countries for betterment that would be required for the summational appraisal.

Summational Assessment ( does number towards your concluding faculty grade )

Summational In-Course Assessment ( 40 % of the faculty grade )

The in-course appraisal consists of:

1 ) A written single research undertaking proposal with a 2000 word bound ( 30 % of the faculty grade ) . The proposal is based on a research subject and a relevant cardinal publication chosen by pupils. The proposal includes the undermentioned subdivisions:

Front sheet ( non included in the word count )

Title page ( your rubric merely is included in the word count )

Introduction subdivision including:

Background literature ( brief overview )


Research inquiry, purposes and aims

Hypothesiss ( for quantitative research designs )

Methodology including:





Ethical considerations


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