Face Cross Cultural Ethical Conflicts Economics Essay

Even though there is greater uniformity since the beginning of globalization MNEs face cross cultural ethical struggles in some states and hence they will hold to be really cautious before come ining into those states to forestall station entry issues which can take to failure of the concern in that specific state taking to loss due to immense investing which will travel otiose. Directors who are involved in the entry of MNE to the mark state will therefore be a great challenge. Having a anterior experience in come ining new state is necessary necessities but so it is non sufficient as no two states are precisely similar in environmental factors. We will meet the questionable pattern like corrupting which may be acceptable in that civilization but against the moralss of the administration. The jurisprudence, ordinances, authorities control vary between states and sometimes this can be out of the blue to greater extent. Google was successful in most of the states but they had to confront a litmus trial when entered to China

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Google, headquartered in Menlo Park – California, is a universe leader in hunt engineering and has a important presence in cloud computer science, electronic mail, digital advertisement and other cyberspace related merchandises and services. It is one of universe ‘s most admired companies and employs more than 21,000 people in its offices universe over. The company ‘s gross in 2009 was 23.651 bn USD, while the net incomes were 6.52 bn USD. The company is celebrated for the inventions in the field of cyberspace and a work civilization that is paralleled by really few companies in the vale, or even the universe. Every twelvemonth Google attracts some of the finest endowment because of its advanced civilization. The company has made a batch of acquisitions over the last five old ages to derive a bridgehead in assorted merchandise countries. Google today has a strong presence in even nomadic engineering with its new operating system for nomadic phones, Android.

Mission and Vision

The company ‘s mission is “ to form the universe ‘s information and do it universally accessible and utile ” . The unofficial motto of Google is “ Do n’t be Evil ” .

Key Statisticss

Number of waiters: 1,000,000

Number of hunt questions per twenty-four hours: 1,000,000,000+

User generated informations per twenty-four hours: 2 X 10^16 B

Merchandises and Servicess

Google besides has merchandises for desktop application. Some of the noteworthy 1s are Chrome, Picasa, Google Talk, Google Earth etc.


Google has systematically ranked in the top 5 of the universe ‘s best topographic points to work and the most powerful trade names in the universe. Google has besides started a philanthropic unit with 1bn USD start-up fund.


Google gets bulk of its grosss from its digital advertisement service, “ Google Adwords ” . It is used by advertizers to advance their merchandises. Google places the ads on relevant pages. “ Google apps ” is the other major beginning of gross for Google. Most of the services of Google are offered free to users


Google has been criticised on right of first publication, privateness and censoring issues. Google caches content of other web sites on their web sites and it has attracted unfavorable judgment from a batch of web sites including “ The New York Times ” . Google ‘s Google Library plan -Google ‘s effort to scan and transcript books – has besides attracted category action suits from The Author ‘s Guild. Google ‘s entry into China and its attachment to the censoring policies has besides been rather controversial. There have besides been allegations of sexism and agism against Google.


Sergey Brin and Larry Page started working on a hunt engine as portion of their research at Stanford University. They were both making their Ph.d. at Stanford. They developed a new engineering called PageRank for better hunt consequences. The merchandise was ab initio named “ BackRub ” . The company was incorporated on September 4th, 1998, at a friend ‘s garage in Menlo park, California. The name was arrived at after playing with the word Googol, which means 1 followed by 100 nothings.

In grand 1998, the first support, of 100,000 USD, came from Sun co-founder Andy BechtolsheimA even before the company was incorporated. The company raised USD 25 million from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins.

Some other Key timelines are:

September 1998: Google opens its first office in Menlo Park, California

June 2000: Google becomes the universe ‘s largest hunt engine

August 2001: Google opens its first international office in Tokyo

August 2004: Google offers 19,605,052 portions @ 85 USD per portion as portion of the IPO. Google raised USD 1.2 billion

January 2006: Google China goes unrecorded in China

June 2008: Google enters into an advertisement contract with Yahoo

November 2008: Google pulls out of the understanding with Yahoo on the dorsum of antimonopoly concerns raised by U.S Department of Justice

Google has championed the cause of unfastened beginning for rather a piece. It has supported unfastened beginning undertakings like Mozilla Firefox and besides made a batch of its ain APIs available to developers the universe over. Some of the acquisitions of Google are: Youtube, Keyhole, DoubleClick, Postini, Admob etc. ,

Entering China

China has about 350 million cyberspace users, more than any other state in the universe. The growing chances in China were merely excessively large for Google to non demo involvement in the state. The on-line advertisement market was turning at a rapid gait.

*Source: www.iresearch.com

As can be seen from the on-line advertisement market size in China, the market grew at 49 % twelvemonth on twelvemonth from 2005 to 2006. The growing rate in the four old ages taking to 2006 was 111.9 % , 71.8 % , 76.8 % and 49 % and it stood at 3.13 billion in 2005 and grew to 4.66 billion RMB by 2006. The market was expected to turn at more than 30 % per twelvemonth for the following five old ages.

Porters diamond

Factor Conditionss

Skilled labor was available in copiousness in China

Most of engineering was sourced from US itself

The hunt consequences had to be routed through firewalls

The company had to take a licence to run from China

China besides offered really high skilled low cost labor for Google

Demand Conditionss

There was a quickly increasing population of cyberspace users

There was a flourishing on-line advertisement industry

There was a demand for a service like Google that could assist users surf through the web

There was no major participant in the market

The potency was immense but the limitations were to be followed

There were a batch of immature people who knew about Google because of the trade name image

Related and back uping Industries

The economic system was flourishing and there were a batch of engineering companies that were coming up in China

Companies that advertised online was turning every bit good

China besides had a turning hardware industry which was really of import for Google because of the sum of informations it has to hive away

Firm scheme, construction and competition

There were high barriers to entry

Companies had to use and acquire licences before their operations could get down

The policies of China are really restrictive

Censorship plays a really of import function in China

Baidu, the following biggest rival, was still really little

Beginning: Wikipedia.org

Political, Legal and Economic factors impacting the possibility of practising an international concern in China

Freedom from Internal Control: In China, citizens need to make full out paper plants in the local constabulary sections where they relocate to a new topographic point. This demand for migrate workers to register paperss enable the cardinal nose count agency to carry on their study in population and overall economic statistics. However, citizens are free to make their wealth anyplace else in the state.

Freedom of Speech: While a batch of people worldwide knock China ‘s freedom of address are excessively limited, but in China, freedom of address are manner better. Peoples in China are free to show and to pattern their involvements.

Effective, Fair Police Force: China ‘s constabulary forces are pretty just, Although little corruptness on occasion go on in little towns, which instances like that would finally come up and higher functionaries will work out the instance from the underside, once more, there is a really thin opportunity for it to go on. But unluckily, China ‘s constabulary forces still need to work on their effectivity. The beginning indicated offense solve rate in China among different portion of the state are about 22.7 % . Compare to European state like Bulgaria, their crime-solving rate are at 80 % .

Private belongings: In China, Private belongingss are on a 70 old ages lease bases from the cardinal authorities. However, belongingss are available for local citizens and aliens every bit long as they provide designation to turn out the name usage to register for the belongings is as present and all legal registered belongingss are recognized nationally.

Commercial Banks: In China, there are more than 20 commercial bank which offer all sort of loans to concern and event personal loan. The banking sectore support to concern be it domestic or international is applaudable. About half of the entire sum lend goes to little and moderate-sized companies and persons, in line with a authorities call to hike domestic demand by back uping smaller companies and private ingestion.

Communication Systems: With the large-scale publicity of China ‘s domestic 3G-network development and application, the nomadic phone-based nomadic Internet influenced citizens ‘ life greatly. Visible chatting, nomadic phone Television, high-speed nomadic Internet entree and other applications appeared one after another. The ever-increasing endorser figure besides testified it. All the accessible communicating helps concerns to link with their web, therefore increase the efficiency in concern minutess.

Transportation system: China ‘s transit transform has achieved greatly. China besides has great railway and flight coverage all over the state, these help the economic system growing enormously.

Education: The instruction quality is reasonably good in China. Comparing to the USA, the ration of the colleges and universities pupils are much lower, is a consequence of greater limitations to come in a university in China.

Social Mobility: Nepotism yet still appears in some township degree functionary choice, But when it comes to enterprise, together with the blossoming economic since the early mid 80 ‘s and early 90 ‘s, entrepreneurships have grown quickly. And this phenomenon has happened to all degree of Chinese people since so, including the hapless 1s from rural countries whom were drop out of school due to poverty. Some of them were merely with 20 U.S dollar capital at the beginning, and they have the chances to go proprietor of today ‘s multi million endeavor.

Freedom from Outside Control: Undeniably, China is one of the strongest states in the universe, the state does non confronting any menace from other states, Chinese citizens are merely under China ‘s legal power. A

Border Control: Surely China has a really rigorous boundary line control policy and force in attempt to check down illegal activities, protect state ‘s stableness. Despite the rigorous boundary line control, China still receive drug smuggles from Northern Burma and Laos.

Currency: The lone official currency in China is CNY ( Chinese Yuan ) . Any foreign currency has to interchange to CNY foremost in the bank in order to make concerns minutess.

Cultural, linguistic communication homogeneousness: There are seven major Chinese idioms and many bomber idioms. Mandarin ( or Putonghua ) , the predominant idiom, is spoken by over 70 % of the population.

Political Effectiveness: When it comes to relief inevitable natural catastrophes and terrorist Acts of the Apostless, China does it efficaciously, the latest Sichuan Wenchuan temblor cogent evidence of this. By the first twenty-four hours of the catastrophe, China cardinal authorities direct out over 182 squads of medical squads that include 42 epidemic bar squad, 8 psychological science intercession squad, and field operation blood station, brought in more than 4000 exigency crews at the really beginning, in consequence, reduced decease toll. The timely, complete, and effectual work received high acknowledgment from W.H.O.

Institutional Stability: Chinese authorities puts forth attempts in maintain state ‘s stableness, hence under leading by the Communist party, schools, tribunals, cardinal and local authorities, and other organisations in the state are stable. Again, most of them have been established for more than 60 old ages in China.

Honest Government: In recent old ages, China has prosecuted many corrupted persons or authorities functionaries, and it is go oning fight against corruptness.

Common Laws: China has improved significantly in honing her common jurisprudence, particularly for the last decennary. Although there is room to better, but compare to how the justness it was before, persons are more likely to have effectual and just justness.

Cardinal Bank: The cardinal last month raised involvement rates for the 3rd clip since April 2006 to assist cut down the hazard of speed uping rising prices and plus bubbles. The Chinese cardinal bank ‘s historical usage of measure tools alternatively of monetary value tools is rather consistent with China ‘s history as a centrally planned economic system. After all, the whole thought behind cardinal planning is to hold a contriver dictate measures produced, instead than leting monetary value signals to state houses how much of what to bring forth. Under the cardinal bank manage, there is no bank filed bankruptcy. However, China ‘s monetary value of export goods have risen for the last 8 months, which indicate the rising prices.

Government Debt: Analysiss prove that China ‘s foreign and domestic debt. Foreign debt poses no menace to China. Although China ranks high in footings of entire foreign debt, the comparative size of its foreign debt to GDP is little, and all its hazard exposures are low. Besides, China ‘s foreign exchange militias are much higher than entire foreign debt outstanding. As for its domestic authorities debt, the figure is big but manageable.

Foreign Trade Impact: In 2008, China ‘s GDP reached 4,421.6 billion U. S Dollar, sum of import and export 2,561.63 one million millions, which it is about 58 % of GDP. As a consequence, put China ‘s economic system in a really unsafe place since it ‘s major income depended on foreign trade, if the foreign market goes down, China will surfer the same consequence if non more.

Protection of Foreign Currency Earning Enterprises: China has a comparatively rigorous jurisprudence on both domestic and export merchandise, yet deficiency of execution, reportedly companies took slacks, exported unqualified merchandises to other counties, for illustration, the latest toxic lead plaything from China, and toxicant pet nutrient. These instances non merely do public out call, but specially amendss the over all feeling of China ‘s export industry ; strike foreign purchasers ‘ confident in Chinese merchandise. On the other manus, China promote export endeavor by offering revenue enhancement return, range up to 13 % of the entire sum, depend on single merchandise imply to China usage ordinance.

Pro-business Climate: Since the early 80 ‘s, China starts to recognize the critical function concerns play: Creating occupations, cut down poorness rate, bring in revenue enhancement gross, and promote state ‘s prosperity. Therefore, authorities encourages and helps concern arise in a batch of ways: Frequent clasp concern forums in motivate enterprisers start their start their concerns, offer loans to entrepreneur at a low involvement rate, and lower revenue enhancement and so on. Entrepreneurs are extremely respected among Chinese people and the authorities. Overall, the clime for concerns is really positive.

International Security Agreements: No uncertainty that China is a strong state, seemingly does non have any international menace from other counties.


Since fall ining the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) , China has strengthened its legal model and amended its IPR and related Torahs and ordinances to follow with the WTO Agreement on Traded-Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights ( TRIPs ) . Despite stronger statutory protection, China continues to be a oasis for forgers and plagiarists. Harmonizing to one right of first publication industry association, the buccaneering rate remains one of the highest in the universe ( over 90 per centum ) and U.S. companies lose over one billion dollar in legitimate concern each twelvemonth to buccaneering. On norm, 20 per centum of all consumer merchandises in the Chinese market are counterfeit. If a merchandise sells, it is likely to be illicitly duplicated. U.S. companies are non entirely, as plagiarists and forgers target both foreign and domestic companies.

Though we have observed committedness on the portion of many cardinal authorities functionaries to undertake the job, enforcement steps taken to day of the month hold non been sufficient to discourage monolithic IPR violations efficaciously. There are several factors that undermine enforcement steps, including China ‘s trust on administrative alternatively of condemnable steps to battle IPR violations, corruptness and local protectionism at the provincial degrees, limited resources and developing available to enforcement functionaries, and deficiency of public instruction sing the economic and societal impact of forging and buccaneering.

Cultural Practices in China are drastically different than that of other states. Following are the basic characteristics:


Conservative suits for work forces with elusive colourss are the norm.

Womans should avoid high heels and short sleeved blouses. The Chinese scowl on adult females who display excessively much.

Subtle, impersonal colourss should be worn by both work forces and adult females.

Casual frock should be conservative as good.

Work force and adult females can have on denims. However, denims are non acceptable for concern meetings.

Uncovering vesture for adult females is considered violative to Chinese business communities.


Do non utilize big manus motions. The Chinese do non talk with their custodies. Your motions may be deflecting to your host.

Personal contact must be avoided at all cost. It is extremely inappropriate for a adult male to touch a adult female in public.

Do non indicate when speech production.

To indicate make non utilize your index finger, use an unfastened thenar.

It is considered improper to set your manus in your oral cavity.

Avoid acts that involve the oral cavity.

Gift giving is a really delicate issue in China – See international concern gift giving.

It is illegal to give gifts to authorities functionary nevertheless ; it has become more platitude in the concern universe.

It is more acceptable to give gifts either in private or to a group as a whole to avoid embarrassment.

The most acceptable gift is a feast.

Quality composing pens as considered favorite gifts.

The undermentioned gifts and/or colourss are associated with decease and should non be given:

Redstem storksbills

Straw sandals

A stork or Crane


Anything white, bluish or black

Always arrive on clip or early if you are the invitee.

Do non discourse concern at repasts.

Do non get down to eat or imbibe prior to the host.

As a cultural courtesy, you should savor all the dishes you are offered.

Sample repasts merely, there may be several classs.

Never put your chopsticks straight up in your bowl. By puting your sticks upright in your bowl your will remind your host of joss sticks which connotes decease.

Do non drop the chopsticks it is considered bad fortune.

Do non eat all of your repast. If you eat all of your repast, the Chinese will presume you did non have plenty nutrient and are still hungry.

Womans do non normally drink at repasts.

Tipping is considered contemptuous, nevertheless the pattern is going more common.


Bowing or nodding is the common salutation ; nevertheless, you may be offered a handshaking. Wait for the Chinese to offer their manus foremost.

Applause is common when recognizing a crowd ; the same is expected in return.

Introductions are formal. Use formal rubrics.

Often times Chinese will utilize a moniker to help Westerners.

Bing on clip is critical in China.

Appointments are a must for concern.

Contacts should be made anterior to your trip.

Bring several transcripts of all written paperss for your meetings.

The determination devising procedure is slow. You should non anticipate to reason your concern fleetly.

Many Chinese will desire to confer with with the stars or delay for a lucky twenty-four hours before they make a determination.

Present and receive cards with both custodies.

Never write on a concern card or set it in your billfold or pocket. Transport a little card instance.

The most of import member of your company or group should take of import meetings. Chinese value rank and position.

Develop a working cognition of Chinese civilization.

Allow the Chinese to go forth a meeting foremost.

Before that we analyzed factors that were alone to China like communist regulation, political control over freedom of look, economic factors and so ethical issues originating out of the customized merchandise:

China is now an investing Eden for investors. It is on tops in rankings, even it is figure one in most rankings. The ground is the altering and bettering value of China, because of authorities ‘s inducements and ordinances, and inexpensive work force for the investing and production, peculiarly in labour intensive fabrication. What ‘s more, the state overtook the United States in pulling FDI in 2002, and it may good go the universe ‘s largest economic system in 2020 ( Yin et. al. , 2005: 3 ) . For case, there is an index called Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index including the ranking of states which have possible investing chances. FDI Confidence Index tracks the impact of the likely political, economic and regulative alterations on the foreign direct investing purposes and penchants of the leaders of the universe ‘s prima companies. The Index is computed as a leaden norm of the figure of high, medium, low and “ no involvement ” responses to a inquiry about the likeliness of direct investing in a market over the following 1 to three twelvemonth period. Index values are based on non beginning state responses about assorted markets. All Index values are calculated on a graduated table of nothing to three, with three stand foring extremely attractive and zero non attractive.

From international houses ‘ position, a major ethical quandary confronting houses from democratic states is whether they should make concern in totalitarian states, such as China, that routinely violate the human rights of their citizens. There are two sides in this issue.

Some argue that puting in totalitarian states provides comfort to dictators and can assist shore up up inhibitory governments that abuse basic human rights. For case, Human Rights Watch, an organisation that promotes the protection of basic human rights around the universe, has argued that the progressive trade policies adopted by Western states toward China have done small to discourage human rights maltreatments. Harmonizing to Human Rights Watch, the Chinese authorities stepped up its repression of political dissenters in 1996 after the Clinton disposal removed human rights as a factor in finding China ‘s trade position with the United States. Without investing by Western houses and the support of Western authoritiess, many inhibitory governments would fall in and be replaced by more democratically inclined authoritiess, critics such as Human Rights Watch argue ( Hill, 2005: 80 ) .

On the other manus, it is known to all that the ground of why transnational houses go to China is the defects in its regulative environment. In developed states where these houses are from, the ordinances and criterions for merchandise safety, work safety, and environmental protection are really rigorous and protected by the Torahs. In order to carry through these demands, these houses exert excessively much attempt and use excessively much fiscal beginnings. Such being the instance, these companies go to the states which do non necessitate so rigorous bounds and criterions. That ‘s why these houses increase both its profitableness and efficiency. In the interim, such companies are criticized because of their operations misapplying the hapless legal environment in China.

In brief, it is the duty of the houses to do their determination whether or non they will be reassigning their ain state ‘s regulative criterions into China or other similar states. The ground is that their operations are evidently unethical and they will be holding more and more reactions from the witting consumers and witting rivals, if they continue to mistreat the developing states ‘ domestic ordinances.


Google began runing a hunt engine in China since 2000. It offered 24 million web pages in Chinese linguistic communication. By 2002, it gained popularity owing to its simpleness and ability to transport out hunts efficaciously. By 2003, Google was ranked # 1 in China ‘s hunt engine market with a portion of 34.8 % . By 2005, Google was losing its market portion to its rival Baidu.com. This was because Google ‘s content had to go through through the Chinese firewall which slowed down the hunts. This prompted Google to establish Google China.

Google made its presence in China and launched Google.cn in January, 2006. Google was filtrating its consequences and decided to follow with Chinese Government ‘s footings and status, which included China ‘s local content limitations. Many people were left puzzled or upset with Google ‘s move. This is clearly against Google ‘s doctrine to supply unchained Internet entree to the people.

Internet in China:

By June 2010, China had 420 million Internet users. By the terminal of 2010, it is projected that China ‘s Internet population will make 469 million, accounting for 35 per centum of China ‘s entire population, and the figure will hit 718 million by 2013, accounting for 52.7 per centum of the sum. Chinese Internet users log an norm of 2 billion hours online each hebdomad, while the figure for US Internet users stands at 129 million. As of June 2010, Chinese cyberspace users are on-line 19.8 hours per hebdomad.

By the terminal of 2009, the figure of Chinese domestic web sites grew to 3.23 million, with an one-year addition rate of 12.3 % , harmonizing to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As of first half of 2010, the bulk of the Web content is user-generated.

Internet Censorship in China:

A undertaking known as Golden Shield frequently referred to as the “ Great Firewall of China ” was launched by the Chinese authorities in November 2003. The undertaking was started in an attempt to make a monolithic surveillance and content control system. The methods used were IP barricading, DNS filtering and redirection, URL filtering, Packet filtering and Connection reset by utilizing standard firewall and proxy waiters at the Internet gateways. This system is wholly independent and the Government does n’t consistently analyze the Internet Content as it is technically impractical.

The firewall is an attempt made by the authorities of China to control on-line sentiments from persons sing anti-Japanese, anti-pollution, and anti-corruption protests, many of which were organized or publicized utilizing instant messaging services, chat suites, and text messages. The size of the Internet constabulary is rumoured at more than 30,000. Critical remarks looking on Internet forums, web logs, and major portals such as Sohu and Sina normally are erased within proceedingss.

Amnesty International notes that China “ has the largest recorded figure of captive journalists and cyber-dissidents in the universe. ” The “ offenses ” they are accused of include “ pass oning with groups abroad ” , “ opposing the persecution of the Falun Gong ” , “ subscribing on-line requests ” and “ naming for reform and an terminal to corruptness ” .

Forbidden hunts in China:

China has a big list of out of use content. The content chiefly constitute of

Web sites related to persecuted Falun Gong religious pattern

News beginnings that frequently cover some subjects such as constabulary ferociousness, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, freedom of address and democracy sites. These sites include Voice of America, BBC News, and Yahoo! Hong Kong

Media sites which may include unregulated content, societal commentary or political commentary censored by the PRC. The Chinese Wikipedia and LiveJournal are illustrations of such blocked sites.

Sites hosted by Taiwan ‘s authorities and major newspaper and telecasting media and other sites with information on Chinese independency.

Web sites that contain lewdness, erotica, and condemnable activity.

Sites linked with the Dalai Lama and his International Tibet Independence Movement, including his instructions.

“ Nine Commentaries ” or the nine articles that were published by theepochtimes.com that remark on the Chinese Communist Party.

Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter for incorporating societal or political commentary.


For a tech understanding individual, the firewall was non a barrier. Many people used proxy waiters outside China or used practical private web connexions or onion routing to short-circuit the firewall.


Baidu incorporated on January 18, 2000 is a Chinese hunt engine for web sites, audio files, and images. It offers a figure of services to turn up information, merchandises and services utilizing Chinese-language hunt footings, such as, hunt by Chinese phonetics, advanced hunt, snapshots, enchantment checker, stock quotation marks, intelligence, knows, postbar, images, picture and infinite information, and conditions, train and flight agendas and other local information.

Harmonizing to the China Digital Times, Baidu has a long history of being the most proactive and restrictive online censor in the hunt sphere. Documents leaked in April 2009 from an employee in Baidu ‘s internal monitoring and censoring section demo a long list of out of use web sites and censored subjects on Baidu hunt.

Lose of Google ‘s Market Share to Baidu.com

Google ‘s chief rival in China was Baidu.com. In 2003, Google was the figure one hunt engine in China with a market portion of 34.8 % . By early 2004, users in China started believing that Google was undependable and started utilizing alternate hunt engines. Harmonizing to Google ‘s Communication and Public Affairs, Vice President, Elliot Schrage – Google was seven times slower than its rival Baidu.

When Google was market leader in market in 2003, Baidu ‘s market portion in market was merely 2.5 % of the internet hunt market. By 2005, Google portion was below 30 % while Baidu ‘s portion market portion was at 46 % and latter ‘s portion was turning at the rate of 10 % at assorted outstanding metropoliss in China.

The fact that 70 % of the cyberspace users in China are below 30 old ages affected the public presentation of Google. Therefore, most of the hunts are related to amusement instead than intelligence, books or auto rental rates in which Google was adept. Whereas Baidu gave better consequences for pirated movies and music, Google was wholly against it. This coupled with the fact that Baidu.com is 7 times faster than Google, led immature coevals to utilize Baidu.com. But most of the well educated and high-end users still preferred Google. But this was merely 30 % of the full market.



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