External And Internal Realities Whole Foods Faces Marketing Essay


Whole Foods Market ( WFM ) is a dynamic prima supermarket concatenation offering quality nutrient merchandises that are certified organic and of course grown. WFM embraces a mission of “ Whole Foods- Whole People – Whole Planet ” , where the chief purpose is to put excellence criterions for nutrient retail merchants. WFM operates through several entirely owned subordinates, with supermarkets located in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Its central office is located in Austin, Texas with a entire employment of 64,200 people, of which an estimated 13,000 are working portion clip and 2000 are impermanent employees. WFM had their first shop in 1980 with merely 19 staff. Today, WFM runs 340 shops throughout UK, Canada and United provinces, using a figure of more than 73,000 people. This essay will be analyzing the value concatenation of WFM in two countries: the primary and support activities.

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Internal and External Realities of Whole Foods

With support and coactions from many local sellers and international enfranchisement organisations, WFM embarks on the mission to better the wellbeing and life styles of the consumers. WFM ‘s end is to supply quality organic merchandises at competitory monetary values that offer high value to the clients ‘ lives and every bit good as prolonging the environment. The organisation ‘s alone civilization, thrust and direction have presented many competitory advantages ( Fishman, 2009 ) . The advanced shop environments coupled with broad and differentiated merchandises choices add to its selling strength to pull loyal consumers. A squad of enthusiastic employees add value to WFM by traveling the excess stat mi for the clients and finally guaranting fulfilling shopping experiences ( Gamble et al, 2010 ) . WFM ‘s consumers are educated about local husbandmans ‘ green goods and offered seasonal merchandises for alone relishs and assortment of local harvests. Local husbandmans could assist to cut down costs of transporting goods and at the same clip guaranting merchandise freshness at the shops. Merchandises could be offered at competitory monetary values that satisfy consumers ‘ demands and friendly shopping environments at the same time build loyal relationships ( Business hebdomad Magazine ) .

Value Chain Analysis

Primary Activities

Partnering with Sellers

To supply consumers with a broad scope of quality, high value and healthy natural organic merchandises, WFM possesses really rigorous criterions, particularly refering to the choice of the merchandises being sold in the shops. For illustration, fizzing soft drink merchandises such as Coca Cola or Pepsi coke would ne’er be found on the show shelves. Alternatively, WFM will look for alternate natural and healthy drinks to advance a better life style for the wellbeing of the consumers. In order for WFM to make that, they had to work with the local agricultural and nutrient sellers to make a sustainable nutrient beginning that provides consideration to the wellness of consumers and without giving on quality. Sellers are committed to honest and seasonably clear communicating that creates transparence from the farm to the dining home base in order to convey in the highest quality goods available ( wholefoodsmarket.com, 2009 ) .

Buying Goods

WFM is dedicated to do informed picks for consumers, it possesses really rigorous standards when comes to the choice and buying of merchandises. WFMs focuses and evaluates on freshness, nutritionary value, ingredients, gustatory sensation, safety and visual aspects of the merchandises. Quality criterions such as the Seafood Quality Standards and Animal Welfare Rating Standards are followed.

Pull offing and Distributing Inventory

In order to pull clients and promote trueness, WFM stresses on spoilables and local green goodss, which differentiate them from other supermarkets. However, ‘fresh green goodss ‘ is one of the most ambitious merchandises to run due to the limited shelf life and high cost of spoilage. Hence, WFM tries to work out this issue by providing fresh green goods locally, cut downing clip and shortening the supply concatenation. Relationships with local husbandmans are of import to guarantee the changeless supply of fruits and veggies. Whereas for seafood, it is an wholly different scheme, harmonizing to Supermarket Inc. picture, it shows that WFM had introduced a seafood supply line for acquiring wild-caught Alaska gimmick from watercourse to hive away in less than 48hrs. WFM has an on-site buyer who travels to assorted port piscaries and is empowered to do purchasing determinations for the company. His occupation is to choose the freshest and best gimmicks of the twenty-four hours and hold them packed and flown out instantly to fulfill demand in the local shops.

Operating Stores/ Marketing and Selling

WFM ‘s decentralised system comprises of inter-related squads, which are autonomous. This scheme imparts the outlook as stakeholder and the staff is free to make up one’s mind on their ain thoughts to pull off the shops. The motivated staff so strives to transcend the client ‘s outlooks with their huge merchandise cognition and passion in their work. They infect the shoppers with positive enthusiasm ; traveling the excess stat mi to please the consumers and finally helps bring forth trueness by educating clients about organic nutrient, nutrition, wellness and environment. These attempts enable WFM with a really successful selling and sale advantage over rivals ( Dess G, 2000 ) .

Supporting Activities

General Administration

Using a decentralised system, WFM ‘s success comes from grass-root and squad attempts in a horizontal hierarchy direction that work towards accomplishing company ends.

Technology Development

WFM invariably research and advanced throughout the old ages to look into the demands and predominating tendencies of consumers ‘ gustatory sensations and penchants, therefore optimising its value concatenation operations that help run into the high demand for quality merchandises.

Human Resource Management

WFM believes that their people make their company and WFM makes available, enormous support for their staff. Each and every staff working in WFM has to travel through a rigorous hiring procedure to happen the right tantrum into the company civilization with competitory wagess and acknowledgment programs.


WFM works with local husbandmans and manufacturers and develop collaborative win-win relationships to guarantee good, fresh quality merchandises.


The above value concatenation analysis show an of import facet of the concern in finding the full procedure from “ farm to fork ” . WFM ‘s value concatenation has demonstrated its efficiency in supplying quality merchandises that the consumers would demand while at the same time back up local economic systems. In add-on, the natural environment is being valued and taken attention of. The alone civilization, direction and values of the employees at WFM have played a critical function in guaranting the company ‘s vision and values are being achieved at the terminal of the value concatenation, doing WFM a resonant success in its ain industry.

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