External and internal environment of Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer ( M & A ; S ) is one of the top retail merchants concatenation in UK which claims to be the top adult females ‘s wear and lingerie marketer every bit good as better quality nutrient marketer. M & A ; S is besides celebrated for high quality and great value for work forces ‘s garments with alone authoritative manners.

Perceptibly, M & A ; S is viing in the tough market of home-use merchandises, and besides in the nutrient merchandising in comparing to others nutrient companies, where they are selling merchandises from newly produced food markets points and repasts both partially and ready repast. However, the company is vitally puting in online concern selling to hike the gross revenues of home-use merchandises. M & A ; S is the first company in UK that introduced self client service. M & A ; S is turning in menswear and childs wear market quickly.

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Whereas, it is estimated that each hebdomad, the figure of people who visit M & A ; S is more than 21 million all around the UK ( Company Overview | MarksandSpencer.com ) . To function such a high figure of valued clients sing 600 shops in the UK the company employs more than 75,000 staff worldwide ( Company Overview | MarksandSpencer.com ) .

The basic concern pillars of M & A ; S are Trust, Values, Quality, Service and Innovation. A Russian cat ‘Michael Marks ‘ started M & A ; S in 1884 after ab initio get downing concern at a little stall called ‘Marks – penny bazar ‘ in Leeds. Within 10 old ages Michael Marks had at least 12 premises, his concern accomplishments took him to his friends in the hunt of possible concern spouse, he approached one of his friends “ Isaac Dewhirst ” , whose money had loaned towards his original costs at start up, refused his offer but referred Mark to “ Thomas Spencer ” who was working for Isaac as a senior teller. In 1894, Thomas invested ?300 at that clip and Marks and Spencer Ltd. was born ( Our History | MarksandSpencer.com ) .

Analysis of the Organisation ‘s External Environment.

Pi? PoliticalExternal environment scanning is concerned with the forces and factors that impact on M & A ; S ‘s concern. These forces and factors are really critical for M & A ; S endurance and growing in the competitory market. The analysis of external environment enables M & A ; S to understand the alterations in concern environment and brings in front of its rivals. It besides helps in following the new environment and response to market demands. External environment in which M & A ; S operates can be identified through PESTEL analysis that shows what is precisely go oning outside the organisation.


Si? Social


Li? Legal

Ei? Environmental

Ti? Technological


Political determinations and fortunes are really of import for the M & A ; S. Iraq war was one of the biggest cause of decelerating down the UK economic system. M & A ; S faced really critical state of affairs due to the political alterations. Change in authorities brings new concern policies which play their portion in the concern growing. Public disbursement cut is another political determination that is a large hurdle in the concern growing excessively.


Economic state of affairs of the state is the factor that can supercharge the M & A ; S concern. The new authorities has increased the VAT from 17.5 % to 20 % that has do the autumn in sale in M & A ; S concern. Last twelvemonth recession has played critical function in M & A ; S ruin. However first One-fourth of this twelvemonth demo some positive attitude in economic system. Currently M & A ; S is recovering its better place as economic conditions are traveling positively.


Consumer construct in the market topographic point has been changed. Now M & A ; S has to calculate out the new manner and client gustatory sensation. The monetary value sensitiveness of the client has produced more competitory environment. As M & A ; S merchandises are older fashioned and expensive, they have to do a scheme that deliver more client oriented merchandise on less monetary values. M & A ; S is missing the ability to understand the alterations in societal tendencies.


Media has played a large function in pass oning new Fashion and monetary value comparing to the client. M & A ; s demands to utilize the advanced engineering to present its merchandises more widely in the market like online shopping and fast bringing. New engineering can besides be used to place the new manner in and tendency alteration in different parts of the universe. Conducting studies on web site is really good technique to acquire the clients feedback and understanding their demands.


Global heating is a hot subject in the universe. M & A ; S Plan A is really environment friendly. M & A ; S is selling merchandise and doing certain how these merchandises are being used and disposed by consumer. M & A ; S is utilizing less packaging and less bags to salvage environment and natural resources. Recycling is the most of import portion in Plan A.


M & A ; S sells the merchandises of high criterions to its clients. They ever take in to account of the legal issues of the concern like client and staff safety, selling intoxicant and baccy to immature people.


PESTEL analysis gives us an thought about the external environment of M & A ; S. We think entry of new challengers is the large factor in external environment. M & A ; S operates in extremely competitory environment and its rivals are more client oriented and in melody of the client demands and market demands. In dressing market other retail merchants are executing sharply with their trade names to vie M & A ; S. Big trade names like NEXT, Gap, BHS and Burton are assailing M & A ; S in vesture concern.

As external environment is one of the most of import factors for concerns, it can non be ignored. Keeping in head PESTEL analysis and rivals, it is being summarized that M & A ; S has to do the schemes taking into considers its failing. Changes like VAT addition and disbursement cuts should be taken earnestly. M & A ; S has to do programs for future recession and how to get by with recession if it happens once more. M & A ; S has to alter its behavior of slow response to consumer ‘s changing demands and penchants.

Internal Environment Analysis

Organizational Structure

In order to understand how M & A ; S still maintaining its trust on people Black Marias and turning in tough market environment, it is of import that we foremost go through with how the company is structured and how the flow of information base on ballss from clients to policy shapers.

Retail Director ( Head Office Role )

Department Management

Section direction

Customer Assistant ( Customer Interaction )

Recruitment Process of M & A ; S

To fall in M & A ; S work force, company offers the

Retail Shop functions

Head office functions

Alumnuss scheme

Trainee direction strategy

Customer Service

Customer service staff members are the representative of any company, Marks and Spencer Customer Assistance is the face of corporate staff that provides high quality services with their committedness and enthusiasm to do certain they deliver the service harmonizing to the client ‘s outlooks.

Marketing & A ; Promotions

In Shop

Introduction of merchandises is merely possible with best selling and advertisement attacks. M & A ; S attracts its clients by advancing its merchandises on every juncture and event by hanging promotional offers postings, mark boards and confetti.


M & A ; S ‘s web site, Marksandspencer.com is another critical beginning of advancing its merchandises and different offers. It is singular that M & A ; S promotes its website ‘in-store ‘ to the people that are non taking to shop ab initio but later they might wish to shop the web site and go valuable clients.

Customer Service/Assistance

Customers aid and satisfaction is the major concern for M & A ; S. Without fulfilling clients concerns can non run their operations for long clip. M & A ; S is supplying good client services at the shops. Customers at M & A ; S shops can go forth their feedbacks freely. M & A ; S is doing investing in client services and aid subdivision.


At M & A ; S you can shop about many things for your day-to-day life usage and life-style i.e. place merchandises for illustration, electronics, electrical, furniture, vesture and places.

External Environment and the Impact on the Strategy of M & A ; S

Marks and Spencer ( M & A ; S ) has a tough and competitory external environment. M & A ; S trades in vesture, ready repasts, bakeshop, and families. In each portion of the concern M & A ; S has a batch of rivals like BHS, NEXT, Burton and Gap. The nucleus scheme of M & A ; S is quality, value, better service, invention and trust. In November 2010 Marc Boland new main Executive announced the following five old ages plans. He expressed “ M & A ; S will get down by concentrating on the nucleus UK concern. For the clients it means that vesture merchandises will better nucleus M & A ; S ranges, so that the alone quality, manner and manner of the M & A ; S trade name stands out. M & A ; S will besides clear up the place of its sub-brands, traveling them from labels to existent trade names ”

Harmonizing to him “ In Food, M & A ; S will derive a clear market place as a specialist high-quality retail merchant, animating clients with matchless quality and invention. M & A ; S focal point will be on fresh, forte and convenience, conveying the best of British and spirits of the universe to the clients. ”[ I ]

This is the scheme for the following three old ages. The first precedence is UK concern. The chief ground for non to pull the new client is high monetary value and old fashioned apparels. If we compare the monetary values with BHS or top store we will happen that BHS has lower monetary values than M & A ; S. Although M & A ; S has really good quality of the apparels but on the other manus their apparels are really expensive and old fashioned. M & A ; S aiming the clients of in-between to upper category. Most of them are pensionaries and upper category people would wish to pay a batch for their apparels and nutrient. And the 2nd mark of M & A ; S is the well paid occupation holders. Primark has captured a large market in United Kingdom. As the pupils are the most valued clients due to frequent money Spenders, Primark pulling them by officering inexpensive and stylish apparels. Out of manner and high monetary values of apparels are two of chief grounds of decrease in figure of M & A ; S ‘s clients. In nutrient industry Tesco, Iceland are the chief rivals of M & A ; S. Iceland is offering broad and best scope of nutrient merchandises. Iceland is the large participant in nutrient market and captured the large market in UK and emerging as a chief challenger for M & A ; S. Iceland sell really cheap nutrient as comparison to M & A ; S.


After analyzing M & A ; S concern environment we come know that M & A ; S should hold to do some alterations in its operations and research and development section. M & A ; S should add one more thing to their scheme and that is “ modern ” . This is the age of manner and modernization. In dressing each concern has to modernize the apparels harmonizing to the latest manner. The 2nd most of import thing is monetary value control. M & A ; S has to command the monetary values of their merchandises to vie in the market.

Important Stairss to Achieve Competitive Advantage

A small competition can be a healthy thing. It can besides be both dearly-won and black if you are n’t up to par with others in your peculiar concern or industry. Managing competition in concern can be a straight linked to the success or the failure of the company. Every organisation tries to derive best place in market. But sustainability of that place is really difficult challenge for every organisation. M & A ; S is besides confronting a high competitory environment. For Mark & A ; Spencer that is offering multiple merchandise scope with its quality, accessible scope for clients, it is non ever easy to keep a competitory advantage at all the clip. M & A ; S can derive competitory advantage through bring forthing different merchandises and services from those of its rivals.

In order to accomplish competitory advantage M & A ; S needs to concentrate on the undermentioned stairss:

Competitive advantage through merchandises

M & A ; S is offering different sorts of merchandises like nutrient, vesture and furniture. These merchandises really attract the clients and helpful in deriving competitory advantage. Some of the M & A ; S ‘s merchandises need to be redesigned harmonizing to clients demand.

M & A ; S needs to demo its invention and make the manner manner in vesture. Changing shop environment, design, manner, nutrient and alteration in ballad out can pull more clients. M & A ; S needs to concentrate on the top terminal of the vesture market but present fashionable fabrics, attractively made with antic value. M & A ; S apparels are largely for the people of 35-55 ages and disregarding the younger ages. M & A ; S should come in this market section either by get downing new concern or by geting another company such as Next who is good known for fashionable apparels for kids and younger aged consumers. M & A ; S needs to return its vesture sub-brands into existent trade name.

There is a large chance for M & A ; S to derive competitory advantage in place merchandises. M & A ; S can increase its growing through offering new kitchenware and bedclothes merchandises. New M & A ; S place shops should open to capture more furniture market. M & A ; S should run place furniture concern offprint from nutrient and vesture.

In nutrient, M & A ; S needs to construct a clear place as a specializer of nutrient retail merchant. M & A ; S should present new non-M & A ; S nutrient trade names without increasing cost. Increase in figure of nutrient shops is required with British and universe spirit.

Development of Employees Skills:

Human resources can be beginning of competitory advantage. Human resource can non be imitated and helpful to tauten ‘s value. M & A ; S can accomplish better competitory advantage through pull offing the people at work in other words using human resources.

To hold a adept work force, M & A ; S could get down developing plans. For illustration, a centralised preparation Centre could be used to develop shop supervisors and subdivision directors on gross revenues. Equally good as that, M & A ; S can engage trained staff from its rivals in order to derive concern cognition from a different position. Particularly in the place furniture section, good trained staff is required. Furthermore, engaging immature motivated staff in add-on to experient staff would increase M & A ; S competencies in footings of invention.

M & A ; S markets merchandises for both sexes. However, the direction of the company is preponderantly male, and so, a balance of male and female direction would assist run into the demands of its clients and merchandise consumers.

Advantage through Supply Chain Efficiencies

M & A ; S needs to alter the engineering in its shops by presenting manus held communicators ‘PDA ‘ to track the apparels from the distribution onto the gross revenues floor that enables to cognize the exact sum of stock list and guarantee the right points will be delivered on following twenty-four hours similar to Next.

M & A ; S should present e-commerce, the usage of web-based ordination system. This system reduces the cost of concern minutess and brings the concern more near to the clients.

New media engineerings can be used for efficient bringing of new gustatory sensation and manner tendencies from mill to hive away shows, better communicating with interior decorators, manufacturers and providers is really of import for the company, Zara is one of the fast market altering rivals of M & A ; S, it is of import that M & A ; S be in front of any of its rivals while maintaining its authoritative touch of manner in some scope of merchandises.

We think M & A ; S should work on three old ages plan to recover the laterality of the market.

First twelvemonth to refocus on the concern by altering its corporate civilization to be client oriented. They have to see the underside up planning.

In 2nd twelvemonth they have to keep the market shear and convey something new to concern such as Indian, Chinese and Italian nutrient.

Third twelvemonth should be for the growing, they have to spread out the concern in every field. Opening more shop and delivery in more assortment in the merchandises.

Cost Leadership Strategy:

The primary focal point of a cost leading scheme is to accomplish low costs relative to rivals. Lowering costs lead to take downing monetary values, which can increase demand for merchandises or services, but if the merchandise or services can non be produced at a lower cost it besides reduces net income borders. To vie based on cost, the company must turn to labor, stuffs, operating expenses, and other costs, and to plan a system that lowers the cost per unit of the merchandise or service. Often, take downing costs requires extra investing in machine-controlled installations, equipment and employee ‘s accomplishment.


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