Exotic Space Propulsion Systems Essay

Mankind has ever dreamed of researching the celestial spheres and in the last millenary he has merely scratched the surface of infinite geographic expedition. The job lies non in the deficiency of motive or the deficiency of enthusiasm. but instead in the illustriousness of the enlargement of the existence. The existence is a huge sweep of interstellar miracles that are at such a distance from each other that conventional engineering in infinite travel renders itself uneffective and unequal for human geographic expedition. The closest three star system to Earth. Alpha Centauri. is the brightest star and is 4.

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3 light old ages off from the Sun. The speed required to make this star system in 10 old ages is 100. 000 km/s. One can set that into position when it is compared with today’s remote-controlled missions which travel at 10km/s. Alien Propulsion Systems are the “far out” woolgather and ideas of the scientists and infinite partisans which are still being studied. researched. and explored. They are said to do the travelling to other planets and stars easy and low-cost for common people. ( Dr. Tajmar ) .

Contemporary infinite travel uses projectile engines as the primary method of propulsion ; this engineering dates back every bit far as 360 B. C. ( Erichsen. 2006 ) . It is imperative that new methods of propulsion must be implemented for worlds to recognize infinite travel to the distant stars in their life-time. Alien propulsions systems may be the key to detecting the stars at a human clip graduated table. There have been legion researches and surveies by the scientists. fictional authors. fictional film-producers. space-enthusiasts. and many infinite related houses about the coming of the alien propulsion system.

Since engineering has advanced to a much greater degree it can be said that our hereafter coevals would be going to the galaxy and solar system for their holidaies. However. it is still a long manner till the scientists design a perfect solution for the travelling to outer infinite in human clip. In 1996. an “antigravity propulsion system” was proposed by Dr. Franklin Felber at the “Space Technology and Applications International Forum” in Albuquerque. He has given hopes to the adventurers of the infinite by inventing a solution to “Einstien’s gravitative force field equation.

” Through this solution it might be possible to accomplish velocities of “light” for the infinite trade without enduring the loss or “crushing” of the “contents” of the infinite trade. If the solution proposed by Dr. Felber works successfully it could work better than the old solution known as “apergy” proposed in 1880 by writer Percy Greg. Dr. Felber has stated that an object traveling precisely 57. 7 % faster than the “speed of light” will automatically “repel” other objects which are scattered around in a “antigravity beam” by that object.

The beam s said to “intensify” as the velocity of visible radiation is approached by the object. His paper states that the object will “fall weightlessly” as it accelerates harmonizing to the velocity of visible radiation. This solution is said to alter the manner and “views” of travel to the existence that is still unknown to a common human being. The job with gravitation and the solutions to get the better of it has been a favourite subject of many authors and scientists. even fictional authors are interested in the subject of anti-gravity ( Christensen. 2006 ) .

Since engineering has been progressing at a much rapid rate the infinite trade usage today is considered to be a “luxury ship” in comparing to the “Mercury capsules” that marked the beginning of infinite geographic expedition. Today. people have earth have visited assorted planets and they continue to research the deepnesss of the existence that has been created for us. Harmonizing to NASA Explorers ( 2003 ) the thought of projectiles and the manner engines of projectiles work has remained the same throughout the history.

The infinite engine should be able to help the trade and crew to travel around the “solar system” at a much faster velocity. A manner highlighted by the NASA Explorers is the usage of the “Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket ( VASIMR ) . ” It is believed that this system would increase the velocity of travel of assorted planets while diminishing the sum of fuel every bit good as protect the spacemans from being exposed to “radiation. ” This system is said to be known as the “plasma based propulsion system” which uses electronic power to “ionize fuel into plasma.

” The usage of electric power is said to “heat and accelerate” the plasma system whereas the “magnetic field” works as a way force and is “ejected” from the craft’s engine. this in return boosts the velocity of the trade. The system is such that the “thrust” besides varies which can bring forth a changing degree of velocity and acceleration. The fuel being used for VASMIR besides have benefits attached to them. these fuels are ““hydrogen. He. and heavy hydrogen. ” The use of H is said to let the re-fueling at any station in the infinite. as about of all time point in the solar system contains H.

Again. as mentioned above. this system protects the crew from radiation as H is said to be the “best known radiation shield. Even though this system is far from being used in today’s universe it is said to be a arm for the hereafter promotions and geographic expeditions in the infinite and solar system around us. In 2006. the “European Space Agency ( ESA ) and the Australian National University” tested a new proposed design for the ion engine of the infinite trade which is said to better the public presentation of the “present pushers and marks a major measure frontward in infinite propulsion capableness.

” Ion engines. a type of electric propulsion. is said to run by speed uping through “beam of positively charged particles” and they are said to utilize the electric and magnetic field. The ESA is said to be utilizing the new system on its current mission and is excessively satisfied with the consequences which are turn outing to be 10 times more “fuel efficient” than the systems antecedently used. This new engine is called the “Dual-Stage 4-Grid ( DS4G ) ion pusher. ” The traditional ion system are said to run on three “perforated grids” which contain legion bantam holes attached to the “chamber” which holds the atoms that are charged.

The first of these three grids is said to run on low electromotive force whereas the 2nd 1 has lower degrees of Vs. The difference in the Vs is what attracts the charged atoms from the chamber and “accelerates” the atoms out in the infinite. They are said to run more expeditiously on higher electromotive force differences. However. sometimes a job occurs when the ions from the low and high electromotive force country collide with each other and “erode” the “thruster.

” The new system is said to trust on the proposal of David Fearn. which solves the hit job by the use of “four grids” and alternatively of “one stage” it utilizes a procedure completed in “two-stages. ” The first of them is when the traditional grids are both operated at higher electromotive force. nevertheless. different from each other. The lessening in the Vs difference aids the “ions” to “safely” come out of the “chamber. ” while protecting the eroding of the two grids. The new phase or the 2nd phase is when the two other grids are placed at a distance “downstream” and map on low electromotive forces.

This difference between two grids enables the ions to be released at an accelerated rate in the infinite. and the “exits” of both braces are besides protected from gnawing ( Tarko. 2006 ) . Even though many new systems can be developed the American Nuclear Society is said to back up the use of “nuclear based systems” for infinite geographic expedition. Harmonizing to them. the use of the system is said to supply “electricity. heat. and propulsion for missions” which can non be achieved through the use of “solar power. fuel cells. and conventional chemical agencies.

” A atomic based system is said to include radioisotope thermoelectric generators ( RTGs ) . fission-based atomic reactor power systems. atomic thermic propulsion ( NTP ) . atomic electric propulsion ( NEP ) . and propulsion systems which are made by “nuclear merger and on other advanced atomic engineerings. ” United States. has been bring forthing and establishing RTGs for over 30 old ages and these have aided the mission range further the orbit of Pluto. However. it is said that these systems are non “large enough” to back up human life and the robotic missions which are coming up in the hereafter.

It is said that through “nuclear fission reactors” a long term power and energy supply can be used to help the missions of worlds every bit good as automatons. This system can besides enable the mission to spread out their undertakings outside the boundaries of “solar systems. ” NTP is said to supply the fastest manner to make finishs in outer universes ( The American Nuclear Society. 2009 ) . NASA is besides said to look into and hold with the use of the “fission based atomic engine” to help there future expeditions ( Malik. 2004 ) .

NASA has been working on assorted engineerings for future and one of the best engineerings it plans to utilize for future propulsion is “aerocapture. ” The new engineering is really comparable to “aerobarking. ” the traditional system used by NASA is many of its expeditions to the outer universe. However. aerocapture is said to hold the ability to enable the neutering of “flight trajectory” by the use of “planet’s ambiance. ” Aerocapture is besides said to salvage on the fuel ingestion by utilizing a “vehicle in orbit.

” This system uses the gravitation and natural philosophies of the planet that it is present on to steer itself ( Malik. 2004 ) . Another engineering proposed for propulsion by NASA is the “Next Generation Electric Propulsion” which is said to hold improved public presentation due to the use of “ion engines to fission propulsion drivers. ” Besides. it is said to hold a higher degree of throughput. is considered to be lightweight. and as mentioned before has a much powerful ion engine. It is said to be able to travel on future missions. viz. “Europa Lander. a Saturn Ring Observer. a Neptune Orbiter. and a Venus Surface Sample Return investigation.

” Solar Sails is another future propulsion technique proposed by NASA which is “strong” and is made up of “lightweight composite materials” in form of a “large canvas. ” This is said to necessitate no fueling as it relies on the solar ebergy by the Sun to hold a “steady push. ” The lone job that arises with this engineering is the manner to command it one time it is in the infinite ( David. 2002 ) . When talk about the hereafter of projectiles come up most people think about “anti-matter projectiles. ” Most people confuse them for being fictional ; nevertheless. they truly exist in our universe.

It is considered to be the most “expensive substance” on the Earth and is produced in little sums in specifically designed installations. It was estimated in 1999 that merely 1 gm of anti-matter costs around $ 62. 5 trillion. However. the surprising portion is that this find is non new or modern alternatively it goes back to 1920s when a German scientist proposed the substance to be used in propulsion. The concluding behind this proposal was the “energy density” that is present in the anti-matter substance. which is around “9 ten 1016 ( 10^16 ) J/kg.

” This has been estimated to be “1010 ( 10 billion ) times” of the traditional propulsion systems. Besides. this is know to breathe the highest sum of energy “per unit mass” of all time known to adult male ( TheSpaceSite. com. 2009 ; Erichsen. 2006 ) . It is imperative to understand that at the grass root degree an anti-matter projectile is merely a “Newtonian projectile. ” which still confines to the Torahs and regulations of Newton every bit good as to the “Einstein’s theory of particular relativity” or velocity of visible radiation. This propulsion system is estimated to hold the “highest predicted efficiency. specific impulse and likely the highest push to burden ratio.

” In other words. a entire sum of “100 mgs ( 1/10 gm ) ” of this substance will be required to fit the entire propulsion of the ballistic capsule. This has besides led to debut of alterations in the design of the ballistic capsule itself. As the name describes. the substance has the atoms of the affair it is made up of. but the charge along with “quantum Numberss is reversed” or the opposite. It is known that anti-matter does non be of course. because if it did it would “annihilate with matter” and an detonation would be form with much greater force than the universe has of all time experienced.

This besides means that anti-matter’s use requires it to be manufactured first and stored with attention so that it does non come into contact with the affair ( TheSpaceSite. com. 2009 ) . Once the production and storage has taken topographic point the substance can so be used in the propulsion system. It works by let go ofing the anti-matter into a “chamber” where it “annihilates” with the affair doing the production of energy in the signifier of “energetic sub-atomic atoms. ” The scientists have two picks to do for the propulsion system. viz. “the proton-antiproton or the electron-positron obliteration.

” The 2nd 1 is considered to be harmful as it is known to bring forth “high energy gamma rays” which can non be controlled. The first option is comparatively save as it gives birth to bear down atoms that can be controlled and guided with the magnetic field. this leads to the maximization of “propellant mass. ” However. this procedure is said to bring forth less energy than the procedure that produces gamma beams. Still. the energy produced is much more than the traditional and other methods.

An advantage of utilizing the anti-matter propulsion system is that “heavy reactors” can be eliminated as the response is said to be “spontaneous” in the new systems ( TheSpaceSite. com. 2009 ) . The designs suggested by scientists for the anti-matter system are divided into four classs. viz. solid nucleus. gas nucleus. plasma nucleus. and beam nucleus. Solid Core is when the “annihilation” is said to take topographic point inside a “solid-core heat money changer. ” The response is that the H is heated at a high temperature and is released through a “nozzle.

” This method is said to bring forth a greater push and considered to be extremely efficient. but due to the stuffs that are being used “impulse is merely 1000secs at best. ” Gas Core is where the “annihilation” is said to happen in “hydrogen propellent. ” and the charged “pions” can be monitored and controlled in the magnetic field. the H is besides heated at a high temperate. Loss is predicted to happen in form of “gamma rays” which are unmanageable and the “specific urge is of 2500secs. ” Annihilation in Plasma Core occurs in big sum to give birth to hot plasma.

This besides suffers some loss due to gamma beams. but the plasma in the magnetic Fieldss is said to bring forth the push when it is released. This produces a much higher urge at “5. 000 to 100. 000secs” and is said to hold “no material restraints. ” Finally. Beam Core is when “direct annihilation” takes topographic point when magnetic field controls the charges “pions” which are so “used straight as the dog-tired propellent mass. ” They are said to go at about light velocity with the “impulse greater than 10. 000. 000secs” ( TheSpaceSite. com. 2009 ) .

The use of this anti-matter propulsion system is said to diminish the clip of travel compared to the traditional ballistic capsule. For illustration. the traditional ballistic capsule took 1 to 2 old ages to make Mars. whereas this one is said to take from 24 hours to 2 hebdomad. The job nevertheless is with the production and the storage of the anti-matter as it can do heavy detonations ( TheSpaceSite. com. 2009 ; Erichsen. 2006 ) . Arguably the most conjectural and yet alone propulsion system for infinite travel in alien propulsions is the photon propulsion system. The usage of photons as a propulsion mechanism is still in the early phases of development and research.

This system achieves the phenomenon of push through the ejection of photons. Governed by Einstein’s celebrated equation of relativity. E=mc2. photon propulsion requires highly big measures of energy to bring forth a minimum sum of push. Some scientist speculate that perchance the annihilation of matter-antimatter may be exploited as a sustainable energy beginning for photon propulsion ( Erichsen. 2006 ) . Interestingly adequate photons are neutrally charged. They do non hold a positive or negative electric signature. Photons are reasoned to be uncultivatable for bring forthing push in propulsion ( Bhola. 2007 ) .


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