Excessive Happiness with Patch Adams Essay

“Patch Adams” is one superb film that touches the Black Marias of those who watch it and besides has this really strong force that attracts the viewer’s attending to go on indulging into every scene. to listen in every line spoken by each histrion. for in each line hides a deeper significance. Last. this film genuinely affects the lives of the people watching. immature and old alike. Patch Adams is truthfully a really heartwarming narrative that makes one individual think and concentrate on one’s ain intent and program in life. It thought me to bask every minute of my life and to maintain on prosecuting what my bosom truly desires. As Arthur Mendelson said. “If you concentrate on the job. you can’t see the solution. Never focal point on the job! See what no 1 else sees. See what everyone chooses non to see… out of fright. conformance or indolence. See the whole universe anew each twenty-four hours! ” This film is besides packed with wit. sorrow. love. but most of all hope.

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It is a 1 of a sort narrative that lifts the spirit of all who are depressed. of those who feel as if they’re all entirely in life. and those people who are combating with illness. It teaches us that decease is a natural phenomenon which we can’t avoid and flight from. and at the same clip it instill in our heads that every bit long as we live. we should do the most out of our lives. repair all the misinterpretations. communicate to the individual we haven’t talked for a long clip. and above all. go on functioning the people and God. I could non state anything negative against the film because in the first topographic point. it has magnificently portrayed the beauty of life. Besides. the narrative imparted a lesson that what matters most is the felicity and feeling of fulfilment in ourselves as we take attention of the others and non merely the payment that comes for the service offered.

When we do service wholeheartedly. we touch lives. we change perceptual experience. and we are able to be appreciated by the people whose lives we were able to transform. To stop this reaction paper. all I can state is that God works surprisingly and that each one of us has a intent in life. The realisation of this purpose depends on the individual if he will accept this unreservedly and will perpetrate to it ready to confront all the hurdlings that will barricade his manner. We must ne’er be afraid to take hazards and when we do things. when we make a determination. we must ever offer it to God that He may steer us along the right way. When we do this. we are assured of non merely utmost felicity. but besides ETERNAL AND EVERLASTING SERENITY with God.


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