Examining The Common Problems Of Rape English Literature Essay

The major colza is “ day of the month colza ” in which the victim and the attacker are acquainted in some manner. When forced sex occurs between two people who already know each other it is known as day of the month colza or familiarity colza. Even though colza involves forced sex, colza is non about sex or passion. Rape is an act of aggression and force. Rape is ne’er the victims mistake ; it is ever the raper mistake.

While making this research, surveies showed that 60 per centum of day of the month colza instances happened to girls that are in college ( Schwartz 20 ) . Harmonizing to Jon Schwartz, the bulk of immature misss that are being raped in college are being raped by work forces in fraternities. Many campus parties are promoted by the fraternities and intoxicant and drugs are ever involved. Frat work forces can easy take advantage of adult females at these parties because the bulk of people are under the influence of drugs. Work force can easy steal something in the adult females ‘s drink or acquire her drugged to take advantage of her.

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Another easy manner to go a victim of day of the month colza is at nines. Everybody goes to the nine and speech production from experience at that place be a batch of people imbibing and acquiring rummy. When a adult male buys a adult female a drink this is an easy strategy to merely steal something in her drink without her knowing. Once the adult female is incapacitated she is than sexually assaulted. After being drugged the victim is left in a helpless or unconscious province, they can non get away, defy, or name for aid.

The chief causes of day of the month colza are the drugs that are used to do the victims unconscious, incapacitated and resentful. Alcohol is frequently involved in day of the month colzas. Drinking can loosen suppressions, dull common sense, and for some people allow aggressive inclinations to come up. Drugs play a major function in day of the month colza besides. The three chief day of the month colza drugs are rohypnol, gamma-hydroxyl butyrate, and ecstasy. Drugs like these can easy be mixed in drinks to do a individual black out and bury things that happen.

The first and most common drug is rohypnol but some people may cognize or mention to this drug as “ R-2s ” . Rohypnol is a strong depressant which is similar to the drug diazepam, but is 10 times stronger than diazepam ( Lyness ) . The pill is similar in form, size, and colour to aspirin. Rohypnol is a little white tablet that is individual or cross-scored on one side and has the word “ Roche ” on the other side. It besides has a circled numerical one or two on it. Rohypnol can easy be dissolved in juice, java, carbonated and alcoholic drinks. It is colourless, odourless, and tasteless when dissolved in any liquid. The effects of this drug are enhanced when assorted with intoxicant. When flunitrazepan is assorted with a drink and imbibe it causes sedation, loss of suppressions, relaxation, blackouts and memory loss. It can besides do respiratory depression, coma, and even decease. Besides rohypnol causes freak out or baffled sense of clip and topographic point and it may loosen up musculuss and motor public presentation suffers.

It is besides of import to seek to remain off from this drug because it will hold a individual sedated for a long clip. The takes consequence after about 20 to thirty proceedingss and effects may last every bit long as eight to twelve hours. As mentioned before, when combined with intoxicant, flunitrazepan causes terrible freak out and the authoritative “ blackouts ” that it is known for. These blackout periods are typically eight to twelve hours long. The victim may or may non look awake during this clip.

There are marks and symptoms of flunitrazepan that can be an index if the victim has been drugged. The victim might experience a batch more drunk than usual. The victim may wake up experiencing confused, sing memory loss and can non account for a period of clip. Sometimes the victim may wake up in a hotel room or alien ‘s flat or place. Last the victim took a drink but ca n’t retrieve what happened after the drink.

The 2nd day of the month colza drug is “ Gamma Hydroxyl Butyrate. ” The common name for this drug is known as GHB. GHB is a powerful man-made drug that acts as a sedative on the cardinal old system ( Lyness ) . GHB is a newer drug and is non every bit good known as flunitrazepan. GHB is an illicitly manufactured drug. GHB is considered more unsafe since people can easy blend substances in their kitchen to do the drug and there is no quality control like with FDA approved drugs ( intoxicant and drugs ) . Its effects can be felt within 15 proceedingss after consumption. It is besides used the same manner person will utilize flunitrazepan on an unknown victim. GHB is normally found in liquid from that is colourless and odourless, as has no gustatory sensation when mixed in a drink or H2O. Sometimes there is a salty aftertaste, which is extremely depended on how it was produced. Since the existent sum of GHB is unknown, the hazard of toxic consequence is great. The marks and symptoms are dizziness, sickness, purging, trouble external respiration, memory loss, ictuss, coma, and unconscious.

The last and most known drug is ecstasy. Ecstasy is a man-made, speed-like, mind-altering drug that can do you to hallucinate. Statisticss showed that rapture has been known to do decease, particularly when assorted with intoxicant ( intoxicant and drugs ) . Besides, harmonizing to George Kehner, ecstasy related deceases have occurred in several provinces. The deceases are normally caused by the assailant o.d.ing the victim. Ecstasy was reported as a day of the month colza drug by jurisprudence enforcement bureaus in the mid-1980s. ( Tattersall 89 ) . Signs and symptoms of rapture are anxiousness, blurred vision, confusion, bosom rate crushing really fast, and inability to kip.

Date colza is a serious state of affairs to be caught in so it is of import to forestall colza. There are ways and guidelines that adult females can follow to protect themselves. Since many attackers persuade their victim with intoxicant and drugs, its best to remain sober because this will assist the victim stay cognizant of her milieus and what ‘s traveling on around her. Besides hang out with a group of friends which can be helpful so they can watch out for each other. A adult female should non pass clip entirely with person who makes her feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

While out at parties or nines it is of import to non accept drinks from other people. Even if the attacker does non supply the victim with a drink he can still steal drugs in the victim ‘s drink without her knowing. The easiest manner is to catch the victim ‘s drink entirely at a tabular array unattended. Normally females order drinks than leave the drinks at a tabular array while they dance. So it is of import to maintain the drink in manus or in sight at all times and do non go forth the drink with cipher. Harmonizing to Andrea Parrot, research as shown that adult females with low ego regard or demo small ego defence are more likely to be victims of colza. Women should go to ego defence categories to larn how to support themselves.

Although adult females can take certain processs to forestall day of the month colza, there is still a opportunity that a adult female might fall victim to day of the month colza. Some victims of colza are scared to come frontward and acquire aid. There is ever instances that show a adult female who is raped but do non come frontward to state her narrative until some old ages subsequently. The grounds may be from deficiency of taking a base, no 1 to state, or merely merely abashed. It do non count how scared a adult female is or how much pride she has, it of import to describe a colza instance particularly to acquire the attacker off the street.

Sometimes a adult female might seek to forestall colza but still fall a victim. For illustration, Andrea Parrot did instance surveies of adult females who were day of the month raped. In one of her books there was a narrative of a miss who tried to acquire off from her attacker but feared her life. In the article the immature lady stated “ she feared for her life and safety and her attacker had her trapped in the forests ” ( Parrot 31 ) . This is a premier illustration of a adult female seeking to forestall colza but still could n’t support herself.

Unfortunately, even if person takes every safeguard, day of the month colza can still go on. However, there are some things that can be done receive aid. It is of import to travel directly to the exigency room to acquire examined and from there the victim can describe the colza. When describing the colza the victim should salvage all physical grounds. One should retrieve every bit much as she can about the event to hold more grounds. Last seek to acquire a clear description of the attacker because if he gets off with one colza he will surely make it once more.

The effects of colza are emotional every bit good as physical. The victim may see loss of trust in oneself and others, particularly if the adult female knew the attacker. She may lose assurance in her ability to judge a individual ‘s character. The adult female may go fearful to many state of affairss peculiarly those that are new to her. Harmonizing to Scott Lindquist, depression and anxiousness are common after effects of colza, adding feelings of helpless that a adult female may already be sing. She may experience guilty or ashamed, faulting herself for the onslaught.

Rape is non merely physically damaging it can be emotionally traumatic every bit good. It may be difficult to believe or speak approximately something every bit personal as being raped. Talking with a colza crisis counsellor or other mental wellness professionals can give the victim the right emotional attending, attention, and support to get down the healing procedure. Working things through can assist forestall traumatic jobs subsequently on in the hereafter. Date colza can go on to anyone and it is a job that is confronting adult females in today ‘s society. There are steps that a adult female can take to forestall colza but if she becomes a victim she should seek aid for her safety and the safety of other adult females.


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