Examining Perfume The Story Of A Murderer English Literature Essay

Justice over the twelvemonth has been a quality of being just and sensible. It was used to penalize people for their offenses and their bad behaviours. Punishment has been sometimes unjust for people who have non done anything bad and has besides been just for the other people. As we eventually understand what justness is, we can associate it to the two novels “ Perfume: The narrative of a liquidator ” and “ The Foreigner ” where the chief characters which are Grenouille and Meursault have been sanctioned with justness.

The narrative of Perfume coatings dreadfully as the chief character “ Grenouille ” gets eaten alive while in The Outsider, Meursault, and the chief character gets sentenced to decease. The first thing that will be asked is that “ Did they merit this penalty? ” First, allow ‘s look at Grenouille ‘s past life. Efficaciously, he did non hold success with most people he had met or worked with. His female parent did non desire him and wanted to acquire rid of him, the first two nurses rejected him because he was imbibing excessively much milk ; Jeanne Bussie gave him back to Father Terrier because he did non hold a normal babe odor and therefore was a Satan, Madame Gaillard who had no emotional life, Grimal who was cruel, Baldini has been utilizing Grenouille to assist him go the best perfumer in Paris. The intent of Grenouille perpetrating those slayings could be related to this province of head. We can restart Grenouille life utilizing two words: rejection and bondage. On the other manus, the first few pages of “ The Outsider ” aid us to hold a brief description of Meursault.

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Efficaciously, when reading the first few pages, we see that he did n’t retrieve his female parent ‘s decease “ Mother died today. Or yesterday, I ca n’t be certain ” . As they are traveling to bury his female parent, he refuses to see the organic structure for the last clip and wages less attending to the ceremonial than to the nature. We find him depicting the nature, speaking about the heat of the Sun. “ The Sun was already high in the sky ” , “ The lone thing he remembers from the ceremonial is the image of Mr. Perez shouting. Mr. Perez was the fiance of Maman, Meursault female parent. After his female parent has been buried, he comes back to the day-to-day life and says that nil has changed even though his female parent died, “ I realized that I ‘d managed to acquire through another Sunday, that female parent was now buried, that I was traveling to travel back to work and that, after all, nil has changed ” . He does non hold any emotional experience. From that portion of the text, we might decidedly believe that Meursault did non hold any love for his female parent and therefore can besides be called a psychopath. Unlike Grenouille, Meursault had friends in the metropolis he was populating in. We can hold Raymond who was a good friend of Meursault and was assisting him. Meursault besides helped him. There is Salamano and besides Marie who was his miss friend. She liked him but he merely liked her for the form of her organic structure. Justice was served on Meursault because he killed the Arab, the brother of his friend ‘s girlfriend.

Peoples were doing usage of his ain endowment go forthing him with nil. Grenouille was a individual that has been gifted with one of the most of import senses which was aroma. He was able to utilize his scent really easy which allowed him to carry through many things. We can non therefore describe Grenouille as been a bad character because that is the manner he has been raised. All his life, he has been populating a sad life, a life full of wretchedness, a life in which everyone was wholly barbarous. We can therefore see by this, that there is a fact that due to this manner of life, he could n’t separate between the good and the bad thing. Everything he has been making was hence good to him because he has ne’er been introduced to being good. He ever lived with inhuman treatment. This makes me believe really that he did n’t merit his penalty.

The writer did n’t advert any fact of Meursault a job in his life. He was normal but the fact that may pull our attending is the fact that he did n’t believe in God. This therefore shows that he did n’t care about life, he merely cared about himself. This can be related to the fact that he did n’t hold any emotion when they were burying his female parent or when he killed the Arab. We see at the terminal that he is regretful for the act he has committed but he sees that it is excessively late. . “ I realized that I ‘d destruct the balance of the twenty-four hours and the perfect silence of his beach where I ‘d been happy. And I fired four more times at the lifeless organic structure and the slugs sank in without go forthing a grade. And it was like giving four crisp knocks at the door of sadness ” . He realizes that he had done something he should non hold done. This quotation mark shows that he finds himself guilty to holding committed the slaying. Normally, in those conditions, justness has to be served. Unlike the justness we expected Meursault to acquire, Meursault was sanctioned to decease for non demoing any emotions during his female parent ‘s burring. “ My joy when the coach entered the nest of visible radiations which was Algiers and I knew I was traveling to travel to bed and slumber for a whole 12 hours ” . This is a cogent evidence to demo that he was happy to hold finished the funerals. Meursault really deserved to be punished but non for this ground. Unlike Grenouille, it has n’t been stated about Meursault life but utilizing the descriptions that have been made on him, we can in a manner or another conclude that Meursault did n’t really populate a bad life. He really lived a good life with his girlfriend, his friends, etcaˆ¦ In this instance, we can come back to the fact that he refused to experience sorry in forepart of the rood. This can really be the ground why everything turned the incorrect manner.

There are really two types of justness that would be stated: Human and Godhead. Human justness is given by worlds and godly justness is given by God. Justice in this instance was given by worlds, and at the same clip given by God. Meursault did non give any love for this female parent and was punished for what he did ; the message that can be passed out in that there is a supreme God that controls everything. A statement ever says that he should give love and demo your feelings to your parents because they are the 1s that gave birth to you. The two books, “ Aroma: The Story of a liquidator ” and “ The Outsider ” aid to see that god exists and that worlds do non gave power over him. The two chief characters were non punished for what they have done but for what they were non anticipating to be punished for. As we refer to the Godhead justness, we can reason that the two characters are guilty, even though some peoples may reason that they have n’t done it on intent, they have n’t followed the regulation of the deity which is to non kill. In fact, as we say, if you kill, you have to anticipate to acquire killed back. It ‘s really because they killed that they were punished by God. This portion has been concerns God but we are speaking about their penalty made by worlds, we can see that they got punished. Harmonizing to me, God wanted to through human penalize the two characters for what they have done. This universe is now altering and things were traveling really fast. Now yearss, people forget about faith and how of import it is, by reading these books, there might be issues coming into heads about what to make to alter this universe so that justness can be served and besides that faith should be considered because it is really of import in life.


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