Examining A Cement Business: Buland Cement Limited

The Company is traveling to be set up its works in the State of Gujarat. The commercial production of its first works with an installed capacity of 0.70mn tones was started in this twelvemonth.

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The entire cement capacity of the company is 16 million metric tons. The Company ‘s workss are most efficient and environment friendly with environment protection steps that are on par with the finest in the universe.

The phenomenal growing at Buland cement will be achieved interalia with committed best concern patterns and ethical clime. The best concern patterns and ethical codification are ingrained in the Company civilization and its forces, these played a critical function in the success of the Company. The Board of Directors have thought it appropriate to enter the Company ‘s bing ethical clime, its values, rules and doctrine so as to supply basic guidelines for running the concern of the Company ethically and with all equity.

These guidelines are embodied in this Code of Conduct. Each Director and Employee of the Company will be responsible for the observation of this Code of Conduct. Any inquiries about this Code of Conduct should be referred to his or her immediate supervisor or to the Human Resource Department ( HRD ) .

Buland Cements will be the most profitable cement company in India, and the lowest cost manufacturer of cement in the universe. One of the major grounds that Buland Cements is the lowest cost manufacturer of cement in the universe is its accent on efficiency. Power consists over 40 % of the production cost of cement. The company improved efficiency of its kilns to acquire more end product for less power. Thereafter Buland Cements set up a confined power works at a well lower cost than the national grid. The company is traveling sourced a cheaper and higher quality coal from South Africa, and a better furnace oil from the Middle East. As a consequence, today, the company is in a place to sell its extra power to the local province authorities.

Buland cement will be the first company to present the construct of bulk cement motion by sea in India. This resulted in rapid transit and brought many coastal markets within easy range. Buland Cements has a larboard terminus at Muldwarka, Gujarat. It is an all conditions port that handles ships with 40,000 DWT. The port has a fleet of seven ships with a capacity of 20500 DWT to ferry bulk cement to the packaging units. The company has bulk cement terminuss at Surat, Panvel, and Galle. The Surat terminus has a storage capacity of 15,000 metric tons and Panvel terminus has a storage capacity of 17,500 metric tons. Both the terminuss have bulk cement droping installation. The port at Galle, 120 kilometer from Colombo, Sri Lanka, handles million metric tons of cement anually



The high capital costs acts as a major entry barrier for the entry of new participants. The high cargo costs makes it hard to import cement. Cement being a high volume low value trade good consequences in high cargo costs, which makes cement imports economically impracticable.

Bargaining Power FOR Suppliers

The major inputs are coal and power. The Prices of both coal and power are determined by the authorities. To extenuate the high costs of power the cement participants have set up confined power workss.


The competition is strong among the participants, as the industry is non consolidated.


Retail gross revenues constitute about 80 per centum of the entire gross revenues and the remainder is institutional gross revenues. The retail purchasers do n’t hold any bargaining power while the institutional purchasers get a price reduction of 5 to 10 per centum as they buy cement in majority.


There are some replacements for cement like Ambuja, Acc, Birla plus etc.


Strengths: properties of the organisation that are helpful to accomplishing the aim.

Failings: properties of the organisation that are harmful to accomplishing the aim.

Opportunities: external conditions that are helpful to accomplishing the aim.

Menaces: external conditions which could make damage to the concern ‘s Performance.


Strong Management: The direction control of the company is really strong. The Group holds bulk and minority involvements in more states on all continents, and employs some 10,000 people.

Pan India Presence: The Company has a pan India presence with capacities in all the four major cement-producing parts. This mitigates the hazard of downtrend in cement monetary values in a specific part.


Low Operating Margins: The operating borders of the company are low as compared to the other industry participants.


Strong Growth In Demand: The per capita ingestion of cement in India at 125 kilogram among the lowest in the universe. Opportunity for growing in volumes. In India the demand has grew by 11 per centum last twelvemonth on the dorsum of strong demand for lodging and authorities push on substructure. We expect the perkiness in demand to go on with cement demand expected to turn at 10 per centum for the following few old ages.


Over Capacity: The overcapacity in the industry could take to decrease in monetary values, which could impact the gross and profitableness of the company.


Political factors include countries such as revenue enhancement policy, employment Torahs, environmental ordinances, trade limitations and duties and political stableness.

iˆ Economic factors are economic growing, involvement rates, exchange rates and rising prices rate.

iˆ Social factors frequently look at the cultural facets and include wellness consciousness, population growing rate, age distribution, calling attitudes and accent on safety.


iˆ Technological factors include ecological and environmental facets and can find barriers to entry, minimal efficient production degree and influence outsourcing determinations. Technological factors look at elements such as R & A ; D activity, mechanization, engineering inducements and the rate of technological alteration.


This peculiar company is wholly different from others as we have already seen it, like in the instance besides it is different from others. On this instance they truly assist by making batch of societal work like they putt off assorted wellness centres for the hapless people and supply montery aid besides to some ground. They besides helped by supplying instruction installations to hapless people like books etc.

Not merely are this they are besides supplying good quality merchandises that does n’t harm any sort of hurts to the people while they utilizing it.

The Company strives to supply a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and to avoid inauspicious impact and hurt to the environment and communities in which the company conducts its concern. The committedness is reflected in the figure of awards the Company has received including National Award for outstanding pollution control.

The consciousness and preparation programme on wellness and safety related issues should be conducted on a regular basis. All the employees, and managers shall follow with all applicable Torahs and ordinances associating to wellness and safety so as to guarantee healthy and safe work environment. Exploitation or being under the influence of illegal drugs and intoxicant on the occupation is perfectly prohibited


Buland cements is most recoganised unit in India and they ever they are following proper regulations and ordinances that are made by cardinal authorities and besides follows that are mentioned in the Company ‘s ACT 1947 sing Safety, Health and Social demands.

They should endeavor to maintain abreast of the developments in Torahs and ordinances and comply with the same. If any one gets to cognize of any non conformity of any of the Torahs in his or her co-workers country of operation in the company the same should be brought to his/her immediate notice every bit good to the notice of his/her Head of the Department.

All Directors and Employees of the Company shall carry on concern personal businesss with honestness and unity and in full conformity with all applicable Torahs, regulations and ordinances and shall non perpetrate any illegal or unethical act or instruct others to make so, for any ground.


As we have seen its fiscal statements i.e balance sheet and net income and loss, In that it is demoing the good net income and net incomes are increasing every twelvemonth and its portion monetary value is besides high as compared to other cement industries and its assets are besides increased.It means that its fiscal place is really strong as compared to others.

From here we can analysis that its net incomes are increasing twelvemonth by twelvemonth and it means that they are supplying more to GPI, with this our NPI will besides be addition and overall place of state will be better. From here we can analysis that if industry place is strong so our state ‘s place will besides be strong. It means it is benecfical for the people and countryaˆ¦..


Its politicial environmental is wholly different from others because they ne’er put any sort of political force per unit area on any other whether it is against or in favor for them.They ever seek to follow the proper regulations and ordinances that are made by the cardinal government.But still they have to alter their schemes as per alteration in the political environment.

This policy applies entirely to the Company and is non intended to deter or forestall single Director or Employee from doing political parts or prosecuting in political activities on their ain behalf. No personal political part shall be reimbursed by the Company. No personal political activities should interfere with responsibilities to be discharged with the Company in line with this Code of Conduct.


It is one of the most importent factor as compared to others.In this peculiar we are traveling to discourse that what tpye of techonology they are utilizing and how much beneficial for them every bit good as for the people who are utilizing this peculiar merchandise.

Buland cements industry is holding good quality machines to do their merchandises and besides they are utilizing latest techonolgy machines. And their techonolgy is really effectual that is implemented and they besides impleted modern techonology like Invetory Control system etcaˆ¦


Environmental scanning is frequently defined as the skill and use of information from the organisation ‘s external environment. In the present twenty-four hours, the external environment could non be wholly ignored because of the volatility of the environment and scanning identifies an organisation ‘s possible menaces and chances. The external environment of an organisation includes all the external factors which influence the determination could do procedure. The external environment varies for differing organisations and is normally dependent on the organisation size and industry.

As above I have already explicate each and every environmental factor and it shows us how external environmental factors consequence Buland Cement industry..


Strong Management

Pan India Presence


Low Operating Margins


Strong Growth In Demand


Over Capacity


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