Examine a Criminal Justice Agency and its service delivery to its clients

The condemnable justness system is a system set by administrations in order to observe offense and purposes to present justness to felons.

Condemnable justness is in relation to society ‘s rigorous reaction to offense in add-on to be defined specifically in footings of series of determination every bit good as actions taken by a figure of bureaus in response to a precise offense or condemnable activities. ( Malcolm Davies, at Al, 2005, p.8 )

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There are figure of bureaus that work together to present the Criminal Justice System. This includes ; the Police, Prosecutors, Courts, Prisons, Probation, Youth Justice and many more across England and Wales which work are supervised and managed by three authorities departments- The Home Office, The Ministry Of Justice and The Attorney General ‘s office.

For this assignment, i am traveling to be placing the function of the “ Youth Justice ” and the map every bit good as the issues this bureau faces in its service bringing to youth in the society.

There are many immature wrongdoers in the society today ; assorted have chosen to interrupt the jurisprudence of their single agreement whereas several have been unluckily faithlessly into it by friends or packs. Young wrongdoers come from all troubles of life, with such it is difficult to state what attitudes are shown by them nevertheless irrespective of what makes them jurisprudence ledgeman, they need aid and support multi bureaus working together to assist wrongdoers acquire back on the right way.

The Youth Justice, Formally known as Juvenile Justice Teams is aim to forestall immature people in the society from acquiring involved in offense and anti-social behavior. It delivers this by ; forestalling offense and the fright of offense, placing and covering with immature wrongdoers and in conclusion, cut downing reoffending. Furthermore, it involved with parents, carers every bit good as defenders. The Youth Justice Board is a cardinal board that monitors the work of the young person justness system and work of the Youth Offending Teams. ( Malcolm Davies, at Al, 2005, p.5 ) .The Youth Offending Teams are made up of organic structures from assorted bureaus such as societal services, probation, constabulary, instruction andA wellness, conveying their professional accomplishments to take portion in forestalling immature people from crime.A The Youth Justice System besides includes Youth Courts every bit good as the establishment in which immature people are held in detainment.

The appraisals applied by the Youth Offending Team requires them to pass on with the juvenile, their parents or carers along with services that have worked with the young person and their household in order to garner information about their condemnable history ( if they have offended before ) , instruction, wellness ( if they have any medical status ) , household and their geographical location. The Youth Offending Team uses the information they have draw together to protect the society every bit good as concept programmes of activities such as young person nines, for the immature wrongdoer that will turn to their demands furthermore cut down the likeliness of them piquing once more. The Youth Offending Teams often re-examine these appraisals plus overhaul them when wrongdoers ‘ behavior alterations.

For immature wrongdoers, the Youth Offending Team uses what they call “ Assetss ” to measure the immature wrongdoers. “ Asset is a structured appraisal tool to be used by Youth Offender Teams in England and Wales on all immature wrongdoers who come into contact with the condemnable justness system. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.yjb.gov.uk/en-gb/practitioners/assessment/asset.htm, accessed 14/01/2011 ) .

Asset must be completed with all immature due to be sentenced to a tutelary or community order. The Youth Offending Team so uses the information assessed to do a mention to the tribunal on a suited sentence. They besides use the information to categorise the activities that the immature wrongdoer will be required to finish as portion of their penalty. Finally, they besides use is to place whether work demands to be done with their household every bit good as place how they will protect the populace.

The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 enforced by the Labour Party to help local governments to set up young person piquing squads and multi-agencies that are working together to explicate every bit good as implement the young person justness programs in order to put out how the young person justness services were monitored and funded every bit good as how the mark for offense decrease could be met in each local country.

( John Muncie, 3rd edition, 2006, p.299 )

This new system seeks to guarantee that every bureau in all part of the society can act upon the behavior of wrongdoers and possible immature felons.

In general, the chief concerns for Youth Offending squads were statutory groups. These are group of immature people subject to a rebuke or concluding warning every bit good as strong belief in tribunal ( besides known as disposal ) . In peculiar, those in prevent or deter immature wrongdoers group are identified as a cardinal precedence. For illustration, instances such as anti-social behavior order ( ASBO ) receivers, first-time wrongdoers and those at hazard of piquing.

Research shows that young person wrongdoers higher in people who come from households where the parents are immature or from a big household, where there is restriction of instruction, high rates of poorness, dependence on societal authorities ( Benefits ) , deficiency of societal support and high degrees of household strife. These are common in the households who form the bulk of the instance for societal attention workers or other service supplier. However, there is small survey that straight tackles offense by kids in demand, nor of the jobs of pull offing young person offending by kids being looked after. ( Farrington D, 1995, p.36 )

The overall focal point of the young person justness system is to forestall immature people re piquing once more. The reform have seen the constitution of 154 or more Youth Offending Teams spread across England and Wales and in touch at least in theory with all immature wrongdoers who have participated in the condemnable justness system. The Youth Offending Team pull off a broad scope of new Youth Justice Board programmes for immature wrongdoers, and consequences of a


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