On the 3rd March of 2009 the body of the victim Munevver Karabulut who was younger than 18 years old was found dead. Her body was in pieces, thrown into a dumpster in Istanbul, Etiler. She found with her head was separated from her body. This was a tragedy that cannot be considered as a right of Cem Garipoglu under any circumstances. Investigations carried out in the crime scene by the Turkish police led to the charge of homicide.

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It was suspected that the body was thrown into the dumpster by Cem Garipoglu, after a detailed investigation in his family home it was found out that Munevver Karabulut the victim was killed there, and then her body was transported to another area and dumped. A few weeks later the police also found out that a few hours earlier the crime was committed; Cem Garipoglu went into a Shopping Mall and bought a Motor saw. Cem Garipoglu was the victims’ boyfriend, and it’s still not known why he committed this crime.

Many people think Munevver Karabulut was sacrificed… but for what? The first thing which came to many people’s mind was that Cem Garipoglu believed in Satanism. Many people couldn’t wait for him to get caught and sentences. Much false news was told to the public, such as that he was abroad in Russia, Armenia, or Europe. But none of them were true; he was actually in Istanbul all this time. Cem Garipoglu’s family is one of the richest families in Turkey. His uncle is a known business man in Turkey.

After the crime was committed, Cem Garipoglu’s mother had to move to Russia next to her older son, so that her younger daughter (Cem’s sister) would be able to study. As she was not accepted to any schools in Turkey. The parents didn’t want a family member of Garipoglu to study with their kid, for that reason none of the schools couldn’t accept her. Cem Garipoglu’s Father has been in prison for months now too, the reason for this was that, the victims (Munevver Karabulut) blood was found on one of shirt and in one of his houses. Cem Garipoglu and his father are still suspects.

However everyone all the Turkish public believes that they committed the crime. The Turkish public wants the people who committed this crime to be punishes as soon as possible. Then Cem Garipoglu caught at last in 17th September 2009, which means he has been caught at last after 197 days. He was given over to the police by his lawyer. It was thought that he left Istanbul after committing the unbelievable crime. However when he was caught today it was understood that, he never left Istanbul. This is the possible summary of my example of evil.

However it is a specific and unbelievable event, I think that this teenage has more characteristics than a general term used for a person as an evil. The surprised thing is that, Cem Garipoglu murdered his girl friend because of jealousy. And he is more selfish than much human being that he used his capability of fixing the problem, and controlling the situation by hard power; by killing someone. Murdering Munevver because of sawing her messages in her mobile phone which is sent by another guy pushed Cem Garipoglu to self- preserving.

But the term evil comes at that point; Cem did not try to forget about the messages, cry, shout and maybe relax. In my opinion he even did not try to control himself or the situation and did not try to preserve the best solution and he did separated Maneuvers’ head from her body after lots of deathblow. This is my extra ordinary example on evil. This is not lying, not steeling, not jealousy, not a murdering story in self- defense, not a no respectful behavior towards other, BUT THIS IS PERFECT AND EXACT EVIL!!!


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