Event Management Essay Sample

How does the Event direction industry contribute to the economic system. and at what cost does this come to the environment? Are big scale events making adequate to decrease pollution at the disbursal of their success?

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Strengths and failings of the Event Management industry in respects to economic value and environmental impacts. This essay will discourse the economic value that the event direction industry brings to the gross. and reason its environmental impacts on the local countries. It look at how two events within the past five old ages are assisting to cut down these environmental impacts and research whether or non they are making plenty to forestall pollution at the cost of their economic success. The event direction industry has been around for centuries. It marks a cause for jubilation and amusement for a assortment of grounds. frequently to alleviate a ‘period of difficult physical labor’ and the ‘essential characteristic of these events is the jubilation or reassertion of community or culture’ sing local and community events such as fayres. little festivals. work maps and spiritual ceremonials i. e Christmas and Halloween.

Larger scale events can be described as ‘variable with a spiritual or ritualistic facet. with music. dance and play being the chief characteristics of the jubilation. ’ For illustration. the Glastonbury festival has been a ‘ritualistic’ ( periodic ) event since 1970. taking topographic point every twelvemonth as a jubilation of modern-day acting humanistic disciplines. However. big scale events are more frequently than non. linked to featuring events such as the modern Olympics which have besides taken topographic point sporadically since 1870. every four old ages. Both the Olympic Games and Glastonbury festival are immense planetary events. with the Olympics taking topographic point in a different state every four old ages. With Periodic events such as the Olympic Games and the Glastonbury festival. comes great economic success. both generate 1000000s of lbs in gross. The London Olympics 2012 generated over ?13 billion in gross. lending immense success for local concerns such as the repast suppliers. adjustment suppliers and other concerns that work in close contact with the Olympics suppliers.


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