Evaluation of the Internet as a marketing tool

The Internet links humanity into a vast network of communication and commerce, which have been applied as an entirely new implement to market the products. This essay will evaluate the Internet as a marketing tool with reference to the user experience, communication issues and global reach.Among these factors, giving the audience valuable experience plays a critical role. As Chen (2001) stated, no evidences were found that the Internet weakens the brand power. Virtually the companies rooting on the Internet such as Amazon succeeded owing to the factor of branding. The secret of the Amazon to be successful is their extraordinary user experience that combines the selection, comparison and recommendation and makes it possible to confirm an order within 1 minute. Hence, superior user experience is a determinant that differentiates one company from other competitors.In addition, it is also a critical criterion that channels are provided to share ideas to rate the products or service. Deighton (1997) mentioned that communication gives a chance for companies to get more feedbacks from the audience and comprehend the needs further. It is crucial to improve the communication strategies when aiming to better the relationship with the customers. However, Rettie (2003) argued that negative messages flow within the channels might disturb both the companies and clients. Nonetheless, it is another opportunity to discover the underlying problem. It is unavoidable that some particular customers leave the negative feedback online even for the top companies. But they can minimize the effect of the passive messages by showing the efforts they have paid to improve themselves instead of cutting off the channels directly.Besides, the global reach is a fundamental criterion to measure the Internet as a marketing tool. Gogan (1997) claimed that the Internet had access to the audience all around the world, which allowed small business achieved the goal of advertising at…

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