European Studies Essays – European Economic Challenge

European Economic Challenge

Turkey’s Accession to the European Union- Risks and Opportunities under the Light of Economic and Security Challenge

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The European Union ( EU ) is a political and economic community which originates as the European Economic Community ( EEC ) organized in 1957 by the Treaty of Rome between six European states. And since EEC was already called as EU or the European Union, it has grown in the size by the accession of new member provinces and has altered its power in the add-on of new policy countries to its remand. ( Wiki undertaking, 2007 ) . Therefore, more and more states are going EU member province or campaigners. It is a large duty for EU authorities to supervise, control and do determination for such big piece of the universe. Presently, the most debatable applying to fall in EU is turkey. Although many Europeans steadfastly protest against fall ining Turkey, making so would convey many advantages to both EU and Turkey since Turkish economic sciences is really rapidly turning. Turkey in EU would make new economic and trade schemes and reciprocally better bias and moral lacks in all civilizations.

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Economy in Turkey was transforming over 20 old ages. While they were active in macroeconomics and oriented to the international concern, Turkey has developed the most economic sectors. In spite Turkey has encountered some obstructions ; its economic system has become flexible to fluctuation in the universe. Europe should look up to Turkey for its power to regenerate its economic sciences. They experienced two important crises since the World War II. In November 2000 and February 2001 when debt to GNP ratio about doubled within the twelvemonth, economic activity decreased and unemployment increased ( Schmidt, 2002 ) . However during the last old ages, Turkey was able to do a immense measure in economic growing. They focused chiefly on the fiscal markets and banking sectors. They put their attempt in back uping a sustainable development of macro-economic balances, stabilising the money and foreign exchange markets, and f reconstituting the banking sector. Reforming procedure included denationalization, societal security and agribusiness. Telecommunication sectors and energy, and many parts public sector that include public fiscal direction, from 1993 to 2002 economic growing culminated about 2.8 % on norm. In 2003 economic growing reached to 5.9 % and in 2004 it raise to 9.9 % ( Crofts 1999 ) .

This growing degree was the extremum of the turning, but Turkey still monitors economic growing about 5-6 % on norm ( Butler & A ; Taylor, 2007 ) . Sing that many other much smaller states have had long-run troubles to get by up with rising prices and economic stabilisation. Turkey showed their first-class capableness in economic policy to last in the competitory universe which is one of the basic demands for going a believable member of the European Union. Turkey is placed in really good strategic location between Europe and Asia. This land is one of the most of import key points that requires substructure to develop transit and communicating. This country will besides be attractive to energy providers. This could develop concern linking Europe and Turkey, Turkey with Central Asia, and Black Sea Economic Cooperation states. Therefore, Turkey could go the important span between Europe and the biggest continental all over the universe ( Bilefsky & A ; Hugh, 2004 ) . Furthermore, structural alterations in income are that Turkey has passed will be suited for foreign investing. Therefore, if the international trade within the EU penetrates Turkey even more in future, it will do a positive consequence on economic sciences between EU and Turkey. That would surely work because Turkey experienced its most important growing in foreign trade merely after pretermiting its import permutation policies.

It is deserving to indicate out the fact that Turkish GNP addition by more than 50 % after they opened new markets within the broad scope that covers states from the far Asia to Latin America. Turkish external trade volume has increased by more than 160 billion dollars in 2004 ( Gauthier-Villars & A ; Champion, 2004 ) . The overall GNP was 301 billion dollars in the same twelvemonth. Another interesting point is the fact that Turkey earned about 2.9 billion dollars in 1980 and 63 billion dollars in 2004. Turkey has besides decided to take advantage of their location to do concern with energy. Besides holding strategic topographic point they possess natural resources of oil and gas. They plan to get down with a great H2O undertaking consisted of 22 dikes, many irrigation webs, and 19 hydroelectric power workss situated indoors and outside the state ( Khan, 2007 ) . It is considered as one of the 9 biggest undertakings in the universe. It is called the Southeastern Anatolian Project. It will command 28 % H2O potency in Turkey and water 17,000 square kilometres of land which will make 50 % of more cultivable land. 22 H2O power workss in the undertakings will say to bring forth 27 billion kw/h of electric power ( Khan, 2007 ) ) . Those power workss could utilize their measure of electric energy to provide plentifulness of new large mills.

Irrigation webs could assist to bring forth more agribusiness merchandises and make many new work chances in EU. On the other manus, Muslims were frequently accused of transgressing human rights of freedom of address. In some instances they can incarnate existent menace. They use to spread fright among common people. Huge sum of Muslims behave truly dogmatic and overzealous in their belief. Certain Muslim compulsion intrudes people’s freedom. Peoples might hold fright to freely show their sentiment or openly say what they do non wish about Muslims. It is inexcusable when person in his or her faith putting to deaths human existences. For illustration, in November 2004, Dutch film maker Theo Van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam because of his film about force against adult females in Islamic society ( Barroso, 2004 ) . The movie based on world, portrayed dark facets of Muslim manners in their community. The book of this film name Submission was written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo Van Gogh. Ayaan Hirsi was 34 year-old adult female who abandoned her Muslim religion. She did non offense Islamic people, but to acquire others to pay attending to what Islamic adult females have to face. She wanted to unwrap this force because as she stated, many Dutch are concerned about stating it aloud. Those Dutch do non desire to do spiritual tenseness or to be considered racialist.

Butchering Theo Van Gogh in short clip after clip after printing the film Muslims merely confirmed their violent nature in existent life. They cause merely hatred in such a manner that will make merely troubles in Turkish attempt to fall in the EU. Nevertheless, it does non intend that EU should insulate this civilization from the other civilization. Just in the opposite manner, UE should open their eyes and incorporate this civilization in its society in order to better morality and moralss. It is clear that it will non be easy ; Therefore, Turkey has still to wait for the EU accession. No uncertainty any adult female or adult male does non like the codex that allows the handling them like animate beings. Yet even carnal rights prohibition such a manners. It is more likely that if Muslim people were practically integrated in the society that values different moralss, Muslims would be sooner or later positively affected in the same manner. In Netherland, the film Submission launched a argument Muslim inquiry related to adaptation and overhauling Islam in the EU. Among 16 million people in Netherland there live 1 million Muslim in there ( Flam, 2003 ) . There are still more and more Muslim adult females are less afraid to talk out about force against them.

The Accession of Turkey

The possible accession of Turkey to the European Union is at the Centre of the contention environing the EU’s expansion. Given the disparate histories of the EU member province, Turkey’s ain complex battle-scarred history, and chauvinistic considerations, the inquiry of whether Turkey will finally be accepted as an EU member with full rights and privileges, is one to which there are few distinct replies.

The argument environing this issue continues to derive impulse both in Turkey and in the European Union, France, with President Nicholas Sarkozy in the head, has taken a lead in opposing Turkey’s prospective rank in the EU. The referendum on the EU fundamental law brought to the bow the French’s public reserves ( Gauthier-Villars & A ; Champion, 2007 ) . Mr. Sarkozy stated I have non changed my head: Turkey has no topographic point in Europe, if I pose the inquiry of Turkey, there will be no simplified pact. Sakorzky’s remarks are brooding of concerns non merely about whether the Turkey meets the EU’s political standards for accession, but besides concerns that the Turkish accession will non be able to pull off in a manner a similar to other expansions. Critics of Turkish accession besides contend that Turkey is excessively large, excessively hapless, with excessively unsafe boundary lines and insufficiently European to fall in the Union ( Hughes, 2004 ) . An analysis of the historical context, along with the statements for and against Turkish rank in the EU, is indispensable to placing the possible political and economic deduction of Turkish accession to the EU for the Union itself.

History of Turkey’s Bid for EU Membership

Since Turkey was founded in 1923, it has been known as a secular democracy, with a preponderantly Muslim population and strong ties with the West. Merely 2 % of the Turkey’s district lies within the European Continent, harmonizing to Professor Sophie Meritet, in her talk on the EU’s construction. Journalists Susan Sachs writes, Turkey has been an associate member of the European Union for more than 40 old ages and a full NATO member for even longer ( Sachs, 2004 ) . But its way to the European Union has been blocked by these longstanding struggles with adjacent Greece, its occasional military putschs, human rights defects and repeating fiscal crises ( Rifkin, 2004 ) . Without a uncertainty, Turkey has encountered several obstructions in its command for full EU rank.

The web site the provides a chronology of some events involved in Turkey’s command for accession to the EU. This history is important to understanding the issue presently at drama ( Scheltema & A ; Winsemius, 2004 ) . The first important measure came in February 1952, with Turkey’s full rank in NATO. In 1959, Ankara utilized for associate rank in the European Economic Community in 1963, signed the Ankara understanding, which integrated Turkey with the European Customs Union and acknowledged Turkey’s ultimate end of full EEC rank. The first fiscal protocol was besides signed in 1963, followed by the sign language of the Additional Protocol and the 2nd fiscal protocol in Brussels in 1970. In January of 1973, the Additional Protocol became effectual, puting out how the Customs Union would be established. A turning point was reached in September 1986, when the Turkey-EEC Association Council meeting resumed the association procedure and, in April 1987, Turkey applied for the EEC full rank.

With the 2002 election of the Justice and Development Party ( AKP ) , a pro European party with Islamists roots, a figure of reforms led to increase political and economic stableness. Despite an effort by the Austrian authorities to offer Turkey less than full rank, EU accession dialogues were officially launched, and Turkey has stopped its first chapter in arbitrations in June 2006 ( Khan, 2007 ) . In malice of this, Turkey encountered legion barriers specifically ; these included labored dealingss with the Kurds in Northern Iraq and breakaway PKK guerillas who resumed contending following ceasefire ( Bilefsky & A ; Hugh, 2004 ) . Another major challenge that Turkey faced was Cyprus. A UN program to acquire back together the disputed island fell individually in 2004 when the Greek Cypriots, who had been guaranting a rank of the EU in any event, overpoweringly discarded in a referendum. When Turkey refuses to open its port and airdromes to the Grecian Cypriots, The EU was undecided on the dialogues on the eight of the 35 chapters in the rank negotiations ( Sakorzy, 2007 ) . The impact of Turkey’s 2007 parliamentary elections on farther EU-Turkey dialogues remains to be seen. Solan writes, Mr. Rehn insists that this is non a train-wreck, nil that good proficient advancement is being made and a new chapter will be opened shortly…He suggest that the right class is to puddle through the remainder of the 2007. Once that the Turks will hold a pick: to recommence their reforms, seting their negotiations back on paths towards rank subsequently in the decennary, or to turn away from the roads towards Europe wholly. The most crude day of the month that Turkey could come in EU is 2013, the day of the month when the following six-year EU budget will come into force ( Legros, 2007 ) . Brussels, nevertheless, refused to endorse 2013 as a deadline. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, in a BBC interview subsequently last twelvemonth, indicated that Turkey is a long-run issue, and believes that it will take 15 to 20 old ages for Turkey to derive rank in the Union ( Barroso, 2006 ) . Given that the full 27-member EU block must volunteer nem con on whether to accept Turkey as a member, there is no immediate declaration in sight. The subdivisions examine both the pro-accession and the anti-accession statements environing this heated subject.

Arguments for Turkey fall ining the EU

Economic: Done right, EU rank could guarantee that the Turkish economic system remains the fastest-growing in Europe. Furthermore, a vivacious Turkey could supply Europe with the added work force, aggressive enterprisers, and new markets it needs to resuscitate its flagging fight. Turkey’s economic system is overhauling quickly, with a narrowed trade shortage and increased foreign investings. In 2004 and 2005, growing was about 7 % ( Sakorzy, 2007 ) far above mean growing in the EU. In 2006, they topped $ 86bn, with a displacement off from the traditional fabrics underway ( Sakorzy, 2007 ) Turkey has even narrowed its trade shortage with Europe, with exports to Europe covering four-fifths of imports compared with two-thirds five old ages ago ( Meritet ) . At the same clip, the state has reined in its high rising prices rate, which hit ternary figures in the late 1990’s but is now down about 10 % for the first clip in 35 old ages, the Turkish economic system achieved individual figure rising prices in February of last twelvemonth ( Meritet, 2007 ) . Further, increasing Numberss of multinationals are come ining Turkey. Ford Motor Co. has shifted production for Europe to Turkey, while Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. are fast spread outing Turkish auto workss. Daimler Chrysler AG now makes half of all its Mercedes coachs for the European market in Turkey ( Pope, 2004 ) . Taken together, these economic Factors strengthen the instance for Turkey’s rank in the EU.

Energy Resources: Within the last decennary, Turkey has become a hub for energy resources. At a recent European energy conference, Turkey was described as an of import spouse for the formation of the European energy policy, and has a major function in diversifying energy supply paths ( Butler and Taylor, 2007 ) . Currently, Turkey is hesitating to subscribe on to the European Energy Community Treaty, in portion because it fears that the EU would non hold an involvement in acknowledging Turkey as a full member once it additions free entree to Turkey’s energy sector through this pact. EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn said, Turkey can help the EU secure its energy supply, while in add-on into the EU’s internal energy market and the substructure required for its rapid economic growing ( Butler and Taylor, 2007 ) . Although Turkey could potentially play an of import function through such a pact, this is non plenty. If the EU chooses to take the stairss necessary to demo that it is eager to acknowledge Turkey as a full member, both parties stand to profit Turkey from the promise of full EU rank, and the EU from a greater gap of Turkey’s strategic energy sector.

Demographics: The EU’s population is greying, with an increased figure of aging babe boomers and retired persons. Turkey’s immature ( 23 % of population is under 15 ) occupants, accession might move as a balance at a clip when Europe is get downing to experience the effects of its period of demographic lineation, harmonizing to Professor Legros in her talk on European demographic tendencies. Turkey’s current population is 71 million, and demographists project it to increase to 80-85 million in the net 20 old ages ( Legros, 2007 ) . This measures up with the largest present EU member province Germany, which has 83 million people today, but whose occupants is projected to cut down to around 80 million by 2020 ( Hughes, 2004 ) .

Political Reforms: Given that political betterment in Turkey is an on-going procedure, the chance of EU dialogues is seen by many in Turkey to be cardinal in guaranting continued reforms, peculiarly in the judicial and human rights countries ( Meritet, 2007 ) . Turkey’s negative response by the EU could do by a domestic recoil against the West and promote ultranationalists and spiritual extremists set on derailing Turkey’s liberalisation, democratisation, and demilitarization. Clearly, the promise of EU rank is considered by accession advocators to be a cardinal inducement for intensifying democracy in Turkey, as it has been in other applicant states.

Economic: The anti-accession side of the statement besides makes an economic instance ; specifically, that Turkey is non sufficiently advanced, with its high debt, large income spreads, slow traveling bureaucratism and intrusive military ( Stokes, 2007 ) . The Turkish economic system, while blossoming compared with past old ages of high rising prices and instability, has a long manner to travel before making the bloc’s minimal criterion. Additionally, the issue of occupation losingss to Turkey is besides a of import concern among EU member provinces. In recent canvass, EU respondents worry about estimations that Turkish migration into the European Union could more than quadruple from its current degree of 50,000 a twelvemonth, and fright that this competition for occupations will undersell rewards ( Stokes, 2007 ) .

Human Rights record and National Reforms: The EU member provinces apprehension over Turkey’s human right records every bit good as planetary and regional security-related issues have besides been cardinal factors behind Turkey’s prolonged application procedure ( Phillips, 2007 ) . Although Turkey has commenced important reforms since 2002, jobs in implementing these reforms remain. In add-on, the general election scheduled for November in Turkey leads many to believe that the current individual party authorities will be replaced by a alliance ( Stokes, 2007 ) . For this grounds, many EU member provinces and anti-accession parties believe that alterations will happen at a slower rate, and that Turkey will non hold enacted sufficient reforms to go a feasible EU member within the timeframe that it seeks.

Turkish accession will hold considerable impact on the Union because of its size. It will be the same size as Germany on accession by 2025 will be the largest member province ( Meritet, 2007 ) . However, Turkey is, and will stay for many decennaries, a little participant in the economic footings ( Hughes, 2004 ) . And this will restrict its political influence in the countries of economic policy.

With regard to foreign policy, Turkey will hold a particular of import impact given to its boundary lines with the Middle East, Caucasus and the Black Sea. This will reapportion the Union’s boundary lines to the South-East and increase the Union’s scope of involvements in these complicated parts ( Hughes, 2004 ) . Turkey will look to be of import participant in the growing of EU foreign policy. While Turkey will hold a strong impact on the political kineticss among the EU’s member provinces, it entirely will non be the make up one’s minding Factor in Europe’s future political waies.

Professionals and Cons of European Union

The European Union is a group of states whose authorities articulation together.

They normally do this through revenue enhancements. The EU uses to money to alter the manner do people live and make concern in Europe. Other states unite because they think that they will gain from the alteration the EU makes.

The inquiry would be simple to reply but an single must look much deeper into the state of affairs. For illustration, what are the pros and cons of fall ining brotherhood? The European Union has many pros but besides has cons.


With the growing of the European Union, the states are able to hold the benefit of the doctrine of European integrating, such as free competition or free motion of goods and capital, which will back up the motion to a free market economic system in East-central Europe. The regulation of the free development is stating that you can work and analyze everyplace in the Union if you are a citizen of the Union ( Parker, 2007 ) . By utilizing portion of their instruction or preparing in another European Union state, the citizens can acquire an at hand into other work environments and increase accomplishment that are really utile in ulterior life. By holding a closer joint effort and sharing the experiences with other European states will convey independent traditions and modern manner of life to the society of new member provinces. Besides, with it being individual market, there are no barriers between the other states. With the remotion of usage barriers it will enable manufacturers to cut production costs, which will ensue export additions, In add-on to this the integrating into the European Union, will promote the foreign investing. With promoting foreign investing it will make new occupations and will convey new engineerings and experience into East cardinal European industry and trade.

CONS Many people think the rank of the European Union is a warrant of democracy, political stableness and economic advancement. Well, I have intelligence for everybody that rank in European Union does non vouch success. Here is an illustration on how it did non vouch that success that they were speaking approximately. The advancement of Ireland was largely determined by the political attempts of its national authorities. It is of import to emphasize that this clip the extent of EU rise outweighs old phases and the degree of European integrating is higher. One of the biggest jobs of the European Union is the individual market rate. Controling the involvement rate is really influential arm to seek to stabilise with the many different economic rhythms with merely merely one involvement rate. Besides, rank in the European Union will go a challenge garrison the national individuality of its new member provinces, because the free motion of people can finally ensue in cultural mixture ( Rifkin, 2004 ) . This so will ensue in the societal and economic spread between East cardinal and Western European provinces that will promote the new member provinces to seek to happen occupations in richer parts of the continent. The European Union has many pros and cons. The lone ground the states are come ining the European Union or any other brotherhood is they feel it makes their state stronger and better economically. Yes, when you enter into a Union you are deriving some things but what some states do non see is that you are giving up merely as many or more things.

Should Turkey be admitted into the European Union?

Since the creative activity of the European Union, there have been many arguments on which state is a proper campaigner for entry in the Union. Get downing in the early 1980’s, the European Union has undergone a figure of alterations to the concept of the Union. The figure of appliers to fall in into the brotherhood has increased dramatically. The standing of Turkey’s permission to the European Union has become a affair of major importance and considerable contention in recent old ages ( Lejeune & A ; Van Denberghe, 2004 ) . Turkey pertains for associate relationship of the EU in 1959. The petition resulted in an Association Agreement in 1963 whereby Turkey and the EU would conditionally and easy make a imposts brotherhood by 1995 at the latest. The civilisation brotherhood was considered as a measure towards full rank at an indefinite hereafter day of the month. The EU granted Turkey fiscal aid and protective duties in the first phase, but the 2nd phase of gradual, common deal in duties and non-tariff hinderance was delayed due to economic and political conditions in Turkey in the 1970’s and the early 1980’s ( World Bank & A ; European Commission, 1998 ) . However, in the 1990’s Turkey made advancement by assisting the Alliess in the Middle East ; Turkey was officially recognized as a full clip campaigner in 1999 at the Helsinki acme and will be a decennary until an reply about Turkey’s admittance is finalized. As of 2002 a more positive mentality for Turkey is clears ( Nachmani, 2003 ) .

There are many grounds why Turkey would desire to fall in the EU. The economic systems of both Turkey and the European nation’s portion of the Union would hold a encouragement in their economic systems, and it would assist to industrialise Turkey ; who is developing compared to other western states. Another positive for both sides is that it opens the doors to a immense populated state unfastened for development. If Turkey joined the brotherhood is that it would open the doors between the western universe and the Islamic universe. This would finish as a symbol of the positive consequence of altering a originally autocratic system into a democracy. Turkey fall ining the brotherhood would function as a positive illustration for other Middle Eastern states. There are many positives for Turkey fall ining the European Union ; Turkey would surely profit the most from alterations. An of import facet of Turkey fall ining the EU is that the economic systems of the states already in the brotherhood and Turkey will better ( Rifkin, 2004 ) . If Turkey accepted into the EU so there will be significant economic benefits and it will assist to stabilise the economic system and aid to better democratic values in Turkey. However, Turkey has had a weak economic background in the yesteryear.

By the terminal of World War II the economic systems hadn’t been changed for a hundred old ages. The population remained largely agricultural and utilizing out-of-date agriculture methods ( Flam, 2003 ) . Cities and towns lived off the countryside and transit was chiefly on the seashore. After the 1950’s the state suffered economic perturbations where an industry led to a period of rapid enlargement, marked by a crisp addition in exports, which resulted in a balance of payment crisis, the worst of these crisis was in the late 1970’s, where rising prices reached ternary figures, unemployment had risen about 15 per centum, and the authorities was unable to pay any involvement on foreign loans ( Crofts, 1999 ) . However, in January 1980, Deputy Prime Minister Turget Ozal began to switch Turkey’s economic system toward more exports. Ozal called for import-substitution policies to be replaced with policies designed to promote exports that could finance imports giving Turkey a opportunity to interrupt out of a form of rapid growing and rising prices. Although rising prices eased in 1985 and 1986, it still remains a primary issue. In the 1990’s the form of economic rise and autumn was similar. In the 996, agribusiness contributed 15 % to the GDP and 43 % of the labour force was engaged in agribusiness ( Schmidt, 2002 ) . As of today Turkey’s economic system is complex mix of agribusiness and modern industries which have made Turkey an economic power but still more work demands to be done to beef up the economic system. Exchange with the EU studies for 50 % of the entire Turkish exports and a full EU rank for Turkey would vouch this market and besides lead to more trade with European states ( Solana, 2007 ) . All parts of the economic substructure in Turkey would profit and Europe would gain excessively. If Turkey were to go a member of the EU so the agribusiness country would turn by at least 20 % , and farms would increase by 40 % . Many sectors of the EU economic system would gain if Turkey was accepted into the EU ( Pope, 2004 ) . The Turkish economic system has expanded strongly and should do a sudden impact if accepted into the EU. The procedure of Westernization of Turkey has been a end for the Turkish elite, who have made legion attempts to alter the political construction within Turkey to fit the democratic Europe. If Turkey were to fall in the European Union so it helps to occidentalize and alter Turkey politically. If Turkey were to fall in the alterations to the political system are that it would be liberalise the country’s political system. Historically, Turkey has had legion absolutisms that have weakened Turkey as a whole, but if Turkey were to fall in so it will beef up democratic ideal and create stableness for a democratic authorities. Second it raises the few staying boundary on freedom of imperativeness, association, and look. More freedoms would be granted for citizens in Turkey and there would be a more positive mentality of Turkey from its citizens. Finally, the alterations will ease the instruction of all linguistic communications in Turkey. Citizens could so larn French, English and German that would let for migration to Europe ( Chari & A ; Kritzinger, 2002 ) . The Kurdish linguistic communication would besides be taught leting for more cooperation between the Kurds and the Turkish people. If Turkey were to go portion of the EU, the substructure in Turkey would beef up tremendously and politically Turkey would profit to the EU liking. Another of import benefit to Turkey fall ining the EU is that it will develop into a theoretical account for other Islamic and developing states by demoing that an Islamic and Christian interaction is possible and demoing the manner out of underdevelopment. Moslems make up approximately 99 % of the population and it is difficult to believe of Turkey without thought of Islam ( Alesina & A ; Giavazzi, 2006 ) . However, the authorities and Islam have remained secular. By fall ining the EU, Turkey will open the doors for more Muslim interaction. However, some people think that an Islamic Turkey will present a job in chiefly Christian EU. However, the European Union, Turkey and Islam examine the function of faith in Turkey and offers statements n why Turkish Islam will non be a job if Turkey joined the EU. By fall ining the EU, Turkey will open the doors for more Muslim interaction and will demo that progresss in scientific disciplines and engineering are non belongingss of developed states, but are accessible and accomplishable by the states that are dawdling behind. There are many jobs that plague and will impede their opportunities of fall ining. One issue is Turkey’s relationships with Cyprus and the Kurdish people. Cyprus, manage by a group run by Grecian bulk, has been a member of the United Nations since 1961 and was permitted to the EU in 2004, has ne’er received formal acknowledgment as a province from Turkey. Since 1974, the struggle has started to heat up between the Turks and the Greeks ( Smith, 2002 ) . Turkey succeeded in there invasion of northern Cyprus to forestall its coup d’etat by patriots prefering brotherhood with Greece and since 1974 a ceasefire line, called the Green line, separates the two communities on the island. And in 2004 Cyprus was accepted into the EU. Cyprus is vindictive towards Turkey and poses a job to the accession of Turkey to the EU. Turkey needs to yield some district and accepting compensation for lost belongings in the 1974 invasion. Turkey is traveling to hold resolved the issues between Cyprus for Turkey to derive rank. Turkey’s turn down to officially separate Cyprus has remained a chief issue that will hold to decide for Turkey’s accession procedure into the European Union.


There are many things that Turkey needs to alter before they can be accepted into the EU. First, Turkey needs to better that they are willing to make everything that the EU wants them to make to go a member. That includes, mend the state of affairs with Cyprus by officially accepting Cyprus as a state ; besides Turkey needs better constabulary Stationss, schools and local authoritiess to the liking of the EU. Second, Turkey needs to convert the member provinces of the EU that they are ready to do the necessary alterations to go a member province, Turkey besides needs to convert the citizens of the Europe that they are to transform into a European State. Third, Turkey needs to implement the necessary alterations to their economic system. Get downing by educating the Turkish political and concern elites about the sum of alterations needed to run into the EU’s accession demands. Turkey needs to get down cutting province support to ailing industries, enforcing tougher hygiene criterions on its nutrient manufacturers, and taking on dearly-won EU environmental regulations. The Turkish authorities demands to get down argument about overall sum of costs and benefits. With all of these alterations Turkey should hold a better opportunity of being accepted into the EU.

Turkey should non be permitted to the EU in the following 10 old ages. Turkey needs to do more alterations to the economic system, politically and socially before they can be considered an EU member. Turkey has had a relationship with Europe since being accepted to NATO yet they still have non made adequate advancement to go a Europe state. Europe is non ready for purely Muslim state ; there are excessively many jobs with the Turkish province. Turkish continues to oppress spiritual and cultural minorities and have non done plenty to repair the jobs with the Kurds and Cyprus. The migration job that flood Europe would destruct the occupation market, and the criterion of life in Europe would travel downhill and would open the door more persecution of Muslims in Germany and France. The recoil of these groups would increase the struggle between Muslims and Christians. Unless, Turkey makes the alterations that the EU wants them to do, so they will hold a possibility of being accepted to the EU but non until so will Turkey hold a opportunity.


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