Ethnic and Racial Group overview Essay

While I have ever believed myself to be moderately educated about racial diverseness. and non-prejudice against those who come from different cultural backgrounds than my ain. this class has taught me that there is much more to the history and world of Americas battle to get the better of the all excessively existent job that is prejudice and favoritism. I have learned much about my ain background and history that I was non antecedently cognizant of every bit good. The history of Prejudice and favoritism in America day of the months as far back as to the yearss of bondage.

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While to most this is a well-known fact. there are a few facts about my ain cultural history that were non well-known to me until I participated in this class. The fact that stands out the most is that German immigrants ( such as my ain grandparents ) suffered a world of segregation in schools and linguistic communication barriers. non unlike that of today’s Mexican Americans. German Americans struggled to set up bi-lingual schools because they were a turning population in America. and the demand was evident.

Knowing this opens up a whole new position of my apprehension of merely how equal we all truly are. Because tendencies in in-migration have grown steadily and will go on to turn good into the hereafter. by the twelvemonth 2050. the U. S. population will see a civilization of diverseness so luxuriant. and so wholly broad spread ; ensuing in America holding no pick but to unify. or suffer from mass suicide of the worst sort. The challenges of such a diverse America will be evident in many ways. and there will be some of the same issues of favoritism and bias that have ever been.

With all of the different civilizations coming together. there will be inevitable linguistic communication barriers. which will ensue in a continued issue of segregation among kids. and the added challenge of supplying them with equal educational chances. In the same manner that kids have to confront the challenges of diverseness. so do the grownups who will confront favoritism and possible deficient chance to travel frontward based on their race. On the other manus. when faced with such diverseness. America as a whole will be forced to accept alteration. and possibly eventually get the better of the issues that it has been faced with for so long.

The chance will lift. with the assortment of diverseness. to go educated about those who are around us. Because there will be nil else to make but happen a manner to work together. or to neglect as state. I think that the manner that we all see one another is traveling to alter significantly. The thought that others are inferior in any manner to any other person will get down to melt. because with so much diverseness all about. there will non be a bulk. nor a minority. Possibly equality in racial group Numberss will eventually be the key to unlock the door to a prejudice-free America.


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