Environmental Study Of The Colorado River Environmental Sciences Essay

In Spanish, a long clip ago people normally called Colorado River is Rio Colorado or Red River, because it has a ruddy brown colour, but now the silt and deposit which made the river has ruddy brown colour have lied in the underside of Lake Powell and behind the dike. So now, people merely see a blue green colour on this river.

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The Colorado River is one of the of import rivers in the Southwest of United States, it run through the provinces Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. In 1921, there have two rivers called Grand River and Green Rivers which combine together in Utah. In that twelvemonth the Grand River was renamed as the Colorado River, at the petition of the Colorado province.

The length of Colorado River is about 2,330 kilometres long. The caput of the Colorado River start in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The Colorado River begins flux into southwest, run through the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. The deepness of the river is about from 6 pess to 90 pess, with the norm about 20 pess.

The Colorado River is a major resource which supplies H2O for full sou’-west of the United States. About two tierces per centum of the H2O in the Colorado River is used for irrigation and the other one 3rd supplies for urban countries or provides H2O to flora. Without Colorado River ‘s H2O, the workss and some major metropoliss such as Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix and Arizona could non populate.

At the recent, near 17 million people depend on the Colorado River ‘s Waterss. The population has increased in recent old ages with grow most in urban countries such as Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona, Las Vegas and Nevada which are the largest metropoliss and they use the Colorado River H2O as their major resource for supply H2O.

In March 1905, the inundation go on in spring in the Colorado River had broken the canal. And H2O run into a little lake which called Salton Sink. When it has more H2O, the Salton Sink became the Salton Sea screen about 150 square stat mis in 60 pess of H2O. And two old ages subsequently the Colorado River started inundations once more into the vale. Finally, the U.S. Congress used about $ 1,000,000 to construct a concatenation of dikes to manage the inundation, in 1910.

Impact of Human Use

Peoples have use H2O of Colorado River as a resource to provide H2O for works trees or harvests. Get down from more than 1,000 old ages ago, Native Americans had works their harvests with the Waterss from the river. Today, the Colorado River is still used for irrigation, but it is besides used to bring forth hydroelectric power and to provide H2O for urban countries.

Water from the Colorado River is used to transport through the Colorado River. For illustration, people transport H2O cross the Rocky Mountains to Denver and other metropoliss in Colorado. The Colorado River carries H2O for Los Angeles and the Central Arizona Project which supplies H2O for Phoenix and Tucson countries.

The dike which were built on this river has used to irrigation, electrical power and imbibing H2O but it besides has created pollution from irrigation and decrease into H2O of Colorado River.


In the history of Colorado River, it has gone through the drouth, clime alterations, pollution, and ecological harm from dikes and conflicts of the seven provinces. Now the Southwest must faces another unsafe that is some energy companies are taking the Colorado River ‘s H2O to back up increased and development for their oil, gas and U. The excavation and boring on the river would direct more toxic into the H2O which provides imbibing H2O from Wyoming and Colorado provinces to Mexico.

Impact of a Proposed or Completed Undertaking

The Colorado River is a major resource of H2O for irrigation ; imbibing H2O and other usage by people live in the Southwest of United States. Several dikes have built along the Colorado River ; get down with Glen Canyon Dam near the Utah and Arizona, other dikes include Hoover Dam, Parker Dam, Davis Dam, Palo Verde Diversion Dam and Imperial Dam. About 90 % of all H2O conveyance from the river is for irrigation and supply H2O for agricultural and municipal. The All-American Canal is the biggest canal in the universe and carries a volume of H2O from 420 to 850 m?/s ; do it even bigger than the volume of New York ‘s Hudson River.

Hoover Dam which has another name is Boulder Dam and it is the first dike was completed in 1936. It is lying in the Lake Mead and near the Mojave Desert which provides H2O for irrigation and for generates hydroelectric power. The Central Arizona Project ( CAP ) which started in the 1970s and finished in the 1990s. The canal began at Parker Dam and run through Phoenix and Tucson, and supply H2O for all metropoliss. The Blue Mesa and Navajo Dams which built for control inundation, they had saved more than $ 10 million in flood-related in1999.

The Colorado River Bridge is one of the Hoover Dam Bypass Project. About 2,000 pes long, span had built in late January 2005 and the completed in Late 2010.

At the present, the undertaking for Colorado River is the United States Bureau of Reclamation undertaking. The undertaking provides hydroelectric power, control inundation and H2O. The undertaking focuses on the Colorado River, the Green River, the San Juan River and the Gunnison River ; with the aid of provinces such as Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming.

Hoover Dam is one of the of import undertakings on the Colorado River and has the biggest impact on the Colorado River. For six old ages in the late thirtiess, after the building of the dike, about no more flood go on on the Colorado River.


Many states in the sou’-west of United States still depend on the Colorado River ‘ H2O, but the river is contending with some jobs from companies which are taking the H2O to develop their ain oil, natural gas and U. These activities have caused more toxic into the H2O of Colorado River, make it become pollution. Because of these ground many undertakings from the authorities have made to halt the jobs. But the river still needs a long clip to manage these jobs because it still needs the responsible from those companies which is existent ground for the pollution.


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