Environmental Factors Affecting The Industry Marketing Essay

This industry comprises constitutions chiefly engaged in operating and/or supplying entree to transmittal installations and substructure that they own and/or rental for the transmittal of voice, informations, text, sound, and picture utilizing wired telecommunications webs. Transmission installations may be based on a individual engineering or a combination of engineerings. Constitutions in this industry use the wired telecommunications web installations that they operate to supply a assortment of services, such as wired telephone services, including VoIP services ; wired ( overseas telegram ) sound and picture scheduling distribution ; and wired broadband Internet services. By exclusion, constitutions supplying satellite telecasting distribution services utilizing installations and substructure that they operate are included in this industry.

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The US communicating market is fragmented with several market participants, runing from big companies, such as supermarkets, to one-off phone shops.The communications equipment market is made up of a worsening sector and a turning sector, fixed line phone and nomadic phones severally ; this means that the overall industry can reflect the overall balance between the markets. The communications industry as a whole, including the communicating equipment market, was one of few markets spread outing despite the continued planetary economic lag. The communications equipment market is dropped briefly into diminution in 2012 in the USA. The sum and diverseness of communicating equipment gives the end-user the autonomy to take the device most suited for their personal penchants. On the other manus, purchasers in this market are legion single consumers, who have small fiscal musculus, which lowers their purchaser power. Recent market growing and the chance of farther development bodes good for market participants. This tendency helps to relieve competition in the market and besides additions

the likeliness of new entrants. The major load of profitableness is switching from traditional voice calls to informations transportation devices, puting new challenges for providers. The providers are a comparatively little figure of big international companies, and, as such they enjoy increased provider power. United States – Communications Equipment 0072 – 2024 – 2012

Buyer power

Figure 7: Drivers of purchaser power in the communications equipment market in the United States, 2012

Buyers in this market are in bulk persons and purchaser power is weakened, as great figure of single consumers with small fiscal musculus agencies, the loss of any single purchaser would hold minimum consequence on a market participant. Fixed-line telecommunications equipment, such as telephones and facsimile machines, expose a low grade of distinction as in general they all have really similar functionality. Along with low shift costs, the similarity of equipment enables purchasers to buy merchandises from different retail merchants, increasing at the same clip, their sensitiveness to monetary value and therefore

beef uping purchaser power. On the other manus, nomadic phones display a greater grade of distinction, peculiarly with the turning popularity of Smartphones ; this limits purchaser power, as merely certain retail merchants stock certain nomadic phones.

Overall purchaser power within the communications equipment market is moderate.United States – Communications Equipment 0072 – 2024 – 2012

Supplier power

Figure 8: Drivers of provider power in the communications equipment market in the United States,


In general, providers within this market – makers of communications equipment – are big international companies and this increases supplier power. As there are comparatively few providers in drama, market participants have a limited pick further increasing supplier power. Consumer pick in the nomadic phone market in peculiar is likely to exercise force per unit area on retail merchants to stock certain trade names, beef uping the power of such providers. In order to follow concluding consumer gustatory sensations and lower the production cost,

providers changed the manner the merchandise is manufactured. Previously, concluding goods were designed, programmed and produced in proprietary manner. Currently manufacturers are more inclined to utilize standardised runing systems, boards and interfaces. Certain quality of electrical constituents is an of import issue here and frequently participants want to purchase more expensive merchandises of higher quality or constituents with more comprehensive or longer warrants.

A few fixed-line telecommunication equipment makers ( e.g. 3Com ) sell straight to consumers through online or telephone gross revenues ; although they more regularly mark concern users. Some nomadic phone industries operate their ain retail stores or sell their merchandises online ( e.g. Nokia ) turn outing forward integrating is possible and beef uping supplier power.

Overall, supplier power in this market is moderate.United States – Communications Equipment 0072 – 2024 – 2012

New entrants

Figure 9: Factors act uponing the likeliness of new entrants in the communications equipment market in the United States, 2012

There is a low grade of trade name trueness towards retail merchants, as there is a low degree of distinction across fixed-line telecommunications equipment. Customers in the nomadic phone market are more likely to be loyal to the maker than to the retail merchant. The low grade of merchandise distinction makes it easier for a fledgling to come in the market by offering branded merchandises, peculiarly in instance of a nomadic trade name that has an established client base. Access to providers is by and large rather easy as most rely on retail merchants to sell their merchandises. Low fixed costs, about non-existing shift costs for purchasers, and good market growing in recent old ages further attract new entrants to this market.

Low-cost entry, i.e. in signifier of an on-line retail store, is possible ; nevertheless, larger retail merchants, i.e. supermarkets and hypermarkets, have a important advantage due to their economic system graduated table and strong bargaining relationships with providers. Therefore, while there is some menace from new entrants, powerful market participants mean ferocious competition.

Overall the menace of new entrants is assessed as strong.United States – ommunications Equipment 0072 – 2024 – 2012

Menace of replacements

Figure 10: Factors act uponing the menace of replacements in the communications equipment market in the United States, 2012

Possibilities of merchandise permutation exist within this market, telephones and nomadic phones tend to replace each other as they are based on different communicating engineerings. Other signifiers of communicating, such as electronic mail, are going more integrated in nomadic phones, peculiarly smartphones, which the same retail merchants are likely to stock. Therefore the menace of such replacements is negligible.

Counterfeit phones may pull certain purchasers due to their lower monetary value. However, certain hazards are associated with buying imitative merchandise and phone companies invariably upgrade the security characteristics, relieving the menace slightly.

In China, the industry and sale of bogus French telephones is on the rise and can pull consumers, if forgeries enter the market prior to the legitimate merchandise or are available when the legitimate merchandise is n’t.

Second-hand merchandises, which are more likely stocked by different retail merchants or sold by consumers themselves, pose another menace due to their lower cost and virtually no shift costs for purchasers. Overall, the menace of replacements is assessed as moderate.United States – Communications Equipment 0072 – 2024 – 2012

Degree of competition

Figure 11: Drivers of grade of competition in the communications equipment market in the United States, 2012

The market is fragmented, with several market participants, runing from big companies ( such as supermarkets ) to one-off phone stores. Rivalry is intensified by low shift costs for purchasers and the big figure of market participants. However, competition is weaker amongst companies who operate in diversified markets ( e.g. supermarkets ) , compared with those who entirely rely on their success in communicating equipment market entirely ( e.g. phone stores ) .

The use of communicating devices and they popularity among concluding consumers, along with lower and lower monetary value enlarge the clients ‘ base.

Exit barriers for participants are low as retail infinite can frequently be offered to other concerns and stock list sold to other market participants, diminishing the competition to some extent. Overall, competition is assessed as moderate in this market.



hypertext transfer protocol: //static.cdn-seekingalpha.com/uploads/2013/2/4727071_13597804713947_rId6.jpg

Nokia has advantages in the group 18-24 and 55 – 64.

hypertext transfer protocol: //static.cdn-seekingalpha.com/uploads/2013/2/4727071_13597804713947_rId8.jpg

It seems Nokia is most celebrated in group $ 0 – $ 30000, but non $ 30000 to $ 60000.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2012/Cell-Internet-Use-2012/Main-Findings/~/media/5BC87D29A93B48FCBA889B7BEED9134F.jpg? w=468 & A ; h=418 & A ; as=1

hypertext transfer protocol: //blog.wirelessground.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/us-mobile-market-oct2010-51-by-gender.png

Political Factors

Political/Legal environment are normally considered as one because they are enforced by the state ‘s authorities. It is critical for Nokia ‘s operation because different states with their several authorities have different Political/Legal platforms severally ; Nokia runing onA planetary degree must stay to land regulations and ordinance in different markets of host states around the universe. To its success, Nokia surveys its range of bounds in order to insulate forbidden actions, ordinances and assistance from the authorities so as to defy the international trade. Quotas ( bound to goods imported ) , embargoes ( limitations ) , duty and revenue enhancement charges, subsidies and patents over certain engineering or equipment are decided by the authorities so Nokia works hand-to-hand with governments to derive maximal advantage to the Nation ‘s mark market. Laws of right of first publication and maltreatment of phone usage keeps Nokia in front, it limits any infinite of invasion or abuse of their merchandises

Economic Factors

Economy in tells the production and ingestion of goods and services. Equally far as Nokia is concerned, the economic system is critical as it can command what the organisation is to bring forth, how it should bring forth and the class of receiver who should utilize their terminal merchandises.

On one manus, facets of international trade is of import for Nokia being the planetary provider of nomadic phones and on the other manus, the cognition refering the state ‘s economic position ( Type of economic system practiced, Inflation rate, degree of employment andA exchange rate ) is every bit every bit of import to recognize future programs for personal and fiscal safety together with heightening entrepreneurship.

With incomes lifting, people have more disposable income, which enables consumers to be more selective with their pick of nomadic phone, looking to other factors instead than carry throughing the most basic of user demands ( text messaging and phone calls ) and monetary value being such a cardinal factor.

Social Factors

Socio-culture focal points on how Nokia blends in with constituents in a society ; that is civilization, societal category, lifestyle and demographic and psychological factors doing up the society. Nokia operates in a diverse figure of civilization and all degrees of societal category merely because different theoretical accounts are often released to fulfill all persons despite their difference in race, nationality, faith, income degree or beliefs among each other. Mobile phones can easy accommodate to any civilization and can be used to back up different facets and bing forms of Individual ‘s life style or behaviour.

The rise of the alleged information society has made telecommunications progressively more of import to consumers, both in footings of work and leisure. Users are more cognizant of nomadic phone French telephone pick and promotions due to increased information handiness.

Technological Factors

Technology alteration defines how fast engineering progresss. Bing the predominate medium by which we get things done ; engineering as a procedure, in footings of nomadic phones defines the manner we make contact. Not merely does it helps shape civilization but besides changes other facets within and/or outside the organisation for illustration the demand to upgrade Equipments to en-better the fabrication of the terminal merchandises. The success of Nokia is based on changeless invention on human engineering. By heightening communicating and researching new ways to interchange information, linking people, Nokia allow users to acquire more out of life.




Company Description

Nokia is non a supplication to boycott the South Korean auto maker — it ‘s one of the universe ‘s taking shapers of cell phones. First incorporated in the Finnish metropolis it ‘s named after, Nokia ‘s concern consists of nomadic device fabrication and services, chiefly running Microsoft ‘s Windows Mobile platform, every bit good as NAVTEQ ( digital map content and services ) . Nokia besides operates the Nokia Siemens Networks in partnership with Munich-based Siemens ; the joint venture is a taking participant in the telecom substructure and services market. With merchandises in more than 160 states, Nokia ‘s largest single-country market, by more than double, is China, at approximately 15 % of gross revenues.

By part Europe is Nokia ‘s largest subscriber to gross revenues, drawing in about one-third. Its concern in the US generates less than 5 % of gross revenues, behind six other states by per centum of Nokia ‘s gross revenues. Key R & A ; D and package development locations are in China, Finland, Germany, and the US.

By domestic currency Nokia ‘s 2010 gross grew by 4 % , but 2011 gross revenues receded to E38.7 billion ( about $ 50 billion ) , its lowest return since 2006. The company ‘s bequest Symbian operating system continued to acquire hammered in the market place by Apple ‘s Io and Google ‘s Android and its deficiency of devices that could back up double SIMs ( memory cards ) besides contributed to the bead in gross revenues.

Smartphones are at the centre of Nokia ‘s scheme. Once dominant in the cell phone device market, Nokia faces increasing competition both on the device side and the operating system side. While the company is still a top three participant in devices ( behind merely Samsung Electronics and Apple ) , its Symbian OS has long-since been eclipsed by the two chief steamrollers. A cardinal move to combat this, in 2011 Nokia began a major partnership with Microsoft, which includes a displacement off from Symbian to concentrate on Microsoft ‘s more competitory Windows smartphone OS. The company expects that passage to take about two old ages. The company farther paved this route that twelvemonth by outsourcing its Symbian package development and support to Accenture, effectual through 2016, which included a transportation of 2,300 employees to the outsourcer. Nokia ‘s partnership with Microsoft will besides touch developments in other countries, such as Nokia ‘s location and commercialism concern.

Strengthening Nokia Siemens Networks ‘ planetary presence, peculiarly in the US and Japan, the company picked up Motorola Solutions ‘ webs concern in 2011 for about $ 1 billion. The acquired assets include the company ‘s GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMAX, and LTE merchandises and services. Besides the improved planetary visibleness, the purchase besides boosted its place with service suppliers such as China Mobile, KDDI, Clearwire, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless.

To derive land in the US against device rivals, Nokia increased its focal point on its nucleus French telephone concern by selling its radio modem operations to Renesas Electronicss in 2010 for approximately $ 200 million. The trade included the transportation of more than 1,000 employees to Renesas and programs for the two companies to collaborate in developing high-velocity modem engineering.

Earlier in 2010 the company fueled its location and commercialism concern when it acquired geographic informations and function package shaper MetaCarta as portion of its on-going investing in engineering to back up location-based Mobile services for wireless phones. Besides that twelvemonth Nokia it acquired Novarra, a developer of a browser and service platform for nomadic devices. Nokia uses the Novarra package on its Series 40 platform, and other French telephone makers employ Novarra ‘s nomadic package merchandises, every bit good. It subsequently bought US-based nomadic application trailing and describing service supplier Motally to foster heighten the wireless Web-browsing functionality of its nomadic devices.

That twelvemonth besides saw the company bring in its first Chief executive officer from outside of Finland — Canada native Stephen Elop, former leader of Microsoft ‘s nucleus concern package division.

SWOT Analysis of the Company




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