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As requested, Below are “xxxx” details of Virtualand, The latest games are, 1. ANIMAL KAISER 2. The King of Fighters XIII 3. Dance Dance Revolution X2 4. GuitarFreaks V7 5. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus 6. TATSUNOKO VS CAPCOM CROSS GENERATION OF HEROES Animal Kaiser Animal Kaiser is a game to unleash all the animals. Battles once only imagined are now possible. Specially designed for young boys/ girls or the whole family, merely pushing buttons yields thrilling battles, now there are new animals and new miracle effects added to this version.

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The King of Fighters XIII The King of fighters XIII is the next instalment in The King of Fighters series and will conclude the Ash saga which started in The King of Fighters 2003. The theme for this title is “KOF-ism” or getting back to the heart of the series. The main objective of the game’s new features is to appeal to the audience that prefers quick combos. Eisuke Ogura returns to do the character illustrations. Dance Dance Revolution 2 Dance Dance Revolution 2 s a music video game, and a part of the Dance Dance Revolution series.

It contains returning Konami Originals and classic licensed tracks as well as new songs by Konami and label artists. The dance stage with four directional arrows will light up according to the arrows display on the game screen. Players are to step on the indicated arrows shown to accumulate their combos or scores. GuitarFreaks V7 GuitarFreaks V7 has new and featured original music around Konami Hogaku topics / large covered on Western music, including adding more than 40 songs! The player uses a controller to simulate the playing of an electric guitar.

A large number of songs full of powerful and unique sense. GuitarFreaks V7 aims to line up high-quality music and colourful animations for each song are displayed in the center of the screen. 600 total and uncompromising music of a large one that no more than one song, then send an emphasis on quality super strong line-up! The new element in the “GDP” introduction! E-AMUSEMENT PASS is used to play the game; every time you play you’ll earn GDP. So have a good record of each stage, so you can earn more GDP. When GDP has collected more than a certain value, you can get to play a hidden song.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus is a version of Namco’s racing title with additional cars, a new track, and extra customisation options to increase the fun and excitement. In this latest version, Cars available are the Nissan GTR and the legendary Nissan Skyline GTR. The track “Fukuoka urban expressway” will appear in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus. Finally won the four major cities fast! Up Down and unprecedented form of courses and other courses are filled with different attractions.

Interest was also track changes in the background by the difference between the early morning and late night hours, in the early morning hours a deaf ear to the blue sea spread across the road, in the late night hours to run things, but watching the glittering city of Fukuoka can. In this version, you can add new stickers, add a new type of colour and flash neon tube shape. TATSUNOKO VS CAPCOM CROSS GENERATION OF HEROES TATSUNOKO VS CAPCOM CROSS GENERATION OF HEROES is the latest instalment in the “Capcom Vs” series.

However, this time instead of squaring off against Marvel or SNK, Ryu and gang are scuffing it out with Speed Racer (Yes, Speed Racer!!! ) and a bunch of Japanese homemade characters you’ve probably never seen before. The Capcom line-up seems to be much more impressive featuring Ryu ;Chun-Li from Street Fighter fame, Alex from Street Fighter 3, Megaman from Megaman etc. For this game, Capcom has opted to using a 2 on 2 fighting mechanic. You can select any 2 characters from either the Capcom or Tatsunoko universe. Each of your characters has their wn independent life bars and you can change between them at any time during a match. You can also have your partner jump in, deliver a blow, and then jump back out with a single button press, which is a nice touch. Many generations of heroes clash in the newest vs. fighting to come from Street Fighter-creator Capcom, as heroes from Japanese Animation Company Tatsunoko Productions looks to prove their mettle against Capcom’s best. Joining the Capcom ranks are the likes of Ryu, Chun-Li, Morrigan, Megaman Volnutt and more. Lining up on the Tatsunoko side are characters such as Ken from Gatchaman, Casshern, Doronjo, and much much more.


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