Emerging Technologies The Nanotechnology And Brain Gate Technology Engineering Essay


Our human encephalon is still an country to be explored. It still is a enigma how it works and how good we can utilize it.

It is a known thing that all of us are non utilizing the full abilities of encephalon. With engineering endorsing us we can utilize our encephalon good, particularly in the field of communicating. All know that encephalon is the topographic point where all ideas are born. Most of us have a job to present those ideas to others. This paper eradicates such jobs as we straight communicate with our ideas.

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In some state of affairss, even the experts under force per unit area ca n’t manage the state of affairss. They sure have the solution but ca n’t pass on with others. But by utilizing the above thought nowadays in this paper we can work out such state of affairss with easiness.


The Brain Gate is used to do our encephalon to have signals from outside, and by change overing it into electric signals so that our encephalon can understand it and frailty versa. We accomplish this through Microprocessors.

The system presently consists of a bit implanted in the patient ‘s encephalon that is linked by overseas telegrams to a set of computing machines on a cart. The device translates the encephalon ‘s purpose to travel into a signal that can be read by a computing machine ; the computing machine so completes that action.


Over the past we had batch of individuals seeking to pass on with animate beings like monkeys and mahimahis through some specially designed senders but the success rate is rather low.

Now scientists are seeking to utilize the encephalon gate engineering, where a individual bit of 4mm2 of country is to be inserted in our encephalon. They even have tested it on monkeys and they hope for making the same for us.

The drawbacks of the yesteryear and the present methods are rather clear to us.

We can non put a immense sum to bring forth the specially designed signal sender that we used in the yesteryear. And besides it is a one manner communicating where we can merely direct signals and can non have.

The present engineering helped a grip monkey being gifted with an unreal arm made of steel and the monkey was able to command it through the Brain Gate bit which was implanted into its encephalon.

The drawbacks of this engineering are that it uses wires to convey the signals from the bit to the peculiar receiving system and the most unsafe thing is that we have to run the bit into a individuals caput. Thus it will be really difficult and hazardous to make that. The wires might do harm to the encephalon.

If a failure occurs the bit may impact the operation of encephalon. Again it is hard for us to run and take the bit.


This paper describes a new attack to the encephalon gate engineering. As it is difficult to run ourselves for the interest of repairing a bit, we can do the bit to travel to the finish by itself.

The solution to this is to hold a Nano automaton which has the encephalon gate bit in it. Thus it will be easy as alternatively of traveling for breath taking operations, we will hold to merely steer the nano automaton to travel to its finish the Brain Cortex.

At present we have microprocessors which are available at the size runing from millimetres to micromeres. Thus it will be easy for larger production and engrafting them.

Construction AND Execution:

The encephalon gate has a sender and receiving system in it. It uses wireless engineering for signal transmittal and receiving. For engrafting it is passed into our blood watercourse. Through our blood watercourse it will travel to the encephalon cerebral mantle and will acquire attached to the nervousnesss by organizing a nexus with them.

It has a high grade of intelligence being able to distinguish between the different orders ( signals ) passed to different variety meats. Besides it is able to distinguish between order signals and normal Signals.

The power required is little and the nano robot itself produces the power from the blood watercourse motion. There is a little storage topographic point where the nano automaton can hive away the Acetyl colane, which is used to do the nervous links.

The nano automaton is programmed such that in instance of a failure it will take itself from the encephalon doing no injury to the individual.

The Nano Brain Gate is a hollow, spherical medical nano automaton precisely 1 micrometer in diameter. This nano machine is built of 18 billion exactly ordered structural atoms, and holds an extra 9 billion molecules when it can be loaded with fuel and ethanoyl group colane. Inside, there are three hemispherical storage armored combat vehicles two rhythms acetyl colane storage and one for the Brain Gate bit. Each of these three chief storage armored combat vehicles is constructed of diamondoid honeycomb or a geodetic grid skeletal model for maximal strength. Thick diamond bulkheads separate internal tankage volumes.

Working Mechanism:

The nano automaton one time inserted into blood watercourse moves toward the finish by utilizing the routing map. It gets linked with the nervousnesss in the encephalon by utilizing the Acetyl colane.

It sends a signal to us every bit shortly as it starts to travel in the blood watercourse. Thus we are able to track its motion. When it gets to the encephalon, it forms the nervous links with the nervousnesss in the cortex part.

It acts as a beltway manner for external signals ( digital ) to encephalon ( electric ) and frailty versa.

These surround a 4th, spherical ballast-water armored combat vehicle of smaller radius that occupies the centre of the nano device. There are 12 pumping Stationss. The big square country in the center of each station damply contains molecular screening rotors for reassigning ballast H2O in and out of the nano automaton. Each station has its ain independent 0.3 – Pico watt power works, plus a fuel armored combat vehicle, environmental glucose detectors, and glucose screening rotors. Power is generated by uniting glucose absorbed from the blood stream with O drawn from internal storage. Any one station moving entirely can bring forth sufficient energy to power the full Nano automaton.

Nano automaton in encephalon cerebral mantle part


1. Brain-Machine Interface:

The nano encephalon gate can have signals from the machines around the individual and convey them to the individual and likewise can convey his bids ( ideas ) to the machines around him, provided the machines have a receiving system every bit good as a sender. The encephalon gate converts the

Digital signal into electric signal and the electric signal into digital signal.

The sender has a encoder and the receiving system has a decipherer which are programmed earlier for the bids.

For illustration for all the machines two bids are the same and the are On and Off. By this application the physically challenged will be more good as they can easy run the machines in their house without any aid.

The receiving systems are programmed such that they will obey merely the bids from a peculiar encephalon gate and ca n’t be hacked. The scope of Brain gate control is constrained to a peculiar value based upon the demands.

By this encephalon machine interface we can command the machines in the Power workss particularly Nuclear and Thermal from a distant topographic point.

It besides reduces the demand for an dismay circuit as the dismay signal is straight fed to individual who is in charge either he is awake or asleep. It reduces the fright of catastrophes which usually occurs as the dismay is non responded by the individual in charge. In atomic power workss the individual can straight pass on and command machines which cut down the human power.

Therefore the encephalon machine interface saves human power in topographic points where it is risky for worlds.

2. Brain-Brain Interface:

We ever wanted others to understand our feelings. Even though we communicate through linguistic communications and manus marks, the receiving system may non understand what is being said really. The Brain Gate engineering overcomes these drawbacks because the signal passed is from our encephalon and received and sent to encephalon of another individual.

This might revolutionise the field of communicating, once we can engraft a encephalon gate in every individual. Then there will be no demand of linguistic communications and most of the communications engineering now exists will be beaten. The communicating will travel to a following degree where all of the people even the dense people can pass on with us with no trouble.

With betterment in engineering we can widen the encephalon gate scope from Earth to astronauts or from here we can command the machines in outer infinite even without traveling at that place.

3. Human life rescuer:

The most amusive application of the nano encephalon gate is human life salvaging. During times of natural catastrophes it is difficult to observe people who are populating but can non be seen by eyes, say under some rumble. We have some advanced engineerings to observe them, but their life depends upon how speedy the governments take action.

By utilizing the nano encephalon gate, we use a little winging nano automaton which has an infrared detector and a camera to observe people. It will be directing signals to us for turn uping it. Once a life individual is detected the authorization head who has the Nano encephalon gate, will track the nano automaton and will cognize the exact place of the individual and can take immediate action.

4. Brain tumour remotion:

The hardest operation is the remotion of the tumour ( blood coagulum ) in encephalon as it needs experience and high attending. For such instances we have to infix a nano encephalon gate and a group of nano automatons which have to be capable of interrupting the coagulums into smaller and transporting them back outside. Here the nano encephalon gate controls all the nano automatons by steering them to the location of the coagulum which is located before infixing them into the patient ‘s organic structure. Number of nano automatons we need to infix depends on the coagulum size we are managing and the size is measured utilizing the present engineering. Similarly we can utilize the nano automatons to take the coagulums non merely in encephalon but besides in any parts.

We can besides assist the people who are paralyzed, as we can take the coagulum in the encephalon bit by bit by a little figure of automatons as it is hard every bit good as unsafe to acquire inside encephalon.

Therefore that will assist the people to recover the lost control of their paralytic variety meats.

We can besides forestall the escape of blood, by supervising the activities of the encephalon and we can take necessary stairss to avoid high blood force per unit area.

In future, if we are traveling to engraft a nano encephalon gate in every individual ‘s encephalon we can hold an extra nano automaton, which is specifically designed for supervising the encephalon and is controlled by the nano encephalon gate. Besides if either the nano encephalon gate or the nano automaton or both of them fail the damaged one will come out of our organic structure. If nano encephalon gate comes out, evidently the nano automaton has to come out. By making this the future work forces will be free from all encephalon diseases.


With developing engineering we had ever made the impossible into the possible. Nanotechnology seems to be a assuring one that we can unite it with any engineering that is existence now and can hold better utilizations.

For illustration we have DLNA engineering now but non used anyplace. If we combine the Nano Brain Gate with it we may supply a opportunity for the physically challenged to command their variety meats ; the job in most instances of the physically challenged are that the bids ( signals ) from the encephalon are non making the several variety meats.

By utilizing the DLNA-Nano Brain Gate we can hold a receiving system as a router to the organ. The work of receiving system is simple, to roll up the bids from the encephalon ( nano encephalon gate bit ) and merely to present them to the variety meats, which makes them to work as the normal 1s.


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