Effects Of Oil On Middle East Economies Economics Essay

The economic system of the states contributed many factors including oil and gas. The authorities policies will be created harmonizing to the available beginnings within or outside the state. The economic growing of the industry of oil is one of the fastnesss of the universe every bit good as United States of America. Though the United States did non hold oil beginnings relatively with Middle East, yet the State is one of the major economically growing state for the industry of Oil and Gas. It is true that most of universe ‘s states dependent on Iranian Gulf oil. It means the modern economic system depends upon the supply of oil and natural gas by the part of Middle East

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Organization of crude oil exporting states i.e. OPEC is made up with 13 oil bring forthing states. OPEC coordinates the oil production policies to stabilise the oil market in order to accomplish a sensible rate of return on their investings. It besides targets to guarantee that the oil consumers will have stable supplies of oil. Out of 13 members, the states i.e. Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are the OPEC members. In the national involvement of their ain, some oil-exporting states joined in OPEC. Some industrialised and oil-importing states joined with International Energy Forum.

The oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1930s, yet the big graduated table of production was continued from World War II. Consequently the state developed economically and Saudi Arabia become universe ‘s prima oil manufacturer and exporter. In fact Saudi oil militias are the largest in the universe. Middle East Countries are Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Israel, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. The Saudi Arabia has the militias of 262.3 one million millions which is the highest sum other Middle East Countries. The Middle East and Oil Rich are synonyms as every state in the Middle East as the position of Oil-rich and oil-producing exporters.

2- Chapter I: Oil Company Investment in Middle East

The part is known for bring forthing and exporting oil and significantly impact the full part. The wealth coevals through motion of labour. The standard growing in the Middle East is about four times faster than the universe norm, therefore many states interested to diversify their attempts in the Middle East to increase their economic systems.

The equity markets and ETFs steadily turning in Middle East. The present portion of foreign investing is less than 3 % , yet encouraged to get up another 57 % . Similarly the fiscal establishments in the Middle East are sing strategic investing in BP. The Middle East crowned head wealth financess have a path record of back uping the large Western companies which are in problem. As the Bharat Petroleum is oil giant and racked by jobs due to oil spill in Mexico. It is evidenced by recent recognition crisis that the SWF of Qatar and Abu Dhabi acquired the portion in western Bankss like City group and Barclays.

Like other oil import states, the largest oil importer i.e. United States besides confronting negative economic effects of wealth transportation. The US and other international economic systems are susceptible to economic breaks that are caused by the oil trade and sudden break of oil supply.













North America




South and Central America




Middle East








Asia Pacific




The economic growing in oil consuming states besides increases the demand for oil. Such state of affairs causes to lift the oil monetary values. Still strongest growing public presentations noticed in oil importation states like United States and China. The economic growing linked to high degrees of oil ingestion in United States thereby demand of gasolene established. However better public presentation besides observed in Japan and Russia besides Asiatic states. The rise of oil monetary value due to increased demand effects the diminution of growing rate of GDP may be reasoned with increased costs due monetary value rising prices and decrease of outgo degree by consumers in other goods and services.

3- Chapter II: The cooperation between the states of the oil-producing Middle East.

Middle East part has 21 states and it is called Middle East as it was located between India and Arabia. The Regional has 21 states including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE and Yemen. All Middle East states are non rich states and some states portion of the Asia. The hapless states like Gaza, Yemen seeking to their unrecorded best so that they can get by with richer states like Saudi Arabia or UAE. The major parts of the Middle East states are dependent on the export of oil. All states in Middle East are regionally concerted as their faith and linguistic communications are similar to other hence strong differences among them will non look. In fact, the states o of Middle East economic system is entirely contributed by crude oil merchandises. They are collaborating each other as there were no traditional differences appear.

CCASG i.e. Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf has been established to see many economic and societal aims among Arab Sates of Gulf. It is besides known as Gulf Cooperation Council. The Council has 6 members i.e. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Unified economic understanding signed in November 1981. The understanding for economic integrating with adjacent provinces. The state i.e. Yemen is negociating to fall in with the GCC which is expected to fall in by 2016. Due to the GCC, all barriers said to be removed with the states and that will act upon spreading of investing in the member states. The GCC and Yemen besides members of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area. The aims of the GCC includes puting up joint ventures, promoting cooperation of the private sector, set uping common currency among the member states, furthering scientific advancement in the countries of industry, agricultural, H2O etc. Qatar Financial Centre besides planned to entree about $ 1 trillion of investing in order to back up the economic development in GCC aiming for following decennary.

4- Chapter III: The impact of the oil industry on state ‘s economic system in the Middle East

The Middle East and Central Asian economic systems are dependent on oil exports. Like other states in the universe, Middle East besides faced fiscal crisis during 2009. But such crisis caused by alteration in oil monetary values whereas other states did non hold such grounds. The premier cause of the diminution in GDP for Middle East states is associated with cut in oil production by the OPEC.

Before find of oil, the part seems to be influenced with spiritual struggles and wars over other resources. But now the modern Middle Eastern part is successful and been given much importance. At present, the Middle East becomes anchor of western economic systems. The expected economic growing rate of Middle East 4.1 % and 5.1 % for the twelvemonth of 2010 and 2011 severally. The alteration is merely because of OIL. With the unparallel energy and feedstock, the grosss from oil and gas production supports farther investing and development in Middle East. The GDP of Middle East states are encouraged without any break from 1980s.

High oil monetary values causes the gulf states to keep portion of oil markets but such higher monetary values negatively impact the universe economic system. On the other side low oil monetary values will hold negative consequence of built-in advantage for Middle East states. It clearly indicates that the economic system of Middle East influenced with oil industry.

Harmonizing to the CIA World fact book, all states in the Middle East are keeping a positive rate of growing. The largest In-between Eastern Economies are Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The lowest ranking states in the Middle East are Gaza and West Bank. The states like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait to a great extent dependent on export of oil/oil-related merchandises, yet Banking is besides an of import sector of the economic systems peculiarly states like UAE and Bahrain. The FDI and other fiscal services are interconnected with the economic system of the authorities. Therefore the Middle East States are besides influenced with the fiscal sector. Some states like Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and Egypt diversifying to agriculture, cotton, cowss, fabrics, leather merchandises, surgical instruments, defence equipment besides go oning chief base of oil/oil-related merchandises.

The oil can be found anyplace of the Earth. Many states have big reservoirs of oil and hence they play cardinal function on the universe personal businesss. Place like Australia, has really small beginnings of oil. The oil is measured in barrels and the beginnings evidenced that about 1.3 trillion barrels are available in the Earth. ( 1 barrel = 42 gallons ) . The part i.e. Middle East holds more than 700 billion barrels of oil in its assorted Fieldss and militias. Such figure accounts 56 % of universe ‘s resources. Out of the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia has more than 250 billion barrels. Interestingly, the 2nd largest proved oil militias state is Canada which is closer to 200 billion barrels of beginnings of oil/oil merchandises.

World ‘s most of import trade good is Oil. The states who control the majority of the supply of oil will hold power to act upon the personal businesss of the local economic system and universe ‘s economic system excessively. The fluctuations of monetary values passed to the consumers and fluctuations are caused by many factors. The investors on oil hereafters themselves influence the monetary value of oil that consequence the universe ‘s economic system.

5- Chapter IV: Oil devouring states, and the grounds for its dependance on Middle East oil.

During the twelvemonth of 2009, the United States produced the crude oil merchandises of 17,862000.5 which are approximative green goodss for the past four old ages. The ingestion of the crude oil merchandises for 2009 is 18,096,000.1. It indicates that the United States is non dependent on oil consuming states and besides can be estimated that industrial growing of the state may non be increased due to low ingestion of crude oil merchandises. The highest user in the universe is North America and used about 20,168,000.6 and whereas North America produces around 19,806,000.6 which equivalent to ingestion.

In fact, the US will non wholly depend on Middle Eastern oil as the state imports its energy demands from other states like Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria. Most of the oil is controlled by OPEC and of course Middle East influences the economic system of the universe. But Oil-rich Canada is dependent on the Middle East and at about 40 five per centum of Canada ‘s oil imports originate from Middle East. It indicates the planetary dependence on the Middle East traveling to turn. So the wellness of US economic system is under the tight control of the oil market i.e. OPEC. In order to counter balance the OPEC ‘s influence, the resources of Africa is being utilized as it has 15 per centum of US Oil imports. Such counter will interrupt the clasp of OPEC on the oil market.

End product AND CONSUMPTION PETROLEUM PRODUCTS -2009 ( 1,000 b/d )


Name of the State

End product



North America




Latin America




Eastern Europe




Western Europe




Middle East








Asia and Pacific



Entire WORLD



It can be agreed that every bit good as production of crude oil merchandises decline indicates automatic monetary value upward addition. It means if the ingestion increases tend to increase of the monetary value. Therefore the states in the universe ever seek to diminish the ingestion and effort to bring forth the crude oil merchandises. In fact, the OPEC owns about 75 % of the proved militias and they will be providing at least of the entire oil supply to the universe by the terminal of 2020.

The part of universe oil militias as follows:

Asia and Oceans 3 %

North America 16 %

Central and South America 8 %

Europe 1 %

Eurasia 7 %

Middle East 56 %

The ingestion is crude oil merchandises are shown slightly nearer to the end product. It means theoretically no state is dependent on other. Interestingly, though there is no crude oil resource in many states, still they are bring forthing and devouring every bit good due to utilizing import installations and puting in oil states. Practically, these investors of such states invest the financess in the Middle East companies and concentrate them as their ain. As the Middle East companies besides promoting private engagement, foreign direct investing etc, the states in the universe started to investing sum in Middle East. Thereby Middle East Countries is developing their economic system and other parts of the universe sustaining and turning their concern. Some of the following Middle East Countries statistics are provided hereunder:


Katar is one of the taking natural gas manufacturers in the universe. The state imports major portion nutrient grains from the exterior. At approximately 70 % state ‘s economic system shared by of is contributed by oil and natural gas. The Qataris are one of the highest per capita incomes in the universe. The industrialisation is merely partial success towards economic system. The state besides offering revenue enhancement vacations for 12 old ages to promote foreign investors. Even the foreign companies in Qatar are allowed 100 % foreign ownership. The state besides seeking rank in WTO.

Qatar ‘s economic system accounts more than 70 % authorities gross with more than 60 % gross domestic merchandise. The state besides has 85 % export net incomes. Qatar has per capita GDP and ranked highest among the universe. As per the rankings of World Economic Forum, the Qatar has topped among Middle East and Arab Countries. The state besides has got 17th rank on Global Competitiveness.

In the 1974, Qatar ranked among hapless states in the universe. The Qatar changed its ranks from universe ‘s hapless states to one of the highest per capital income. At present the state ‘s economic growing is more attractive with mean GDP growing rate of 15 % , and it is expected to even 19 % .


Among other regional Gulf economic systems, Abu Dhabi economic system become landmark which was associated drastic reforms taken through the past few old ages. One of the drastic stairss is denationalization of authorities establishment and hiking the function of private sector and liberalizing economic policies to acquire more diversified beginnings of income. It indicates the private sector is being given more entree and being given relaxations, inducements etc. the growing of the economic system besides noticed with effectual partnership of province authorities private sector relation. During 2005, the private sector in GPD is merely 15.5 % whereas it was increased to 17 % in 2006 and 18.2 % in the twelvemonth of 2007. By the terminal of 2010, the portion addition to 21.4 % and projected as 32 % for the twelvemonth of 2015.

The Government of Abu Dhabi concentrating the private sector for future economic development of the state. Accordingly it has planned a strategic partnership between private and public sectors. At this occasion, the sector needs structural economic alterations. The related steps have been recommended by the authorities. The steps including placing the industrial investing chances so that such chances allows bigger function in industrial development.


The state has oil and gas based economic system and run with strong authorities controls. Saudi Arabia economic system contributed with more 90 per centum export grosss and 40 % of GDP comes from private sector. Consequently, the authorities promoting private sector growing peculiarly in countries of power coevals, telecommunications, natural gas geographic expedition and petrochemicals. During the twelvemonth of 2010, the state noticed a GDP growing rate of 3.424 % . Saudi Arabia ranked as largest exporter of crude oil and dramas taking in function in OPEC.

The Saudi economic system besides influenced with 6 million foreign workers who plays outstanding function for which the state fighting itself to cut down unemployment for its ain subjects. In the twelvemonth of 2005, the state associated with WTO to pull foreign investing. Besides, the authorities established economic metropoliss in different parts to advance the foreign investing to progress economic development. The state has one fifth of universe ‘s proved oil militias and it the largest oil manufacturer to number crude oil liquids in the universe. Besides the state is largest oil manufacturer and exporter, still largest oil devouring state in the Middle East which considers strong economic and industrial growing.

6- Decision

The economic system of state is affected many factors. The disbursement degree of consumers influences the overall economic system of a state. The policies of the authorities on industry, engineering and environment affect the prosperity of an economic system. Out of other countries, the oil industry holds stronghold in universe ‘s economic system.


The rise of oil monetary value besides happened due to weak dollar. For illustration the oil exporting state gets money in footings of dollar where the net income decreases as dollar becomes weak. In order to protect the net income border, the exporting states increases the oil cost.

The monetary value of rough oil fixed on the base of demand and supply spreads. Normally the higher growing developing states increases their demand that will do to lift oil monetary value.

Other grounds like war between oil exporting states and oil importation states, shut down of refineries due weather etc.

The rise of oil monetary values increases in cost of merchandise of goods and services. Such addition of cost of production force per unit areas the net income border of the companies to do the lessening of net income. It is true that the companies can non independently bear such addition oil monetary values and hence it passes to the consumers. Furthermore the higher oil monetary values lead to rising prices, increased input costs discourages the consumers to do on disbursement on other goods and services. Simultaneously the revenue enhancement revenues come down and thereby budget shortage additions which invites rise of involvement rates.

Due to Hike oil monetary values, the oil importing states will hold to pass more money on oil. As such states may hold less money, of course it effects on the growing of the economic system of the state. When the authorities has less money, it supposed to borrow money from capital market by cut downing the sum of free money in the market. Such adoption consequences addition of involvement rates. The higher involvement rates will take to decrease of growing. When the involvement rates rise, the flow of money started from stock markets and bond markets by manner of fixed sedimentations. And the oil monetary values will hold important impact on fiscal markets excessively. Further instabilities besides occur when the authorities tries to give subsidised fuel to the consumers during oil monetary value addition. The state imports the oil and will free its grosss due to such subsidies which besides effects on growing of economic system.


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