Edward P. Jones’ “The First Day” Essay

Edward P. Jones’ “The First Day” is the remembrance of a immature girl’s first twenty-four hours of school. Her memory of this peculiar twenty-four hours is unbelievable ; she remembers each and every event in punctilious item. Having come from a poorness stricken and uneducated family. this was the most of import twenty-four hours of her short five twelvemonth old life. On this twenty-four hours she began to recognize her mother’s resiliency and fortitude was all in hopes of giving her the instruction she deserved and the chance to populate a better life. The girl’s first twenty-four hours of school is her coming of age in life in which she begins to understand that her instruction. which her female parent has so urgently fought for. will finally be the separation in their relationship.

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Her female parent made certain to dress her in nice apparels. with absolutely braided hair. and trade name new black patent leather places to affect the school instructors. She wanted to demo that her girl deserved to be in school and was worthy of having a proper instruction. Upon geting at school she begins to detect the differences between her female parent and the administrative adult females outside the edifice. She notices luxuries about the adult females that she knew her female parent could ne’er afford. “The adult female has pearls thick as elephantine marbles that come down to her naval…” ( Jones 287 ) .

After being informed that she can non go to Seaton Elementary School because of the vicinity she lives in. the immature miss assumes she will non be go toing school after all. But her ma does non waver to get down off towards yet another local simple school. At this point she begins to recognize her mother’s finding. After geting at Walker-Jones a new haste of feelings Begins to brush over her. As her female parent fumbled to happen the enrollment paperwork she notices a immature miss who is clearly better off than she is. Her choler is evident. She doesn’t understand why this procedure looks so easy for the miss and why it has been so hard for her. She senses her mother’s defeat with the forms…


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