Economy of bangladesh


State of Bangladesh is a develop economic system. World mean nevertheless is little but lower than India and Pakistan. Ranked of the universe 48 largest economic system state. Its grows tonss of domestic nutrients. Last few old ages they make tonss of different nutrients. Bangladeshis employed going a half or more so are in the agribusiness sector, with RMG, they like to angle, veggies, leather and leather goods, ceramics, as similar importance merchandise as universe want rice.

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Sound fiscal job they growing due. After that they try to contend with their ain ill fiscal to do their life.bangladesh is a state where can turn easy any sorts of they have tonss of river that ‘s why they could do any sorts of nutrient easily.mainly they merchandise tonss of sorts of nutrient. And rice, jute, wheat.lots of sort of veggies. There have six seasons in Bangladesh.

Communication, power supply, transit and H2O supply and developing. They have militias oil and coal. Day by twenty-four hours it ‘s bettering human resource base. There have natural gas and two sea ports Mongla and Chittagong.

Economic history

South Asia Bangladesh was a comfortable part until modern. Tropical clime, fertile dirt, advantages.wildlife, fish developing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. During the Mogul Empire. From Pakistan its independency 1971 now name Bangladesh. Socialist economic system fellow Bangladesh.

Economic sectors

Agribusiness of Bangladesh

Bangladeshis earn most of their life from agribusiness. 63 % of Bangladeshi are involved in agribusiness. Jute and rice are their chief primary bulls. As they crops batch of sorts vegetable and fruit. Although their due figure of factors they grown three times in a twelvemonth. Northeast they grown tea is the one of economic system sector in universe market. Irrigation control better inundation and usage fertilisers. A serious job of Bangladesh underemployed and concern Bangladesh agribusiness. Manpower is another side of Bangladesh to turn agribusiness. Labour force comes from work force. Lots of hapless husbandman they do to farm because they do n’t hold another option to keep their life.

Management of Agribusiness

An agricultural state Bangladesh is preponderantly. growing of the economic system Agriculture being the engine. relief of

poorness develop agribusiness sector. betterment Since proviso of nutrient security for the life criterion and generation.the overall attempt by the authorities development of agribusiness. the turning population To carry through the nutrient sustain reliable nutrient security. appropriate engineering modern agricultural system based improved. door stairss of the husbandmans agricultural inputs including fertliser.procedures of agricultural recognition simplification of the disbursement agricultural extension policy. system for quality modernization of research making chances investing in agribusiness. the incorporate engineerings betterment of agro-products.

Sectoral Growth

In recent old ages has been a singular Rapid growing in nutrient grain production

of the state ‘s economic. remarkably big summer and winter harvests aman and boro harvests. foodgrain production Bangladesh reached autonomy. net buyers of rice of rural families in the state. the development nongovernment organisations have the private sector of minidairies and domestic fowl farms. foodgrain end product was boosted Apart from favourable conditions conditions.Agricultural inputs supply of cardinal Diesel, fuel, seeds, fertilizer.improved bringing of agribusiness Good procurance support coming from Government.

Manufacturing & A ; Industry

Largely of Bangladeshi adult females they are involved in garment industry. 19 % Bangladeshi people are involved in industry. World market Bangladeshi garment is another popular. Making tonss of foreign economic system from garment is known another name.1.5 million people working in garment most of them are adult females. As a hapless people they are involved in garment work. Leather merchandise and footwear coming on in garment sector. Muslin and silk fabric the British as known celebrated. Dyes, narration and apparels are as known celebrated in universe market. Muslin and silk as known universe market celebrated.

Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation ( BSEC ) :

Communication and infrastructural playing a critical function in the development the state. comment merchandises are besides betterment in country.products are Electric points, Razor blade, Ship fix, tubing visible radiation, SEC wire, Transformer.

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution ( BSTI ) :

1985 through an Ordinance titled Testing Institution and Bangladesh Standard.

BSTI include, among others The chief map. national criterions of industrial is entrusted with the duty chemical merchandises and nutrient. the proficient commissions is responsible for the quality of the merchandises are ensured specific national criterions. steps in the state debut and execution metric system of weight is besides responsible.

Fabric sector

In Bangladesh there is tonss of large large fabric group. Textile is another economic system beginning of Bangladesh. Importance function of Bangladesh in fabric. About 4milion people working in fabric.most of them are adult females. Export gaining 78 % comes from fabric. There have batch of export green goods earner.trousers, skirts, trunkss, jackets, jumpers and sportswear fashions..


Millennium Development Goals is committed The Government of Bangladesh. the authorities has been implementing this commitment National Strategy for Accelerated Poverty Reduction. increased attending to human resource no denying the fact that making the mark hardcore poorness calls development.

Developments in Post-primary Education Sector

human resources development the chief component of Bangladesh to have instruction the basic right of every citizen. human resources pool trained of huge importance for the state. scientific discipline and engineering poorness through edifice oriented instruction system. socioeconomic development national poorness of the chief schemes Sing investing in instruction. quality of instruction Improve development of post-primary instruction. implementing appropriate programmme precedence has been attached.


Test instance of development Bangladesh. Economy in analyzing jobs one turns. There have batch of jobs political.And societal jobs involved. They have hapless direction hapless political relations that ‘s why they ca n’t growing up easy manner. They do n’t hold any sorts of modern quality.AA


A true democracy became a Bangladesh. It had been ruled by military figures. There have tonss of political jobs in Bangladesh. If economic system can growing but political leaders ca n’t give to growing nicely. All of political leaders think about their ego ‘s.At the terminal of the twenty-four hours economic system traveling down and ca n’t better. It ‘s really importance about economic system about state. Their all times have two parties BNP and AWAMI conference. When they go to one party a new authorities they do fight each other. At the terminal state economic system ca n’t better. Muslim make up 83 % is a secular Bangladesh aways been harmony with the different spiritual.


Increased enormously Bangladesh decennary instruction. Prime curate both of female and gender consciousness. Women trust their spiritual and give value complain policies.

Motionless at this minute power of caretaker authorities. Recently, Chief Adviser ( CA ) Fakhruddin Ahmed the state ‘s current economic lag. Government has already taken including formation.private-public concern forum the state of affairs. Optimistic like our Chief Adviser to get the better of our economic job.

Problems of economic system and causes of these jobs

1 ) Caretaker authorities NO assurance

  1. Caretaker authorities, interrupting and chuck outing the concerns of pathway and slums.
  2. Jute mils, repairing rules Closing and action without plans..
  3. Showing alibi of anticorruption Torturing business communities
  4. Businessmens by National Board of Revenue and Anticorruption Commission.
  5. Independence of newspapers impeding.

2 ) Investing of business communities and investors:

  1. Businessmens and investors are non interested to put in this state.
  2. Money earned by corruptness is closed now for anticorruption.
  3. Donor bureaus, military authorities and international they do non cognize who is AA giving the way of power

3 ) Buying power of general people:

International market exists from old two or three twelvemonth ‘s Higher monetary value of merchandises in. We can fault undermentioned grounds for buying power of general people. Higher monetary value of merchandises every bit good as decreasing.

  1. Immoral mobs of the period of brotherhood ( BNP-Jamat ) governmentDestructive activities.
  2. In state and demoing signal that production will diminish in close merchandises to gain more money. Future. For this ground, business communities are non selling their merchandises, hive awaying merchandises and making deficit.
  3. Not every bit much as our outlook Production of rice. Interested to import rice from a immense sum of money for the fortune of assurance on caretaker authorities.
  4. Crude institutional construction because attention taker authorities has non taken any positive enterprise.
  5. The hinderance of supply confronting the job of rising prices.


Every state have some good or bad side economic system after that its depends how to pull off state economic system. If state economic system good that ‘s means they have some ground for its back some goods side. context of Bangladesh present relationship between rising prices economic growthdevelopment spouses need to work.


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